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It's been a long time since I've started an Rpg, it's been even longer since I've been in one that's finished at all. so here you have Cowboy Bebop: Fresh Shot.

This Story contains [b][color=crimson]SPOILERS[/b][/color] If you don't want the ending of the series to be ruined for you then don't even bother reading any furthur, thanks.

[i][COLOR=indigo]it's two years after the fall of the Red Dragon Syndicate and the death of a cowboy who had nothing left to loose. Time didn't stop, didn't even slow down for these events, just moved on as it always did. A new underground organization known as the snake's head has a firm cold grip on the world of organized crime. And wherever there was crime there would be bounty hunters. The life of a hunter was not a glorious one, it wasn't even special, but the rush that was won after the persued prey was captured, that was always worth it. Now New threats of the underground mob interfere with intertwined destinies of five bounty hunters who will come to question life and death itself.[/COLOR]

I need four bounty hunters (I being the fifth), if more than four apply I will pick the best posts, I ask for decent experianced Rpers who know the forum rules and can make a commitment to this Rpg. I also ask that no one try to play as Jet, Faye or Edward, this is like it's own seperate story.

that set aside this is what I need from you:

Occupation: (if they do something besides bounty hunting)
Weapon of choice: (not too many)

There, you're free, have at it!
My Char:

Name: Anima Dalton

Age: 24

Occupation: Bounty hunter; ship repairer

Weapon of choice: sawed off shot gun, six inch belt dagger.

Ship: A renovated oil tanker ("Zamboni") Small zipper ship ("bee")

Appearance: a stringy unshapely woman with short flyaway black hair and deep green eyes. Her wardrobe consists mainly of loose fitting clothing that seems to give her some volume (will most likely add a pic)

Bio: Anima began bounty hunting when she first dropped out of college. Her final decision to leave came the night her somewhat eccentric roomate decided to smother Anima in her sleep, The rush she gained taking her roomate down was what started it all, the strugle the anticipation, it was liek a natural drug. Anima stays in contact with her mother every now and then (more or less her mother contacts her). Anima leads her life as carefree as possible, lazing about, picking up bounties and going where she pleases, if it's one thing about this girl: She likes the danger and the danger likes her.
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[b]Name:[/b] jake miro
[b]Age:[/b] 18
[b]Occupation:[/b] bounty hunter, body gaurd, mercenary
[b]Weapon of choice:[/b] hand gun, ogre, rail gun
[b]Ship:[/b] carrier ship dark star, smaller ship silver run
Aprearance: blue eyes, black hair, blue shirt, leather jacket, black pants, boots, gloves with out the fingers
[b]Bio:[/b] He's mostly a looner and does jobs as a mercenary but is a bounty hunter. He has some bounty's on his own head but other bounty hunters stay away from him. His inherent distrust of people has kept him alive so far but some say it may prove to be his undoing. He loves the thrill of a battle and will gamble with his life putting it on the line to take out opponents. He has good intentions but looses control some times.
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[color=chocolate]Name: Nano
Age: 14
Occupation: Does odd jobs and bartends ((even though he's not old enough to drink)) at a bar called "Monte's"
Weapon of choice: Crossbow
Ship: zipper ship called "Bombay"
Aprearance: Please click [url=http://weiss.eternity.nu/images/omi03.jpg]here[/url]
Bio: Nano used to live with his father in an abandoned bar on Mars. He and his father would live off of stolen food and a cheap mini-heater that was found in a garbage can. Nano never liked living there, but he put up with it. He did all the work while his father [i]attempted[/i] to find a job. He said he tried, but Nano could tell otherwise. So, at the age of 13, Nano left in the middle of the night to go find himself a real job and a new life. He eventually found a job as a bartender at Monte's. A few months into this job, he got into bounty hunting. He was having a boring night, even though the bar was filled and talking. So, he decided to eavesdrop on a conversation or two. He heard an old man with a metal arm ((*coughJetcough*)) talking with some other men ((*coughnotSpikecough*)) about a bounty he heard about. Nano immediately took interest. Since then, Nano's been taking up bounty's all the time. He's made quite a name for himself. His boss of course, has no problem. ^.~ Brings in more customers. Nano's personality is that of a very mature child. Okay, let me explain. He is usually just another one of the men, able to joke around and talk with the other older guys ((who are usually much older than him)) at the bar. But on the other hand, deep down inside, he's still a kid.[/color]
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Name: Eva Romero
Age: 20
Occupation: bounty hunter, part-time grocery store clerk
Weapon of choice: handgun
Ship: Diablo (I dunno... it's red!)
Appearance: long, wavy, dark brown hair w/ bangs; brown eyes; wears a red tank top and a blue jacket, blue jeans & sandals
Bio: Eva grew up in a rundown neighborhood in New York City with her abusive father and annoying kid brother. She hated her life and couldn't take it anymore. When she was 16, she ran away from home and stole the Diablo from an old, abandoned warehouse. Somehow she figured out how to fly to Mars, leaving her old life behind. She found a decent apartment and a part-time job at a grocery store, managing to live off her meager pay. One day while randomly flipping tv channels, she saw a program that caught her eye ((gee, I wonder which one that could be...?)). She thought the life of a bounty hunter sounded interesting. Her boss, being the nice guy he was, gave her her very own gun and taught her to use it. Now she hunts bounty heads for fun, and is as deadly as she is beautiful.

Hope that's ok. Let me know if you need more info. ^_~
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Name:mya zangen
Occupation: Has a bounty on her head for theft and murder
Weapon of choice: pistol and granades and knife
Ship:Eldorado-all gold
Aprearance: [url]http://fanart.theotaku.com/view.php?action=get_pic&pic_id=2693[/url]
Bio:She behaves aggresivly tword others because most prople dont trust or under stand her!She hates people telling her what to do and how to do it (you cant really ask her partner) She has a scar down her clavicle from he last fight she was in. She dosent have many friends because most fear her! She tricks male bouty hunters with her looks and females with her lies and tricks so far she has not been cought in the act of the crime (killing robbing )
Bounty: $ 65,000
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Hi, Angel. Do you mind if I call you, Angel? It's better than Angie, don't you think? (Sorry, I have a habit of giving people nicknames.) It's been a little while since I've been in the same sign up for a Cowboy Bebop RPG with you. I'll try my best at this. Here I go.

[b]Name:[/b] Sergei Belov

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Occupation:[/b] Bounty hunting; professional musician; part-time weapons shop owner

[b]Weapon of choice:[/b] Small daggers, different varieties of wire, (piano wire, etc.), short sword, Whip, and H & K USP357 Compact, .357 caliber (when quiet kills are not an option.)

[b]Ship:[/b] The Cohata. (Russian for Sonata.) Besides his violin, the Cohata is Sergei's only source of pride. It is a heavy, four-passenger military fighter. Although it is quite ancient, With Sergei's modifications of a modern missile payload and two rotating machine gun turrets, it can stand its own against most ships of today. However, relying a little too much on his own skill, he's removed a little of its armor to increase its speed. This has left the Cohata with less protection, and nearly the same amount of maneuverability as it had before.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Sergei strikes an impressive figure with his ice blue eyes, long white blond hair and tall, scrawny figure. Despite his misguiding looks, he is quite capable of defending himself. He is also very light on his feet. He usually dresses very formal and likes to wear a black coat, black vest, white dress shirt, and black slacks. His only other distinguishing feature is the violin case that he carries with him wherever he goes.

[b]Bio:[/b] Born on Earth in a poor village of the Fallen Soviet Union, (F.S.U.) Sergei grew up with great hopes of working on the gates that he would stare at each night before going to bed. When Sergei finally worked up the courage to tell his father his ambitions, they were shattered in an instant by the stern command that he would grow up to be a great violinist and support his family. "What's the use in reaching for the stars? You will only get burned." His father said. Sergei obeyed and put his heart into practicing his instrument. Eleven years later, his chance finally came to escape from Earth. Men were looking for recruits for some distant war on another planet. They said they would pay a lot of money to anyone who would sign up. Sergei accepted their offer and gave the money to his mother as a farewell gift. He left with the military men and bcame one of the best soldiers of his platoon. After nine years, Sergei asked for his pay but the military refused. Angrily, he throttled the accountant to death, stole his share of money plus a bonus, and flew off in one of the last of the fighters. The military seems to have given up on him, but he has been laying low just in case. That's proving difficult however, with the increasing popularity of his violin playing.

Well, I did my best. Good luck on the RPG, Angel.
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Name:Cave Eversman (Call me Eversman)
Occupation: None
Weapon of choice: Uzi, sniper-riffal (Sp) and a U.S. Marines issued hunting knife
Ship:The Hunter, a simple, medium sized ship, with living quaters and a kitchen
Aprearance: Tall, wears a black cloak, has black ahir, and bron eyes
Bio: Memry was eresed when he was taken to a prison camp durring a war no one knew about

I may not have RP experience here, but I have Rped many times before.
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Ok, The four Bounty hunters I have selected are:

Geist as Sergei Belov

Chaosfaerie as Eva Romero

Erinzyger as Nano

T man as Jake Miro

So there you are, sorry to those who didn't get in but if you really really really really want to be in this we can work something out, Just Pm me.

The Rp will start ASAP

[QUOTE]Hi, Angel. Do you mind if I call you, Angel? It's better than Angie, don't you think?[/QUOTE]

If you want to call me anything Call me Tiff.
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