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Art Miles Tails Prower,


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Here's a pic of Tails I drew, then colored in photoshop .
In the pic Sonic is supposed to be dead...but thats just in my fanfic, so dont think he's really dead....

Oh, yea, and one more thing,-

[b]Im only 12 years old so i am still learning how to use Proportions properly[/b]

^^;; Juss thought i would say that before i get hammered on proportions...

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I love your avatar, by the way. His expression is awesome.

Anyway ... the picture isn't bad. It definitely resembles Tails :p. But you're right, your proportions are off. For instance, I don't think Tails's chest is that wide, and his head looks a little squashed. There are a few other problems, which I'll just name briefly (since I'm not an artist I have no idea how to fix them, hehe). What I think are supposed to be his tears sort of look like glasses; his position on the cliff is rather awkward, and it looks like he's falling off rather than sitting; does Tails have two tails? guess it would make sense that way; I'm not sure what the ring by his hand is.

Speaking of his hand, though, I think that's pretty impressive. You actually captured how a hand looks in that position (his right hand, the one that's pointing) really well, in my opinion. In the few drawings I've tried, hands have always been my worst point.

The shading is also done quite well, I like the added gray to the white part of his tail, and the slight darker effects around his orange fur.

Well. Sorry for all the long input :p. It's nice that you've started so young, and I'm sure you'll improve tons as you work on it more!
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That picture is actually not that bad. ^_^ I am not too familiar with any non-spriting pieces of work made by you, Shippo, so now I have a better idea of what to expect.

I agree with Terra on the hands. You got the fingers and form of it just right. For a Sonic character, you actually drew the body pretty realistically. Normally you'll find that Sonic and his little hordes of allies and enemies have completely oblong circular shapes for their torsos. Yours is more.. Rectangular. Of course, the head is strange, but these things take practice.

Oh, and you used the wrong version of "You're".. You used the one that you use when you refer to something someone owns, such as "Your cat" or "Your shared folder".

But overall, nice job. ^_^ Us 12-year-old artists need to stick together.

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[size=1] Don't forget the 13-year-old. [let's just call 'em teenage artists, eh?]

Now, actually, I have never really seen Tailes. Only Sonic. ^_~

Yes, the proportions are off, but it's a widely-made mistake with young artists/beginning artists. Nothing you can't fix with practice. The coloring is average, to say truthfully, but I can't really say anything because I [i]suck[/i] with coloring on the computer. Nice job with the hands, though. Lol. I had the hardest time learning how to draw those tricky things.[/size]
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It's good Shippo.
I can't do any better than that anyways...

Did you actually draw Sonic?
Because I think I've seen that pic a few times in different places.

My best 2 subjects at school are English and Japanese so I need to correct a spelling mistake.
You used the wrong Your.

You said:
You said you would be there(,,,)
But (your) gone

It should be:
You said you would be there(...)
But (you're) gone

The brackets are the mistakes and corrections.

Sorry to do this but I can't help it...
My friends get annoyed at me when I do it to them too.

About the Drawing...

I agree that it is a bit blockish but still very good.

Good job.
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  • 3 weeks later...
thanks everyone...
Oops. and I forgot to say. that the sonic pic is an actual pic of him(i didnt draw it).

Oh..yea, and instead of making a whole new thread of drawings, i thought i'd stick to this one. Here's a drawing I drew like a week ago. C & C, please.
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