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O.O.C: not much of a starting but it works for me

Hilind and hunter were riding there puchigusos into dun loireag to find any one who would be willing to go to a dungon that the creators had just made. "So do you think we'll find any one good in this place" hunter asked. "Probaply. Have I ever lead you wrong about people" hilind asked. Hunter just looked at him. "O.k, o.k. I know there was that one time but do you think I would do that sort of thing again" hilind asked as they droped off there puchigusos. "Just try and not do it again" hunter said as they walked into the shops. They saw a girl looking at potions. "How about her" hilind asked. "Sure why not" hunter said. They walked up to the girl. "Um excuse me miss but would you mind going with us to a new dungeon that's been opened" hilind asked.
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O.O.C: you should try makeing your posts longer befor the mods tell you to.

"Us, no. We're both about level 70 and we were going around asking people to join in a dungeon treck in a new dungeon that's been opened. No one's been in there yet so no one knows what to expect" hilind said. "No one knows what type of monsters and bosses there are so it's good to go in groups incase you need help" hunter said. "I'll think about it but why did you ask me when there are alot of players here" the girl asked. "He says you seem like a strong player. He some times have good judgment on people" hunter says pointing to hilind. Hilind just grumbeled at hunter. "So what do you think. Do you want to come" hilind asked.
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sure seems like fun. i'll just get some suplies. *she picks out 1 magic restore potion* ok. this is all *pays the person at the desk* so where is this dungeon? oh, and by the way i'm at level 99. so i dont need the exp so i'll only help if it looks like fun. *walks out side tword the Gate* are you coming? *glares* geeze this is going to take forever. *walks over to Rare Items Really Interesting* oh! i've been looking for these *she rushes in with a happy grin and buys blade sharpeners and replacement stones* yay! *pay the person who owns the store and jumps out* ok lets go! *runs to the Gate*
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"Are you [i]sure[/i]?"
"Uh-huh. It's just like I said, black all over, two sets of black wings, and red eyes! Now will you leave me alone?"
Akurei flashed an evil grin. "Right. But I'm sorry, leaving you alone is something I just...cannot do."
"You were simply an obstacle in the way of my goal," says Akurei, sheathing back her blade. "This player - the one they call Rena - is she really that good?" she wonders aloud. "Ah well. Might as well raid the shop."
Akurei begins to pick up usefull items, such as potions and healers. She walks out of hte shop, a small splotch of blood on her sheathed balde.

{Message Boards}
[i]Posted by Akurei[/i]
[size=1][i]Has anybody seen the player known as Rena? I am searching for her on a quest I am preparing to take. If you've seen her, please contact me.[/i][/size]
{End Message Boards}
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*swiches egos to Crimm (the very evil one, and Crimm hates when other people steal and stuff but is a clepto herself) and grabs Akurei by the shirt* what were you saying about me? and by the way. stealling is very bad. *she glares and hits Akurei on the head.*

^ finish tomorow sleep now. good night.^
(bunny dance)
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Akurei stood silent for a moment, in a paralyzed shock.
"Why you -"
She makes an effort to kill her "attacker", but the older player blocked and then kicks Akurei in the ankle.
"Stealing is bad," repeats the player. "And only a rookie like you would do something like that."
Akurei gives one of her best death glares. "Rookie? You calling me a rookie? Look, I've been playing this game for two years...[i]with a life[/i]...and at level 79! So watch what you're saying!"
Rena begins laughing.. "Hot-headed little blade!" she says, still laughing. "Look kid, I can't level up anymore. 99, that's me."
Akurei gives a heavy sigh, silently admitting the fact that this player - this jerk - had won. Silently, she walks away.
OOC: You're not a jerk, just annyong. ^^ Just kidding. :D

EDIT: Bleh, T man, you beat me to posting!
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O.O.C: I guess I did beat you but i'll just edit mine so it'll make sense.

Hilind and hunter were following the girl that they would be working with. "Are you sure it was a good idea haveing her come with us" hunter asked as they watched the girl wack another player on her head. "No not realy. I think we'll be fine" hilind said. "So what's you're name any way" hilind asked once they caught up with her. "I'll tell you later. So let's go" the girl said. "Well just to let you know i'm hilind and this is hunter" hilind said before the warped through the gate.
They reapeared at the snow field. "So where is it" the girl asked as they started walking. "It's over there" hunter said pointing to a building that looked like a temple. "There was a persion waiting out side to greet them. "Welcome to this newly opened dungeon. We hope that you'll have fun and come out with the equipment or any thing else you may need that's inside" the persion said. They nodded and headed in.
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{In the Real Word}
Akurei sits at her computer, a line of tears down her face.
"W-what I did was wrong. I know that. How-what-why did that happen? I don't understand..."
Akurei looks at her screen and sees an e-mail has popped up.
"No, I don't want to know how to lower my insurance costs by 50%..."
Akurei looks around in sheer boredom. She decides to just log back on and explore.
"I wonder if I'll find that blade today..."
Edited because....never mind. :nope:
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"Excuse me?" I called out. I rang a little bell, its high-pitched voice cutting through the din of the crowd. "Excuse me?"
Satisfied that enough faces were looking my way, I held the items I was peddling today up. A map, an empty jar, a beach ball. Items worthless to me that cost me nothing; items useful to others that cost them money.
"Hey mister, what's on that map?" someone yelled. I shrugged.
"I bet it's not really worth anything!" another cried.
"Suit yourself," I muttered. "Come up if you're interested!" Again, I rang my bell. Not surprisingly, the two doubters were among the ones who came to my (badly-made) table to look at my wares. I unrolled the map for them, and one of them stuck his face an inch away from the map. I moved it back an inch.
"Hey!" he yelped. "I'm nearsighted!" He grabbed the map, trying to pull it closer to his face. I cringed, hearing the sound of ripping paper. A very bewildered young man stared at a piece of my map. "I'm very sorry, mister," he said, sweatdropping. "I didn't know paper here could actually rip." He looked at me, turned, and ran.
I looked in the direction he had gone. Shrugged. Pocketed my half of the map. Rang my bell. It's not like I paid anything for it. I didn't even look for it. I just find things everywhere. So, what did I care?
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OOC: Well, I hate to say it, but if you report someone, you may draw attention to yourself. And while you don't control other's characters, your posts aren't exactly top quality. Perhaps you should read Harlequin's sticky for this forum before rushing off to point fingers. Ooops, or did I just do that? Whatever, just a suggestion.
A lonely figure appeared by the new dungeon. "This just opened today, right? It's brand new?" she heard someone ask a guard. "Yes, it's so new that you're some of the first people to try it." [i]Hmmm, this could be interesting. [/i]"Sir, are the monsters particularly hard here? Should a mid-60s be able to survive?" she asked. "Only if you keep on your toes. Maybe you should try to form a party. It'd be safer for you." "I see. Thank you very much." the girl said, then went off to the side to think. A party would be safer, but her people skills were somewhat... lacking. She saw a small group of people going inside- a girl and two boys. Before she could think, she ran off before they could go inside, and cut them off. "Hello, I'm Amaya." she said nervously. "May I join your party?"
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"And I log back on to find myself-
Akurei looked around. She was where she had last saved her game, in a field of grass that blew with the wind.
"If I find that girl again...what would I do?" she wonders aloud, her arms folded across her chest, as she walked through the field, her head facing the ground (whew, that's a lot to type! ^^). "I don't do sorrys. That's not me."
Akurei looks up and finds a warp gate. "Lucky me," she mumbles, and transports to another level.
- - - - - -
The guard on duty looks up to see who has just arrived.
"You're the second person within five minutes whose come here," he says. "This isn't a very popular place with younger players, like yourself."
Akurei's face grows red. "Hey, well, sorry I'm 12, but I can't help that. Anyways, what's this place like?"
The guard looks at her in confusion. "What? You've never been here before?"
"Then why'd you come here?"
"I just picked a random level."
The guard shakes his head but continues. "It's an area designed to level up players in the mid 50s to early 70s (that sounded weird...hmmm.....). And you are?"
"Then I suggest going to another level."
"Because you won't get much experince here."
"You so sure?"
"You sure like to talk alot for a kid."
"I know."
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Hilind didn't have a problem with others joining the group but he didn't know about the others. "Is it o.k if she comes with us" hilind asked. "It's fine with me. It should make the fights easier" hunter said. "It's o.k with me" rena said. "O.k then. It's agreed that you can come with us" hilind said. Amaya nodded as they headed in. As they walked the dungeon looked like the ones that you would see in aztic ruens. "So does any one have a idea of what's in here" hunter asked.
"I don't think any one does. I think we're the first ones in here" hilind said. A couple of seconds after he said that four monsters appeared. "I was wondering when we would find some monsters" amaya said. Hilind prepared him self as hunter drew his glaive. He looked around to see rena leen against a wall to watch. Hilind fired a energy shot knocking two of the monsters over but they quickly got back up. "Let's see how far we can get" hilind thought as he fired another energy shot.
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Hunter ran at one of the monsters slashing quickly. The fouth attacked Amaya. She jumped up to dodge. Hilind finaly took one down with his energy shots. The one hunter was fighting hit him & pushed him back. He charged at it wiyh all his speed & might. "There togher then I thought"said Hilinder & Hunter at the same time. The second monster hilinder was fighting went down. Then Hunter swung his glaive in an eight shape. Rena seemed surprised at how Huntor attacked. The monster went down. "Hey Amaya do you need any help" yelld Huntor. "Naw I can do this by myself" said Amaya. She then shot ten energy shots in arow. The fourth then went down. "That was amusing" said Rena. They started to walk on until they reached a stone wall with writing inscribed in it. When they read it all it said was (I am taller than the trees & the sky it's self. I go deep into the ground. I can be treachously sharp or very rough. What am I.) Amaya said one word. A mountain. The wall disappered & than a huge rockish like creature appeared. It then attacked them.
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OOC: Hey Ayu, you should think about how you post. IF Harlequin catches how you do then he might close this. I'm just giving a little tip. And besides, this is 3rd person not 1st.

Tia walked over to a gate and went through. She found herself in standing next to the new dungeon they had just put up. The man standing beside her looked down at her. "Is this your first time here miss?" he asked sounding slightly annoyed. Tia shook her head and proceeded into the entrance but was stopped by the man putting his arm in front of her. She looked up at him this time her being annoyed. "If I may ask that you have a party before entering."

Tia pushed his arm away and walked inside ignoring his request. She saw 4 people walking away as she entered. "Interesting," she said to herself and begin to walk behind them quietly.
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Akurei heaved a sigh. "Am I invisible?" She took a step into the cave when she, like the others, was stopped by the guard.
"Is there a reason you like to stop everybody?" she asked.
"No" he replied. "I want you to-"
"Be safe? I can handle myself."
The guard sighed as Akurei walked in. She heard voices.
"Mountain," said a voice. The sound of stone splitting met her ears. There was a loud roar, like that of a monster. Except the roar was kind of...hollow.
"C'mon you guys! Attack!" came another voice, this time from a guy. Akurei, being the person to not notice things, walked in further to see a party of four attacking the beast.
"You think they can do it?" somebody asked her.
"Huh? Who are you?" She turned her head around to see another female player.
"Tia," came the response. "And-"
"Right. Well, Akurei, you think they can manage on their own?"
Akurei looked Tia over. She was a heavy blade, that was for sure, and seemed just her age, maybe older. She looked like a seemingly delicate person, yet a delicate person wouldn't have a sword.
"I think so. Let's just watch to see what happens."
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Hilind, hunter and amaya were dodging attacks. "We have company you know" hilind said as he jumped to avoid a strike. "Where are they" amaya asked. "There watching our battle in the hallway we came from" hilind said. "Then let's give them some thing to watch" hunter said as he charged at the monster. He slashed at the monster a couple of times and jumped out of the way as amaya and hilind fired a energy blast at it sending it back so it hit the wall. The monster got back up and started fireing spykes. Hilind raised his staff and a shield came up and sent the spyks back at the monster.
The spyks hit the monster with hunter following after them. He slashed at the monster again as hilind and amaya fired. "You've got good aim to keep from hitting him" amaya said. "Ya, I know. Hunter move out of the way" hilind said. hunter nodded and moved as hilind sent a wave of energy at the monster. The monster fell and tunred grey. Four treasure chests appeared along with a door. "Not bad you guys"" rena said as hilind, hunter and amaya opened the chest to get the stuff inside. Once They got there prizes they headed through the door to the next level.
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Amaya looked over the goodies they had gotten from the treasure chests as they headed for the next level. There were lots of healing potions, as well as a couple weapons, and some really cool looking stuff that was probably rare. "So how should we split this? We all fought the monsters. Well, except maybe her." She shot a glance at Rena, who wasn't paying attention. "She won't get experience anyway- she's level 99." Hunter informed her. "Well then why'd she come? Oh well, whatever. I'm not too concerned about that now." Amaya replied, looking around. "Something wrong?" Hilind asked. "Don't ask me- ask them. They've been following us for a while." Amaya pointed behind her, and they saw two figures half concealed by shadows. They seemed to flinch once they heard that they had been discovered, but stepped out. "So who are you, and what do you want?" Amaya asked curiously, looking the newcomers over.

[SIZE=1]Knowing I'm on the street where you live...[/SIZE]
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people! please dont control my chars. (Rena, Sakura, Crimm) and i'm sorry i wasnt' able to respond i was very sick (strep) and i will update my post definitly by, um... the 22! i'm going to be out of town on friday and sat, so i might be able to but highly unlikely. bye.
oh and i just found out i cant use my sister com until sunday. she has to do somthing, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! bye people.
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Damn, I had this really long post and my service wasn't responding and then it shut down. I was literally crying.
"Yo," said Akurei, making a peace sign. Then, using all the politness she coud muster, she asked, "Can we join your party?"
She indicated herself and Tia, who merley nodded.
"Hey Rena," said a male player, "Isn't that the kid you slapped in the market?"
Rena looked up from her post of leaning on the wall. "Yeah, it is, Hilind. Surprised she's here."
Akurei shot Rena a death glare as Tia spoke. "So...can we?"
Hilind shrugged. "Sure, guess so, why not. The more the merrier, right?"
Akurei couldn't help but grin.
"So that makes six," said Amaya, taking a few paces forwards, then noticed nobody was following her. "Hello? C'mon! Wha'cha waiting for?"
The was a murmer of nothings as they followed her into a dimly lite hallway. A pattern of interlocked diamonds decorated the walls, starting off as blue, then turned to red, which changed to green, then yellow, then blue, repeating the pattern.
"What's this?" asked Tia suddeny, stopping dead in her tracks. She was pointing to a blank spot onthe wall. "Shouldn't there be something there?"
Hunter looked at the wall behind them. "There's one here, but not one there," he said. "What's up?"
The two began to investigate the wall as the other four pressed themselves against the other (the hall wasn't exactly what you would call wide), searching for cracks, marks, or dents of any kind. There were none.
Hunter leaned back up, shaking his head. "Nothing. Not even a scratch."
Tia stood up from her post on the floor. "Ditto," she said.
"This must be," began Rena, "One of those dungeons that will go on forever if you don't find something different at one part."
They all nodded. It made perfect sense, these kind of dungeons were known to fustrate even the strongest of players, who would wonder for hours, finding nothing unless they observed.
"So...what should we do?" Hilind asked.
"What [i]can[/i] we do?" Amaya replied, sounding a tad exasperated.
"What...what about a wavemaster?" excalimed Akurei, the thought suddenly appearing in her mind.
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i give Katana permish to use my char for little moments,


she slams down on the floor frustrated, "hey, what if we simply kick the stupid spaces on the wall to see if somthing clicks ya know?" she then starts to kick and punch the blank spot, every one jions in mumbling "this is stupid" but they don't have anything else to do, then they all hear a stone fall... Rena relizes that the place is falling apart, "lets get out of here!" she darts out of the hall into the room which just apeared out of the wall. "come on!" and yanks every one in just before it colapses and resets sealing the wall again.

in the REAL world

"this game is getting boring no one is ever on, exept on days new dungeons open." (Rena)
"ah, but that is fun." (Crimm)
"so? i'm in it for the killin'!" and hops around like a loone.


and Remember Rena Crimm and Ryu are the same person! (alter egos ya gotta love 'em!)
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"So what do you think that was about" hilind asked getting up. "Who realy knows. It's probaply a skill thing" hunter said. "In other words it's move it or get squised" akurie said. "It sure seems like it in this dungeon" tia said. "That's probaply why only high level players are allowed in here. It could be a test to see if new things should be made for the players" hilind said as they started walking down the hall. "Well there could of been easier ways than tried to crush us under rocks" amaya said. "Well, you need to rember this dungeon is new and that we're probaply the first ones in here so try to be ready for any thing" hilind said. As they continued statues started lineing the wall.
"Get ready for a fight you guys" hilind said as he and hunter went into fighting stance. "Why do you say that" amaya asked. "Because in most games the staues are monsters or things to get past and it seems like i'm right" hilind said as the staues started moveing. They drew weapons and started attacking the group. "So how many of these things do you think there are" hunter asked as he defended from an attack. "Who realy knows in a plcae like this" hilind said as he fired a energy blast.
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"ya know Hilind, i'm going to watch this. it looks interesting" she walks over to a little corner. and sits down. after looing at them patheticly try to bet the statues, she slowly gets up, draws her sword and charges, after a few quick swipes she desrtoyed the statues.. "that was easy... oh man! now i'm board!" stomps down the narrow passage, every one fallowing close together in single file. then they see a blinding blood red flash, they look twords rena to find she is not there, and instead a differnt girl is there. she its just a bit diffrent she is the same shape as Rena (ya know like her body) but in a differint outfit and a bigger sword, at first they think its a glich, then they remember the update on (new atributes to the world,) the Board about alter egos, and that they can alter a charactors personality and image in flashes of light.

ps, this new char is very evil and is a clepto! so whatch your items! and shes fast.
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