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RPG The Crafters: Destruction Of Dimensions -=Gensine=-


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The sun rises on the chilled world of Gensine. The season is slowly changing from summer to fall bringing with it the cold air of the soon-to-come winter. The ice on the blades of grass, that but a month ago would have been dew, glisten in the rising sun. They reflect the orange glow like crystal lighting up the ground for miles on end. If you catch it just right, it looks like the ground burns.
Aikal stood stoically on the hillside just outside of Morrowsin, waiting for the sun to rise and the days work to begin. He had a good feeling about today. The man down the street had shown interest in purchasing a certain ancient Gensinian relic he had found about sevety wheels from town. He woldn't overcharge, but he would charge enough to possiby be able to expand his buisiness. He had been looking to do so for quite sometime. More space meant more room for wares, and more wares meant more buisiness, and more buisiness meant that he could gain money and move closer to the Skye temple.

He sighed and walked back down the slope, the newly risen sun warming his back. He pulled his coat closer and listened to the ice crunch under his feet. On this side of the hill, the water was still frozen and not yet warmed from the rising sun. But that, like all things, would change.

[b]Aikal-[/b] "The world has moved on..." A phrase that has been on the tounge of every man recently. In some parts of the world, there had been reports of unnatural death, different from that of old-age or disease. There has been talk of killing. Something that has never been heard of on Gensine. Many didn't believe it. Tales of killing were simply made to frighten young children or for men to try and prove their worth in alehouses. It has never been actually done. And these tales that the traveling merchants have brought with them have probably never been done either. And yet...

[b]Aikal-[/b] "Something's missing..." He shook his head, clearing it and walked into his store, turning on the oilamps and cleaning up a bit, before the day started.
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Salome Gray sat curled in an armchair, luxuriating in the heat that radiated from the fireplace before her. Several wolfhounds lay sprawled on the rug at the woman's feet, snoring gently. She seemed content to watch them. Though her clothes were warm--lovely, fur-lined garments, the best that money could buy--her eyes remained distant and chilly.

[i]Am I the only one who feels it?[/i] Salome mused. [i]A great shifting..... a change in the balance. Odd, that the animals notice nothing.[/i]

They were the first to sense earthquakes, storms, and all such natural forces. But now her dogs slept, her horses stayed calm, and her falcons wanted only to fly free. She sat alone in the great stone manor, studying ancient texts, seeking answers to the questions that were slowly taking shape in her mind. She could not even put them into words.

Perhaps it was time for a trip to the Temple. Salome rose and commanded the hounds not to follow her. She slipped on a soft white cloak and strode outside, making her way towards the stables. Today, she would take the gray mare. She hadn't been to town in months, and she had a reputation to keep up. Besides, it [i]was[/i] tradition.

The Lady rode her way through the winding streets, occasionally raising a gloved hand to acknowledge one of the resident's greetings. They did not ask or expect her to smile; they only wanted her to look grand and pretty and powerful. She had no trouble obliging them.
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Lissa had risen early that morning, before the sun, to pray with the priestesses of the Skye Temple. Though she had not been studying long there, the priestesses were always kind to her, and she often accepted their invitations to prayer gladly. It lent a certain calm to her day.

During prayer, one or two of the priestesses would occasionally perform a simple spell, if they felt so led by the Skye Gods. So one morning, they might each feel a gentle, yet invisible, touch on their shoulder, and arise somehow feeling refreshed; another morning, they might be frozen in place for some time, allowing them greater concentration on their prayers.

Lissa had never felt such an urge to perform a spell during their hour of prayer, but this morning, halfway through their vigil, she suddenly rose and lifted her hands towards the sky. An iridescent light beam flung itself down through an open window and, hitting her hands, spread itself over the cluster of Skye priestesses. She was joyous for some moments, gazing at the light in her hands, the light she, for that time, had the power to give to others.

Then Lissa stumbled, as if the ground had moved under her feet, and she fell to the stone floor.

The other priestesses were still rapt in their prayers, but Lissa looked around uneasily. Not out of embarrassment; she knew that nobody would judge her in this temple. But ... something had ... It was as if something had pulled her away from the light, and not pleasantly. And it was not only the matter of the spell, she thought ...

The others seemed unaffected, but Lissa was ruffled. She stood to leave, no longer feeling capable of the prayer the Skye gods deserved.
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[color=blue]Indrid watched the wolf stalk a pheasant through a dew covered glade of ferns. He walked as silently as the wolf that was edging ever closer to the large bird. It picked at the ground pulling a worm from the soft earth. The wolf made it's move.
In less then a second it had all happened. The wolf slinked away, with the bird hanging lifelessly between powerful jaws. Indrid watched several ferns sway to a stop, their motion caused from the wolf's passing. Or was it the pheasant's passing?
Indrid let out a laugh, and stepped softly out of the glade. He walked for about ten minutes, and ended up in a place he always used for his training.
It was a huge open space scattered with giant red-wood trees. The ground was a crimson carpet, the bark of the trees sparkling as the sunlight hit drops of dew in the cool morning air. Indrid watched blue breasted wrens chase each other through the canopy. Then began training his spell. He stood, hands by his side for several minutes, focusing his energy, then he released.
Opening his eyes and raising both arms, he lifted a large grey rock into the air. He held it there for longer then a minute...soon he began to sweat and veins started the show through on his arms. A small bird landed on the rock suspended by Indrid's magic and he submitted, letting the rock fall to the ground.[/color]
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He would probably stop at the Skye temple later that day. He hadn't been there to worship for almost a month. Even though he wasn't an active worshipper, he still loved the beauty of the place and the feeling of acceptance that radiated from it's every crevase.

[b]Man-[/b] "How much is this?" The man held up a jade pendant.

[b]Aikal-[/b] "Twelve silver or seven gold. For something that rare, I can't accept bronze." He nodded and replaced the item. "You know, they say that pendant holds the power of foresight. At least, that's how the legend goes." The man nodded and walked to another part of the store, his bland clothing dragging behind him in the steriotypical middle class wear. Class wasn't a vital part of Gensinian society, but it did influence what kind of clothing you could purchase. Mostly because of the cost. Lower class people bought a lot of dark fabric. Middle class bought bland colored clothing and a lot of deep reds. Upper class bought extremely bright colors, but not as bright as the Skye uniforms.

A bald man walked slowly into the shop, wearing an outfit of bright greens. He looked, obviously uninterested, in a few random tokens of interest placed on pedistals. He had on a type of suit and a dark olive cloak. Aikal smiled. his day suddenly better. He walked over and shook the mans hand.

[b]Aikal-[/b] "Turell. Nice to see you again. I trust your prospects have not changed." Turell nodded and withdrew a money pouch from his jacket pocket.

[b]Turell-[/b] "I have here fivehundred gold. If your relic is genuine, I will pay sevenhundred. Now if you will be so kind to show me this piece of our history, I will be happy to get out of your hair." They both smiled warmly at eachother. Aikal led the man into a back room and shut the door. Inside the room there was a single large oil lamp. He turned it up, and light flooded a cloth covered item on a wooden table.

[b]Aikal-[/b] "I put it on stone and it melted right through. I've never seen anything, Crafter related or otherwise, do something like it." He removed the sheet. Light glinted across the red-gold surface of a sphere measuring almost a foot in diameter. It shone it's red light all across the room, drenching their faces in a sort of demonic glow. Turells eyes swelled in their sockets, making the already overweight man look even heavier. He began murmmering to himself while walking around the table. Aikal caught bits and pieces of what he was saying, but barely. Most of it centered around the fact that there were no seams. No seams or molding flaws. It seemed to be perfectly, well, perfect. No deformations. No knicks. No dents. Completely perfect. A bead of sweat dripped from the end of Turells nose, landing mere inches from the red-gold ball. It hit the wood and sizzled as if dropped on a scalding hot pan. "I assure you it's genuine."

[b]Turell-[/b] "Yes... No doubt." He gently edged is hand over the top of the sphere, stone bracelet bouncing. It began giving off a slight shimmer of heat, and Turell pulled his hand away immediately. "I will pay you one thousand gold if you use whatever transportation method you imployed to bring this relic here, to the Skye temple." Now it was Aikals turn to bulge. His eyes seemed ready to pop, but he got them under control and nodded hastily before realizing Turell couldn't see him. Aikal cleared his throat.

[b]Aikal-[/b] "Of course... Do you have any idea what it is?"

[b]Turell-[/b] "My dear friend, I believe this is the last Skye Stone. The power of the Skye beings harnessed into corporeal form. We already have the other two at the Skye altar. With this, we will be able to... No, it's not important. Just drop it off as soon as you can." Turell dropped the sum of one thousand gold on an adjacent tabletop, and walked out, beaming.

[b]Aikal-[/b] "A Skye Stone..." He had heard legends. Mostly of the aquisitions of the other two. One was uncovered in a farming field in Knoll. Another in the great mountains of the north. Both had to be carefully transported. The one from Knoll couldn't be touched by water once removed from the moist soil of the farming fields. The one from the snowy mountains couldn't be revealed to sunlight, less it give off an earsplitting noise. And this one. This one couldn't touch stone. It was removed from the west ocean. Aikal's once table stood in back of his store in a disfigured mass of melted stone. The moment he had set the sphere upon it, it has melted like snow on a hot day. He grabbed a basket and rolled the sphee into it, careful not to drop it. He had paid two hundred gold for it, and had made a fivehundred percent profit. Not bad at all. But the stone was unsettling, almost other worldly. And he would definitly be asking the priests about it when he got there.
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Lissa swung her cloak around her in preparation to leave, but her movement was arrested by curiosity as the tall oak doors swung open to allow for the entrance of an imposing figure. The shadow fell so that Lissa could not see the face of whoever it might be, but the profile was not a familiar one.

Fastening her cloak, Lissa turned instead to the long row of candles lining the wall of the temple, flickering and casting a gentle glow on the priestesses who were still engaged in prayer. Taking a match from the folds of her dress, she flicked it across the rough edge of the table designed to be able to light it, then held it to one of the candles. But the match blew out before the wick took flame, and she stood holding the useless match to the candle for a moment longer. There had been no wind.

Lissa tossed aside the match and strode quickly towards the door, deciding almost angrily that she would not let these odd events throw off the easy pleasures she'd designed for herself today. Just before she left the temple, though, she felt a hand on her elbow.

"Lady Salome," she said with a nod of greeting, recognizing, now that she was at close quarters, who the visitor to the temple was.
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OOC: I keep getting Lissa mixed up with Aissa. ^_^;;


Salome responded by inclining her head. She turned away, prepared to go interrogate the Gods, when she realized who that young woman was.

"Are you an Oraisia?" she inquired, scanning her face.

"Lissa Oraisia," the girl replied, bowing politely. [i]Maybe I should say more...[/i]

The Lady unclasped her cloak and draped it over one arm. "Your family has bred horses for the Grays since long before I was born. I believe that my favorite mare was a gift from your father. Will you give him my greetings?"

"Of course," Lissa said promptly, almost taken aback. The woman could have asked for anything, and that was a rather simple request.

She watched Salome out of the corner of her eye, curious, but trying not to be rude. The Lady rarely ventured out in public, and the townspeople always whispered about why a wealthy, strikingly lovely noblewoman would be unable to marry, even by the age of twenty-seven.

"I'm here to ask the Gods some questions," the older woman told her, lips curving in what might have been a genuine smile. Some of the frost had melted from her ice-blue eyes. "I don't come here often.... Perhaps you might like to show me around?"

Lissa blinked. "Of course," she repeated, and automatically took the Lady's cloak. Salome tilted her head, pleased. She was of average height, but despite her erect carriage, seemed rather petite. There was an almost doll-like quality to her fair, symmetrical features and elaborately pinned hair.
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[color=blue]Indrid napped for an hour, following his intense training schedule. More then once before he had pushed his body to hard, and collapsed from exhaustion and dyhydration. Once he awoke from his slumber, Indrid decided it best he leave for the main part of the village to inspect the wares in the marketplace.
Indrid walked at a comfortable speed, but most wouldn't keep up even if they were power-walking. He soon reached the village.
First stop was his old home, his mother's house.
"Mother? Are you home?[/I] the man called through the thatch-roof hut. No answer came to his ears. Indrid walked across the dirt floor inspecting his old room. It had been converted into a studio for his mother's pottery. Her kiln was burning brightly in the corner. Indrid stared into the fire, watching the glazed pottery slowly harden in the heat. A great wave of sleepiness washed over Indrid, like the sea foam running up the dry sand.
Indrid shook his head, left the studio, then the house.

He made his way through the village, and soon came to the Skye temple...not wanting to see his father, he turned and began to leave the village, heading home to his forest. He would return soon, but not too soon.[/color]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]-=-Entered Gensine-=-[/B]

[i]Kilani was unconcious. The ice cold feeling had made her that way. Her mind had thought to be being frozen. Her lips were blue. Her eyes were ice cold blue. A light breeze flew over her, causing her to shudder. She opened her eyes finding herself not where she was going.

Kilani stood up and looked around the terrain. It was filled with farmland and few midsized hills. Something was not right. Kilani looked to her hand and saw that it was bleeding. Her wine bottle was gone. She must've crushed it when she became unconcious.

She did not know where she was or how she got there. Kilani walked a little north. She saw a small village. She walked towards there. The farmland grew larger and larger. Cows were grazing out on the land as well. She looked to the quiet country side and closed her eyes and breathed in the breeze. It smelt sweet and soft unlike the city air, where it was heavy and polluted. Kilani opened her eyes and walked a little bit. As she did, she felt drowsy. She saw a sign but could not see what it had said. She walked through and fell in front of a market shop. Unconcious, she layed there.[/size][/color][/i]
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OOC: Lissa and Aissa originally started out as the same character. :p And I have a small issue with her taking the cloak "automatically," I don't think she'd be quite that servile ... I'll do it from Lissa's POV in my post.

Lissa took the cloak that Lady Salome offered her politely, hiding her surprise that the elegant lady would treat her as if she were of a lower rank. [i]It doesn't matter[/i], she assured herself. [i]I probably would've taken her cloak for her anyway.[/i]

Lissa led the way deeper into the chapel. It was a beautiful place, well-lit by the frequent inclusion of skylights in the ceiling. Sun bounded through them into the building, and it was in one of those rectangles of light that the Skye priestesses were still praying. Lissa and Lady Salome paused in front of them briefly, the lady crossing herself in respect for the Skye gods, before proceeding to one of the side rooms, where the head Skye priest had his office.

He rose to greet them, still majestic even in his venerable old age. "Lady Salome," he said, a smile spreading itself across his ancient features. "What a pleasant surprise. What brings you here?"

"I wished to speak with you," Lady Salome said, and Lissa, deciding to exercise some tact, stepped outside, out of hearing range.

Or so she thought. Inadvertently, she heard little bits of their conversation, and not wishing to incriminate herself, she didn't dare move away. [i]Strange shifting ... thrown off-balance ... rumors ... murder.[/i]

The words sent a chill down Lissa's spine. Some of the phrases sounded remarkably like the feelings she'd experienced only a few minutes ago.

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Carefully, Aikal transfered the Skye stone into a pack made of canvas. One of the buttons on the outside melted and ran off in a small stream. It was stone. He sighed and walked out of the back room. There were still a few people in the shop. He walked behind the counter and set the pack down. He scanned the clientel, using his years of experiance to sort out the browsers from the buyers. One was going to buy. She seemed rather interested in the jade pendant he had explained earlier. Aikal sat there, rather impatiently, untill everyone but the woman remained. He walked up to her slowly but diliberately.

[b]Aikal-[/b] "May I help you ma'am?" She looked at him with a smooth face, and smiled. The face of a woman from the upper class. But she was dressed in the middle class colorings.

[b]Woman-[/b] "Yes... I was wondering how much this pendant is... I'm afraid to ask, for I don't believe I have enough money." She even spoke like upper class.

[b]Aikal-[/b] "The pendant would usually be ten gold, but for you I'll drop it to seven. Seven gold or twelve silver. I can't accept bronze for something that valuble." She nodded and seemed to contemplate over the purchase. From the way her face had lit up, she was definitly going to buy it but she presumably didn't want him to think that. She looked up at him with shining eyes.

[b]Woman-[/b] "I think I'll take it." Aikal nodded and exchanged seven well shaped gold pieces for the pendant. He thanked her and changed the sign from 'exchanging' to 'closed' as she walked out. He followed suit and exited, then began trudging toward the Skye temple with the pack across his back.

More questions poured into his mind as he walked down the streets toward the temple. And he wqould ask every one of them.
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[size=1][color=firebrick][b]-=Entered Gensine=-[/b]

As if waking up from a dream, Nimue realized very quickly that something here was very off. She blinked up at the bright blue sky above her, wondering where on earth she was and how she got there, before she sat up and took a good look around. It didn't look like any part of Keeven that [i]she[/i] knew, but hell, she wasn't exactly omniscient. Perhaps she'd had a wild night and had drunkenly wandered somewhere; Malheleco knew it wasn't beyond her, that's for sure.

Running her fingers through her dark hair, Nimue took a deep breath and fingered her dagger for comfort, trying to determine the best way to get back to the center of Keeven. She vaguely remembered the strange house, but nothing after that, and with amusement thought, [i]I must have been really, really drunk..[/i] And yet... she felt strangely fit - no headache, no sluggishness, no side effects of any kind. Though she was known to feel many things after a night of drinking and revelry, fit wasn't ever one of them. And this place just didn't feel like Keeven [i]at all.[/i]

She began walking then, having decided that just sitting around on a hilltop wasn't going to get her anywhere, and felt a bit of relief when she heard what sounded like laughter. Children's laughter, actually. Quirking up an eyebrow at the thought of children laughing, and [i]not[/i] screaming or crying, Nimue went to investigate.

Two little boys and a little girl were running around, joyfully teasing some sheep, and making a frightful amount of noise. One boy with a head full of messy, sandy colored hair stopped when he saw her, a bewildered expression on his face, and the two other kids soon noticed and quickly turned to look. Nimue frowned at the shock in their eyes. [i]What the hell is wrong with these kids?[/i]

"Darling child, tell me how to get back into town."

He blinked at her strange clothes and saucy attitude, before pointing half-heartedly to the side. "Er, it's over that way. Just follow the little stream and it'll get you to Morrowsin in no time."

Nimue stilled instantly. "Morrowsin?" [i]Morrowsin?[/i] Where the hell was Morrowsin?!

"Uh... yeah," he gave her an odd look.

There was a moment of silence in which Nimue and the children just stared at each other, before she let out a string of vile curse words. The little girl covered her ears quickly, while the two boys just exchanged a concerned glance.

[i]This is just fucking great![/i] Nimue unsheathed her [i]Fiducia[/i] quickly, desperately wanting to stab something repeatedly. "Alright you scrawny little brat, you'd better tell me the truth or I swear to Malheleco that you'll never live to see another day," she threatened venomously, closing the distance between them and curling her fingers in his hair none too gently.

The other little boy and girl both shrieked and began running in the alleged direction of the town, while boy just stilled instantly, his skin pale. "..I.. I am t-tellin' the truth!" He exclaimed shrilly, frightened beyond belief and completely caught unawares. Nimue expected him to pee his pants any second now. Her lip curled up in disgust and pushed him aside, ignoring his cry of pain when he hit the ground.

"We'll see," She muttered, before following the small stream south, determined to get some answers.[/color][/size]
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OOC: Sorry, terra. I guess I just got too into my character.... or something. >_<


Though the priest's eyes were sunken with age, they still gleamed with a shrewd, keen intelligence. And his smile had not lost its ability to soothe. Salome had known him since she was young, and he was perhaps the only person she trusted with all her heart. He was the one who had first nurtured her developing magical powers, who had encouraged her to face her visions without fear.

If he did not understand her premonitions, then she was certain no one would.

"And you are sure of this?" the priest asked quietly.

Salome met his steady, piercing gaze. "Yes. Blood will soon be spilt. A new power is sweeping through these lands. The world will be thrown off-balance..."

"I've heard the rumors," he mumured. "Tales of murder--but who would believe such a thing? In all my life, I've never seen one man kill another."

"I've been having the same dream, over and over." She raised her hand, smoothing her raven hair. Her pallor increased as she spoke, though it would have been noticeable only to the most observant onlooker. "I--"

The woman seized her throat, choking, her eyes suddenly wide with terror. The priest grabbed her arm, hurling healing energy at her as forcefully as he could. His magic was not meant to be used so abruptly, but he knew that she was strong; her body would hold up. But if the vision overwhelmed her, she might die--might collapse, catatonic, just as she had at the age of seven. That coma had lasted half a year.


Salome fell to her knees, curling tightly around herself. Light enveloped her; a gentle, warm glow that concealed amazing power.
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OOC: Oh, that was [i]ME[/i]. lol ... Sorry I haven't been posting, I've been incredibly busy. Still love this RPG idea though!

Lissa threw aside all pretentions of not eavesdropping when she heard a strange, unworldly choking sound. She slammed aside the door of the priest's office to see Lady Salome engaged in a physical battle with what only seemed to be herself. The priest was heaping his energies upon her, but Lissa could see that as powerful as he was, it might not quite be enough.

Not willing to risk that, Lissa raised her hands and cried, "[i]Sendatu![/i]" hardly thinking of the consequences.

She'd been so caught up in the moment that she had extended more of her energies than she intended, and the dazzling light that burst forth to envelope the Lady Salome felt like burning along her skin. Lissa fell to her knees, unable to even look up to see Lady Salome gaining some of her strength back from the combined forces of her magic and the priest's.

In a few moments, nearly all of Lissa's strength had been sapped, and she had to battle to be aware of where she was. She could still feel the hard stone of the temple floor beneath her, but it somehow no longer felt real. Moments later, she blacked out.

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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]OOC:[/B] I was sent a PM saying that I am in Knoll. Just so you know.

[i]A woman was walking out of the market and looked to the girl laying on the ground. She ran up to her and tried to wake her up. There still was no movement. The woman went back into the market shop and got the owner and he ran to the girl and picked her up and took her to the healer.

An hour later, she opened her eyes. Kilani looked around when she opened her eyes. She sat up calmly and looked to where she was. It was nowhere she knew of. She was about to get up out of where she layed, but the healer stopped her.[/i]

"You shouldn't be moving, child. It is not good to move after what happened to you."
"What did happen to me? Where am I? Why am I here?" [i]Kilani asked the healer.[/i]
[i]Smiling, she replied.[/i] "You are in Knoll, Gensine. A village completely dedicated to the Skye Gods. We do not believe in violence. We believe in healing, communication, and good. I do not know where you came from, child, but I do know that you had a serious transport to come here. You were not feeling well. You were speaking in tongue. You spoke of cold ice and something about a dragon. But, all is well now, child. As for the reason why you are here, I cannot answer that. But the monks here in Knoll may be able to help you." [i]The Healer had told Kilani.[/i]

[i]Kilani sat there thinking over what had happened and what happening now. She could not comprehend what was happening. She held her head and sat quietly. When the Healer got up, she went to go get a cup of tea and herbal medicine. She gave it to Kilani who thanked the Healer.

When the Healer went out, the woman and owner were out there as well. After Kilani was done drinking her tea, she got up from where she sat and went outside. She saw the woman and owner look to her. They were surprised that she was well.[/i]

"Uhm. Are you here for the Healer?" [i]Kilani asked the two.[/i]
"Who? Us? Why, no. We are not. We are here for you." [i]The woman said.[/i]
"For me? Why me?" [i]Kilani asked confused.[/i]
"Child, these two are the ones who brought you here." [i]The Healer had said.[/i]
"Oh. I see. Thanks for the help. Even though I don't know how to repay you." [i]Kilani said to the two.[/i]
"There's no need for repayment." [i]The owner said.[/i]
"Yes. There is no need. All we can offer is what we can do for you." [i]The woman said.[/i]
"Well, I do need to see the monks here. Can one of you show me the way?" [i]Kilani asked.[/i]
"We are not the ones to ask. But there is someone you could ask. Veciye Noor. She comes down to her family at times. Come, let me take you to the Noors." [i]The woman said.[/i] "I live beside them. They came to live here so that they could be close to their daughter."

[i]Kilani just looked to the woman and when she went out, she followed. The owner and the healer as well came out. The woman walked down the street, as did Kilani. She was still uneasy where she was. It was not home and it was not where she used to be. For all she knew, it could've been a trap.[/size][/color][/i]
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OOC: Sorry terra. I will PM the people that are to switch worlds when I feel it would create a certain amount of chao-.. I mean... Well, I guess chaos is the right word. You dissapearing right in front of a couple people this early in the RPG would, more or less, be a little too chaotic.
[b]Aikal-[/b] "Finnaly..." The Skye temple had loomed in his vision since he set out from his store, but now he could finnaly see the entrance. How beautiful it was. A stairway numbering steps near fivehundred leading the way to the largest set of doors created. Blue silver was what the doors were made out of. Every morning the sun hit these doors and illuminated the eastern city for five brief minutes. It rose into the clouds, a lght blue spire reaching to Skye with hopes and dreams of becoming one with Her and the land. Everytime he saw it, happiness enveloped him.

He regained his composure and began walking the many steps of the temple. A couple priests ran by him on his way up, seeming to be in a hurry. He honestly didn't know how they did it. They must have amazing endurance and leg strength. His legs were already beginning ot hurt and he was just over three quarters of the way there.

Far above him he glimpsed the large shape of Turell, clad in his bright green suit. Aikal thought rather comically that it made him look like a ripe pickle. He smiled and stopped for a moment to rub his legs. He was almost at the top, but the stairs contiued to taunt him. Aikal rubbed his aching legs a final time and climbed the rest of the steps.

[b]Turell-[/b] "Were there any inconvienences along the way?" Aikal shook his head.

[b]Aikal-[/b] "Not at all Turell. Not at all. I know you to be a representative of the temple, but I wish to speak with one of the priests after we get this sphere in place." He nodded distractedly, and motioned me in. The coolness of the church surprised me. Usually it was a warm place in the cooler times of the year. The two men moved past a grouping of priests and gaurdians that seemed to be congregating outside of a doorway. It could have been his imagination but there seemed to be moans coming from inside.

They continued forward and eventually came to the main room of the temple. It was an extremely large room the streatched almost three blocks either way. The cieling was nowhere to be seen, lost somewhere above in the un-detectable reaches of the temple.

[b]Aikal-[/b] "Turell. where are we going? I've never seen the other two stones when I used to come for worship." He smiled and walked up to the ver front of the room where the Skye altar was and where the High-Priestess always gave her sermons. He walked behind one of the pedistals and motioned for Aikal to follow. Slowly he made his way behind and found a stairway leading into the Skye altar, which was massive. "Oh my..."

[b]Turell-[/b] "Only a select few know about this room. Be wary, everything in this room, save for the place to put the spheres, is a kind of stone. Usually blue marble. Don't let the stone touch it. I'm not interested in explaining why the Skye altar suddenly melted." Aikal nodded and walked further in. He saw two spheres set upon two metal pedistals. There was a third metal stand, empty. He brought the sphere out of his pack and carefully moved it across the dimly lit room. The wall near his righthand side gave off a blistering heat when he passed. "Careful! You're too close!" Aikal moved closer to the inside and carefully set the Skye Stone on t's pedistal. A relief swept through him as it left his hands.

[b]Aikal-[/b] "Ok Turell. Now I want to speak to someone that can answer my quest-" The three stones began to reverberate. "What's happening? Turell?" He turned to find Turell transfixed on the stones.

[b]Turell-[/b] "Skye is coming. We should get out of here."
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[size=1][color=firebrick]Nimue was very upset, to say the least. She'd taken the little brat's advice and had indeed followed the stream into town, and what she found had almost literally made her sick. Just one look at the cleanliness of the town had thrown away any ideas of it being some remote part of Keeven.. she didn't even know if she was in Jahnsen anymore, as ridiculous as it sounded. The place was much too.. [i]happy.[/i] She'd been walking around for a good twenty minutes now, and she had yet to see one person yell or frown; hardly anyone had any sort of weapon, and that in itself was completely beyond her.

In short, Nimue was very quickly becoming incredibly frustrated and increasingly angry.

The continual looks of bewilderment people sent her didn't help, either. Just as the boy had; as though they'd never seen something quite like her. Her fingers were almost always on her dagger, or her vial, and occasionally she cursed her father for ever killing her mother. She was becoming strangely certain that the woman had [i]something[/i] to do with this; that damn house definitely did, anyway. And yet try as she might, she still couldn't remember anything past that.

In her blind rage, she'd knocked over several people and bumped into many more as she wandered around, though not once did she even glance back, let alone apologize for it. They thought this extremely weird and could only stare after her as rubbing their shoulders or picked themselves up off the ground.

Eventually Nimue found herself in a small square, and in front of her loomed a rather lovely, clean building, with many, [i]many[/i] steps leading to large pair of beautifully crafted doors. She just stared at it, following the steps up with her eyes, before deciding to follow her [i]intuition[/i] and climb them. About half way up she began to curse constantly; why anyone would make so many bloody steps was completely beyond her. Once or twice she passed others on their way down, and one particular woman just stared at her, covering her child's ears mechanically as the woman in black continued the up-hill trek. Nimue didn't notice much of anything - her thoughts were more focused on the strange, tingling feeling that was crawling up her spine. She didn't like it at all.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the dark-haired woman found herself at the top of the steps, in front of the blue silver doors that glinted in the sunlight in an almost celestial manner. Something about the building made her particularly uneasy, but just as it had before, her curiousity out-weighed her suspicion and she pushed open the door.

All at once the majesty and grandeur of the temple swept over her and her blood ran cold in her veins as she realized that she was indeed in a temple - just not anything like the ones dedicated to the God of Destruction. Instead, she felt peace and love here, and this time she was quite sure that she would be sick. Before any one could even welcome her into the temple, she swiftly turned and ran back out the door, moved to the side, and threw up.

[i]Oh bloody hell,[/i] she thought, leaning her side against the cool stone of the temple as she continued to empty her stomach. [i]That was the[/i] worst [i]feeling I've ever had in my entire life.[/i] Besides the fact that she was indeed being violently sick, Nimue was astounded and frankly quite perturbed that she had let her guard down so quickly and let the hellish temple overwhelm her. So when she straightened up, wiping her mouth as she eyed the silver blue doors with contempt, she vowed that next time she'd make Malheleco damn proud.[/color][/size]
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Guest Zeronic
[strike]OOC: This is a good idea for a RPG
{Entered Gensine}

The youth stamped out the remains of a camp fire with his foot. It's charred remains only served as a reminder as to what had happened the previous night.

"I better make a move soon" He thought "If I want to reach the town of Grendich before noon".

He pulled his blue overcoat and buckled it up, he knelt down and pulled up two metal blades, one with a red trim the other with a blue trim.

"Sergofv..." the youth murmered sheathing one blade in a black leather scabard, the other he held tightly at his side.

He walked into the rising sun, silently, not breathing.

OOC: I guess I should tell you, the name of my Character is Leon.[/strike]

[size=1][color=firebrick]If you would like to join a role-playing game here at the Adventure Arena, you must sign-up for it first in the Recruitment thread. Please check out OB rules, as well as Harlequin's sticky for the Adventure Arena, and get yourself caught up.

By the way, welcome to the boards.

- Arcadia[/color][/size]
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The priest rushed to Lissa as she fell, and her head struck his bony old arms rather than the flagstones of the floor. Salome closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around her knees.

"Is the girl alright?" she finally whispered, not bothering to look up. Her words were soft and haunted; the priest shivered at their very sound.

He gently propped up Lissa's body, channeling what remained of his power into her weakened spirit. "Yes, but she'll need rest. Lissa is rather extraordinary... not even I can safely perform that spell."

Salome let out a low chuckle. "She passed out. I would not call that 'safe'. But I agree; it's impressive all the same."

"What about you?"

She stared steadily at the ground. "I will manage."

A familiar hint of steel had crept back into her voice, and the priest sighed. No use arguing with the Lady Gray, although he would eventually need to ask her what she'd seen. This was a disturbing development.... What force could possibly overwhelm the Skye Gods? What great tide might they be unable to stem?

"Let's take her to the infirmary, or whatever manner of sick bay you have here."

The priest glanced sidelong at Salome, startled. Her clear eyes, the same color as her surname, had grown dark and determined. She climbed slowly to her feet, brushing briskly at her clothing, and lifted her cloak from the stone floor where it had fallen.

"You don't need to come," he said mildly.

"I insist." Salome offered him a tight sort of smile. "She may have just risked her life for my sake. It's the least I owe her, and I dislike being in debt."
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Lissa slowly grew aware of her surroundings, crisp white sheets that felt cool against her heated skin and the comforting softness of a pillow beneath her head. As Lissa opened her eyes, a shadow that stood near a lit window moved, revealing itself to be Lady Salome.

"You're awake," the lady said.

"It would appear that way," Lissa murmured, her voice feeling strangely hoarse though she had exerted no vocal effort in performing the spell. A certain soreness had spread itself over her entire body.

"Are you all right?" Lissa asked, aware of the strangeness of the situation; she, lying in a sickbed, asking after the health of the lady who was watching over her.

"I'm fine," Lady Salome replied nonetheless.

Lissa sat up slowly, feeling her joints ease back into wakefulness. "I should go home and tend to the sheep," she said, staring at her palms. They were red, raw, as if she had just been climbing a jagged cliff without gloves. "It must be late in the day."

"It is not yet noon," Lady Salome informed her. "You should rest for at least a little while longer. I am glad to see you are all right -- I will get a priestess to look after you for a short time."

"You were speaking to the priest about an imbalance in this world."

Lissa's words interrupted Lady Salome as she was in the midst of sweeping out the doorway. Almost reluctantly, the lady turned back to the girl sitting in the bed. Lissa looked frail, she reflected, a small figure of pale skin and listless golden hair that all nearly blended into the white sheets around her. She seemed almost translucent in her moment of weakness, though she hadn't struck the lady that way when she first walked into the temple.

"I was," the lady said softly.

"I felt it too," Lissa said. "There is some change being brought to this world ... and I think it has already begun."
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