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[COLOR=indigo]Do you guys remember when Yumcha, Chao-tzu and Tien went to train in The Room of something (NOT the Room of Spirit and Time) and they had to fight two Saiyan Warriors? Well, when Yumcha used the Genki-Dama he was able to control it using two fingers together and he charged up for it differently to the way Goku used it on Namek, and why couldn't Goku control his & move it around. Why is this? [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]That's it, Suikodan, It said in TheOtaku part of Dragonball and attacks... It says something like this, "A ki-blast controlled by the user" Ah haa... Now I know...... That was pretty stupid of me to call it the Genki-Dama...heh. But does it have a name in English or is that it, SY-KOE-DAN?[/SIZE]
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[b]I always thought that Yamcha did the Spirit-Bomb as well,..damn,..wayta burst my bubble (not to be confused with Bubble the monkey)
Here's how I thought it worked out:
Yamcha does the proper spirit bomb
King Kai tries to teach Goku it, but doesn't have time
He doesn't teach Goku how to control it
Goku (tries) to use it like Yamcha against Vegeta
He fails and Krillin does it instead
Later on, a normal spirit bomb won't do against Freeza
So he makes an Extra Large version
This extra-large is so powerful, he has to use both hands to just hold it up
Later on, such a smal spirit bomb is useless, so he does big ones
Damn you all! It took me ages to work all that out, and here you all come and just blurt out the truth in my face! Couldn't you have told me a year and a half ago?!
:laugh: [/b]
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[SIZE=1]Well, it just so happens that I saw the episode that I was on about 10 minutes ago. Well, you know when they are fighting the Saiyans in the Pendulam Room, and Tien does his Split-Form? Well, Yumcha DOES use Spirit Bomb, he even says, "Spirit Bomb..." and powers up a big ball in one hand. He fires it, BUT he can control it too.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]And, Sephiroth... It says SUIKODAN, NOT Suikoden (game) Ok? It even says so in the DB section that you are in control of, have a look in the techniques part and look up Yumcha, it should show you ONE move called SUIKODAN!!![/SIZE]
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