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OOC: I've been creating a bunch of class A loser rpg's lately, so I guess this would be redemption. (hopefully)

Nothing special ever happens here, in Makatatchi. Taht's the name of the plain city I live in. You could say, that time was standing still, or even repeating itself. Every now and then, the starship hangars would gleem to life with another somebody who wanted to seek their fortune in the cosmo's. Fat chance. It's been years since mankind has inhabeted the entire solar system, and even spilled out to "the great beyond" as people have learned to call it. But I digress, that can never be connected to this town, it was in a world all its own, one that had stopped spinning and died long ago. That was until he showed up. Hakaru Tskokanaru, but he called himself Hak. His ship went down over the Nokiri bridge in the center of town, like a shooting star. Press was all over him in a second, a crashing ship was the biggest thing to hit this city for a very long time. Hak explained to anyone who would listen, that he and his ship, The Galelayo, were searching the cosmo's for "the end of the universe" where a fabled treasure was said to preside. I, me being Seichiro Madagaskuro, heard by chance that he was looking for a crew to join him and become merc's. He should have just packed up and left. Looking for merc's in this city, he must have been a complete moron.

~As you can guess, you start out either in or on your way to this city, and end up joining his group. This is alot like outlaw star, so set the mood on that.

~I need someone to play Hakaru. PM me if you're intirested.

Species (yeah, belive it or not, the galexy was inhabetid. There were tons of species, like the Neon, (a race of androids without a creator) Kurugi's (cat and moon based ppl) Makayanas (ancient and very spiritual), Delatorios (vampire like people) and a whole bunch more, just make one up or be human.)
Weapon(s) (futuristic):

I'll post mine later
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[color=sky blue][font=times new roman][b][i]Name: Anya(Ah-niya) Himura
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Race: Makayanas

Appearance: Short(5'2") 110lbs,(human/wolf) light grey hair with dark grey hilights, black wolf-like ears, small fangs, and bushy tail same color as hair. Pale, almost white, eyes, milky skin, wears red silk pants that tie with drawstring, a white, spagetti strapped tank top, brown leather sandals, bandana, and cuffs.

Weapons: Carries the usual ninja weaponry around her waist and back. Chinese throwing stars, a tanto and ninjato, numb chucks, and, her personals, a staff that has a blood red garnet orbe on the top and whip. And her deck of cards, they are powerful Anya uses them to cast spells and attack. They are called the Deck of Stars.


[u]Aurora Blaze[/u]- This attack/spell is called from the power of her Deck of Stars. When summoned, a blaze of gasses and light engulf the victim and drains them of life energy and air. Can be cast with staff and cards.

[u]Stars Kisses[/u]-This spell is usually a follow-up of the Arura Blaze. When the Aurora Blaze drains the life energy from the victim, the Stars Kisses absorbs the energy and feeds it to Anya or whomever needs the energy. The gasses from the Aurora Blaze purify to usable energy and is enhaled by the person in need.

[u]Nebula's Blast[/u]-This attack/spell is a shower of light beams that inflicts an exsesive amount of damage. In a single blast, it could kill the victim. Used with cards.

[u]Galaxia of Demensions[/u]-This attack/spell is used only with Anya's staff. This is for those who are not fortunate enough to be killed instantly. Rather, they will get thrown into a dark demensia in which there is no return.

[u]Zodiac's Lash[/u]-This attack/spell is used only with Anya's whip. She calls upon the Zodiac's powers and transfers that power into the whip. When a victim is lashed, they will be sliced and diced.


Anya was born to normal parents. She lived a normal life until the age of eight years old. Her parent's fell victim to a serious plague of illness and almost died herself. But a young priestess took her in and tended to her sickness. Anya lived with the young priestess for several years and was taught the ways of old. About the 5 Decks of Futures and of the legends behind them. She also learned how to fight and lived the lifestyle of the ninja. The young priestess taught her everything she knows, spells and all.

One day Anya came home to find the priestess lay dying on the floor of the temple. Anya tried to heal her, but death had his grasp. In her dying breath, the priestess empowered Anya with the Deck of Stars and all of its glory and power.

She now wanders the land, trying to figure out where she belongs. She searches for this "Hak" and wonders what he offers.[/color][/font][/b][/i]
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Name: Siaga Kenmei McAmoray

Real Age: 3

Age: Looks 17

Gender: Female

Race: Android (humanity built android, [U]not[/U] Neon)

Appearance: 5'9" feet, 92 lbs., extremely long pure white hair, (hair goes down to her knees), pulled back long shaggy bang (that cover her eyes), dull, dead, blue eyes, pale skin, rosy cheeks, button long sleeve white shirt, button scuffling, triangular collar, long black tie, black skirt, white stockings, black ankle boots, a black band on both upper arms, tight black gloves, and is very frail even for an android


Pro. Glitch:
Located on her right shoulder, the black band is retractable. Pulling it black through her artificial skin, beneath the sleeve arm, it will open a panel. This panel leads to a main gate passage into her control system. Which has been programmed to be able to be used as a weapon. It opens up a circuit way that had a programmed glitch. Causing wires charged with negative energy to engulf her hand and arm. The wires come together to create a type of gun out of her engulfed hand. Allowing her to have for energy shots at her foe.

Bio: Siaga is an android created by humanity them self. She's designed to be a helper, and research specialist. Although she's also has been programmed to carry out any will of her current owner, no matter what the order may be. Only being in service for there years, she has much to learn. Although this dose not say much, considering she can gather large amounts of information in a short amount of time. And having a hack to get onto the internet from her main frame computer. Siaga is built from and older design, although she had just been built recently. (For some odd reason.) Often times Siaga tends to keep quite and is viewed as shy. Although often times those who do not know her well enough often get angry with her for not letting them know she's an android. Which she usually dosen't react to, after all she's ment to have no feelings.

She tends to be in the wrong place wrong times. And needs repair on a monthly basis. This is only because she was not designed to fight, and was built with a frail build on propose. Her creators have also installed a glitch in her frame designed to be used as a weapon when in trouble. But after wards she must be locked away for a long period of time. Or else will try to hurt those around her. Considering this you'd think she has no emotions, would you not? Siaga has a small sensory that allows her to feel a small amount of emotions. But often times still needs repairs, because it gets fired a lot.

Siaga has currently been sighted in Makatatchi with an escort. It has been said that she's been assigned to a new owner, Hak. For reasons unreleased, but there has been complications. Neither the escort nor Siaga have heard of any word from him, and he is not getting any closer. Which is where the escort comes in. To make she she's not damaged when handed over to work for Hak. They are looking for him, both for their own reasons.
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Name: Dragus Loader
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Specie: Mique (Pronounced Meek. the Mique are similar to the ctarl ctarl but dogs and live a lot longer than dogs they don't go by dog years.)
Desc.:6'9" which is average size for his race Dragus has sky blue eyes. Dragus Wears the traditional Uniform which is jeans and a tank top. Dragus has a light brown coat in his normal form but he transforms into a wolf with razor sharp fangs and claws.
Weapon(s) (futuristic): otherthan in wolf worm he has a hyperblasterisc gun that he rarely uses since he likes using his fists alot of the time.
in wolf form:claws and teeth
Bio: Dragus travels the universe for the honour of the Mique. But he searches for the treasure to help his family out more. (best I can think of right now.)
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[i][color=lightpink] Name: Zsuzsanna Kudou
Nickname: Zsu
Age: 16
Gender: Female Makayana

Description: She is very tiny for her age, 4'8", weighing only 80 lbs. She has long red curly hair, her eyes are a jade color and very large. Her skin is very tan, she wears a white lacy haltertop, that ties up the front with a black ribbon, wearing a matching lacy white skirt, that is quite short in the front, and extends in the back, to her black healed boots.

Weapons: She carries a katana that her brother gave to her for her 16th birthday. She knows how to use it. She also uses a caster gun, only having a few caster shells wanting to find more.

Skills: #1- Casts an Ultima (If you have seen any of the Final Fantasy's thats the spell i'm talking about.)

Bio: Zsuzsanna grew up with a twin sister, they didn't like eachother at all. But one day they were both sent to a special school parting them up, she got a new family after finding out that her real parents died from something misterious. She had a new family forgetting of her sister that she dispised very much. She didn't have much troubles growing up at all. But her new family was able to let her free to go out on a journy.


This good? Just wondering...can she have a caster like Gene starwind on Outlaw star? I really thought that was niftly and what she could go to school to learn about.[/color][/i]
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Name: Demetria Genesee (Demi)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Eikro- A race that mainly deals ground-born elements, and can manipulate them as well as channel energy through them. Their defining feature is their wings, which are large and metallic, but collapisble. Demi folds hers so that no one notices them.
Desc: Shoulder-length dark blue hair worn in a braid, gray eyes. Wears a short (long-sleeved) crimson dress with purple trim on the cuffs, collar, an hem. Black leggings, knee-high black lace up boots. She usually hides her wings, which are large, even for Eikro, and silvery blue.
Weapon(s) (futuristic): Plasma Rifle, as well as a stone pendant worked with metal, that she channels energy into for her signature attacks.
Bio: Demi was born on the planet of the Eikro, known as Sennesii. She lived planetside through her childhood, learning the ways of her people, and particularly excelling in magic. She left Sennesii when she was 15 to go to a special magic school on a nearby planet. During this time, she also learned how to pilot a spaceship, and became very good at that, although many say she cheats by using her connection with ground elements. She journeyed back to her home planet when she was 17, only to find that the whole thing had been destroyed by a fierce civil war, and the people were desperately trying to rebuild. Demi was didgusted by this, being a strong advocate for peace, and left the planet. She now gets jobs piloting anything to anywhere for the right price, while sending most of the money home to help rebuild. Despite her displeasure that her people warred, she still loves them fiercely, and tries to help them in any way possible.
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[b]Name:[/b] garai hikairo
[b]Age:[/b] 17
[b]Gender:[/b] male
[b]Species:[/b] zantar (a species that do not fight because they have no type of skills for fighting but there are some that look human with deferent skills so they are respected because of there abillaitys)
[b]Desc.:[/b] get back to ya
[b]Weapons:[/b] astral blaster, sapphire blade, caster gun with 13 special casters
[b]Bio:[/b] garai is part of a race nown as the zantar. Normaly zantars don't fight because they don't have the skills and are a peacfull race but because he is not a normale one he can fight. Because his type of zantar are respected in there culture he set out to make a name for him self so that he wouldn't be respected for what he is and so he would be respected for what he does. He works as a body garde or a merchanary some times. Most people expect him to be weak becase he's a zantar but he proves them wrong by beating them in fights. He'll help those in need or go on adventures because he thinks more people will respect him that way.
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I'm glad ppl showed up. Yes you may have a Castar gun, but please list the affect, because I kinda forgot...
Sorry I was gone for the weekend, by the way.

Name: Seichiro Madagaskuro
Age: 14
Gender: male
Species human

Desc. 5'9" feet tall, short for 14 years old, and tall for 13 years old, but his b-day was only a week ago. His hair is greyish black, not too long, but not short,(like Tsukasa's (the guy in my avatar) when everyone still thought he was a boy, except without the cap.) Hazel eyes and slightly pale skin. Black hooded sweatshirt (hood not on head) with the txt in bold white letters The Seatbelts across the chest. (The Seatbelts is the band that does all of Cowboy Bebop's music.) Blue jeans and red tennis shoes.
Weapon(s) (futuristic): None, yet

Bio: Just a plain resident of Makatatchi. His mother died after remarrying to a workahollic who was never home. His dad works at the ship hangar, so whenever he is home Seichiro never stops hearing about his work, which is probably why he knew about Hak looking for a group, and can find his way around a toolbox (but just barely)
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A caster gun fires numbered bullets and creates powerful magical attacks. Like a #4 bullet fires a black hole that sucks in the opponent and never returns (there are some that escape).There is about 20 different bullets. Only numbers, 4, 9, and 13, drain some of your life after you fire them.
Name: Hakaru Tskokanaru
Nickname: Hak
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Desc.: 6 feet tall, long black hair tied into a pony tail, pale blue eyes, wears blue vest, brown trench coat, black jeans and boots.

Weapons: Katana, two revolvers, shotgun, and if he really needs it, a caster gun. He doesnt have numbers 4, 9, and 13.

Bio: He was always interested in creating a ship and going off into space. After creating his ship, The Galelayo, he became a jack-of-all-trades and does anything for money, travelling the universe for seven years. After crashing into Makatatchi, he announced that he is looking for a crew to become a team of mercenaries to help find a great treasure at the "end of the universe".

At first glance you would think he was a complete moron who acted on impulse rather reasoning, but at times he can be really serious and emotional. He also likes antique weapons, which is why he has two revolvers and a shotgun.
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