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Gaming Favorite Game Developer.

I, Colossus

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[color=#006699]Due to lack of activity here in the gaming forums, I?ve decided to create this topic. I created one similar long ago, when I was known as Cyko. At the time, I was obsessed with Capcom, and in a way I still am. But I?m going to switch it up and put a few other developers in there as well.

[b]My Favorite Developer: Capcom [/b]

Capcom (as I?ve said a million times) is mainly my favorite developer because I grew up with their classics, their games appealed to me when I was a child, and they still appeal to me now. Most games/developers I liked as a child I do not like now. My tastes have grown with me; I didn?t even like Nintendo at first. I spent countless hours with Street Fighter 2: Turbo and Megaman X for the SNES. Those are still some of my favorite games too. Below are some of the franchises that hooked me and kept me hooked throughout the years.

Megaman is probably the single biggest gaming icon when it comes to third party developers. He has appeared in numerous games throughout the years, I don?t know the exact number, but last time I checked him and Mario were neck and neck for that title. As stated above I grew up with the first X game. As I got older and bought a PSX, I got a chance to play some other MMX games. After I had beaten them all, I was frustrated. I couldn?t get my hands on one of the NES titles, and there was no other game. So, I explored Capcom further. Street Fighter was the next thing I found. I had been playing it, well forever, but since I was so young I didn?t know it was made by Capcom. However, I later found out, that my two favorite games were made by the same people. Coincidence? Around this time I had started using the internet, so I looked up Capcom and found Resident Evil. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was the first RE game I played, at first I didn?t like it, mainly because I was new to the Survival/Horror genre. But as I played it I felt much more comfortable with it and to this day RE is one of my favorite series. Then comes Devil May Cry, I have not felt such joy while playing a game since the first time I play SMB3. Unfortunately the 2nd installment wasn?t as enjoyable, it felt more like an expansion pack than a game. I just recently picked up the second release in Capcom?s ?Big 5? line-up, Viewtiful Joe. All I?m going to say is that it?s amazing and point you to the VJ thread.

[b]Honorable Mentions: [/b]
Hal Laboratory ? Super Smash Bros., SSB Melee, [recent] Kirby installments
EAD ? Mario, Zelda
Konami ? Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania
Westwood Studios ? Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2[/color]
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It's either Konami, Nintendo, or Rareware for me. Capcom would probably be one of my choices, but I didn't grow up with alot of their classics such as the early installments of the MegaMan series (which I love), and the beloved Street Fighter series. Had I played more of their older games, they would probably be one of my choices. I like Konami because of the Contra, Castlevania, and Metal Gear series ; Nintendo for the Mario, Zelda, and Metroid series ; Rareware for the Donkey Kong, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark, and Banjo-Kazooie series. I hope that they continue the Jet Force games. I loved the original, but it didn't sell very well at all.

I'd probably have to go with.....Konami! :eek:
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Beware, people, because this, if all goes well, should be one huge post.

Shroom was telling me that he was going to post this and I couldn't help but get excited. Anyone who knows me knows that I really love to reminisce about things like this...it's just really fun to me. And, since I can't just stop with one, I'm gonna present my three favorite developers in video games. Why? Because I'm cool like that :p

Developer Numero Uno: Nintendo

Okay, raise your hand if you didn't see this coming. *nobody raises their hand* Good. One hopes that it would be obvious from the moment that you meet me that Nintendo is my favorite developer of all time. They're just so damned innovative that I can't help but love them. Let's take a look at the list of things they've done, shall we?

1) They resurrected the gaming industry in America - The NES pretty much saved another barren industry from going under in America. People weren't interested in games anymore...then Nintendo and the NES came along and all was right with the world. This is how cool Nintendo is: It took them one game (Super Mario Bros.) to get insane amounts of interest in a stagnant industry that was pretty much left for dead by just about every critic in the U.S.

2) They take dull genres and make them interesting - Ah, leave it to Nintendo to raise interest in genres that they created that have somehow gone stale over the years. What, platformers are dull and uninspiring? Well, let's crank out Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine! Action-RPGs are all the same nowadays? Let's see what those biatches say when they play Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Kart racers are just a vehicle for commercial promotion? Then take Mario Kart: Double Dash and stick it where the sun don't shine! What am I getting at? Nintendo takes the very genres they helped invent and makes them new again, even when dealing with the same familiarity that we all know and love.

3) They take the time to make sure they get it right - This is one of the most infuriating arguments I hear when people whine and cry about Nintendo: "They take too long to release games!" Would you rather get a buggy, uninspired load of tripe like Tomb Raider: Let's Give It Another Go or wait through a few extra months of delays to play a near-perfect gem of a game like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? I'd go for the latter, myself.

4) Innovation, innovation, innovation - I can't stress this enough: Nintendo is the single most innovative company in video game history. Period. Just about every gaming cliche you see today, you can bet your bottom dollar Nintendo was doing it first. The amount of genres that they've invented is astounding: Platformers, Kart Racers, Action-RPGs, MP-style games, etc. And their track record with peripherals is second to none. Game Boy Camera...Super Game Boy...Game Boy Player...Link Cables...Rumble Paks...I could go on and on. Nintendo has never been afraid to push limits and boundaries to give the game player something fresh and new. I've always respected them for that.

5) Their games are just damn fun - No matter what else I might say, this is what matters the most. That their games are the most fun games I've ever played in my life. When you buy a game from Nintendo (with a couple exceptions) you can be rest assured that you will be getting a high quality product that you will have tons of fun with. Why do people buy games? Is it for the high quality multimedia experience? Is it for the amazing stories? Is it because you have $50 to burn? Maybe, but overall, I think you'll find that people buy games to have fun. And Nintendo, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, has delievered more fun to me than any other developer in gaming history. But what would you expect from the developer of series like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Super Mario Bros., Kirby (through HAL Labs of course), Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Earthbound, etc.?

Okay, the other two won't be quite as long, heh.

Developer #2: Sega

Even I'm quite surprised at the high esteem that I hold Sega in today, because I hated them with a venomous passion during the 16-bit era. I was a 100% ***-kissing Nintendo loyalist and I thoroughly enjoyed even the slightest of victories that Nintendo got over Sega. However, as I grew up and matured (however little I have :p), my eyes have opened to the greatness that is Sega.

The number one reason why I like Sega is that they have absolutely no fear when it comes to releasing games. Many gaming companies will play it safe and release a game that might not be that good but is "assured" of making them a profit. Not Sega. Sega strives to innovate and make fresh concepts for their games, regardless of whether it makes them a huge profit or not. I liken their attitude in gaming to that of a great Indy band...they might be good enough to make it in the mainstream, but they will never compromise their talent to do so (and, no, I don't consider Sega going third-party selling out...they were never any great shakes at hardware, anyway).

Who else would release games like Seaman, Samba de Amigo or Space Channel 5? It's rare to find a gaming company who cares more about giving their fans a fun product to play rather than captialize on making money (though, Sega is a bit more money-based today, heh). And as long as they go that route, they will always have my respect.

Developer #3: Konami

Konami is slowly approaching Nintendo in sheer number of franchises that I enjoy. Metal Gear, Castlevania, Contra, Gradius, etc. The sheer number of great games they have released through these franchises is amazing (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is amazing...the only non-Nintendo game in my top five favorites, which is quite an achievement). And they've always concentrated on gameplay first, which is something that's sorely lacking nowadays (though, the number of great games released has picked up a lot over the past couple of years).

And the Gradius series is just a great lineup of shooters. I've always had a soft spot for a great shooter ~_^

Just missed my list:

Capcom - Great fighting games and Mega Man.
Squaresoft - If only for Einhander...God, I love that game.
Enix - Dragon Warrior rules. Enough said.
Silicon Knights - The most underrated developer in gaming today.
Shiny - They released some awesome platformers in the mid-90s...hopefully, they can make up for Enter the Matrix.
HAL Labs - Smash Bros. and Kirby Super Star...I love you, HAL!

And so ends my post...it's a lot shorter than I thought it would be o_O;;;

EDIT: I called them Nintendo all through my post but everyone basically knew I meant EAD, right? Right???
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I used to have my eyes set only on Nintendo, since this was post-'Me-owning-dreamcast' and I had only played o so few SEGA games, actually.....Sonic many times, and I'm sure I remember playing NiGHTS when I was younger...But now, SEGA and Nintendo are my two favorites, SEGA because of the sheer crazy-zany-(but most of all)creativly original games they make, games (as mentioned by Shinmaru...) Seaman(First virtual-pet simulation with voice-cognition), Space Channel 5(first music-based game that doesnt follow the 'copy the pattern on the screen while your character stands there' formula, instead she walks, shoots, and explores!), Samba De Amigo(never played it, but it has one of the coolest perhipherals ever...digital maracas!), Jet Set Radio(innovation popping through the seams, with great dance moves, fun and vivacious music, good game-play mechanics, new style game never tried before-taking real life stuff people do, like graffiti, skating, avoiding cops, competing with other gangs--and turning it into one hip game), Shenmue(one of the most realistic, living-breathing games ever, and it takes place in my favorite country too!), Phantasy Star(instead of going the way of the standard medieval RPG settings so very accustomed to games of its era, this game defied all odds and became a Sci-Fi, futuristic RPG), roomania #203(never made it to the states...yet...but it was yet another gameplay never tried, a sim that you neither were in the simulation, nor overhead with your god-like abilities, instead you just stayed in a small apartment building, with its cozy lil college student, and you basically either help or hind-no, destroy his entire life), and more that I cant currently think of yet
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