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The year is 1826 and Dracula's Castle has re-materialized in the Material Plane. A lone figure enters the castle and looks about the foyer. He unravels his whip, the Slayers Whip, and whip smacks a lone zombie, it groans and falls to the ground, its body dissentigrating into the Castle Floor. The lone figure continues into the castle and heads down a hall to his right. The lone figure continues down the corner, sliding under the legs of a Warg, its gnashing teeth snapping at the back of the figures head. The figure darts down the hall and enters a royal room, velvet carpeting on the floor, tapestries hang on the wall, paintings are hung between the tapestries. The figure shakes his head and coils his whip, he hangs it on his belt as he turns to a figure across the room.

"You always make it too easy Vlad..." The figure says walking towards the shadow across the room, he rubs at his chin as he comes closer to the shadow.
Suddenly the shadow flies up and appears. A floating skull holds up a dark blue cloak, and skeletal hands hold a Scythe across its shoulders.

"Hahahaha! You fool! Alexander Belmont! You fell right into my trap!" the cloaked skeleton exclaims waving a hand around int he air. Alexanders whip flies from his belt and into the cloaked skeletons hand.

"You vile being! Death, I will get that whip back, and save my fathers life!" Alexander yells, raising a fist to Death. Alexander spins around and searches for a weapon, anything. He grasps a small sword and turns back around. He runs at Death, with the sword held high. Death shakes his head and simply drives his Scythe into Alexanders chest. Alexander stops aburptly and looks down at his own impaled chest. He smiles faintly as looks up at Death.
"I'll..banish you yet..Death..."

Death vanishes, leaving the dead Alexander in his own pool of blood.

[I]Hours later...[/I]
A group of people enter the castle, equpied with an assortment of weapons. They intend to find Alexander and put a stop to Dracula.

[I]Okay people...This has nothing to do with the current Castlevania Belmont bloodline.[/I]

Here is the sign-up!





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I've only played the nintendo game, so that's about all I know about Castlevainia...

Name: James Starfe

Age: 17

Weapon: Schimitar

Appearance: Short white hair and green eyes. Black leather jacket, white shirt, and blue jeans. Black boots and gloves.

Bio: His parents were never around much, so he got used to fending for himself. James never knew what happened, one day his father came home with his mother's body in his arms. He killed her, he said, and he didn't mean to, he was drunk, and he thought she was cheating on him.James really loved his mother. James killed his father without a second thought.
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b][i]Okay, I have never played the games but here's my character...

[u]Name[/u]: Anya(Ah-niya) Himura
[u]Gender[/u]: Female
[u]Age[/u]: 18

[u]Race[/u]: Human/Wolf

[u]Appearance[/u]: Short(5'2") 110lbs, light grey hair with dark grey hilights, black wolf-like ears, small fangs, and bushy tail same color as hair. Pale, almost white,blue eyes, milky skin, wears red silk pants that tie with drawstring, a white, spagetti strapped tank top, brown leather sandals, bandana, and cuffs.


Carries the usual ninja weaponry around her waist and back. Chinese throwing stars, a tanto and ninjato, numb chucks, and, her personals, a staff that has a blood red garnet orbe in the middle of a cresant moon on the top end of the staff and whip. And her deck of magical cards, the are called the Deck of Stars. With these cards she has the power to control astronomy.


[u]Aruora Blaze[/u]- This attack/spell is called from the power of her Deck of Stars. When summoned, a blaze of gasses and light engulf the victim and drains them of life energy.

[u]Stars Kisses[/u]-This spell is usually a follow-up of the Arura Blaze. When the Aruora Blaze drains the life energy from the victim, the Stars Kisses absorbs the energy and feeds it to Anya or whomever needs the energy. The gasses from the Aruora Blaze purify to usable energy and is enhaled by the person in need.

[u]Nebula's Blast[/u]-This attack/spell is a shower of light beams that inflicts an exsesive amount of damage. In a single blast, it could kill the victim.

[u]Galaxia of Deminsions[/u]-This attack/spell is used only with Anya's staff. This is for those who are not fortunate enough to be killed instantly. Rather, they will get thrown into a dark deminsia in which there is no return.

[u]Zodiac's Lash[/u]-This attack/spell is used only with Anya's whip. She calls upon the Zodiac's powers and transfers that power into the whip. When a victim is lashed, they will be sliced and diced.


Anya was born to normal parents. She lived a normal life until the age of eight years old. Her parent's fell victim to a serious plague of illness and almost died herself. But a young priestess took her in and tended to her sickness. Anya lived with the young priestess for several years and was taught the ways of old. About the 5 Decks of Futures and of the legends behind them. She also learned how to fight and lived the lifestyle of the ninja. The young priestess taught her everything she knows, spells and all.

One day Anya came home to find the priestess lay dying on the floor of the temple. Anya tried to heal her, but death had his grasp. In her dying breath, the priestess empowered Anya with the Deck of Stars and all of its glory and power.

One day she met a man, his name was Alexander Belmont. He was always nice, and introduced her to his brother, Ronald. The three became really good friends. After Alexander left to track and kill Dracula, Anya and Ronald waited for his return. But to their dismay, he never came home. And so Ronald left Anya to seek out his brother.

Anya was heartbroken that he had left her behind. She was an excellent fighter, why couldn't she go? Well, she's known for being stubborn, so after a week, she left against all who opposed to go after the two brothers.
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[I]No one needs to have played the games, but if you want some background on the games just dont hesitate to PM me![/I]

[B]Name:[/B] Roland Belmont

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Weapon:[/B] The Legendary Claimh Solais. A huge sword gold at the hilt, the handle a gold with leather wrapped around it. The blade is a shimmering blue, un-taintable, un-breakable, never-dulled.

[B]Appearance:[/B] A slightly tall man, going on 6 foot. His long brown hair is tied back in a loose pony tail. He has dark green eyes. He wears a long red, tailed coat, over a silk black shirt.
He wears black leather pants with boots that reach his knees.
His hands are covered with black and red leather gloves, that reach mid-way up to his fore-arm.

[B]Bio:[/B] His brother was Alexander Belmont, the one entrusted with the Slayers Whip. While growing up he and his brother always competed. They trained in sword fighting, they tried to out-run eachother, they wrestled, they fought. But they were always lookign out for each other. When thier Great Grand Father told them about Dracula and the Slayers Whip they decided that if one got the Whip that the other wouldn't keep him from his duties. Alexander got the Whip and as promised Roland never stood in his way. Both went their seperate ways, though. Which is how Roland got the Legendary Claimh Solais. After being told about Dracula's Castle materializing, he knew Alexander would venture in. Roland would go in, but would stay clear of Alexanders efforts against Dracula.
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Heres me sign up, thanks for the info SilpheedPilot

Name: Father Whist Clearwater

Age: 26

Weapon: Twin Bayonet blades along with His Gospel

Appearance: stands avout 6"4, is lanky looking with messy long black hair has brown eyes and tanish skin, weres a gray suit with a prest coller and has a large sliver cross neckless, weres a black trench coat and a monocale

Bio: Whist if a priest from spain, he spent many of his days studying an doing reserch on vampires, the others at the chruch thought he was nuts, so he was sent to a far off remote isoalted chruch in Germany so that he may bring no harm to others, but along the way he was attacked by bandits, but he was helped by a man called Alexander Belmont, Alexander then showed him the way to town Whist then told him that if needed anything just send for him. so when he arived at the town of the chruch he found a ghost town, were a errie castle off in the distance, he also heard a rummor that Alexander Belmont went missing, so to repay his det he went to find him. Whist is sarcastic and laid back, but he is also a bit parriond
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