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Guest GodOfDeath
Rian: "This is it."
Jan: "How are you sure that this old thing will even start."
Paul: "With this." (paul takes a cristal out of his pocket)
Ty: "How did you get one of those!! Aint they dangerous?"
Guard: "Whos there, show yourself!"(He shines his flaslight on the group and a grean beam of light shoots out of the crystal and hits the guard, the guard dissapiers.)
Rian: "Now it should have enugh energy."
Jan: "Good now lets get it over with, I'm getten tired."
Paul: "Don't rush me" (Paul puts the crystal into a little slot. All of the suden the room bursts into light. and lining the walls are gundams from everywhere and they all start up.)

your mission: Find and retreve the missing gundams by any means possable.

You get this message on your cel phone right before you go to lunch, and accept. You deside to gather up some people to help you on this mission.

Ok if you dont get it you have to stop the four teenagers with stollen gundam before they stop you. Create your own gundam or use a gundam that already exists. there will be 5 people in all. so sign up quick. Just one rule, Dont Godmod.

Pilot Name:
Gundam Name:
Pilot Age:
Pilot Gender:
Pilot Bio:
Pilot Appereance:
Gundam Apperence:
Pilot Weapons: (two weapons max)
Gundam Weapons: (Five weapons max)
Systom: (Zero or M.T.S.)

My sign up:
Pilot Name:Manakari
Gundam Name:Top Gun
Pilot age:21
Pilot gender:male
Pilot Bio: Manakari was a former police officer. He was booted off the forse because of a accedent that happened two years ago. No one knows who he really is.
Pilot apperence:see atchment
Gundam Apperence:Crimson, pointed head, Two Green glowing Eyes, Hawk symbol on sholder, Core lander looks like a normal car but has wings.
Pilot weapons:Sniper rifle and a ketana
Gundam Weapons:Beam Sniper Rifle, Homing Missle launchers on sholders and legs, Mega Charge Particle Cannon and Two Beam swords that can be conected to make a twin sided Beam Sword.
systom:M.T.S. fast trace

Have fun and dont copy way too much
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ok, i hope this is good. (it's ok if she's a girl right?)

Pilot Name: Karen
Gundam name: Blue Dragon
Pilot age: 18
Pilot gender: Female
Pilot bio: Karen has been an orphan since she was four, her parents died in an explosion at the govt center. Karen was taught how to fight by the owner of the orpanage she lives in. She just finished high-school, and is looking for something worthwhile in life, and continues her neverending goal to find out who killed her parents.
Pilot apperence: She has brown hair that goes half way down her back, blue eyes, and is in shape, but slender. She has a tiny mark on her right arm in the shape of a four. She is normal height and wears nothing but blue clothes.
Gundam apperence: Blue in color, with a spiked head. It has a four on the right arm that is embeled in red. It has the ability to change into a plane (like wing zero).
Pilot weapons: her own two hands, and a gun in case of emergency
Gundam weapons: two beam sabers, one buster rifle, two machine guns located on each arm, hyper-jammers (for stealth), and vernie engines for flight.
System: regular, but is capable of using zero system when pilot deams neccesary
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[color=teal][b][font=times new roman][i]Pilot's Name: Lt. Tanya Remmings
Gundam's Name: Grim
Pilot's Age: 21
Pilot's Gender: Female

Pilot's Bio: Tanya was a pilot for the military since she was 14 years old. She learned everything about the Gundam's and made it her obligation to learn how to fly anything. She's very stubborn, playful, serious, witty, and seductive. She can be your best friend or your worst enemy. She became a Gundam pilot at 18 and climbed to the top of her class.

Pilot's Appearance: 5'3, 115lbs, chin length dark brown hair, pale green eyes, milky skin, slender build. She wears a pair of worn blue jeans, a white boy's tank top, a pair of boots, grey fingerless gloves.

Gundam's Appearance: Imagine Deathsythe except all black with chrome trimmings.

Pilot's Weapons: Two .45 Magnums

Gundam's Weapons: A massive sythe, the rod is chrome adn the blade is laser energy. A laser rifle cannon that obliterates anything in its path. Machine guns in chest cavity and fingertips. Rocket launcher on right shoulder and laser beams in the eyes.

System: Zero. Although it has been said to drive the pilot mad, Tanya has learned to gain complete control over the system and has made her infamous in battle.[/color][/b][/font][/i]
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[b]Pilot Name:[/b] jake kelind
[b]Gundam Name:[/b] Dark Raider
[b]Pilot Age:[/b] 15
[b]Pilot Gender:[/b] male
[b]Pilot Bio:[/b] Jake was trained to be a pilot and has had a interest in mobile suits. He may act ruthless in battle but when he's not fighting he a nice guy. He'll help people as long as they don't get in his way. His belief is that those who do not have a strong spirit should not have a gundam. He uses a gundam based on the wing zero, the epyon, the vayeate and the mercurius.
[b]Pilot Appereance:[/b] blue eyes, black hair, orange vest, white shirt, blue pants, boots, gloves with out the fingers
[b]Gundam Apperence:[/b] wings like the epyon and a body like the sand rock
[b]Pilot Weapons:[/b] shot gun, oger with two sword blades
[b]Gundam Weapons:[/b] beam cannon, planet defensor, beam saber, twin buster rifle, heat rod
[b]System:[/b] zero system along with a program where if the gundam has no pilot and it's activated it'll destroy any thing insight untill it's stoped
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GUNDAM NAME:Demonz Death



PILOT BIO: When Richy was younger, gundam wars destroyed his
homes and towns, along with his best friend, Robert.
He highly resists gundams, and hates them. Though there
is something inside telling him that he needs to be a gundam
pilot, adn is trying to find why...

PILOT APPEARENCE: Green eyes, with black hair with green tips.
He wears a 1one of those t- shirst that looks like a long sleeve
with a short sleeve on top. The shirt is blue, with the green arm
pieces. Blue baggy pants.

GUNDAM APPEARENCE: Just like the Blitz gundam from Gundam Seed.

PILOT WEAPONS:Baller SDs (Like in Hitman 2)

GUNDAM WEAPONS: A laser scythe, and an extending arm.
Has jets on its back, and a 2 Laser guns mounted on his side.

System: Zero, though rejects a pilot other then Richard.
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Guest GodOfDeath
Ok we dont need any more posts. because we have some great gundams we can start whenever posting will go in the order that we signed up except Ill be last.
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