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Sign Up Weapons of the Elements

Guest AnimePsycho

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Guest AnimePsycho
This is an AP Anime_Forever production.....

[color=blue][size=4][B]I[/color][/size][/B][color=green]n the distant peaceful future, the legend of the element masters has been passed on through generations. Legends of mages and warlocks that could control the elements. Nowadays, the only element masters left are ones that channel their powers through weapons. This is the story of 6 of them...[/color]

[color=purple][B]A[/B] young warrior was walking toward his dojo with his kitana. He had just bought some tofu and was in a very happy mood. But when he arived what he found was far from happy. His dojo was in ruins. He ran inside to find his wounded master on the ground. He asked what happened and his master told him that the thunder warrior gang had attacked. The young warrior contacted 5 other warriors over the internet too meet at a certain place to stop the thunder gang for good.[/color]

[color=blue][size=3][B]N[/B]ow Im gunna make this as simple as possible. There are 5 elements for you to choose from and there will only be 6 people. One is me. The others have the choice of Earth, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark. I choose Fire... base your sign-ups on mine...[/color][/size]

Name: Jing


Height/Weight: 5'5"/150lbs.

Appearance: Dark blue hair, dark green shirt, brown shorts, tennashoes, blue eyes

Bio: see above

Element: Fire

Weapon: Katana

Secondary weapon: Dagger

Defensive: Fire wall: Jing puts 2 fingers on his sword and a wall of fire appears in front of him.

Special abilities:
Flame Slash: Jing swings his sword and a beam of fire is shot fourth.
Flaming Earth: Jing stabs his sword into the ground and a ring of fire arises
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Hikomi


[B]Height/Weight:[/B] 5'/90

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment

[B]Bio:[/B] Hikomi is a friend of Jing's. They were best friends since they were little kids. They always practiced together after school, in school, and everywhere. They would always play together as well. But, if someone was picking on Jing or anyone, for that matter, she would stop them. No matter what their size, she hated to see violence.

Hikomi is a flirty, happy, smiling, funny, and all around great girl to be around. But do not anger her, if you do, she will unleash her wrath upon you and beat the friggin crap out of you.

[B]Element:[/B] Dark

[B]Weapon:[/B] [URL=http://www.mwart.com/images/p/Samurai_3000_Collection_Samurai_300_UC1258_489.jpg]Katana[/URL]

[B]Secondary weapon:[/B] obsidian sais

[B]Defensive:[/B] Veil of Darkness- shadows cover her and everything around her and makes her invisible

[B]Special abilities:[/B] Supreme Darkness- darkness surrounds her like an armor, etc.
Shadow Strike- strikes with a large dark crescent wave
Dark Hypnosis- makes people obey her
and many unknown[/size][/color]
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[color=navy][b]Name:[/b]Nisha Toki


[b]Appearance:[/b]See attachment

[b]Bio:[/b]Nisha first learnt about her powers when she was young.She had been splashing in her bath and she waved her arms and the water flew in those directions.Her mother put her into training and she learned to control her magic fully and learned new spells and stuff.Now she's older she plays with water,making them into shapes and statues.Her mother gets upset at her because it always leaves a wet patch where it was.


[b]Weapon:[/b]A sword with a blade made of sharp,unbreakable,unbluntable crystal and a hilt made of silver with dents for hand positions for different attacks and techniques.

[b]Secondary weapon:[/b]Pair of Daggers

[b]Defensive:[/b]Bubble Shield

[b]Special abilities:[/b]
Control over Rain and water etc.
Holy Water-Heals whoever she wants to
Flood-Water appears from no where and floods the areas but she summons air bubbles to surround the people she wants.
Water Dragon-Summons a dragon made of water.
Blue Waterspout-Throws water.[/color]
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[color=666666][size=1][i]Name: Khan
Age: 16
Appearence: Black hair with red tips, 135 pounds, 5'10, Silver eyes. White Shirt and pants.
Bio: Later
Element: Light
Weapon: To twin daggers called the chaos blades. They are made out of Pure light. They can never be destroyed.
Secondary weapon: A bow and arrow called the meteor bow. It shoots arrows of pure energy.
Defensive: Spinning Light: He starts spinning his Chaos blades around to make a light shield.
Special abilities: Meteor, Light slash, Gate of Light, Arrow shot, Chaos blades light attack, Chaos bomb, Light Force.[/color][/size][/i]
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Name: Teki Amoshu

Age/Weight:5 1/2; 143 pounds

Appearence:see attachment, but forget the sword..

Bio:uh oh...school, I'll get back to this..


Weapon:5 ft metal staff
*Meteora stoll my idea,so itll be my secondary*

Secondary Weapon: Twin Blades, made by his father

Defensive:Screech(Cause wind to make an ear piercing noise that he can

Special Abilities: Flow-with-It(poofs into wind and travels with it),
Tornado Torture(blasts minature tonados at enemys)Twirling Wind(he turns into a huge tornado, that nobody
dares to come near)
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Name: Arista Kerreth


Height/Weight: 6'0/160lbs.

Appearance: Short Lavender hair (shoulder length), bright emerald eyes. Wears black shorts, a black short sleeved zip shirt with hood over a green short sheeved shirt, hiking boots.

Bio: Arista was the daughter of the last earth master, who was always disappointed that she wasn't a boy, and sent her elsewhere for training instead of doing it herself. She learned quickly, and tried to please her father, but her mother had just died, and he was distraught with grief. He ended up sending her to live with her aunt, because he couldn't stand to look at her. She tries to act like a boy, in hopes that her father will come back for her. When she learned of the master's death, it was almost like losing another parent, and she will personally kill anyone involved. She tries not to become too attached to anyone for fear of losing anyone else.

Element: Earth

Weapon: Oaken Staff with metal guards on the tips.

Secondary weapon: Trowel. Kinda like a small shove.

Defensive: Mountain Shell: Hides user in the core of a mountain.

Special abilities:
Earthquake (kinda obvious)
Avalanche- Causes earth to swallow the enemy.
Earth's Life: Healing spell
Vine Twist- Causes any plants nearby to grow and grab anything they touch.

All done! Sorry it took so long! And thank you!
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