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[I]Inuyasha watched the stream quietly alone. Kagome emerged from the wood behind him. She sat down next to him in a kneeled position. Inuyasha's hand moved closer to her and Kagome jumped. In his hand he held three small pebbles. He gave her a confused looked and stood up. He skipped them across the stream and walked back into the depths of the dark forest.

Kagome watched him leave and sighed quietly. She turned back to look at the rushing clear water in front of her. The light caught an object laying in the water. She squinted her eyes to see better at what it was. She crawled over to the water and stuck her hand inside to retrieve the silver substance before it was swept away. In her now wet hand she held a tiny crystal about the size of her thumb.


Sango, Miroku, and Shippo sat quietly, at the same time, in a small clearing in the forest. They watched Inuyasha as he sat high on a tree limb about to fall. He looked back down at them as they all waited underneath him. Miroku pointed his staff at the limb above his head. He sent a slight gust of wind up toward Inuyasha fell to the ground in a loud smash as everyone from under him.

As soon as he fell Kagome came into the clearing with the crystal she found around her neck with the shards of the shikon jewel. Sango was the first to notice it and she walked up to her. She touched the it with the tip of her finger. She yelped quietly looking down at her scratched finger. Everyone crowded around Kagome and stared at the the crystal that had just scarred Sango's finger.

They all backed up slowly as strange volts started to surround the jewel. Kagome stared at it herself and grabbed it and threw it off from around her neck. Inuyasha sat on the ground and moved out the way not to get hit the the object hurled in his direction. Instead he was knocked backward by a shadow sweeped past him.

The shadow grabbed the crystal along with the shikon jewel still on the necklace holding it. It then jumped into a high tree and stopped peering down at the five below him. "Thank you for retrieving my possession and saving me the trouble." He then disappeared from the clearing and left the wanderers standing alone. They stared blankly into nothingness as the two jewels traveled farther away from the forest.[/I]


Character Sign-Up:

Weapon: (optional)
Bio: (optional)

You can make your own or choose one of the following characters: Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Kinel(shadow person).

Name: Mia Serene
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: Shoulder length black hair curled slightly at the end and dark brown eyes. Light blue and white kimono with dark blue sash. Lightly tanned skin and white bow pinning hair up.
Weapon: None
Bio: Raised in a small village with her younger brother and father. Took care of them generously as a mother would her family. Soon after her other sibling became dreadfully ill with a rare disease not known to close villagers, she left the village to go find him a remedy to cure his illness.
Personality: Quiet person who's very loyal. If often offended easily by rude remarks and gestures towards herself and others.
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Name: Kaze (Kagome's sister that fell down the well right after birth)
Age: 13
Gender: female
Appearance: like the image below exept older taller with all straight hair and silver eyes, with a Dark Blue Short Style Komono (a komono just like that but dark blue and plain. with silver bubbles)
Weapon: she needs none, she has extrem power. but she prefers broad swords.
Bio: she fell down the well before any one but her mother and father knew she was born, she was raised by sesshomaru. inherited demon powers from Sesshomaru. (find out more when we start.)
Personality: dark angry, demonic powers. (under stand more as this goes along.)

by the way i will not change anything but the name! i really like it but i will, and sorry if i was correcting people on things but i am slightly a perfectionist. and i really don't like people who yell at other people for trying to get things right. besides i DIDN'T yell at anyone when i corrected. (and by the way what period during the seires/movies are we playing in?) and sorry if i sound angry i haven't slept for 3 days.
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Ok I'll be Kagome.
Name: Kagome
Age: 16 (I'm not really sure how old she really is)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Basically she looks like Kagome out of the Inuyasha series. Long black hair, brown eyes (I think), her school uniform of a green skirt, green and white long sleeved shirt, white socks, and shoes (can't remember what color they are).
Weapon: Bow and arrow
Personality: She's a very friendly person. She likes to help out anyone who needs it. Has strong feelings for Inuyasha and does sometimes get into arguements with him.

I think that about sums her up. I didn't bother giving a Bio because it would take way to long. So if you absolutely need it tell me and I'll add it in. Thanx ^_^
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bye the way she's 15 in the series and 16 in the movies. bye the way, when will we start? (if we get enough people) i think my friend might jion maby as the girl vesion of shippo or as sango.
and sango is 18. (or at least last time i was on the offical fan site..) and shippou is.. 6? rin in the show is 5 1/2. and inu-yahsa is 76, which means sesshomaru is 176.
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I think Kagome is 15 when the show started, so I think that the 16 for her now is just about right for when the story starts....I'll be Sango... :D

Name: Sango
Age: 19 (I think I read somewhere that she's 19 or so)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Looks like Sango from anime, tall, slender with long black hair and brown eyes and neon pink eyeshadow. Hair is usually worn up in a high pony tail or down in a very loose tie around shoulder blades. Wears a pink, gray and green kimono and her demon slaying outfit, that is skin tight, black with pink elbow, shoulder and knee pads.
Weapons: Hiraikotsu (Giant boomerang) a short sword, and blades that are attatched to wristduards under the sleeves of her black demon slaying outfit. She also has some poisons to use against demons.
Personality: Cold and distant until she gets to know you, then she's your friend for life. She is very loyal and likes her space. She dislikes anyone who has the courage to hit on her (Miroku). Sango will resort to violence to get people to stop hitting on her (Miroku). Sango secretly likes Miroku, even though he's a letcher.

Ok I hope you all like that and I hope it's good enough...I may be wrong about her age...Sango might be 17... but I don't know so I won't change it. Tty'all later then. ;)
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Guest sunnybunny7
Name:Shippou but call me Shippy or shippy-chan
Age:umm... 7 i guess
Gender:umm... i'll be a female shippou
Appearance: look like shippou but with a red kimono top with pink leaves and purple pants(not blue)
Weapon: (optional) the foxfire, the top shipou used on Manten(one of the thunder brothers), a little toy horse that cand fly and carry only one person, crying acorns and mushrooms, leaves for transforming, and a kitsune katana/fox sword. my fox sword can shoot like fox fireball out of the tip and I'm starting to lern how to do the ULTIMATE tecnique(i cant spell tecnique right) of the fox sword.
Bio: (optional)
Personality:jumpy, hyperactive, likes to say things randomly.

i am ryu_sakura's friend and sango is 16. i have the inuyasha info book in japanese and I cand read(almost every) japanese word.

If you are curious these are their ages-
Inuyasha: 15(thats what it says)
Kagome: 15
Miroku: 18
Sango: 16
Kohaku(Sango's bro): 11
Shippou: 7

Kikyou: 18(it says)
Kouga: 15
Sesshoumaru: 19(it says)
Rin: (doesn't say)
Jyaken: (doesn't say)
Naraku: 213(it says)
(little naraku minion) Kagura:17 (even though she came out of Naraku second... she was born at the age of 17)
(little naraku minion) Kanna:10 (even though she came out of Naraku first... she was born at the age of 10)
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Inuyashagurl_15, I didn't ask for either of those characters in this particular RPG. Either you edit into one that I asked for, create on our your own, or atleast PM me and ask first.

Ryu, thank you for changing your post. I still find it faintly disturbing but it is still acceptable in a way. It's not the worse and I can see you did do something to it.

Maikiratori and Charlie are fine. Neither of you have anything to worry about. Sunnybunny7, uhh.....a lot of those ages are wrong and Shippo can only has his normal attacks. The book you have is japanese but we're going by the American version. That might be why the ages are off by decades.
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