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Art Armored core banner


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Very nice, I'm guessing that's from AC3...

The only problem I have with it is that it is too plain and dark, maybe that darkness bit fits with the AC, and the green fading and red lines are really nice, but it is just plain hard to see. Maybe if you lightened up the AC and red lines and make it look more like they are glowing...

As an AC fanatic, that banner is really nice. Keep it up.
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I appologise for not having updated the picture yet but I made it at school and seeing holidays are up I don't have acces to the file :p.
As for the green colour, the origional picture was colored so to get the more digital looking effect I placed a mostly transparent green layer over the top. Also dodged the eye to make it glow all purdey like.
I should have the updates image up in about 13-14 days.
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You asked earlier what Wondershot is...

WONDERSHOT IS [i]ME[/i] (that's my name, you see)

I believe that Hacker Kite just said "Wondershot's glowing effect" because it was I who suggested you try lightening up the images.

Just out of curiosity, where did you get that picture? I've been looking everywhere for good AC pics...

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