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Now, more than ever, the human race needs a hero... Hercules, Acilles... all myths of ancient times. It's 2104... and the world needs help. Chaos and anarchy have ruled for years... only a few in history dare to fight back and restore order... all have died. And now there is new hope for the future... groups like Hope and Chaos Down are helping to make Earth a peaceful place again... but things don't always come out like they should. There are loners and roughnecks, do-gooders and revolutionists. The time is now to get rid of anarchy forever. Recently, the anarchists, despite their nature, have begun to organize and establish leaders(generally the toughest) because as many philosiphers have said 'Man can not exist without order'.

Alright guys(and girls) I'm looking for roughnecks and tough guys(and girls) not sissy do-gooders.

race(human, android)

this is mine(remember you can be an anarchist or a revolutionist)

Name:Kyle Sentik
Appearance:tall and scragly though well built. dark green eyes. brown hair. he wears a faded shirt under a black jacket and old jeans that are a size too big. (and shoes of course) his skin is tan from being in the sun so much.
Weapons/skills:a long dagger(made of steel)
one of the few remaining guns(a pistol)
BIO:I've been standing aside for the anarchists way too long, I've always had this skill... this ability to fight and win against the skum that call themselves the New Age. Now I'm gonna put it to use...and just maybe I'll get something out of it.

:naughty: Who's gonna join Kyle on his mission to clense the Earth?(I could use at least one android)
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Name: Tayna Remmings
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Appearance: Short(5'2") 115-20lbs. Slender, slightly visible build. Has mid-back length of dark red hair, royal blue eyes, creamy peach skin. Wears a pair of cut-off short shorts, a jade green short sleeved shirt that stopps just above her belly button. A pair of loosely laced brown boots.

Weapons/Skills: Her kick-boxing, a reverse-blade sword, and a weapon that she took from her father, a .45 Magnum, long barrell. She was taught by the best in sniping, her aim is deadly, and she has never missed. She is a bit of a temptress, so she can easily get whatever she needs from a weak man.

Bio: Tanya was born and raised, til the age of 16, in California. Her parents were abusive drunks adn in a quarrel they killed eachother. They Department of Human Services placed her in a foster home, it wasn't long before she ran away. She made her way through life as a dominatrix(scary but hey, she got to kick guys' asses and get paid!). At 18 she quit that job and joined a Revolutionist group called Hope. She has been struggling to find where she belongs, she's not completely anarchist or revolutionist. She's basically neutral, but believes there should be some form of control.
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[color=green]Please expand the back story of this RPG a bit. The Adventure Arena relies on detail, and the story behind your RPG could use some work, as it's not very extensive or detailed at the moment. Feel free to look at other RPG's for examples, and make sure to read the sticky at the top of the forum if you haven't already.

Also, customarily people don't start the RPG in the Adventure Arena until some people have signed up, to prevent misunderstandings. I'll leave the one you started open for now, since you have provided a signup sheet here; just thought you might like to know for the future.

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name: Ares
age: 25
gender: male
race: human
weapons: katana custom
bio: Ares was born in Kyoto and never saw his father. He was trained in kendo at the age of 5. He is a very brutal warrior and never shows mercy.
appearance: [img]http://www.scifi.com/sfw/issue211/samurai2.jpg[/img]
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Selenay
Age- 19 almost 20
Gender- Female
Race- Human
Weapons- Quarter staf, throwing knives, small hand gun
Skills- Street fighting
Bio- Born and raised in San Fransisco California, she isnt your average street punk. She fights like a hell spawn, and might as well be one, for what shes treated as.
Features- 5'7", 140 lbs., Mid-back auburn hair w/ sunbleached stripes, hazel eyes, jeans w/ holes in the knees, black tight t-shirt w/ Good Kitty on the front and Gone Bad on the back. Three inch high/ two inch thick boots, gloves w/ fingers cut off, and black headband.
Hope Im okeydokey.
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Name:Viper (he gave himself that name)
Time Made: 2095
Gender: Male
Race: Android
Appearance: Tall, about 6 foot. He always seems to wear a red cloak. His eyes are deep forest green and his skin is awfully pale. He usually wears Comfortable clothes and almost always wears black.
Weapons: About 30 small throwing knives, with symbols and drawing in each one and a oriental style katana.
Skills: Stealth, weapon handiling
Bio: Created in a factory almost before he can remember. He resents guns and the question of why. He mostly spends his time at the town of New York, run down years ago when the atom bomb was available on market. He wanders the streets looking for memories that were long forgotten. He doesn't like people to know that he is an android for they treat him differently.
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