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Gaming What did you call all your...


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Characters on FF9?

Zidane - Dbzman

Steiner - Steiner (Couldnt think of a name)

Vivi - Vivi (Couldnt think of a name)

Garnet - Ryoko

Freya - Leona

Quina - (About to get, gonna call him Fatty)

Amarant - (Haven't got to yet)

Eiko - (Haven't got to yet, but I'm gonna call her Sakura)

[COLOR=blue]What did you call yours???[/COLOR]
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u can do the same thing in ff8, when u get shiva, u can name her something that makes Ifrit say something like "They have KFC?" or "they have my dick?" ect, I did. I named some of my characters in 9. i kept Quina and freya the same. The rest r:

Zidane-Geno(He's my friends boyfriend)
Garnet/dagger-Monique(She's my friend and that's her nick name)

:confused: don't know what I was on. I also changed the name in ff7. u can do that with Cait Sith so it can be "My *** is the traitor?" ect oh god, me and my brother and friends were on something.
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