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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]The Fallen become risen.


[i] The year now is 3000 A.D.
But this tale starts thousands of years before it. Thousands of years ago a group of men and women pledged their soul's into protecting Mother Nature.
One vowed to protect the sky, the second vowed to protect the ground, the third vowed to protect the fire, the fourth vowed to protect the water's and the last one vowed to protect the animals and creatures that lived on earth.

That time was 8000 B.C

The time is during the Eqyptian age where Ra, Seth, Anubius and all the other Egyptian gods reigned with a mighty fist. They all were real and very dangerous to come by.

During their reign the five guardians of nature were known by the people as the all-mighty protectors and worshiped in the way of Gods, Ra took this as an offense and sentenced them with horrible gifts. The one protecting the sky's grew wings, The one protecting the ground grew roots, the one protecting the fire could never look upon anything or it would burst in flames, the one protecting water could never utter a word or others could die hearing them, and the one protecting the animals grew hoofs and antlers.

All the guardians took this as a bad omen and took off in fear of harming others. They vowed to each other that they will be each other's eyes, mouths, and feet. They became close as brother's and sister's but they still hated what happened to them. Nefertity took this in a heavy heart and gave them eternal rest.

Centuries, decades, years, months, and days flew by until the date reachs the year 3000 A.D. Scientists found these five beings. One in the moutains, the second in the earth, the third in the fierce fire's of a volcano, at the bottom of the deepest river, and the last in the bark of a tree. They spent years trying to free these beings and they were sucessful at last. After they did they all died at the Guardian's hands and escaped their *prison* and since then they are trying to find their way back to their home. But in persuing then is the man responciable of finding and paying the scientists for freeing them. We wants to use their *gifts* for world domination.

And so the quest for Escaping the lust for power began.[/i]

That's when you guys/ gals step in. I need people to be the experiments 1,2,3, and 5 beings and also someone who's the main villian. I'm going to be the 4 guardian/experiment. Also new characters are more than welcome in this.

Edit 2: To save confusion again.

Guardians: #1: Guardian of the sky- gal: Stick Fairy
#2: Guardian of the ground- guy/gal: Eternal Otaku
#3: Guardian of the fire- guy: Animangademon
#4: Guardian of the water - guy: Burori (Me ^_^)
#5: Guardian of nature. - girl: Charlie Levoy

Edit 3:
Now I need the Bad Guy! If none decide to take the form of the villian I shall do so.
Also some normal character's are highly asked for!!!

Here's the signup:

[u] Sign up[/u]

[u]Name[/u]:If you are a guardian/experiment you need to put your #

[u]Age[/u]: If you are a guardian/experiment you have no exact age. Just put thousands of years old.

[u]Guardian[/u]: To save confusion use this to tell which Guardian you are ^_^

[u] Apperance[/u]:



[u]Ablitites[/u]: Only four is aloud. If you choice to be a guardian make them coexist with the guardian you choose.

Here's my character and an example of what I'd like to have.

[COLOR=orangered][u] Name [/u][/color]: [I] Experiment 6 A.K.A.-Hudrenda Srolora- [/I]

[COLOR=orangered][u] Age [/u][/color]: [i] Thousands of years old. [/I]

[COLOR=orangered][u] Race [/u][/color]: [i] An Ancient [/i]

[COLOR=orangered][u] Appearance [/u][/color]: [i] A tall and bulky looking character this one is. He is pale blue and has no hair. He wears a torn tee shirt and he never seems to open his mouth. Through intense mental training he can now channel his words in inanimate objects. He never opens his mouth though because if he does he emits an ultra sonic blast that could cause a human to faint or worse, die. His arms and legs seem to be a solid mass, His body seems to be a liquid of some sort, and his head looks like transparent gas. [/I]

[COLOR=orangered][u] Weapons [/u][/color]

[COLOR=orangered][u] Demanda [/u][/color]: [I] A long 5-foot sword that seems like it was made of water. With the right movements human eyes can not follow this sword. [/I]

[COLOR=orangered][u] His Mouth [/u][/color]: [I] Yes his mouth. If he opens it he can easily paralyze, faint, or even kill his opponents. [/I]

[COLOR=orangered][u] His Body [/u][/color]: [I] Using his training in the harsh depths of the sea he can make his own body change from liquid to solid, even gas. [/I]

[COLOR=orangered][u] Biography [/u][/color]: [I] A being once praised and respected during the Egyptian reign. He was known as the protector of the seas and rivers. Though he was only a human. The lord Ra took this as a sign that he thought of himself higher than the gods punished him by cursing him with his horrible voice. The man took this badly and ran out of fear of hurting anyone he loved. He traveled to the point where he could no longer travel and the Goddess Nefertity gave pity on him and made him a place where he could rest forever, at the bottom of the sea. Hundreds of years passed and scientists found his body which was in still perfectly preserved in a solid like matter. They studied it and found a way to release him from his shell. After he was freed they conducted experiments that caused him to forget his past life also gaining the ability to make objects talk for him. However out of complete confusion he snapped and killed all the men at the lab. He has been drawn to the sea since then.[/i]

[COLOR=orangered][u] Abilities [/u][/color]:

[COLOR=orangered][u] Ultra Sonic Blast [/u][/color]: [i] When he opens his mouth out of fear, he will make a sound so terrible that nothing can escape. If he continues this sound he can easily kill a man but in the process he might kill himself if it gets to that point. [/I]

[COLOR=orangered][u] Umi?s Help [/u][/color]: [i] by calling out to his only companion, the sea. He can make any surrounding turn into the one thing that he can seem to be at ease in, the sea. [/I]

[COLOR=orangered][u] Physic's rebellion [/u][/color]: [i] By focusing all his thoughts he can make himself turn into a gas, liquid or solid for a short time. When he doesn't do this he is all three. [/I]

[COLOR=orangered][u] Umi's Care [/u][/color]: [i] with his extreme focus abilities he can make all water creature to do what he wants. However he can only control one being at a time and it takes a lot of concentration. [/I]

This RPG will not start until all Guardian's mentioned are reposted in this thread and I get a good 6 signups for normal Characters. Note that they are no different than the Guardians. The only differences is that the Ancients (Guardians) are again old and very wise in their field. But that doesn't mean they are immortal.

So come one people sign on up ^_^

(Also if you are okay with this I request writting permission for your characters for this RPG is going to be a bridge to make a novel of this tale.
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Name: Experiment #1 Kakaulani Washi ("Lani")

Age: Thousands of years old.

Apperance: I found a pic I like for once! Yay!

Weapons: a long black whip with a silver handgrip that's etched with ancient runes, also her wings which she can use as fighting extentions of her body (almost like extra arms or legs).

Bio: Lani enjoyed protecting the skies, as well as helping their residents and the humans coexist. When the gods took their anger out on the guardians, she was hurt that someone would do such a thing. She never tried to usurp any god, yet still she was punished. While she enjoyed the ability to fly, she was unable to rejoin society, making her an outcast. She was no longer content to help humans when they had shunned her, and gratefully accepted the eternal rest that the mother earth offered. Once awoken from her sleep, she was furious to see that humans had yanked her from her peace only to use her again, without any intention of accepting her. She fled the laboratory, and now hides in a tall mountain cave with only her other winged friends to keep her sane, and stop her from an attack against the humans. She loves her fellow guardians, yet mourns the loss of their freedom, and will not be easily convinced to see any of them.

Flight- Hopefully self-explanitory.
Gray Whirlwind- Stirs air into a funnel, completely surrounding the target, and thereby cutting off their air supply, so they are unable to breathe. Nearly impossible to break through from either the inside or outside, though the top could be a weak point.
Flow Whisper- An ability allowing her to send messages on gusts of wind and have them be heard by whoever she wishes, but no outsiders can hear it.
Life Breeze- A healing ability, which calls on the power of the air to heal wounds and sicknesses. Cannot heal fatal wounds or illnesses, but can stop them from progressing for a short time.
Stars Ray- A collection of celestial energy which can be fired at an enemy, draining them of both physical and mental strenght. This ability can only be used at night.

I know that technically, Eternal Otaku finished his character first, but my teacher was about to kick me off the computer and I still had actual work to do (in case you hadn't noticed, I was at school). I have finished, by the way, and am leaving the decision up to the thread starter. I will go with what you say. I know it must be a hard choice, but I asked for the chracter first, and I would've finished if not for that annoying teacher. *growls at stupid rules* Whatever, it's up to you!

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[i][color=blue][u]Name:[/u] Experiment #2 Kyoto Shinoshiro

[u]Age:[/u] ????

[u]Appearance:[/u] Black fuzzy hair, white gi, freaky purple eyes, evil smile, his feet are roots.


[b]Kitana no EARTH:[/b] A kitana that when stabbed into the ground can create a tremor.

[b]Konai no ROCK:[/b] Konai with the power of Earth on their side, they are strong enough to penetrate metal.

[b]Konai no EXPLOSION:[/b] Konai that burst on command sending small rocks flying at high speeds.

[u]Bio:[/u] Was once ruler of the ground. He protected it with all his might. He is very friendly around the others but has never been seen by humans. He always had a bit of a feud with wind because of wat tornadoes do to his preciouse earth. One day he was givin the cruel gift of roots from the god anubis. He was awakened by scientists in a lab. Confused by this new world he killed them all. He decided to find his old home if it still exists.


[b]Raging Earth:[/b] All the area around him is covered in large spikes. (around=5 foot radius)

[b]Shaking Earth:[/b] A grade 4 earthquake that is used to knock enemies off their feet.

[b]Dig:[/b] Take a guess.

Please accept me this time.[/i][/color]
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b][i]Okay, I will take this part. But the twist is, I am going to play a guy..

Name: Experiment/Guardian #3(Fire)--Ty Burlingston
Age: Said to be thousands of years old

Appearance: Tall(6'4), 155lbs. Slender but has a great physic, long brown hair that is braided and strands that fall around his face, royal blue eyes, tanned skin. Wears a white tunic with the sleeves cut off over a torso that is wrapped in bandages, a pair of ruby, red silk drawstring pants. Brown leather sandals, fingerless gloves, belt and a bandana that covers his eyes.


[u]Fire's Furry[/u]--This is an attack used with his whip. When used, the whip will become engulfed with flames and is lashed at the victim. When the victim is whipped, they catch fire and burn to death.

[u]Demon's Flame[/u]--This attack is used with the sword. When in use, the sword glows blue with intense heat and when the victim is sliced, the heat from the sword cauterizes the flesh making it [u]impossible[/u] to heal.

[u]Arrows of Inseniration[/u]--(Take a guess)This attack is used for the crossbow. The arrow bursts into flames and when shot into the victim, the body insenerates from the flames the arrow gives off.

[u]A Pyro's Dream[/u]--This is an all braunattack. When Ty gets pissed, he is surrounded by an aura of flames. When his attack energy is ready, he unleashes his furry of kickboxing and martial arts. His fists and feet are balls of fire and when hit, the flames spread over and absorbed into the body. The body then gets burned from the inside-out:devil:

[u]Eyes of Eternal Hell[/u]--Because of his curse, he is now unable to look apon anything without it bursting into flames. But when he does reveal his eyes, a wall of fire insenerates everything and anything in the path.

Bio: Ty was the guardian of fire and everything that fire could do. He was very well known among the Gods. He loved the wind because it would fuel his flames, he loved the earth for providing him with the materials to burn and he admired how Earth would rebuild itself, creating something better every time, he loved the animals because..well, he just loves animals in general(especially cute fluffy kittens^_^), but of all the guardians, he did not like the waters. The water had the power to put out his flames.

Aside from that, he was respected by all elements, even some Gods. He spent his time perfecting his abilities and gifts. One day he fell in love with the Goddess Aroura, Anubis's secret love. Ty and Aroura spent much time together and were said to be wed. Anubis received word to this and cursed Ty to the damnation of never able to look apon anything without it burning in hell's fire. Ty was never able to look upon his love, Aroura, ever again.

But this did not stop him(he's persistant and stubborn), he still used his sense of touch to keep Aroura, who was heartbroken yet she still loved him. Anubis then damned Ty to his prison, a volcano.

For many milliniums, he lay dormant inside his prison. Tormented. Then one day a scientist released his soul and remains, and experimented on him. Ty was fearfully confused and wanted to know what the hell was going on. Instead of killing the scientist, he learned all he could about the past millinia's and some new fighting techniques. After he was satisfied, went on his search to find his home.

How's that?[/color][/b][/font][/i]
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One Twisted Evil Dude at yah service

Name: Alexander C. Clearwater

Age: 27

Appearance: Stands 6"2 at 180lbs, has long Jet black and blue eyes, but he wares black round sunglass most of the time he has pale skin. Wares a all black suit with a white shirt underneath and a red tie and black dress shoes. Also has a rose pined to his shirt and has cross cufflinks and a wares a sliver cross necklace, wares black gloves that also have cross on them, under them his hands are scared ((See bio for why))

Weapons: a Black Weather P38 along with katana

Bio: On the outside Alexander and is a calm person and a lagit
Businessman, and a multitrillionaire in charge of the famous Intercontinental Lore Tech. But that is mask for his true face, unknown to the public he and cut thought person who demands total loyalty for his cause, also he well know in the underground for killing off a 100 of his workers for no reason and he is also know for taking huge risk to gain more money and power, he buys and sells many things on the black market. He calls his business Lore Tech because he was raised by his father, who researched many lost cultures and ledgens, his goal is to use the guardians power from his own gain to rule the world, have there power and have immortal life. His home is filled with 100s of libraries of ancient tex and spell books, he has spent much time honing his fighting skills. along with his power. He will let nothing stand in his path to glory,


1) Shadow Control: Allows for him to take control over other people threw their shadow

2) Slicing Wind: creates a vortex of wind round his blade and when swung, the wind finds old cuts and wounds and forces air out at high painful speeds

Hope thats alright, call me if anything needs a changeing
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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]
Okay we'll start now. If anyone wants to join in as a character that they made up go right ahead and post in after your character is posted here. I want this to be a good RPG people so let's GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! I always wanted to say that ^_^[/font][/color]
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Name: Experiment/Guardian #5 (Nature) Melina Nayca
Age: Thousands of Years
Appearance: Long red hair,brown antlers, white top with three in. straps(it covers just the breast), from the waist down is the body of a horse, the hair color is a brownish red with a black tail, she has emerald green eyes, and she wears a small gold chain around her waist .
Weapons: Bow and arrows

Plant Growth- She can control the growth of plants at will.

Telepathy- She can read humans and animals thoughts and talk to them that way. She can also control the animals with telepathy.

Magical Arrows- She has magical arrows that can turn into the four elements or just remain as arrows.

Sentinal- Her five sences are very sencitive and can scence things that normal people can't.

Bio: Melina was once a normal woman who had a garden full of plants and animals. She loved nature so much she decided to guard it with her life. She met four other guardians who she helped out and in turn made her the guardian of nature. She became very good friends with the other guardians and even some gods and goddesses. But when the people started calling her and the other guardians gods some of the gods got angry and cursed her and the others with different things. For her she was cursed with antlers and the body of a horse from the waist down. When the people kept calling her a god she was then forced to live in a tree for all eternaty. Until some scientists released her and tried to use her for their own use. She escaped from her cell and in her escape she found the other four guardians. They all escape together and have been on the run ever since.

Sorry it took me so long, but I have been busy. So how's that?
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