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Wolf Maximas13

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ok since my last rp idea seemed to have bombed i'll try somethin else. i'll make a name for this thing when we get enough people together. this will be you good old fashion medevil rp. nights, wizards, elfs, dwarfs, and all the others. i would like it if people tried to pick diffrent races then those used in lord of the rings. for that seems to be the only races i ever see. i know there aren't to many people know about but give it your best, and even make some up ( with in limits of course).

story line:

for years the world has been ruled by men. they inhabit all the lands from mountain to sea. there are many who strive for honor, glory, and goodness for all, but there are those who would see harm befall any. one such man has found great pleasure in making those suffer. his name is Lython Dunvar, and he has harnest the powers of the elements. he can bend the waves, shape the earth to his will, and make the wind bow before him. but, with all men who seek power they can never have enough. this lust brought Lython to searching the land for a new power. that of sword. this blade has bound within it a new element not yet seen by men nore any other. this is the power of void, the power of nothingness. the ability to make anything and everything vanish by a wave of the sword. thankfully it is not easily found, and so a group is being formed to find the blade before Lython does and get rid of it forever. Lython not only has the power over elements but the comand of an army, monsters, and demons. all of which are looking feverishly to find the blade.

ok, so its got some lord of the ring knock offs but thats besides the point.

sign up

Age: depending on race is how old you can be
Magic: if you have any

that about does it, i'll do mind and everyone who joins your character will have recived a letter telling of what is going on, and they need to meet in the town of wriglive.

Name: Wolf Maximas
Race: werewolf ( the kind that always look like wolves)
Gender: male
Age: 26
Appearance: seven feet tall with silver and grey fur. he wears white armor with golf trim. his chest protector, guantlets, and leg guards have his famlies crest on them. he wears a grey tunic and pants under his armor. a black scarf that hangs to his feet wrappes around his neck and falls infront of him. a white hooded cloak also is around his neck, with the hood down most of the time. across his side is a bag with food and other needs. his sword falls along his left side hangs his sword, and on his right a knife and a dagger. he wears brown leather gloves to finish it off.
Personality: quit for the most part, but knows when to speak. he has a high since of honor and loyalty.
Bio: comes from a very noble family, one of the only werewolf cities left in the world. his father is high adviser to the king and has taught Wolf much about the world. his uncle is captin of the guard and taught him the ways of fighting.
Weapon: his sword has a white handle and silver guard. its a basic scimatar design with markings in the blade. his knife is curved and is similar to his sword in ways, and his dagger is the same but straight bladed.
Magic: none
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Name: Anubis
Race: Half Demon half human
Gender: Male
Age: (looks 26) Actually 526 because of his demon blood.
Appearance:Anubis has reddish Brown hair and blue eyes. Anubis stands at 5'9". Anubis wears full body armour that looks like a jeering ogre with colors. Anubis is a
Personality: Loyal to the one he considers his master. he does what he is told without a second thought.
Bio: Anubis was the right hand man of Lython for 20 years since his previous master died which was the one who awoken his demon blood which allows him to live for 600 years and can be killed by magic/weaponry. Anubis was freed from Lython's grasp by Wolf's father 10 years ago. Anubis has traveled looking for a true master.
Weapon: Kasuri-Gama(Scythe and Weighted claw attached by chain.)
Magic: One-Quake With Fear
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Name: Serna Jaer
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Appearance: 5'6" middle lenght litght brown hair, soft blue robes, soft leather shoes. Belt with pouches
Personality: Quiet and shy, but loyal and wiling to help
Bio: Since she was little, shehas been trained in the arts of white magic. When she was fifteen, her teacher sent her to journey about the land to practive her skills.
Weapon: Magic Staff
Magic: Cure- heals a little bit
Cura- heals a moderate amount
Blinding light- releases a blinding flahs of pure light
bind- traps a person's feet t the earth
holy ball- a ball of holy energy that is fired
esuna- cure status aliments
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[color=indigo]I'll join^^

Name: Shin-za (nicknamed "Cat")

Race: Shape Shifter

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Apperance: Can be almost anything, but her human form looks as follows, she's about 5' 4" with long blue-black hair and purple eyes. She usually wears a white blouse with brown breeches and black boots.

Personality: Usually outgoing, she can have a firey temper when she wants to. Otherwise she keeps out of other people's way if they keep out of hers.

Bio: Not much is known about her past, except that she has been a loner ever since she could remember. Her parents died when she was five, and she has lived alone ever since.

Weapon: Sling

Magic: Only the magic to shapeshift.

I hope that's okay^^[/color]
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[color=009966][b]Name:[/b]Zelyiiris ("Iris" for short)

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Gender:[/b] female

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Appearance:[/b] Iris has long brown hair that goes down her back and a little past her hips that she keeps tied back into a loose braid, slender, pale, about 5'4", green eyes with a few specks of gold, and her ears have a slight, hardly noticable point that suggests that she had an elf in her family, probably far back as a great, great, great, great, relative of some sort. She wears midnight blue robes that splits halfway up the middle from the bottom of the hem and wears a knee-length black skirt under it, and the robes and her wide sleeves have a silver edging. She wears small black leather boots and a pouch at her side, and sometimes she wears a black cape.

[b]Personality:[/b] She can be very distrustful about people at times, but that doesn't mean that she can't get along with them. She is very friendly and caring, but she loves to be in a quiet and secluded place where she can just relax and think.

[b]Bio:[/b] Iris' mother died when she was only three years old, and her father was never around due to the fact that he was drinking his life away at the nearest tavern every night. When he did come home, he would beat Iris until either he passed out dead drunk on the floor or until Iris fell to the floor unconcious. When she was nine she ran away while he was out with some of his friends and ran until midnight. She got lost in the woods and wandered around aimlessly until sunrise came when she came across a large building made of white marble. Runes were engraved into the pillars, and Iris knew immediately where she was---the Citadel of High Sorcery and Magic. The location of the Citadel was unknown, since the Elders had cast a spell on it long ago. If any mapmaker were to mark the place down on a map, the marking would immediately turn into a crimson "X" and burst into flame, destroying the map and erasing any knowledge of the place from the intruders mind. The Elders however took Iris in and taught her the Art and all kinds of magicks. She soon learned that she had a great skill for magic and quickly rose to the top of her class. Almost ten years have passed and Iris decides to leave in order to further her training. She never stays in one place for too long and tries to avoid contact with people as much as possible.

[b]Weapon:[/b] She carries a rapier at her side, and wears a dagger concealed in her wide sleeve.

[b]Magic:[/b] She has many basic spells (ie: sparks to light fires, flashes of light to illuminate areas, ect.), but also has some offensive and defensive spells (ie: lightning bolt, flame wheel, small cyclones, shields, ect.)

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Name: Jenniyah
Race: Centaur
Gender: Female
Age: 61 (human half appears to be 13)
Personality: Jenniyah tries to act very sagely(it's probably not a word, but it works) and often fails, laughing at what seems to be nothing at all. If the situation desparately calls for it, she is as serious as she can possibly be and what is considered the norm for her species.
Weapon: large mythril scythe
Magic: very limited telepathy/telekinesis, divination (astrology, reading signs from nature, etc.)
I'll complete this later.
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Race: Elf (heck,there are humans)
Gender: Male
Age: 110(appears 25)
Personality: Kind and outgoing, he is very naive because of his young age, but still holds his own in battle.
Appearance: Wears a tunic of green and black, has green eyes and blonde hair. Is about 6' and has lightly tanned skin.
Bio: He grew up in an elven community that was secluded from the world. Upon hearing that there was evil abound, Dondar quickly took up arms.
Weapons: Mainly uses an ancesteral silver sword, but does throw daggers in a pinch.
Magic: Can control nature,plants, and weakminded animals.

Hope this is ok....
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