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Writing The eternalness of death (sad poem...)

Kyo no Ryu

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If Im an Eternal_Otaku
does it last through death?
Eternity is a long time
but is it eternity if your dead?
if you dont know your an otaku
can you be one?
for eternity?
through death?
if I loose interest
will my life be in debt?
for promising eternity
and going back on my bet?
I made a promise
I signed an oath
that anime would always be
what I prased most
so when i die
did I lie?
in the face of satin
if i liyed do I go to H*ll
or heaven?
Itsan unfair choice if Im dead
and had to rest my head
eternally in bed
otaku through death?
Ill find out then
weather I went back
on my promise again
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[SIZE=1][I]I liked the poem, it's ok in certain ways. I write poems that are alot longer, and too me it was too short for my taste, but length isn't everything.

The words were put together ok, but it could be a bit better in grammer and stuff.

It was a great poem though, keep it up![/SIZE][/I]
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Ooh, I [i]like[/i] it. Very intresting and unique. The theme rocks. Quite thought-provoking, the idea that if you die, it's not eternity, I never thought of eternity ending because of death. Good job! You should definatly try writing more.

Oh, and thanks for reviewing my poem! And vicky...you spelled grammar wrong. ^-~


{PS: Your grammar isn't that bad, just needs a little touch up. Get someone to edit for you. And try breaking your poems into stanzas, it will make the poem flow a lot better. ^-^}
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