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Sign Up Final Fantasy: The One Winged Angel(sign ups)


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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]All the characters have met up. They have continued with their lifves and everything has gone well. The also have been joined by some new people as well. One day they were all watching the news when an emergancy Braodcast happened.

T.V.: We have some urgent news. Someone has begun destroying cities for the fun of it. If you are ble to fight please report to Shinra headquarters. Also if you see someone that has one wing call this number 321-...

Everyone jumped up and was out the door. They wanted to help and be theone's who destroy thisone winged angel.

Now here is what I need:

Weapon(Max Three):
Magic(Max five):
Summon(one only):

You can be an old character from the FF games or you can create your own character.

Also one more thing I will be playing the One Winged Angel.
I'll post the stats later.

1: I will be the one to decide if you are in or not
2: Make your sign up decent. Thats what will make me decide if you are in or not.
3: Have fun
4: No Godmodding
5: For summons they have to be real one's.
6: I dont have a 6th rule.[/color][/size][/i]
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[color=navy][b]Name:[/b]Nisha Strife
[b]Weapon:[/b]A sword with a blade made of pure,sharp,unbreakable,unbluntable crystal and a hilt made of silver with dents for hand positions for different attacks and movements.It sits in a sheath made of silver on her back.She also carries a pair of daggers in smaller sheaths on her belt.They're made exactly like the sword without the dents.
[b]Summon:[/b]Knights of The Round
[b]Description:[/b]See attachment
[b]Bio:[/b]Nisha's is Cloud's daughter.When she was young her father told her of his adventures and when she was a bit older Cloud introduced her to the gang and Avalanche members.As she grew older she became better friends with Cloud's friends and about two or three years ago they gave her the weapons she carries for a birthday gift.From then on she always carried them with her.Then last year on her birthday Cloud gave her a special materia he owned.It was a summon.He called it Knights of The Round and he told her that the power was great.

Then they heard the announcement about the One-Winged Angel.They were with the group and they all got up and ran out the door.Nisha followed with her backpack full of supplies,Potions,Phoenix Downs,Ethers etc. despite the protest from her father.She was as stubborn as him and now she's travelling with them going on her own adventure with her father and friends.[/color]

[b]OOC:[/b]I just based it on Cloud because he would have been the closest to the story.

And everything I have put down has been oked by Meteora so don't say stuff like "You're not allowed KOTR".
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]She's right everything she put I approved of. Also I am going to expand the story a bit because I wrote that at 1:55 in the morning. I'm going to wait a bit before I post Meteora's, A.K.A. One Winged Angel, stats.

Oh yeah and Ohkami you are in. So far we have only one member so please people sign up.

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wepon-dark art acursid sword Sharp slightly dulled tword the bottom Can take down any aponent
magic-Soul reviver,paralization
description-Looks just like rei on Evangelion(if you dont know still go to the otaku.com search Evangelion pic gallery scroll down to bottom the click on page01 3rd line 2nd pic the one with blue/greay looken hair (short)
Bio-FF8-Zells daughter he waited till she was older to tell her every thing when he did she got Ideas and wanted to battle and wander.She is very cocky and has the attitude of Inuyasha...
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Looks like I'm going to play another guy for the sake of doing so :D.

Name: Kruz Arweather

Age: 18

Gender: male

Weapon: two long one-sided blades that attach to the outter sides of Kruz's arms that extend a foot past his fists, they have a black onyx sheen to them with dark red symbols worked into the blades. They can appear and dissapear at Kruz's whim or word.

Magic: Blizzard, Fire, Thunder, Water, Life.

Summon: Shiva from FFX (sorry, I seemed to have looked over that part in your sign up requirement, won't happen again)

Description: Kruz has a tall and wiry build with lean taught muscles. He wears the darkest most covering clothing he can find wich usualy consists of a heavy black leather jacket and dark denim jeans with clunky boots. His hair is the lightest thing on his body being a shimmering white along with his pale complexion. His haunting autumn eyes will hold your gaze for what seems like forever.

Bio: Kruz leads a solitary life, living alone ever since his mother Arianna died a slow and painfull death to cancer. He trusts very few people and spends his days working at a small bakery, loading and unloading truck or doing whatever the owner can think of having him do. Kruz does well enough fighting on his own, but will emply the help of others when he needs it, but rarely gives credit where it's due, thankyou's being rare.

P.S. can the spells be upgraded at all through the game? Ex. Blizzara, Blizzaga?
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name: Ares Morimoto
age: 22
gender: male
weapon: A sword called the Bloodlust which is made of a red
metal discovered in a volcano. It is unbreakable and
can take down almost any opponent. It is very sharp.
magic: Firaga, Thundaga, and Curaga
summon: Eden from FF8
description: He has red hair and wears a ring on his thumb. He is
not very social and he loves to fight. He is 5'11"
bio: He was born in Kyoto and he never saw his father. Now he is
a fighter that wants to bring justice to the world and maybe
one day find his lost father, who is a mercenary.

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Guest Wind master
Name:Zel Hasamoto



Weapon:fallen angel was a weapon from a fallen angel



Description:leather paints shirt boots and gloves.She has black eyes a slender but strong body,long red hair.

Bio:she grew up in the city.she loves to fight.her mother was killed and her father died shortly after.now other family memebers.she trains at least 4 hours a day.she is quiet but can be very romantic at times.she loves men who are nice to her and dose not abuse her.she gets along with others pretty well.She dosent like people who do things for no reason.She wants to find who is killing all these people and the citys and make them pay.
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[color=666666][size=1][i]Ok yes you can get it upgraded I will tell you when. Angelus_Necare is that a real summon? If so what game and if not change it. I said no made up summons. Inuyashagurl_15 you need to make your sign up a little longer. Then you are in. KyotoRuler7 You also need to make your sign up longer. Wind Master the same goes for you put more effort or make it longer.

So far the line upp is Ohkami
Angelus_Necare(once the summon is fixed)
everyone else fix the length and your in. Alright l8rs.[/color][/size][/i]
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[color=hotpink][size=1]I haven't done an RPG in a while, so...

[b]Name:[/b] Alissa Dawn

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Weapon:[/b] Light weight sword, staff

[b]Magic:[/b] Cure, Lightening, Fire, Revive, and Ice.

[b]Summon:[/b] Shiva

[b]Description:[/b] Alissa has long white hair and ice blue eyes. She wears a lightweight outfit that resembles a dancer's elegant attire. Lace up sandals and lots of beaded jewelry, especially in her hair. She also wears lots of bells.

[b]Bio:[/b] Alissa, an only child, has been isolated all of her life. Her parents named her after the dawn, and then abandoned her with a new path ahead of her. She was raised by her godfather, a dark man who mistreated her. She ran away when she was 14 and has been wandering ever since, dancing at bars and taverns. Hearing the call, she figured she could finally do something meaningful with her life.[/color][/size]
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This could be interesting, let's give it a shot...

Name: Yuji Kisaragi

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Weapon(Max Three): A 4 1/2 foot long Katana forged from purest Mythril, shining with the light of a pure soul. An "antique" Winchester rifle, that throughout its years of use has slain more innocents than Sephiroth himself. Anything he happens to pick up(temporarily, of course)

Magic(Max five): Haste, Life, Esuna, Comet, Death

Summon(one only): Bahamut ZERO

Description: A young man standing about 6'2" weighing approximatly 184 lbs. Yuji has long black hair styled into a large braid. Constantly wearing a pair of copper tinted sunglasses over hazel eyes, Yuji is also seen wearing a pair of loose fitting multi-pocketed pants, with a deep red tank top covering his chest.

Bio: The son of Yuffie Kisaragi and Vincent Valentine, (don't ask, it's icky.) Yuji truly is his mother's son. After robbing the Gil from unknowing travellers near the town of Wutai to support his family, young Yuji has become a rather decent thief. Upon hearing of the One-Winged Angel's return, both Yuffie and Vincent decided that it was time for their son to face the ultimate evil as they had. After reciving the gifts of the Mythril katana and Winchester rifle, Yuji Kisaragi sets out to defeat Sephiroth and save the Planet, much like his parents did years ago.

How was that?
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[color=666666][size=1][i]Ok the line up is now :
Ohkami (Nisha Strife)
Queen Asuka (Alissa Dawn)
Angelus_Necare (Kruz Arweather)
Jim_Hawking (Yuji Kisaragi)

So far these people have had good posts and sign ups. Please if you have put up a sign up and you really want to be in this RP please lengthen your sign ups. That will be all.[/color][/size][/i]
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Hmm... I'll give it a try.

Name: Ellone Lionheart

Age: 17

Gender: female

Weapon: her fathers lionheart gunblade

Magic: Water, Thunder, Curaga, Life, Ultima

Summon: Leviathon (FF8)

Description: Dirty blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail, falling to her shoulders when up and falling to mid back level when down. Has the clear blue eyes of her father. Dresses comfortably, white t-shirt, perfect fit jeans, tennis shoes, and black gloves with the fingers cut off at the knuckle(like Ash's from Pokemon, only black). Also wears a chain with her fathers old ring on it around her neck.

Bio: Ellone's mother, Rinoa (Heartily) Lionheart, died of illness when Ellone was around 6 years old. Being raised by her father, Squall Lionheart, she grew up not very social. She stays quiet most of the time and very mature for her age. She doesn't kill, unless she has to. Very intelligent, she can outsmart most foes.
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Name: Sauir Cole
Age: 17
Gender: F
Weapon(Max Three): double Excelsior blades (crystal knives)
Magic(Max five): Cure2, Regen, Barrier, Ultima, Meteor
Summon(one only): Gilgamesh (Excalibur)
Description: Silver-torquoise hair that comes down to her back is tied back by a navy and orange gilded bandanna that was given to her by her father. She wears baggy silk-spun pants that don't make a sound when she is slinking quietly around, and a T-shirt of cotton under a vest of fire-red and orange. She has a belt spun with the thickest leather, and encrusted with various, mismatching jewels that she has collected on her journeys. This belt holds her weapons, and theiving equipment
Bio: Sauir Cole is the daughter of Locke Cole and Celes Chere, although she takes greatly after her father, she inherited the infused magic properties of her mother. Celes died in a battle between herself and a large beast of unknown power when Sauir was a baby, so she has been raised by her father, and developed his habits of finding ways into houses of the rich and "releiving" them of their wealth. Locke also taught her many mystical arts that he learned while overthrowing the Empire and the madman Kefka. Upon hearing of this threat, she goes to protect her father, who is past his prime, and uphold the dignity of her mother's memory.
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  • 2 months later...
i'll give it a try.

Name: Dante Koitsu
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Weapon: Samouri sword, katal
Magic: Fire, Wall, Meteor, Regen, Shadow
Summon: Bahamut Zero
Description: He has long silvery hair he keeps in a ponytail. He wears all black including a trenchcoat to hide his weapons. He keeps to himself but in the time of need is extremely loyal.
Bio: (normally the son of an angel and a demon, but for here): son of Wakka and Lulu

pm me if i'm in
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Weapon: a 2 1/2 foot long GunBlade call Shojai's Flame. It is black and on it is a red dragon, that goes down and around it. From the top of the blade to bottom of it.
Magic:Holy, Demi, Bio, Full-Cure, and Flare
Summon:Bahamut from FFX
Description: She has long black with red highlights. She wears it down most of the time but when in battle, she puts it up into a bun. That goes past her shoulders. Her eyes are like her mothers but the red in her eyes are more darker. She wears a leather black vest. That has a red dragon wings imprinted on it. And under the vest she wears a red T-shirt with a dragons face imprinted in black on it. She also wears these black jean shorts that have a black spike belt holding them up. And on her feet are long dark red sock and all black sneakers.
Bio: She is the daugther of Wakka and Lulu. Whlie growing up she always knew she was different. She always wanted to fight for some reason. She believes its in her blood. So after watching news about who was destroying the cities and the one wing angel. She gave her farewells to her parents and she went on her adventure, that she believed would change her life, without turning back.
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Name: Kio Masashi

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Weapon(Max Three): Masamune ( if I can't have Masemune then I'll have the brotherhood sword)

Magic(Max five): Thunderga, ultima, regen, and cura

Summon(one only): The Magus Sisters (FF X summon)

Description: Hair like Cloud's except auburn colored, black eyes with a reddish outline, sephiroth like outfit without the armor. Black boots, and 1 sheath attached to his belt.

Bio: Kio got his parents slained by the one winged angels and he's determined to destroy them no matter how much luck or whats in his way. He's out in Midgar somewhere in the slums training for the day he get his revenge. He can be happy sometimes, but most of the time, he could be sad or have a really bad additude. He's sometime reffered as the "Fallen Angel" in some places. Kio knows that his father is was a SOLDIER because of his strange green glow in his eyes....
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Guest Kaiser-Dragon 9
Weapon:Twin swords made from dragon fangs
Magic:Fira, Ultima, Life 2
Summon:Ifrit [from ffx]
Description:He has hair like squalls but has a bandana on as well. His eyes are glowing green as he was soldier first class
Bio:He attacked and supposedly killed when he was fighting. He has a scar from his right eye across his nose to his mouth. He hates the Shinra.
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