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RPG Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Island!!!!


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Okay basically before I start the entire RPG I want to say that we will be going by a mixture of Battle City and offical rules. The Battle City rules are as followed.

-You and your opponent start off with 4000 life points.

-The winner of the duel will take the loser's rarest card and a locator card.

Those are the only Battle City Rulings. Now for Restricted cards, if you are going to use any Japanese Cards please check out Edo's Site. But basically I hope everyone will follow the English Restricted List. Anyways onto the rpg!

[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]It has been 3 months since my encounter with Ashok on Battle Cruise and I now possess one of the most powerful cards in the duelling world, I guess you could say I feel honored but yet I feel cheap because I use it so many times, but who wouldn't enjoy using Apophis the god of all dragons? Oh well anyways after three long boring months I recieved a letter in the mail, after finding out it was from Seto Kaiba himself I tore open the envelope and read what he had to say. He was inviting me to Hawaii along with the world's best duelists and he was having a grand tournament there on the island and he even said I could use Apophis. Well right at that moment I did a backflip for joy and bounded up the stairs to my room and started packing just as my mom walked in.[/i]

"And where are you off to?" [i]She asked rather ruefully seeing as how she saw the letter on the table as I'd bounded up the stairwell. I gave her a playful look just as I'd finished stuffing my clothes into my suitcase. I'd gotten that done but I needed one more thing and that was my deck and card case, I easily slipped my deck into my coat pocket but then I reached under my bed and pulled out a large metal suitcase and picked it up as well and vamoosed with the first class ticket that was included in the letter. With a few hugs and kisses from my mom I was off for the airport. As I buzzed through the checkouts my mind wandered back to Battle Cruise, I remembered how I'd met so many people, including Kaiba and Yugi themseleves. Hell I'd even dueled alongside them against Ashok and Apophis, I thought it was amazing that we'd gotten The Divine Winged Dragon of Ra out so fast and at such an incredible power level too, it made my mind swirl. Anyways after going through the checkout I was on the plane and on my way to Hawaii.

After I'd gotten settled in my seat I looked around and just at that moment I realized that maybe Aidian wouldn't be here. I felt a large knot forming in my stomach, without him here I felt kind of lonely, maybe he would be there. I could only hope as the sun started to set and I could see the faint out line of the main Island of Hawaii.

As soon as the plane touched down a man in a suit greeted me at the door and told me to follow him, and that's when I saw a large limo sitting at the main entrance, he opened the door and I nearly fell over because that's when I saw Kaiba and Yugi sitting there.[/i]

"Yugi! Kaiba! Hi guys, boy its been long since I've seen you guys." [i]I said a little goofily as I slid into the car next to Kaiba, that's when the door shut.[/i] "So what's with the special treatment for me?" [i]Kaiba gave me a smirk and merely replied.[/i] "Because I like you Ryan, and also you helped us defeat Ashok along with the others."

"Speaking of which Kaiba, do you know if Aidian is in the tournament?" [i]Kaiba gave a pained look.[/i]

"Unfortunately I don't know so I really can't tell you, he might be at the speech Yugi and I will be giving as soon as we get to the beach." [i]Kaiba said as we drove along the highway that lead to the resort area where the tournament would be taking place.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Basically I just want you guys to post on reicieving a letter and arriving at the area. I'll post with the speech and what's supposed to happen for Battle Island.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Nisha was at home.She was running around packing things into her backpack.She grabbed supplies,food,clothes and other items.Then she went to her bedside drawer and pulled out a golden box.(Like the one Yugi keeps his cards in)She opened it to check that her deck was safe and then put the box at the very bottom of her bag under all of her clothes.

Earlier that week Nisha had recieved a letter inviting her to a Duelist Tournament.She even got wind of Yugi and Kaiba being there.Nisha was so excited.

Nisha finally stopped packing and closed her backpack.She slung it onto her back and ran downstairs.She left a note for her parents who were away and left the house.

She reached into her pocket and brought out the letter that she had gotten.It gave a specific location.Nisha brought out a strange mobile phone.There was a scanning panel on top and the phone was a screen.Nisha scanned the location name and a map came out with where it was and how to get there.Nisha nodded and ran off.[/COLOR]
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Akphetnon had been meditating and focusing on his life, when he received a letter from Seto Kaiba. He was mildly surprised and amused, but, realized he had to leave immediatley to reach the plane. So he grabbed his deck and always ready suitcase and left the house. He got on the airplane wondering if his deck should change to his fiend deck.
Well, he did change to his all powerful, fiend deck. It included Dark Necrofear along with another all powerful hidden monster. He heard the announcement that the plane was landing and put his clothes and cards away. He was prepared to beat all the other pathetic duelists and take Ryan's God of Dragons.
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]As the limo cruised along the highway from the airport to the resort I looked out the window at the ocean and that's when Kaiba cleared his throat and I looked at him.[/i]

"...Would it be all right if I took a look at Apophis?" [i]He asked rather sheepishly, I reached into my jacket and pulled out my deck case and then my deck, as I searched through my familiar deck I felt a flood of memories from Battle Cruise again. How fun it had been on that huge ship, meeting all those duelists, all the battles I'd won and came close to losing, and then there was the finale with Ashok and what I now called my baby, but I was snapped out of my thoughts when I found myself staring at Apophis, Kaiba of course reached over and yanked Apophis out and just stared at it.[/i]

"Kaiba, should I get you a towel cause you're drooling and I would prefer if you didn't get any on my baby." [i]I said jokingly but Kaiba blushed and Yugi covered a laugh with a cough, but of course he handed Apophis back to me. He then turned very serious.[/i]

"The reason I'm giving you a ride in this limo etc. is because I want to give you a list of the top duelists that are here in Battle Island. Here they are, of course you're ranked number one in the world and then there is this guy." [i]Kaiba pulled up a picture of a teenager my age that looked like he was from the mideast or somewhere like that.[/i]

"Where's he from? Egypt?" [i]I asked rather shocked, Kaiba nodded which added more to my shock. He was second in the world, it was even going around the net that he might even beat me if we were to duel against each other. I then saw the next 18 duelists, they all varied in ages, but one that really pissed me off was top duelist number 4 was Alucard Raiseki, if he was here at Battle Island I would crush him with Apophis and rip up every one of his cards simply because he was a cheat and thief. Yugi must have sensed this or it was because of the face I made when I saw his picture because the next thing I heard was Yugi talking to me.[/i]

"Don't worry Ryan, he'll get his just desserts for what he's done." [i]I nodded in agreement, he would and I would be the one to deliver. I had to snicker rather menacingly while the limo pulled into the resorts parking lot.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I got out of the taxi and paid the little Indonesian man. I searched the streets until I saw the Kaiba Corp. limo with the custom license plates for Kaiba. After I lose the limo I started walking around the town and saw a card shop, it sold Duel Monsters so I went in and bought a pack. "Hmm, these will all help" I thought. So I walked to the appropriate spot in town, and wandered when the announcement to kick the Tournament off would happen. While I was waiting, I sat down on a bench to relaxe and check my deck.
Some kids came up to me and said, "are you really..." and I muttered a quiet "yes". They got the hint and left. While I was waiting I checked the deck one last time and tool out a Great Angus and replaced it with a Fiber Jar. This is when I saw everyone gathering, and followed as the speech began...
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]As soon as the limo had come to a halt the three of us climbed out of the car and headed for a large stage set up on the beach with a podium in its center, as soon as Kaiba had ascended the stairs that lead up from the back I heard a loud roar erupt from the crowd and then Yugi and I followed and the crowd grew even louder, I had to grin, and that's when Kaiba began.[/i]

"Welcome duelists, I'm glad so many of you have come to this grand tournament. Of course there will be much like Battle City except of a larger scale this will take place within this great city. Now to commemerate this great turn out I will introduce two of the highest ranking duelists. One is Ryan and the next is Akphetnon from Egypt, he has placed right bleow Ryan and they are of equal dueling skill. I hope you give them a good run in this tournament." [i]While Kaiba was saying this I scanned the entire crowd and there he was, standing right up front drooling at my deck, Alucard Raiseki. But while Alucard was doing that Akphetnon walked up the stairs and stood next to me and then I noticed he was looking at me and really giving me the creeps and then that's when he said loud enough that only I could hear was.[/i]

"Watch yourself Ryan otherwise you'll be minus Apophis and losing to me!" [i]I felt my anger seething to the point I was about to explode but I calmly said to him.[/i]

"You will fall before Apophis and that day is to come soon enough. And besides, Apophis obeys me and me only." [i]And with that he backed off to an extent but after I said that a breeze lapped through and that caught both Kaiba's trenchcoat and mine, but Alucard was snickering and pointing at me and that's when I snapped right there and pointed right at him and yelled.[/i]

"Alucard Raiseki I swear upon Apophis and my honor as a duelist that I will crush you like the bug that you are and you will become so ashamed that you'll wish you never crossed me!!!" [i]As soon as my big mouth was done firing off I looked around and found that the entire crowd was staring at me and I backed off and that's when Kaiba finished his speech and the tournament began.[/i]

"Remember Ryan, I'm after your Apophis." [i]Akphetnon said icily as I walked past him but I did just that and breezed right by him and headed off into the hotel's plaza hoping to torture some person with my deck seeing as how I wasn't in a very good mood.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I got to the main arena and saw the crowd. The first thing Kaiba did was call myself and Ryan up. Well, I was finally getting some of the respect I deserved.
Kaiba introduced Ryan and I to the crowd and said he hoped they could give us a challenge. "Ha" I thought "They couldn't beat me or for that fact Ryan on our worst day and their best."Kaiba was halfway throught his speech when said to Ryan "Watch yourself Ryan or you'll be minus Apophis and losing to me!" He said something you don't really need to know it isn't important, but I was thinking about that and Ryan just exploded.
He started yelling at Alucard, who I cannot say did not deserve it, but he not need to worry about that newbie. He needed to worry about me. Because one day very soon we will be in a very close situation and his smugness will end up making him lose. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes I am better than him.
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]As soon as I entered the main square at the hotel I saw a large group forming around what appeared to be a small stand, I walked up closer for a better look and saw a little girl handing an all to familiar person her deck for a supposed "rating" but the person doing the rating was Alucard, and the next thing he did made my blood boil. He took at least three cards out of the girl's deck without her seeing because he slid it under the table and that was it, I lunged at him.[/i]

"Alucard!!! How dare you!!" [i]In an instant I was lunging for his throat but he'd seen me and jumped back and was running and I was hot on his heels, as I gained on him I could feel my anger catching up to me, as he rounded the corner I heard a crack and then a thud and I rounded the corner and saw Alucard on the ground and that guy from the speech walking out from an alleyway. Alucard stood up and wiped some blood from his nose and yelled at me.[/i]

"You may have three Blue Eyes White Dragons but I will crush you with my three Tyrant Dragons, hell I'll put up all 4 of them and my Chaos Messanger Soldier of the End and another card but you'll see it soon enough."

"Fine! You wanna play hard ball?! I'll put up all three of my Blue Eyes and Apophis!" [i]I yelled as I slapped my deck into the deck holder of the duel disk. Within minutes the lifepoint counter bleeped to life and displayed a healthy 4000 life points. I then looked at Alucard and smirked.[/i]

"I thought I'd like to tell you that I've disengaged the safties so one of us is gonna get really hurt." [i]I had to laugh my brains out mentally as I saw the color in Alucard's face pale down to pure white. I drew my five cards which were Breaker, Sapphire Dragon, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Lord Of D., and Flute of Summoning Dragon. My next card I drew was Swords of Revealing Light.[/i]

"I'll go first and summon Breaker The Magic Warrior in attack mode and I will now put the counter on him taking him up to 1900 attack power and now I play Swords of Revealing Light!!" [i]God I love myself; I thought as a horde of swords of pure light enveloped Alucard's field. I laughed as all he did was summon a Great Angus. I drew my next card, it was Vorse Raider.[/i]

"Prepare yourself for my Sapphire Dragon!" [i]I yelled as the bright blue beast arose from its card and let out a bellow and slumped back onto its hind legs. It was Alucard's turn and that's when I got worried because then he summoned out something I didn't want to see, it was his Breaker, he must have stolen it or got one to copy me, except he then slapped the counter on and left it on and then what worried me was the magic/trap card he set. It was my turn again and this time I drew the card I wanted, it was Apophis, but I wanted to wait for something really fun.[/i]

"HAHAHAH!! You're end is near Alucard!! I now summon out Vorse Raider and I now attack your Angus with Vorse Raider!!"

"Trap activate! Mirror Force!" [i]Just like that, my monsters were destroyed and in the graveyard. All I could do was watch in horror as my monsters were killed by Vorse Raider's own attack! And I didnt' remove Breaker's counter to get rid of that! I wanted to beat my head against the wall for doing that but thank god for the swords.... I ended my turn and that was the worst thing because Alucard took off Breaker's counter and destroyed the swords and the next thing I knew I was on my knees holding my side because of being attacked and going down to 2600 life points and that's when Akphetnon said something.[/i]

"Gee, you're the number 1 duelist in the world and yet you're letting this pig beat you!? Peh, I was hoping to take Apophis from you." [i]That was it, I drew my card, it was a second Blue Eyes, this was it! I didn't care about my babies going to the graveyard.[/i]

"Alucard! This is the end for you! I summon the Lord of Dragons in attack mode and play The Flute Of Summoning Dragons and then summon forth two of my Blue Eyes White Dragons in attack mode but I'm not done, I now special summon forth the most powerful card in my deck! I now sacrafice Lod of Dragons and both of my Blue Eyes for Apophis The God Of All Dragons!! Arise my great dragon!!!"

"What!? No way!!!" [i]Alucard yelled in sheer surprise[/i]

"Oh yes, the heavens twist and hell is awakened as the king of dragons awakens from his slumber in anger!!!" [i]With that the ground tore itself apart and out of the firery cracks a pillar of light shot out and from the heavens descended my dragon, he furled out his massive blue wings and his eyes glared their blood thirsty gold and he let out a massive roar which sent shudders of happiness down my spine, with a light thud he landed and leaned his head down and I rubbed it.[/i]

"You see Alucard, Apophis obeys only me! Now my great beast leave his pitiful monsters alone, I know he has something better waiting for me." [i]Apophis reluctantly obeyed and glared at pitiful little Alucard like a dog does a fresh piece of meat. I had to laugh as Alucard summoned out a third monster and thats when he did something unexpectedly.[/i]

"I now sacrafice all three of my monsters for my powerful card! Ashragia come forth!" [i]I was amazed that there was some kind of knock off god monster, as the ground split Apophis snorted in disdain as a smaller dragon came forth but it still looked bigger than most dragons.[/i]

"This is my god card Ryan and you'll fall before me!! HAHAHAHAHAAH!!!" [i]As he finished his sentence I was laughing and then glared at him.[/i]

"You wish, I'll kill you with Apophis and one more card" [i]Alucard's face once again went pale and then I drew my card which was Sapphire dragon again. Apophis looked at me and I grinned.[/i]

"I summon forth Sapphire Dragon and then I attack your pitiful Ashragia with Apophis!!! NOW!!!!" [i]Apophis opened its massive maw and a large energy blast fired off at the little pitiful Ashragia which tried to stand against the blast but was vaporized and Alucard fell to his knees.[/i]

"Sapphire Dragon finish him off!" [i]With that Sapphire then wiped him out and that was it! I walked over to Alucard who was kneeling in shock I then took his four Tyrants and took two of them and looked at them and Ashragia and that's when Akphetnon walked over and handed me a lighter.[/i]

"Alucard for all the horrible things you have done to duelists across the world I now condem your Ashragia to a eternal punishment of being burned, oh wait I'll just burn it now! the others stay with me." [i]I flicked on the lighter and put it right under Ashragia and dropped it as the last part of the card burned and I knew I had been cruel but it was for what he had done, but the other thing I did was take the cards he'd stolen from that little girl and I handed them back to her at the square.

After awhile I was standing around and I saw Akphetnon walking towards me and I whipped out the Chaos Messanger of the End and handed it to him.[/i]

"Here, I have no use for this card, I'm just keeping the Tyrants just because I want dragons." [i]Akphetnon looked at me shocked and nodded and walked off towards the local cafe in the hotel.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I was so shocked that Ryan had been nice to me. No one had ever been nice to me, that is why I started this game. Anyway, he wasn't being nice, somehow he probably hoped this would make me leave him alone. Well, no I will crush all. The next thing I know some kid had came up and said "My dad helped me with this deck, it is guaranteed to win!" I said "What card are you putting up?" He said "I have an PerfectlyUltimate Great Moth, and you?" I simply said "you don't need to know, you won't win!"
We started up our duel disks and I drew my first hand. I had Chaos Soldier Messenger of the end, Foolish burial, Card Destruction, Mirror Force, and Giant Orc. I went first and drew my one of my only light monsters Skilled White Magician. "I play foolish burial putting my Skilled White Magician in the graveyard, then I summon Giant Orc and place 1 m/t card down." He took his turn and played the pitiful moth combo of the petite moth and coccoon. I took my turn and drew Jinzo.
"Now, I will tribute the Giant Orc for Jinzo, but that is not all, I will special summon the Chaos Soldier by offering the life force of Skilled White Magician and Giant Orc!" And with that my new Chaos Soldier came forth with all his swords and armor. "BUT, that is not all, now I will equip The Soldier with Axe of Despair AND Mage Power, raising his attack to 5000 points strong!!!"
And with this my soldier started to power up with blue mystical energy, and gained an axe. "So, Jinzo attack his coccoon!" Jinzo powered up his galaxy blaster and fired destroying the coccoon. "And Soldier, attack his life points directly!" My soldier took his axe put all the energy into it and double slashed with his sword and axe. "There", I said "Give me the Moth"
After this I set off to find Ryan.
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[size=1]Austin looked at the crowds of dualist dualing each other, as he walked pass he could see holograms of monster roaring and fighting. But what made this island full of dualist so great is that you never know what type of deck a dualist will play, one of the reasons Austin had can to the small island. Austin walked as he saw a dual going on. It was a player aginest Rex Raptor, a dualist with a dinosaur and dragon themed deck.

"So, do you really think you can beat me?" he said to the dualist he was dualing. He looked at him wide eyed and looked down. Rex nevered played many magic and trps to counter, and his deck was a beat down. Austin looked at the dualist, who had a simple Battle Ox out in defence mode. Rex had Black Tyrano out, and most of the dualist life points were gone. It was Rex's turn, and he attacked with Black Tyrano. "Do you know what Black Tyrano can do?" he asked.

"No....." the dualist answered.

"If your only monster is in defence mode, I can attack your life points directly," Rex said. The Black Tyrano charged at the player and attacked, and the opponent dualist lost. He handed over his cards, and lefted with his head down. "Who wants to dual me now!?!" Rex shouted.

Austin stepped out of the crowd.

"I will Rex Raptor," he said loudly.[/size]
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]As I left the hotel square I felt like looking for a duel, it was a pity that the main areas that duels were taking place on were the beach and the hotel square and maybe a few in front of some stores.

I headed for a small cafe that was right on the beach, as I walked in the door I saw an all too familiar blonde, it was Joey! Of course he was trying to flirt with a really attractive girl but she was brushing him off and leaving him bummed out at the bar. I walked over casually and tapped him on the back, he turned slowly around and looked up, and when he did he lept out of his seat.[/i]

"Ryan!!! How are ya?! I've missed ya since Battle Cruise. So, how are things with ya?"

"Whoa! Slow down buddy, I can only answer one question at a time. First off I'm great, secondly I've missed you too, and thirdly things are great, I've still got Apophis in my deck and he always gets used." [i]As I said that a familiar person walked up to me, it was Weevil Underwood.[/i]

"I challenge you to a duel Ryan, and if you lose you will hand over your Apophis." [i]The little green haired brat said to me, and I looked down at him and glared him.[/i]

"Fine, but if I win I get your Ultimately Perfect Great Moth combo."

[i]He nodded and the three of us walked out to the beach and Weevil and I activated our discs and got into position for dueling.[/i]

"I'll start off by summoning Leghul and then playing Swords Of Revealing Light!" [i]Oh thrill I thought as I was engulfed by a horde of massive swords.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I left my hotel room an while I was riding the elevator, I was thinking about why Ryan had given me the Emperor. Maybe he wasn't trying to soften me up maybe he was being a friend. Hmm, the thought of a friend amused me, as I had always been really alone most of my life.
So, I got off the elevator and walked out into the brisk day. I was walking down the street when I got an urge to explore. I was walking around twn and heard the start of a duel. I went to check it out and saw Ryan being held in a lock by Weevil Underwood. I could not beleive it, here he was caught in an amtuerish trap again!
I saw the look on his face and laughed, he really did not know how to get out of this! So, I caught his attention and yelle "Caught in a little spot again? Jeez, you must not be as good as I thought!" As I said this, I thought of something to say. "Ryan, if you ever finish dueling these amateurs, come and find me, I will teach what dueling is all about!"
With this I turned on my heel and walked away, much to everyones amazement.
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]Grrrr.... Akphetnon really got to me with that and Joey could tell, he gave me a look and nodded, I drew my opening hand: Blue Eyes White Dragon, Sapphire, Giant Germ, Axe of Despair, and Flute Of Summoning Dragon. I drew my next card which just happened to be a Mystic Tomato. I smirked at this.[/i]

"I'll summon forth my Mystic Tomato and end my turn." [i]I could tell Weevil was wondering why I was doing this seeing as how he could bypass my monster and go straight for my life points.[/i]

"I'll just summon another Lehghul and end my turn." [i]This time I was really wondering what he was up to, I drew my next card, this time I nearly fell over in surprise, it was Mystical Space Typhoon.[/i]

"Okay first off I summon Sapphire Dragon and then I play Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy your Swords Of Revealing Light." [i]As I said this a brillant blue cyclone appeared and blew away the swords which left Weevil open for a really big hurting. [/i]

"Now, Sapphire Dragon and Mystic Tomato attack his pitiful insects!!" [i]Both my dragon and vegetable attacked his little insects this sent him reeling backwards as his life points shot clear down to a measly 1300. It was his turn now.[/i]

"I set one card face down and end my turn, go for it Ryan and attack my face down card." [i]Too much of a bait and trap tactic, I wouldn't allow that, I drew my next card which was Lord of Dragons and it was the card I'd been waiting for.[/i]

"Hey Weevil, I think I'll take your advice and play Lord of Dragons in attack mode and then use the Flute Of Summoning Dragon to summon forth my Blue Eyes White Dragon!! Now my Sapphire Dragon attack his face down monster!!" [i]As I did so it triggered a Man-Eater Bug but the effect didn't even touch my dragons seeing as how my dragons were protected by Lord of D.[/i]

"Now Blue Eyes attack his life points directly!!" [i]The dragon obeyed and Weevil fell defeated, I walked over took his Ultimately Perfect Great Moth and a locator card which took me up to 3 cards. I needed 4 more to qualify, but I wanted to go meet Akphetnon and talk to him, Joey of course tagged along with me.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I made sure to stick around a little so Ryan could find me. As I saw the end of his duel, I took off to where I was going at a reasonable pace to keep him rushing and out of step. When I was nearing the little spot, I slowed down and waited to see where he was.
Oh no, I had lost him in all the confusion! So, I waited at the door for a while and while my back was turned I heard his voice say "Hello." So, I turned around and saw that there was Ryan and Joey. We went inside to sit down and talk and could not find a table. So we went to a corner after ordering our drinks to wait for a able to open up....
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]After having taken Weevil's cards Joey and I managed to find Akphetnon standing near the cafe I'd seen Joey at. As we stood against the wall waiting for our drinks Akphetnon broke the silence.[/i]

"Why did you give me that Chaos Soldier-Messanger of the end?" [i]He said while looking me in the face. I simply looked back and shrugged.[/i]

"Because I thought it would symbolize our friendship." [i]He squinted his eyes a little and got a look like I was trying to mess with his head.[/i]

"Whatever, I really don't mind. I'll just remember to crush you with it when I face you." [i]At this Joey jumped right in front of me and looked Akphetnon in the face.[/i]

"Look here you....." [i]I placed my hand on Joey's shoulder and he turned around.[/i]

"Joey stop, he knows I was being kind he's just joking anyways." [i]At that moment the three of us started chuckling and while that was going on our drinks arrived and a table was opened up. Of couse I'd ordered a tropical punch, but I had no idea what the others had ordered, but I was too enthralled about looking at my deck to talk. I guess I was too entrhalled because after a few minutes I found that Joey had disappeared and I was just sitting with Akphetnon.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I found myself wondering where the time had gone. It seemed like so long ago we arrived at this island and started this tourney. I was just so exhausted but, I new I had to keep on a strong face like I always had, and perservere.
So, I found myself alone with Ryan and I had to tell him just one thing. "I wanted to tell you why I was so intent on beating you. I was raised with an alchoholic family and always felt like if I was the best then I would have the respect I wasn't given."
To this he said .....
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]I looked at Akphetnon with remorse and surprise, I had no idea he'd had such an awful life and this was why he was acting this way, it was as a defense mechanisim. I looked at him.[/i]

"I'm sorry, I had no idea that your life had been so hard." [i]He returned the look.[/i]

"Its okay it doesn't matter that much, I just want to win this tournament." [i]I could see the determination in his eyes, he was dead serious about this, I looked out the window and saw that the sun was setting, I then looked down at my watch. It was getting late, I stood up and stretched my arms.[/i]

"Well. I better be going, so I can get some sleep." [i]Akphetnon nodded and took a sip of his drink. As I walked out of the cafe I was greeted by silence, save for the spare car driving by and the water lapping against the shore.

As I walked down the sidewalk to the hotel I swore I heard another person behind me, I clenched my hand into a fist, stopped and turned around full force and almost punched my little stalker, but I stopped dead in my tracks. It was Kaiba, I lowered my fist and sighed.[/i]

"Kaiba don't ever do that again, you scared the crap out of me." [i]Kaiba smirked and then got his usual serious look.[/i]

"Follow me back to the hotel, we have a problem." [i]I was taken aback and a little worried, what if Ashok wasn't dead but he was alive. I could feel a large pit opening in my stomach.

As we arrived at the hotel Kaiba handed me a note and I unfolded it as we stepped into the elevator. It read:

"Kaiba, if you do not call off your tournament the next duelist that goes off your location device will end up dead in the ocean." At this I braced myself against a railing in the elevator and handed the note back to Kaiba.[/i]

"Duelists have been disappearing!?" [i]He nodded solomenly.[/i]

"Yes, we've had 3 go off the radar in the past 3 hours, Mokuba has dispatched search parties and they found them but the duelist's decks had been stolen. This really worries me because if this is found out by the press I'll then have to have the local police step in and add more security. If that happens everyone still won't feel safe and the tournament will lose all of their participants." [i]As soon as he finished saying this the elevator came up to the top level and I found myself staring into a large command center. In the center of the room was Mokuba, of course he'd finally gotten a hair cut which made him look like a boy finally.[/i]

"Seto, nothing new to report, except that..Oh, well I can guess that you know Ryan's activated his god card already... Other than that nothing new. No duelists have disappeared.. Actually we just lost one! Da..."

"Mokuba, get a security team dispatched out there immediately! Ryan head back to your room and stay there. Mokuba, who was just captured?!"

"It was..." [i]The door shut just before I could hear the name, I found myself praying mentally that the duelist was safe and okay. As the elevator came to a halt on my floor I found myself staring at two cloaked figures.[/i]

"Welcome Ryan, please follow us." [i]I looked at these two creeps with a rather puzzled look and nodded, I found myself following these guys to the top of the building on the roof level and what I saw about made me hit the ground. There, extending out of the ledge was a plank that was tied to the building but tied down to the plank was Akphetnon, he was unconscious but alive. I then looked down and found myself standing over the glass part of the cieling.[/i]

"Heheheh... Welcome to our duel, you see we have a double standard, if you beat us in a duel we'll release your friend. But if you lose those bombs positioned on the corners on your side of the cieling will detonate and you'll fall to your death as will your friend."

"You creeps!!" [i]I screamed in a fit of rage, not only was this a one way duel I didn't even think I could win against them. Just at that moment Yugi walked up on top of the cieling.[/i]

"What is going on here!?" [i]He said with surprise and anger in his voice.[/i]

"Yugi, please team up with me to save Akphetnon!" [i]He nodded and the duel for the life of my friend began.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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After talking to Ryan for a little while he told me he had to go and rest. So, I nodded goodbye and went back to my memories. All I could think of after telling my story was how my family had been so mean and abusive to me. When I finished my drink, I looked around the room and saw all the children with their loving familys and felt anger like I had not felt since before the tournament.
After this I started on the trek back to my room and swore I heard someone or thing behind me. So, I prepared for a fight and turned around to ee not 1 but 2 men coming at me with guns. At first I thought they had bullets, but saw darts instead. I dropped low to avoid the first volley of shots and leaped forward taking one down with a knee chop.
The 2nd one caught me in the back with a dart but, I refused to go down and stood to fight again, barely getting a hit on him before fell unconcious...
I woke up to se a duel about to start all heard was "help me save Akphetnon." And then I was looking around to see those two creeps who ambushed me. I managed to somhow hit my deck to Ryan and told him to take my Soldier. He resisted, but I told him tha "my friends will always have my help in some way."
After this I set to work on getting my small pocket knife out, to start cutting out to help Ryan and Yugi. And this was when everyone said "Duel!" And this began the battle for my life..
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[COLOR=darkblue]Nisha had listened to Kaiba's speech.It sounded so grand and majestic,the way he presented it.When Kaiba mentioned the 2 Highest Ranking Duelists she was surprised to see them.It was amazing to finally see them.Ryan and Akphetnon.She had heard so much about them and idolised them.

When Kaiba finished his speech everyone dispatched and started to pair up and duel.Nisha reached into her pocket and brought out the new card she got.The person that gave it to her said it was called a Locator Card.And that she needed 7 to get to the Final Round.

Nisha looked around to see if she could duel anyone.Then she saw someone.Nisha immediately identified her and ran up to her to challenge her to a duel.

"Mai Valentine!!I challenge you to a Duel!"Nisha said to the lady.
"Huh?Who are you?"she asked looking at her.
"I'm Nisha Kanbara."
"Hm...Ok...I accept."

They walked away to an area and got into the dueling boxes.The points on the side lit up.4000 life points each.They put their decks down and shuffled.They both drew a hand and it was decided that Mai would go first.She drew another card from the pile.

Mai smirked and put down a card in attack mode.

"I'll play Harpie Lady in Attack Mode!"

The half bird half lady came forth and screeched.

Nisha drew another card and added it to her hand.
Nisha inspected the hand.She thought before plucking out a card and placing it in attack mode.

"I play Winged Dragon,Guardian of the Fortress in Attack Mode!"

The blue dragon appeared and let out a cry.

"Winged Dragon!Take Flight!Attack!!!"Nisha cried.

Mai cried out but it was too late.Winged Dragon reared back it's head and released a fireball from it's jaws,destroying Harpie Lady.

Mai's life points fell from 4000 to 2600.Mai growled angrily.She drew from the deck again and put a card face down in the magic section.Then she got another card and put it in defense mode,face down.

Nisha drew again and also placed a trap card before putting down a monster face up in attack mode.

"I play Gaia the Fierce Knight!!Gaia Fierce Knight!Attack!!!!"

The monster appeared and galloped forward on his horse with his lance pointed and struck the face down card.It turned out to be Crawling Dragon.

Mai's life points realed backwards to 1200.Mai drew another card and placed a card in attack.It was Rainbow Flower.

"Rainbow Flower!Attack the life points directly!!!"Mai called.

The monster sucked away 400 life points taking Nisha's life points down to 3600.

Nisha swiped another card off the top of her deck and grinned.She placed the card she had newly drawn into defense mode,face down.Then she placed another trap card down.She ended her turn without attacking.

Mai drew another card and put a card on the field in attack mode.

"I'll play Baby Dragon in Attack Mode!And I'll use my magic card that I placed."

She flipped the magic card to reveal Time Wizard.

Nisha gasped.She thought only she had the combination of Baby Dragon,Time Wizard and A Thousand Dragon.

The Time Wizard sent Baby Dragon through and A Thousand Dragon appeared.

Nisha looked at her cards to see that Winged Dragon and Gaia the Fierce Knight were ancient.Winged Dragon had turned into a fossil and Gaia the Fierce Knight was an old man on a old horse.Nisha looked at Mai.Mai never had these cards.....Nisha glared at her...she had heard someone was going around and stealing people's decks.All Nisha knew was she usually didn't have these cards....but then again....maybe she bought them herself.

"A Thousand Dragon attack!!!"Mai called.

The attack was headed straight towards her Winged Dragon.The dragon roared loudly before discintegrating.

Nisha looked at her life points.She was down to 2200.

Then she drew a card.She smirked happily and put the card down on the field.

"I play Dark Magician!!!Dark Magic Attack!!!"Nisha cried.
"NO!!"Mai cried loudly.

The attack hit Thousand Dragon and Mai's life points went down to Zero.

They took their cards and decks and got down.

"I can't believe I lost..."she muttered.

She handed over two cards.One was her Locator card that she owned and the other was her rarest card.Harpie's feather Duster.

"It was a good Duel Mai.Smart of you to use the BabyDragon and Time Wizard Combo."Nisha said extending a hand.

"Thanks Nisha.You're a good duelist.I hope you get far.I wish you all the best."Mai said shaking the hand.

"Thanks Mai."

"We'll meet again Nisha.And I'll be better and stronger than before."

"I hope so."Nisha said as Mai walked away.

Nisha looked at the Locator Card and then put all of her cards into the box and walked off to find if anyone else was interested in a duel.[/COLOR]

Don't critisize my dueling.I don't play...I only watch the Anime.
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Guest bahumant111088
kaine needs three points to earn acces into the final round

Max: i channledge you to a duel

Kaine: youre on

Max:youre first

Kaine: i play this magic card face downand i place this monster card in defense mode

Max: i summon amored lizard in attack mode

amored lizard ran down the field

Kaine: gotcha, come fourth harpies brother, now i use my sword of the deep seeded on my haries brother, stick with dark slash

Max's life points went 1600

Kaine: perfect, i summon the dark illsusion card to summon black magician of chaos, attack with tempest magic attack

Max: my life points, here you can have this barrel dragon for beating me

Kaine: sweet

Kaine walked away from the field
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]I couldn't believe this, I held in my hand the card that I'd taken from Alucard and given to Akphetnon, now this card would crush these fools. I drew my other four cards, they were Breaker, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Lord Of Dragons, and Flute Of Summoning Dragon. The card I drew for my sixth card was Luster Dragon. I had to smirk as Yugi started off for us.[/i]

"I play Dark Magic Curtian and pay half of my life points to summon forth Dark Magician from my deck! I then set this card face down and end my turn." [i]Sweet! A great starting move, I practically was rolling on the ground in sheer laughter mentally, it was then my turn.[/i]

"You fools picked the worst time to mess with me! I play Lord Of Dragons in attack mode and then I play Flute Of Summoning Dragon and summon forth Luster Dragon and also my great beast the Blue Eyes White Dragon!!" [i]This was going to get fun, because as soon as they destroyed my dragon and Lord Of D. I would then be able to summon out the Chaos Soldier.

The man directly across from me then went.[/i]

"Hahahahaha!! I play Snatch Steal on your Blue Eyes you fool! Now I have one of the strongest cards in all Duel Monsters!!" [i]A man appeared with a large bag and ran over to my dragon and attempted to slide the bag over my dragon but the bag tore apart because of an energy barrier that had formed over it.[/i]

"You fool, my dragons are safe from anything that specifically designates my dragons as a target so therefore you wasted a magic card."

"But I'm not through yet, I set one card in face down defense mode and one Magic/Trap card face down and end my turn." [i]It as the man's partner's turn.[/i]

"Heheheh... I play the magic card Raigeki destroying all of your monsters and now I summon forth Gemini Elf in attack mode and end my turn." [i]I cursed under my breath, but soon let out a sigh of relief, I just drew Vorse Raider.[/i]

"Okay I remove my Blue Eyes White Dragon and Lord Of Dragons from play and summon forth Chaos Soldier-Messanger Of Creation and then for my Normal Summon I bring forth Vorse Raider in attack mode!! Now Vorse Raider attack the first man's monster!!" [i]My Vorse Raider charged forth and tore into a Nimble Momonga, the man's life points then shot up to 5000 and he then brought forth two more in defense mode. I gritted my teeth in anger, I so wanted to make him suffer, just then it clicked, I could use Soldier's effect.[/i]

"I now use the Chaos Soldier's first effect and remove one of your Nimble Momongas from the field." [i]I had to laugh as the man groaned in despair as he had to send one card to the removed from play pile. This is definetly going to get interesting. I then ended my turn and that's when Yugi really surprised me.[/i]

"You freaks! I will make you pay for what you've done, I play Premature Burial and revive my Dark Magician and then for my Normal Summon I bring forth Skilled Dark Magician in attack mode! Now my two magicians attack their monsters!!" [i]Dark Magician did a rather splendid attack, he raised his staff and a large pentagram formed in front of him and he then fired off a large magical blast at the remaining Nimble Momonga which took the man's life points up to 6000. The Skilled Dark Magician pointed its staff and fired off a thin beam of pure energy at the other face down card which was a bad idea because Yugi's life points dropped by 200, he'd hit a Football Tackler monster. I couldn't believe that just happened. It was the first man's turn.[/i]

"I summon forth my Bazoo the Soul Eater, believe me he's more evil than he looks. I now activate his effect and remove two monsters from play and I now attack your pitiful Vorse Raider!!" [i]Oh waah, I lost 300 life points taking me down to 3700, oh well. It was the other man's turn.[/i]

"I now set one card face down and end my turn." [i]This was getting repeitive, boy these guys were pifitul. I drew my next card, it was Sasuke Samurai, this would definetly get interesting.[/i]

"First off I summon Breaker The Magic Warrior and I put the counter on him taking his attack up to 1900 but I now remove it taking him back down to 1600 and I destroy your face down card," [i]I said as I pointed to the man who was directly across from me, and his face down card was revealed as Magic Cylinder but no matter it went directly to the graveyard.[/i] "Now my Soldier, I have you activate your second effect and attack his Bazoo!!" [i]The soldier ran forth and didn't even seem to unsheath his sword but Bazoo split in half and this took him down to 5200.[/i]

"Oh but the fun isn't over yet, I attack you again with Chaos Soldier because of his second effect I attack you for a strong three thousand directly which will take you down to 2200 and then take off another 1600, you go down to a measly 1500. I now end my turn." [i]I wanted to finish these fools off with Apophis, but just as I was thinking of this I saw Yugi draw out Ra, he glanced at me with a look like he wanted to summon him, I glared at him and he nodded like he knew I wanted to have my fun.[/i]

"I play the magic card Gather Your Mind!! I now put one magic counter onto my Skilled Dark Magician and I get one more card of the same name. I then set one monster face down and end my turn." [i]The two men did their normal thing and set monsters face down. As for my next turn I got the card I'd been waiting for, Apophis, but I wasn't about ready to summon him. I felt like toying with these freaks.[/i]

"Chaos Soldier! Use your first effect and remove that monster!" [i]I pointed to the man diagonally from me and it was revealed as a Sangan.[/i]

"Now Breaker attack his monster!!" [i]Breaker shot forwards to the man across from me and sliced the card in half, it was a Witch of the Black forest. This was just getting too rich. I ended my turn and Yugi played another Gather Your Mind card which put on a second counter onto Skilled Dark Magician, but he did something else which upset me quite a bit.[/i]

" I play Monster Reborn which puts the third and final counter onto my Skilled Dark Magician, but I revive Ryan's Luster Dragon and at the same time I offer Skilled Dark Magician for my second Dark Magician." [i]The Dark Magician that appeared before me looked like Yugi's original Dark Magician except it had red body armor and white hair.[/i] "I now sacrafice the Luster Dragon and both my Dark Magicians for The Divine Winged Dragon of Ra!!"

[i]This move really made me mad, I was hoping I coud sacrafice one of Yugi's monsters, oh well. As the large golden beast arose from the massive ball of energy that the three monsters had leapt into I was reminded of the final battle in Battle Cruise, how Ra had saved all of us in one fell swoop.[/i]

"Ra is now at a powerful 7400 attack power! Let's see you try and kill that!" [i]Yugi said rather boastfully, I had to chuckle. Both of the men again went into hiding and placed monsters face down. I drew my card for this turn, it was my Monster Reborn.[/i]

"Fools! You will feel my wrath!! I play Monster Reborn and revive Luster Dragon and this time I sacrafice my three monsters for Apophis The God Of All Dragons!! COME FORTH MY GREAT BEAST!!!" [i]With this the three monsters disappeared in a large holographic explosion from underground and the ground shattered and a brilliant pillar of light appeared and Ra himself even bowed as Apophis descened from the heavens and unfurled its wings, his eyes glowed with blood lust as he looked upon my opponents, heck even Yugi was in awe of my god card.[/i]

"THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!" [i]The man across from me wailed.[/i]

"Oh but it is you fool! The heavens twist and hell itself is torn asunder as the god of all dragons arises from his sleep in anger!! Now Apophis kill him!!!!!!" [i]Apophis reared his mighty blue head back and fired off a multicolored blast from his maw which decimated both of his monsters seeing as how the blast was so strong.[/i]

"I end my turn, but as soon as this is over you both will be dead!!" [i]Yugi drew his next card and laughed.[/i]

"I play Dian Keto the Cure Master taking my life points up to 3000 but I now pay 1000 to obliterate your monsters!" [i]Yugi said as he pointed to the man across from him. Ra simply flew out from under the cover of Apophis' wingspan and brought his claws down upon the monster, which was destroyed instantly. Both men then definately went on the major defensive. I drew my next card, it was Raigeki.[/i]

" Like I said, you both are dead! I play Raigeki and then I attack you!!" [i]I said while pointing to the man across from me, Apophis reared back again and obliterated his life points. I then ended my turn and that's when Kaiba burst through the door and came upon our duel.[/i]

"What the heck is going on here?! I saw Apophis and Ra and I thought you two were....Who's that out there on the plank!? Holy crap is that Akphetnon!?" [i]Kaiba ran towards the plank just as Yugi pointed to his opponent.[/i]

"Ra!! Attack him with God Breath Cannon!!!!!!!" [i]Ra opened his maw and fired off an equally powerful blast at the man. But unfortunately we should have jumped back because as soon as the dust settled I found the two had jumped back and with malice grins they held up the detonator.[/i]

"You fools! You'll both fall to your deaths!!" [i]With that they pressed the button and the events that followed were all a blur. I saw the glass cracking and then I heard Kaiba yell and run towards Yugi just as he fell and grabbed his arm but just at that moment I found myself falling but I managed to grab ahold of the ledge but my fingers were slipping and Kaiba was hauling Yugi up, I tried to raise my other arm but it wouldn't budge and my fingers were slipping, just as my last finger slipped a familiar hand grabbed ahold of my arm, I looked up and saw Akphetnon staring down with a grin on his face. He hauled me up and the four of us found ourselves gasping for breath with those two maniacs gone without a trace except the detonator laying on the ground.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I saw Kaiba come and helpme out of the ropes and watched the end of the duel. I heard the creeps say that they were gonna fall to their deaths, atthis second I met Kaiba eye to eye and we had a meeting of the minds and took off. He went to grab Yugi and I dived over to where Ryan had been a minute ago and reached down, catching and pulling him up.
At this I said thank to Yugi, Kaiba, and especialy Ryan, for saving my life. I told them all I needed to go and re-examine myself and tat I would see tem all in the finals.
This is when I went down to duel wherever I could find one.
I was walkingaround when I found Espa Roba and said "Roba, I chalenge you to a duel for 2 locator cards. Deal?" He agreed and we started right there.
I went first and drew my hand which was Holy Chalice, Seal of Serket, Fiber Jar, Mirror Force, and Temple of the Kings. I played the Temple first, then the Chalice, and finally the Seal sumoning Serket. And I placed one M/T down.
Espa took his turn and set a M/T and summoned Reflect Bounder. He stated to say "The mystical energies tell me..." I interrupted by saying "They tel me you're gonna lose!" He ended his turn after that.
I drew a card and almost laughed my head off! I summoned an Giant Orc. I had the Orc attack Espa's Bounder and took t damage but he was compleaty empty! So, I had Serket atack him directly, taking him down to a measly 1500 lp.
He went and summoned a Fiend Megacyber and played Monster Reborn on his Reflect Bounder. Just as he launched his attack, I yelled "Trap ACTIVATE!!" And he watched all of his monsters be destroyed. As he was about to end his turn he remenbered that Fiend Megacyer was a special summon. So, he summoned another Fiend Megacyber and a monster face down.
I took my turn and played Nobleman of Crossout on his face down which was Cyber Jar, so I had to remove mine. After I drew I tributed my Orc for Jinzo. Roba got a look on his face like he had just seen death. I had Serket attack the Megacyber, which activated his attack absorption ability. And finshed the duel by having Jinzo attack him directly.
As soon as the duel ended, I walked up to Espa to claim my 2 cards and his Reflect Bounder. I wished him luck as I walked away to go and find the last duel I would need to be done with this tournament.
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]"You did what?!!?!?!?!?"

"Sorry master it...." [i]The man fell silent and fell to the ground, and a cloaked man stood over the now lifeless man's body with a knife in hand, a faint grin of sadistic satisfaction can be seen as he pulls back his hood we see a young man in his early twenties, he has dusty blond hair and ice blue eyes. His complexion is that of a person that has been out in the sun too long and has a permanent tan. As he walks out of his chamber the man thinks of how his grand plan to aquire Apophis, Obelisk, Ra, and Slifer failed. He'd been so close to capturing Apophis from Ryan but that brat Yugi intervined and this caused his men to lose, but the bait of Akphetnon was a sure sign that Ryan would do anything to save him. The man continued to think of dark, sinister plans.

The large doors that led into his chambers opened and he walked out into an even larger room that appeared to be a ballroom but all the decor had been stripped and now the room was nearly pitch black except for a few streams of light coming from some windows that seemed to say that they would never be hushed. As he walked up the stairway another man sank into step with this man.[/i]

"Master, we will obtain the god cards from these brats in the finals. Do not worry." [i]The man turned to his hooded minion and with a grin of pure evil said.[/i]

"No, you will not even grace them with your presence. I will do as my dear friend Ashok did before me. I Izichieal will show myself and battle them for their god cards in the name of vengance for Ashok!!" [i]With this Izichieal turned on his heel with his cloak fluttering behind him as he climbed up the rest of the stairs and came upon a large study. The now solomn Izichieal flipped on the light switch which revealed wood paneled walls and large shelves of books and a few statues which appear to be of Egyptian origin.

Izichieal walks over to his usual study chair which happens to be next to a small coffee table, he opens the drawer and a small tin with a lock is removed, he produces the key and unlocks the tin which reveals a deck inside. Looking over Izichieal's shoulder we see him sifting through the deck and then we see a card with a maxed out level star amount. "Now these fools will truly fear me!! I will show them true power!!" Izichieal proceeds to then laugh out loud and then falls silent, he remembers how he'd come upon this card.

See Ra, Slifer, and Obelisk were not the original God cards, Pegasus had seen a tablet in a defferent tomb before he made the original gods, but Pegasus had taken personal pictures of these gods and made them, these gods though did not affect him in any way in fact Pegasus was so delighted that nothing had happened that he wanted to see the other three gods. But after the resulting incidents from Ra, Slifer, and Obelisk Pegasus had hidden these three other cards in his castle but after losing to Yugi in duelist Kingdom and then losing his eye and almost his life to Bakura his castle became abandoned and empty, this then meant an easy target for card theives, but a band of theives found the safe that contained these three gods. After taking these cards they gave them to their masters. This is how Izichieal came into possession of his card.

After coming out of these thoughts Izichieal grabbed his duel disc and slipped his deck into the disc and walked out of the room and flicked off the light. Thus leaving us to wonder about his intentions and what he will do to Ryan and company.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I was walking back to the hotel to go to sleep, and I was caught in a really big dust storm. I was looking around after lifting up my coat and I could swear that I saw the dark black of a Rare Hunter like cloak. So, when the storm was over I dusted off my coat and looked at my cards to make sure hey were fine. After thoroughly checking everything I set off back to the hotel.
When I arrived at the hotel, I went straight to sleep after a shower and putting everything away. I woke up several hours lter and set off to find someone, anyone and tell them about what I had seen.
I started on my journey and after about a half an hour, I found Ryan. I walked up and said "Hi" and all that and started int the story.
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]After finally getting some sleep after that scary as heck duel to save Akphetnon's life I awoke to my T.V. in my hotel room it was the local news anchor babbling on about how wonderful it was today blah blah blah. I jumped into the shower quickly and then got dressed in a pair of blue jeans, and a green T-Shirt. As I reached for my deck I also grabbed my duel disc and headed down the stairway and out the door. At that instant I saw Joey.[/i]

"Hey! Joey!" [i]I hollored as I ran over to him, we shook hands and Joey showed me that he had 4 locator cards already. I couldn't believe that, but while Joey was gloating Akphetnon walked up behind me, placed his hand on my shoulder and I turned around, he then motioned for us to follow him, we headed over to a bench and sat down. After a few crazy questions from Joey, Akphetnon finally spilled the beans about why he was acting so odd today, what he mentioned really freaked me out. A Rare Hunter colored cloak, that only meant that Ashok was either alive or had loyal followers here that were watching us. Well this was just getting weirder and weirder by the moment. After dispersing from hearing this I headed for the main park square, this is where a lot of the dueling was going on, at that moment I saw a boy sitting on a bench playing a Gameboy SP, and a duel disc next to him, I hefted mine up and cleared my throat.[/i]

"You wanna duel kid?" [i]The boy looked up from his game, pushed his hair out of his face and smirked. He then dug a card out of his deck and held up a card that I had been searching for, for what seemed like ages, the Paladin Riding White Dragon.[/i]

"I put this card up on the line. Now put one of your Blue Eyes up, I know you have three." [i]I glared at him and nodded, the two of us took our positions and our duel began.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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