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Transcending time and history a tale of swords and heroes has been forever told but this is a different story 5 people have sworn to protect the swords Soul Edge And Soul Calibur. the five people are led By The soldier who controls Soul Edge since he defeated nightmare his name is Lighting(me) Soul Calibur is controlled by his girlfriend (whoever plays her can name her) The designs of the weapon Soul Calibur is a long sword and sould edge is like nightmakres off of the game the three who follow them (whoever joins next after the girl) have sworn to protect the sword until they reach the gates of hell and can cast it and soul calibur into the fires. They are prusued by people day and night people wanting to wield the evil sword.This is the story of Soul Calibur and Soul EDGE

[COLOR=darkred]Signup form[/COLOR]

Weapon Type

Name: Lighting
Weapon: Soul Edge
bio: not much is known about this man except he is a very powerful swords man and can make his sword change shape
Weapon Type: Nightmare's version as of now
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[size=1] Here's my info...

Name: Namiko

Weapon: Svi Sarika and Loka Luha (Talim's blade)

Bio: Childish, talkative (very often), quiet (somtimes), daydreamer, been single and not looking, likes to say "evil"...I guess that's all that i can type for Namiko's bio. o.O

Weapon Type: Elbow Blade x2

Namiko will be one of the good people. o.o[/size]
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[b]Name:[/b] Flare

[b]Weapon:[/b] Ziolock

[b]Bio:[/b] Natural blondie, he is very athletic and is very fast for such a large sword that he weilds. He always has a smile on his face.

[b]Weapon Type:[/b] Dwarven Battle Sword

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Name:Micheal Nathan Gannon

Weapon: 2 Dussack Knives (Blessed by a priest)

Bio:Catholic warrior sent by a vision of God. His mission is to find and distroy both soul blades so none can use their power for evil.

Weapon Type: Katar/Punching Daggar- About 2'7" in length and approximatly the size of a normal sword, though large for a daggar.
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[color=green]Botosai, please type in complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation, even if what you want to say is short and sweet. You should also keep in mind that three-word posts are generally considered spam.

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Name: Gabriel Crane

Age: 26

Weapon Name: Corvus

Weapon Type: Rapier

Birthplace: Chelsea, England

Height: 5,9

Weight: 160lbs

Birthdate: February 10

Blood Type: AB

Discipline: Court Fencing

Bio: Outcast from his family by his own will, Gabriel, a born of high blood travels the world in search of his destiny. Hearing tales of the sword named Soul Edge the light of adventure shone in his eyes. Feeling the need to seek such a blade pulse in his veins Gabriel follows the call of the blade.

Appearance:long dark hair, shoulder length, goatee beard with moustache and grey eyes. He ears a white vest emblazoned with the crest of his family, a long grey duster, brown leather pants and black leather boots. He wears a thick silver ring on his right hand middle finger with a sapphire embedded into it, he also has a silver thumb ring on his left hand.
OOC: when is this set if you don't mind me asking? The year specifically?
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Guest bahumant111088
Name: sion

Weapon: mursumune

bio: sion is a great figter, he is a shinob, he doesn't talk much but he fights well. he wants to use his sword to vanquish evil and good because he's neatrul

weapon type: sword made by a princess and a magic jewel this sword is 7 ft long and its silver and its unbrekable

Apperance: light green eyes,dark blue spicky hair,black baggy pants,Purple shirt,Red cloack,black tennis shoes, black and silver gaunlets and a black and silver vest
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Name: Xander

Weapon: 2 great fairy swords except dark blue.

Bio: little is know about Xander except that he is a great fighter and will try and get the soul blade and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Weapon type: twin swords

Appearance: Dark purple eyes, black hari, black boots, black cape, black pants, and a white shit. Spikey black hair.
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May I join?


[b]Weapon Name:[/b]The Aura of Orcus(resembles black vines that drain his health but act vampiric while hitting an opponent.)

[b]Bio:[/b]when Asteroth was created from stone and magic the extra magic that was left over and scattered throughout the place. Originally thought to be harmless after blast of the magic it created it's own body from not only stone but also fire, water, and even flesh to form a more perfect imitation of a human. Thinking of himself as the proper avatar of Aires, god of war, he hated his "brother" Asteroth who was chosen for the position of Avatar of Aires instead of Thorakrus. And so to prove himself to his idol and master he set off to out do his "brother" and eventually slay him. He now travels throughout the world killing people in secret but since he was never taught to use a weapon so he kills people with something he gave himself when he made his body, an energy pulse much like that of Necrid's but instead of forming weapons from the unknown energies of the abyss, it is the uncontrolable forces of the elements of nature that seems to whip around like chains of fire, ice, lightning, etc. when he swings his claws. he is a ruthless killer and has a limitless thirst for destruction. To Thorakrus everything if worthless and too weak, so the meaning of his existance is to destroy everything and everyone so that he can make sure he has no competition for the Avatar of Aires.

[b]Weapon Type:[/b]Force of Nature

[b]Appearance:[/b]7 feet tall, long and messy black hair, red eyes, and large claws. Wears black pants, a red sleaveless shirt, and a white headband. His body temperature is 400 degrees feirinhiet because of he assembled his body with fire, his bones are stone, and his blood is water so if he is cut he bleeds boiling water.

I'm evil.
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It will start this upcoming monday at around 11:15 NOV 18 i believe by the way i will be gone for the thanksgivng holidays and willl not be able to post much so please do not close this topic but try to keep it alive if possible

Final rule

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I hope I am not too late.

Name: Roy Sorel

Weapon: Flambert, his grandfather's old sword

Bio: Many years ago, (in Soul Caliber II, respectively) Roy's Grandfather, Raphael Sorel, managed to get a hold of a demonic weapon that was rumored to be the Soul Edge. Later, it was discovered that the sword was nothing but a fake, and disgrace was brought on the family name. Roy now quests for the fabled Soul Caliber, determined to destroy the evil Soul Edge and bring dignity back to his family name. He fights in his Grandfather's old style, [i]La Rapier des Sorel[/i]

Weapon type: Engish Sword Rapier

I suppose I am evil because I seek one sword, and want to destroy the other. Let me know if this is unacceptable.
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hybrid tae kwon do mixed with mitsurugi swordmanship and the killing style sashinmu hence when she changes into a stronger fighter
her fathers sword kashi (heaven moutain)

bio-she is a friend of yunsung. she was thought to have died helping him fight knightmare.
her good friend yunsung*more than friends* was killed and she vowed to bring yunsungs death in peace to do that she vowed to help help lighting a man that she has nver met
she is different in which two souls share her body sometimes she is refered to as rena the clarik
she is a hard charcter to undertand since the part of ishtar wants to help save lighthing to avenge yunsung and the other part rena wants to kill and take revenge her growth as a fighter and friend is a main theme her relationship with knightmare is based on the past of rena who died when she was fighting knightmare who stole the souls of her family
her fathers sword is very heavy and is thought to have protecting powers she starts alone but will she ever save who she came to save
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