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Sign Up Pokemon: Cusco league


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Hello Pokemon enthusiastes, mods, and people curious about the name...

This will be easier if you were in or read Pokemon: Johiko league-
Johiko league was found by a guy from Goldenrod named Shinobi. He got a group and went to it, which is underwater, someone formed in a bubble, and explored it. However, that ran into a guardian that in no way, shape, or form liked Humans (they saw him at the end)
A stupendious battle ensued, whith the dome above them eventually getting a hole in it and Johiko was nothing more than a borken dome. However, before this happened, the other guardian, one who kinda liked humans, transported all of the pokemon out of the dome, saved the people, and let himself be captured. The evil Guardian was subdued, but not before they ahd to abandon the mission.

Now the questions role: Where did they go? What about the pokemon? Was Johiko ever fixed?

A few weeks, Shinobi and his fiancé, Hope, found the dome the animals and animal-likemon in a dome about a mile east of the origional Johiko, in a dome 3 times as big, and three times as high. The only thing about it is,....it on the edge of a trench.
With water slowly moving the sand bottom into the trench, the trench is getting bigger avery week. Aslo, the dome is coming close to falling every week. By the way the sand is moving, the dome will be gone within a year. So, Shinobi and a new group must go on a mission to capture and record as many of all the breeds they can. This means: Lotsa pokeballs, lotsa speed.


Sign up here with your:

pokemon name, nickname
Item attached: (if any)
Other: (pokepowers go here)

you need at least 3 pokemon at the start. I wil post my stats if two people join.

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Tell me if all this is ok...

Name:James Nickname:Jimmy
Appearence:Has red hair with a green shirt that says "pokemon"
His hair is spikey and he has blue eyes. He wears blue shorts
with a chain.
Bio: He started pokemon training 2 months ago, so his pokemon
are still low leveled. Though he is determined to be the best,
his rival, which started at the same time has been teasing him.
He is alittle imature but not perverted. James has a tough
will power, and he is never afraid enough to give up.


Name:Squirtle Nickname:none
Level: 23(didnt want it to evolve)
Ittem attached:Shell Bell (ruby/sappire)
Attacks:Water gun,tackle,agility, and bubble beam)i think thats the name)

Name:Evee Nickname: none
Itams attached:thunder stone(im not using it)
Attacks:Tackle, take down, growl, and leer

Name:Espeon(first pokemon,Evee is Espeon's daughter)
Items Attached: Hyper potion
Attacks: Psychic, Hypnosis, quick attack, and double team
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I'll be your rival DemonzDragoon.

[b]Name:[/b] jason kiro
[b]Age:[/b] 14
[b]Appearance:[/b] blue eyes, black hair, white shirt orange vest, goggles, gloves with out the fingers, black pants, boots
[b]Bio:[/b] Jason is a trainer from the hoen region. Even though he has other pokemon to use he'd rather use his favorits to fight with. He's done alot of traveling and studies pokemon raising technices hopeing that it'll help improve his friend ship whith his pokemon. He's faught james before and jason won. When ever they cross paths james challanges him and jason normaly wins. Like most people jasons dream is to become a pokemon master but if can't do that he'll settle for being a pokemon breader so he treats his pokemon with kare.

[b]Pokemon Name:[/b] blaziken a.k.a wild fire
[b]Level:[/b] 62
[b]Item attached:[/b] charcoal
[b]Attacks:[/b] sky upper cut, blaze kick, fire blast, double kick

[b]Pokemon Name:[/b] ninjask a.k.a zoma
[b]Level:[/b] 31
[b]Item attached:[/b] quick claw
[b]Attacks:[/b] swords dance, false swipe, slash, fury swipes

[b]Pokemon Name:[/b] gardevoir a.k.a grace
[b]Level:[/b] 31
[b]Item attached:[/b] focus band
[b]Attacks:[/b] psychic, cunfusion, double team, teleport

[b]Pokemon Name:[/b] armaldo a.k.a digs
[b]Level:[/b] 54
[b]Item attached:[/b] hard rock
[b]Attacks[/b] ancient power, rock smash, dig, earth quake

[b]Pokemon Name:[/b]seviper a.k.a tail blade
[b]Level:[/b] 30
[b]Item attached:[/b] gold berry
[b]Attacks:[/b] wrap, lick, crunch, poison tail

[b]Pokemon Name:[/b] metagross a.k.a B-spider
[b]Level:[/b] 47
[b]Item attached:[/b] left overs
[b]Attacks:[/b] rock smash, cut, metal claw, strength
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Guest The Bouncer
Can't forget the classic Seion and Timeka can you....??

Name: Seion
Age: 17
Apperance:about 5'10 brown skin with cornrolls down to his shoulders. brown eyes and usually wears a white T Shirt and a black Southpole velour suit with black aAir Force ones..

Personality Speaks whats on his mind. loud, and playful.. kinda immature, protective.

Bio: Seion grew up in Vermilion city with his sister. he left when he was 12 and started to train his pokemon. Seion went with Shinobi and the gang to Johiko the last time. He and Shinobi are like brothers and fight alot. Seion has girl nmed Timeka who tries to keep him out of trouble. He never lets any othe boys get close to her.

Good at: healing.... , fighting, and girls.


Items: Fire Stone

Items: birght powder

Item: leftovers


Item: Drgon Fang

Item:Quick Claw
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I noticed a mistake on my sign-up sheet, i forgot attacks under the pokemon info. My bad, you too.

A pokepower is a skill that is...how do i explain,...i'll get back to you on it. Or, hopefully a friend will explain it when she joins....if she does,..if not, i'll get to you tomorow with it.

Here's my start-up sheet:
[b]Appearance:[/b] Shinobi has long, flowing hair down to his mid back, that is white. He has blue eyes, and is a boy, dispite the hair. He is about 5'5", but 5'6" with his shoes on. Clothes:A big, oversized black shirt that reads on the frint and back,is gold letters: Da Southside Villain. Down the long sleeves are the words (in gold, also) Goldenrod pride. He wears jet black Fubu pants with Da Southside Villain written down one side in gold, and Shinobi with pride down the others. The pants also have several pockets, one big enough to hold his lap-top. He normally wears dark brown Timberlands, but sometimes wear White and Orange DC Avatars, when they are more comfortable.
Personality: Quiet to most, but open to a select few, little is known about him. He is a quite leader who only talks when it's needed, unless he's with his fiancé, Hope Aktins (damn i hope blanko joins), or his friend, Seion (i hope Bouncer joins, too) When he does talk ,it's in a smooth voice, unless he changes it. He'd prefer to lead the fight rather that stop it, and is a good ganster.
[b]Good at:[/b][i](not needed by you all, i added it)[/i] He's good at fighting, computers, pokemon, swordmanship, skateboarding
[b]Other:[/b]Shinobi can fly, and it later turns up he's psychic and flies using that ability, but no one knows yet. He finds out in another rpg, that takes place after this one.

[b]pokemon name:[/b]Houndoom
[b]Item attached:[/b] Charcoal
[b]Attacks:[/b]Fire Blast, Crunch, Flamethrower, Headbutt

[b]pokemon name:[/b]Espeon
[b]Item attached:[/b]
[b]Attacks:[/b]Confusion, Psybeam, Nite-Shade, Teleport

[b]pokemon name:[/b]Umbreon
[b]Item attached:[/b]
[b]Attacks:[/b]Bite, Persuit, Tackle, Sand-Attack

[b]pokemon name:[/b]Charizard
[b]Item attached:[/b] Charcoal
[b]Attacks:[/b] Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Fly, Body Slam

[b]pokemon name:[/b] Lugia
[b]Item attached:[/b] Sharp Beak
[b]Attacks:[/b] Aeroblast, Fly, Tri-Attack, Hyper Beam

Anthony, i was just about to call you, but my phone needed charging. I was gonna tell you about this

Everyone, i said AT LEAST You can have more than 3.
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*COUGH* I hate that rule i hate that rule i hate that rule!!! Rpgs should be based on the tv show not on the stupid games *COUGH* that being the rule about ATTACKS!!! god that kills rpgs... i dont have the mental capabilities to remember just what attacks my pokemon have.. nor do i have time in the day to go back to my sign up each time i use an attack just to see which ones i have. same thing with LEVELS.. how the heck are the rpgers sapposed to know ... when the right ammount of experiance has been aquired... its just to plain difficult...

Name: Hope

Age: 21

Appearance: She has super short dark blue hair (sorry shino... she got a haircut and got it dyed in the process) She has crystal blue eyes and carrys a weapon around. This weapon straps around her soulder and such.... It is called a Hiratsu. (Also known as GIANT BOOMARANG) She now wears a Black Kimono with red flames on it.

Personality: Prefers not to fight but hey... if shes forced into it... you betta watch your back... She is also a very quiet and mysterious person who would rather get hurt doing something she beleives in... than to get hurt to get attention.

Good at: Battle, (She is telepathic and telekenetic) And she is good at throwing her Hiratsu.

Other: She has a daughter (Not Shinobi's) who is named Aurora... Aurora is Five years old and has two pokemon. Hope is also the richest person around but prefers not to say anything... she hates her past.

Pokemon: (dude... Hope has like...27.... am i sapposed to just forget this!?!?! OH well ill just go with the original six i had in the very first rpg i used this character in)

1) Rapidash (Female)
Nickname: Flare

2) Houndoom (Female)
Nickname: Crunch

3) Sneasle (Male)
Nickname: Shadow

4) Scyther (Male)
Nickname: Blade

5) Charmeleon (Male)
Nickname: Scar

6) Raichu (Male)
Nickname: Bolt


Ill add attacks if you absolutely NEED that rule in there....*wanders off mummbling something about the other rpgs were never like that*

Oh and Shinobi...May i point something out... I came up with the name... (Give me credit would ya)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Blanko [/i]
[B]*COUGH* I hate that rule i hate that rule i hate that rule!!![/b][/quote]
Never said what was specific. If you dont want to say level or attacks, you don't. ONly on pokemon does that count, though.
[quote][i]Origionally posted by Blanko[/i]
[B] than to get hurt to get attention.[/b][/quote]
Are you saying Shinobi got Scythe hit him him with a sledgehammer on perpoise? Fell on perpoise? Cracked his shouder blade on perpoise? maybe...

Oh, and yes, i did get my rpg name from the ever-popular FLORA!!!*give her a round of apllause everyone*
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alright, i try this out. i'm guessing by most of the sign ups that all pokemons from red to saphire can be used.

Name: Wolf
Age: 22
Appearance: long blonde hair pulled into a pony tail. some stray hairs fall in his face but nothing major. his eyes are a silverish blue. he wears a white T-shirt with a black over shirt witht he sleeves rolled up. kahki pants with a nice black leather belt. black and white shoes, and black fingerless gloves.
Personality: keeps to himself for the most part, but speaks when its needed. he used to be a gym leader himself but that fell through for finacial reasons. now him and his pokemon wonder from town to town doing what they can. for the most part they do odjobs and help would be trainers. in a since you could call him a traveling gym.


Houndoom/ shadow fang
item: black glasses (think thats the name of them)
attacks: crunch, flamethrower, faint attack, firespin

Mightyena/ silver fang
item: none
attacks: iron tail, shadow ball, crunch, theif
power: intimidate

Absol/ Akami
item: none
attacks: bite, slash, ice beam, double edge
power: pressure

Tyranatar/ Gold
item: leftovers
Attacks: crunch, earthquake, hyperbeam, fire punch

Shelgon/ Draken
item: dragon fang
attacks: draginbreath, ember, bite, rage
power: rock head

Aggron/ Silver
item: none
attacks: metal claw, iron tail, dragon punch, solar beam
power: sturdy, rock head

that should do it, hope this goes well ;)
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Guest bahumant111088
apperance:long silver hair in a pony tail,green eyes,eyeglasses,black southpole pants with a black drago going up the side and ared shirt with the yingand yang symbo and red and whiteair force ones
xion has a sword called the murasumune(a seven inch sword)and a black cloak and the only thing you can see is the shoes and his glasses

Bio: xion is the son of a shinobi named roy ,xion his ashinobi because he goes to the school thats why he has the sword,he started his journey after he got an e-mail from his friend named seion



one more thing xion can tele port any where without any one seeing him
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