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Sign Up s-CRY-ed: Savages.


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Alter... the ability to decompose something old and create something new... That's basically what we revolve around. After a large war on an Island people started receiving a power they call "Alter". Each person has their own unique Alter. A city is formed on the island and this is where "normal" people live. Everywhere else, where there is just ruins, are the Native Alters. Everyone born in the Ruins (called the Lost Grounds) is born an Alter. There are two types of Alters around, the Native Alters, which are people that want to live without the governments involvement, and the Alter Users of HOLY, a secret organization that has Alter users train and perform tasks for the government. Now that that's cleared up, let's get on with the story shall we?


Just recently, different people inside teh Government have been comitting suicide and no one knows why. We only know 2 things.
1. They're all [u]related[/u] to a Native Alter.
and 2. HOLY is accusing the Native Alters (they call them Savages) that they are doing this, and The Native Alters are very mad about this. Now we must work together and destroy this evil. 8 people are chosen, 4 from HOLY and 4 from Lost Grounds. You are one of these 4 people.


Age: (13-17)
Alter Name:
Alter Description-
Home: (Lost Grounds or HOLY)

[b][u]My Sign-Up[/u][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Matthew Hawke

[b]Nickname:[/b] Bullseye

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Alter Name:[/b] Accuracy Spikes
[b]Alter Description:[/b] The ability to create spikes on his arm and shoot them at anything with extreme accuracy. He never misses and has unlimited amount of spikes.

[b]Home:[/b] HOLY

[b]Personality:[/b] A very carefree guy, Matt is kind to everyone but when the tough gets going... the going gets tough.

[b]Bio:[/b] One of the first members of HOLY he is also one the most experienced. He was chosen because of his great ability and background as a good warrior.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Blonde hair, blue eyes. White shirt with a cute cartoon squirrel holding a sign and on the back in black it says: "Will act cute for nuts!". He also has a white visor and 2 white wristbands. Black shorts with one silver stripe down the left side.


1. I have the ability to reject you. Remember your Sign-Up format and writing will influence my decision.
2. Each post must have proper grammar/spelling and must be larger than 3 paragraphs.


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Name: Ryu Kenshie

Nickname: Blade

Age: 15

Alter Name: Short blade

Alter Description- Able to produce a foot long blade out of the back of his right arm.

Home: HOLY

Personality: Sometimes cheery, but barely talks at all.

Bio: He used to be a sideless orphan, starting at age twelve. Of course, both sides were antsing to ralley more troops, so he recieved offeres from both. The Native Alters would have been his ally, had not the HOLY "given him an offer he couldn't refuse." Fight or die, it was that simple. He became a number in the HOLY's ranks, never leaving the training camp for any real action. Ryu accelled in all of his classes, the speed course becoming his most prized attribute.

Appearance: Ryu has black messy hair that falls around the top of his eyes in front, and his neck in back. He has big green eyes. He usually wears a blue jacket with a yellow collar and a white shirt. He has blue jeans and dark red sneekers.

Hope thats okay.
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name: Kyoto

age: 17

alter name: Septer Beam

alter description: his hand turns a dark black then fires a large purple beam.

Home: Native

Personality: Just like the main charachter guy

Bio: Not much is known about his past. HOLY never kept records of him until he was a first degree. He is known as one of the strongest rebellers...

appearance: Usually in disguise as a holy member with sunglasses and short blue/black hair
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Alter Name:Show stopper lor
Alter Description-a sword that slows and can even stop time so when she attacks they wont know untill its too late.
Home:Trecherous black hill
Personality:nice,boy crazy,loves to fight for reveng.
Bio:Her father died when she was young and her mother has been sick for 4 years.She tries to hide her feelings but when she is in battle she show all!!
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Guest Skyechild91
Name: Selenay Diran
Nickname: Katt
Age: 14
Alter Name: Freeze Katt
Alter Description- Black staff w/ dark energy that freezes things and sends ice spikes @ the enemy. Uses staff as regular quarter staff. Never misses.
Home: Lost Grounds
Personality:Sarcastic, flirty, sweet
Bio: She picked fights when she was ten to keep kerself alive after her parnets died. She still picks fights, but usually flirts instead. Doesnt remeber much about herself. Just knows that her rents deserted her then were killed when she was loked for.
Appearance-Silver short hair, long bang(chest length, dark blue), silver eyes, knee length see through dress, mid-thigh black dress under see through, black knee boots
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Guest Wind master
Name:Kie Reu


Age: 16

Alter Name: dream alter

Alter Description-She can manipulate others dreams.

Home: HOLY

Personality:She dosent talk much since the death of her mother.
But once and a while she will talk for hours.

Bio:Her father was a assassin and her mother was one to.on one of there missions her father kills her mother.This leaves Zel devistated.Her dad died shortly after so the government took her in.Ever since she has devolped her powers so that even if that person is half asleep she can take over.Also her power hae weakend her eyes.bright lights hurt them so she wears sunglasses.

Appearance:She has grew eyes,and long Purple hair.She wheres a cowboy hat and red tinted sunglasses.A trench coat and black cowboy boots.
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Name: Kai (pronounced "Kay") Allard


Age: 17

Alter Name: Angel Wings

Alter Description: A pair of metallic, angel-like wings form on his back and allow him to move very fast. Strain on the body limits movement to short bursts of speed.

Home: Lost Grounds

Personality: Very quiet, except when around friends. Very loyal to anyone he considers a friend. Tends to get a saddened look on his face when people mention the name Amy, though no one knows why.

Bio: Having lost his family at a young age Kai fights in order to survive. Most battles are simple street brawls over food or shelter, but he has also worked as a fighter for hire, working under the name Phoenix, when he needed money.

Appearance: 6' tall, brown hair, brown/green eyes, thin with muscles from his years of fighting. Wears a pair of black jeans, black boots, and a dark red, short-sleeve shirt with a black widow design on the front. Also has a black, sleeveless leather jacket and black gloves with a red hourglass on the back.
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[color=green][b]name: Ares Morimoto
nickname: Vamp
age: 17
alter name: Bloodlust
alter decription: Has the ability to emit energy from his hands which rids the victim of its blood supply, killing the victim.
home: Lost Grounds
personality: Ares is a quiet guy who can sometimes be vicious. He does not enjoy socializing; he rarely ever speaks. Ares is considered by many to be a loner who has no life, but he does have a life. He is a hunter of fine blood.
bio: Ares was born in the Lost Grounds, but never saw his father. He is an expert hunter, trained by an ancient master when he was only six years old. Ares also enjoys cooking, surprisingly.
appearance: [img]http://www.gamespy.com/legacy/top10/vampires/alucard.jpg[/img]
Ares has long white hair and he wears a very fancy suit which he stole from a Pirate captain which he hunted when he was 15. Ares has dark eyes. He wears a pendant bearing his family crest.[/b][/color]
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Name: Whist

Nickname: Two Face

Age: 17

Alter Name: Nightmare Mask

Alter Description- A Pale, Oval White Mask with a tear shape emerald green gem set dead center, allows him to enter a persons mind, finds that person deepest fear and make the fear appear in a physical form that is only able to be seen by the victims, can be used on multiple targets

Home: HOLY

Personality: Sarcastic, laid back, but in battle he can be very cruel and Sadistical

Bio: He was a Native Alter who was captured by HOLY and since he was wanted for the murder of a high ranking HOLY officer, so he gave up his pride and joined HOLY, he was taught a lot about Alter power from Cougar and picked up his trait of talking fast, known as Two Face because he has been known to let Native Alters go for a little cash and giving Alters a heads up about HOLY raids, but he does the same when he does undercover work for HOLY. If not on duty he can be found sleeping any were around HOLY HQ

Appearance: Stands about 6"9 and Wears the Holy uniform but has it black an green, has messy blue and green hair with blue eyes
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Hope I'm not to late.....

Name: Shiro Uzuki

Nickname: The Magnum

Age: 17

Alter Name: Nightmare/Vengence

Alter Description- They are two large magnums. Nightmare is black and Vengance is gray.The bullets of the guns each hold souls that haven't fufilled there role on the planet.Until then,they keep possesing Shiro's bullets.

Home: Lost Grounds

Personality: He is very cold and emotionless.he won't stop until he frees all the souls of his guns.

Bio: When Shiro turned ten,he began his training as a marksman.little did he know that when he touched his first magnums that he would enprison souls.he keep traing until his 17th birthday,and he then set out to release his souls.he become 'The Magnum" in four weeks,becuse he rarely misses.He has had many encounters with HOLY,and has yet to lose to them.

Appearance: He has spiked silver hair and blue eyes.He wears black jeans that has the right knee down torn off.he wears a silver shirt and has a blue huddy with the front torn off on.
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