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RPG Tears of Blood


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The train yard outside of the city was damp with rain. It was about midnight, the moon was one night away from being full. Most of the cars lay abandoned, except for one. This car, along with the cars on either sides, looked to be first class rooms. The red carpet matched the walls, and even the celing. A chandolier lit the room, showing an elaborate bed in one side. On the bed lay a dead corpse, surrounded by different colored stones and viles of liquid. "Nothing's out there. He moving!" A vampire near the window facing the small metropolis gave a nod towards the vampire standing beside the bed. The vampire ran his hands along the silky sheets, and to a dagger that lay on the pillow. "Funny. The true seperation of vampires and necromancers can not be truely seen." The vampire held up the dagger and cut a slit in his own arm. The dark red blood dripped into one of the viles. "Wolfgang, I have a bad feeling about this. Snake and Jack haven't come back yet. We should wait for them." The vampire grinned and shook his head. "I never liked them anyways." He nodded towards the other vampires, who came and grabbed the corpses arm's. Suddenly the door burst open, and two muddy damp and bloody vampires came in. "We got company!"

[i] Although nobody remembers the war, humans still have a very distinct dislike for vampires. The train yard is Wolfgangs place to create the necromancers, and the city nearby found out weeks ago. They continuously send small groups of cops and civillians to attack them, but Wolfgang refuses to move. Night has become boundless slaughter, and the angels can only cry, tears of blood [/i]
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[color=crimson][font=times new roman][b]Artex turned around to see Snake and Jack burst through the door. They were panting and bleeding profusely. Wolfgang slowly turned his head and had to take a second look at the two vampires.

"We've got company, Master Wolfgang." Snake tried to get his breath.

"Hundreds of them,"Jack put his hands on his knees.

Artex flipped her turqoise hair over her shoulder and walked up to Wolfgang. She grabbed his arm and watched his wound close up. He looked at her and then to the corpse on the silky sheets.

"Artex, I can trust you,"Wolfgang ran a hand down the side of her face.

Her deep amethist eyes glittered with delight adn a chesire smile broke her collected expression. She took his hand and kissed the ring on his middle finger. Jack and Snake turned out the door, Artex quickly followed. She gave Wolfgang a wink and disappeared.

"Now, where was I?" he continued the ritual.


"When did they arrive?"Artex quickened her pace in front of the two vampires. Her long hair tangled around the breeze.

"Just about ten minutes ago Lady Artex,"Jack jumped in.

"How many times must I tell you, do not call me that. Artex will do just fine,"she unsheathed her dragon crested sword.

The light danced off of the blade as she strided across the muddy tracks. The two vampires unsheathed their weapons and stopped beside Artex. The sound of the S.W.A.T team grew to a thunder as they flowed down the yard. Their was about a hundred or so, five helicoptors hovered in the air, and hundreds of squad cars followed.

Artex, Jack, and Snake took their stance. All of them had manical smiles.[/color][/font][/b]
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Meanwhile in the city. A young girl with ebony hair, brown eyes, wearing a short black velvet skirt, black leather tube top, black high heel sandles, and a black leather jacket is running down back allies with a terrified expression on her face. She eventually makes a wrong turn into a dead end. She turns around and stares into the darkness. We then see a man with red hair, green eyes, wearing black pants, maroon shirt, a leather trench coat, and evil smile showing his pointed fangs. He walks up to her and speaks in a somewhat fatherly voice.
" Now, now young lady. Is that any way to act towards the man who just gave you a lift here?"
The woman is shaking in fear as she puts her hands up and screams, "Stop...stay away from me....y-y-you monster."
He grins at her. "Why yes, I am a monster.....and this monster is going to make you his evening dinner."
He rushes at her and grabs both of arms in his right hand and wraps his left arm around her body trapping her against him. Right when he's about to bite her throat a womans voice speaks out from the darkness.
"You know it's not polite to bite a young woman when you don't even know her."
The vampire looks around. "Who are you? Show your self....or are you to scared to face me?" ,he says and grins.
" Me afraid of you? I don't think so."
With those final words a woman jumps out from the shadows and grabs the vampire from behind pulling him off of the young girl. Before the he can do anything the woman pulls out a bowie knife and stabs him in the heart. She drops the vampires dead corpse on the ground and turns to the young girl.
"Are you ok?"
The young girl smiles and nods her head.
"Good, now I want you to go straight home and stay there for the rest of the night understand?"
The girl nods her head again. As the woman starts walking into the darkness the girl asks, "What is your name?"
" Aura Jones and you can find me in the phone book under private investigators." ,the woman called out as she continued to walk into the darkness where she eventually disappeared from sight.
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