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In 1854, a group of dragons saved Vietnam
from the alful attacks that were occuring.
Now, the dragon's are regrouping on an
Everlasting Journey to find the Silver
Phoenix, the only thing that can stop
Master Kakashi from starting up the terror
once again. Will the trainers and the dragons
find it in time?...
Ok, heres the sign up:

Dragon(only Six,Earth,wind,water,fire,dark,
light.First up, firt choose):
Dragon Attacks(if you own a dragon):
Heres mine:

Age:15 1/2
Appearence:Red spikey hair,orange long sleeve
t-shirt., blue pants, and new red and black
DC's. Dark Green eyes.
Bio:His mother was murdered in on
a plane to USA by a surviving henchmen
of the Master Kakashi. He is despirate to
put a stop to the reign of terror
He is causing.
Weapon: Twin Daggers
Dragon: Dark, named Chaos
Dragon attacks:I will post this very soon...
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[color=navy][b]Name:[/b]Nisha Toki
[b]Age:[/b]Just turned 16
[b]Appearance:[/b]See attachment
[b]Bio:[/b]One of Nisha's great,great,great,great,great,great,great....Grandfather's was murdered by Master Kakashi a long time ago then Nisha heard on the news that surviving henchmen had gone on a killing spree and she discovered her older brother who she was very close to was killed as well.Nisha was upset and decided to get revenge and stop their killing.
[b]Weapon:[/b]A pair of daggers with blades made of sharp,unbreakable,unbluntable crystal and hilts made of silver and a glaive with a blade made of the same crystal and it has a shaft made of polished oak and the bottom is capped with silver.
[b]Dragon:[/b]Water,called Tsunami.She calls it Tsu.
[b]Dragon Attacks:[/b]I'll post it when I get back.[/color]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Angel

[B]Age(optional):[/B] 15..3 days after 1/1

[B]Appearence:[/B] see attachment- except for the blood

[B]Bio:[/B] Angel lived in an area where all elements lived together. The Sapphire Sea was to the east of the village, while the Topaz Mountains were to the south. A crystal clear flowing waterfall dives falls from the top of Crystal Peak, into the Obsidian River, which are located to the northwest following to the northeast. The Ruby Volcano erupts from the west, and the Emerald Winds give their cool breeze.

One day, Angel took a journey to the top of Crystal Peak. But in between the Obisidian Forest and the climb up to Crystal Peak, there lay a baby dragon. 2 sets of prints were marked, but only one dragon. Angel smiled and took her home and nursed her and trained her. Now they two are inseperable. They protect the village from enemies and disasters.

[B]Weapon(optional):[/B] double edged broad sword- see attachment

[B]Dragon:[/B] Light- Genesis- i'll post a picture.

[B]Dragon Attacks:[/B] I'll post this later.[/size][/color]
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Name: Neci Pyrrha
Age: Almost 17
Appearance: Bright red hair cut just below her ears, bright purple eyes. Wears a short red dress (long-sleeved) over blue jeans, with a wide orange belt, tan hiking boots.
Bio: Neci lived on a mountain since she could fend for herself. She has no memory of anyone ever taking care of her. But one day, she decided to wander. Why not, right? So she starts to wander, and she ends up once at a small inn in the middle of nowhere'sville. She likes it, and decides to stay and help with the inn, seing as the owner (a nice older lady)has taken a liking to her. Then, this evil dude comes and blows up the place. No one was hurt, but the inn was irreparable. Well, this girl has a raging temper you wouldn't believe! She starts after them, without even knowing who they are, and she's been on their tail ever since.
Weapon: Crossbow and knife.
Dragon: Fire, named Hoku
Dragon Attacks: Not sure about this one...
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[size=1]......There were no planes in 1854 >.> Or hair gel.........or I think....

Name:Tain Nimheart


Appearence:Heavy built,he wear a dark green cotton vest,and dark green cotton pants.He has short black hair and light blue eyes.He only wears a dark blue cotton shirt if needed,but carries it along in

Bio:.....o_o I will do this later

Weapon:A heavy silver bladed axe.The handle is green wood,and is taller them him,about 7 feet.At the tip and end of the handle,there are green jade stones.


Dragon's Attacks:Also get back on you for this.....

Dragon's Appearence:[url=http://cardhaus.com/images/lod-040.jpg]Here[/url].......he just isn't a card >.>

I have a great idea....we can turn this into super sentai........[/size]
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