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Sign Up The adventure of eternal hapiness!!!! (hades vs. heaven on the smart/funny side)

Kyo no Ryu

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[i]Based on my anime Grim vs. Cupid

Hello everyone. I am the Grim reaper. Many think of me a a demonic evil entity whos soul purpose is to take the souls of others. Well Im not a psycho, Im quite an intelligent individual and When its not my shift I tend to catch up on my reading. I could go on about the stories I read and how wonderfull Edgar Allen Poe's literature is but I havent the time. You see that imesell Cupid has begun his rain of happiness. He is spreading his infernal joy all over hades. I have sent many a demon but the angels keep defeating them. My troops are being tortured in the worst way, they are being forced to watch TVs until Christmas songs are burnt into their skulls for eternity. We must stop these psychos. Thats why I summoned you, my 5 greatest demon warriors, to bring down this joyful empire, and bring darkness back to the land of hades so that I may once again read my literature in peace. You are dismissed.

As you most likely guessed you are going to be the demon warriors. Heres the sign up.

Name: Grim

Age: ????

Race: You must be demon or skeleton like me.

Bio: The Grim reaper is thousands of years old and it is his job to take the souls of people who die. Though most people think of him as a dark evil entity he is a reading fanatic. He loves edgar allen Poe and darkness and hates not having them

Appearance: Black robed skeleton.

Weapon: scythe

Personality: Dark, loves poetry, very intellegant.[/i]
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This sounds..........interesting.

Name: Ayul

Age: 221

Race: Demon

Bio: Died in a car crash after killing a priest's daughter for trying to be a special friend to her father. She was automatically denied on Judgement Day and sent to the depths of Hades. There she sits in a corner and watches everyone else until the day when Cupid arrived and started to torture. She watched this also until it started to affect her as well. Now, she's obsessed with Care Bears and Neopets.

Appearance: [URL=http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~mituba/mituba_hp/JPG/CG1/2k1_0215.jpg]Here[/URL]

Personality: Quiet, stubborn, easily offended.
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b]Hmm..sounds funny..

Name: Shya
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon

Appearance: 5'2, 110lbs, pale skin, chin length dark purple hair(it looks black but in the light it looks purple), amethist eyes, wears black leather body suit, a black soft leather corsett with Celtic designs embrossed on it, a black trech coat, the inside is lined with purple satin, and black knee high combat boots. She doesn't wear jewelry other than a elaborate beaded choker, with a dark purple crystal embedded in the middle. Hidden under her trench coat is a pair of black dragon-like wings.

Weapons: A heavy blade, she has telekenesis, and she can cast spells/attacks.


[u]Demon's Flame[/u]: Can be used with the heavyblade or with her hands. It's a powerful attack that obliterates the opponent. When used on her blade, it can slice through anything. When she uses it on her fists, anything she touches will burst into black flames.

[u]Eyes of Eternal Suffering[/u]: When Shya gets pissed, her eyes glow bright purple and when she looks at her opponent, they will be hypnotized and sent into a deminsia in which there is no coming back.

[u]Grim's Love[/u]: A shield barrier that Shya surrounds herself and it will block any attack.

[u]Rain of Blood[/u]: A rainstorm of, you guessed it, blood. But do not be deceived, it's not just any ordinary blood. In fact, it's of demon blood and is very acidic and will burn the flesh of the opponent.

Bio: When she was alive, Shya's life was bad. Her parents abused her and her little sister and brother. She had no friends. She trusted no one. School was hell on its own, she was constantly antagonized. The guys were after her for their pleasure hungry reasons. She was always getting into trouble with the teachers. She became the victim of cruel jokes and pranks. She decided that she had had enough of this misery and comitted suicide by slitting her throat. Her choker hides the scar.

She was automatically sen to Hades where she met Mr. Reaper. He took her under his wing and dubbed her his right hand. Shya leads his army of darkness in hopes to destroy cupid and his angels.

Personality: Dark, witty, seductive, loyal and intelligent.[/color][/font][/b]
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Would it be okay if I joined?

[b]Name:[/b]Burz Bos

[b]Age:[/b]Longer than mortals have existed.

[b]Race:[/b]Shape Changing Demon

[b]Bio:[/b]Since almost the begining of time I have walked among humans. My job is to corrupt them and then when they think they are all powerful I slay them. My hobbies are corrupting people, torturing people, card games, and board games.

[b]Appearance:[/b]I look much like a human but if you study me closely you may notice my black hair moves on its own, my eyes have a red tinge, and I have short claws and fangs. I wear a black suit with a blood red tie.

[b]Weapons:[/b]Fangs, claws, and a dagger that has a hilt of bat wings and a wavy black blade.

[u]Matum & Grazad:[/u]I can summon my two Hounds from Hades. Matum resembles a large bone white German Shepherd, and Grazad resembles a large blood red Doberman.

[u]Smoke Form:[/u]I can turn into an incorperal being smoke that can pass through solid surfaces a will. It resembles an entirly black skeleton with claws and fangs, glowing red eye, and shrouded in flowing clouds of thick black smoke. It is actually my natural form but I prefer to look more like a human because at least as a human I can interact with objects on the material plane.

[u]Corruption:[/u]I can easily take over a human's weak mind and alter it but the human's mind eventually becomes too powerful for me to control any longer so I kill them.

[u]Drain:[/u]My final power allows my to absorb the life force substance(blood) of a human through their skin. I drain blood by having my skin soak it up almost like a sponge, only staying on my skin for a second and then fading into my skin. If I don't do this at least once a day I will regress to my natural form; a blackened skeleton and because of my weakened form I only have a thin film of smoke coating my bones, my fangs and claws are my only weapons, and the only power I have left is to drain. Sounds a little like a vampire though I am not supposed to be one. I can also drink the blood of beings not of this plane but they affect me in drifferent ways lasting for 30 minutes for every pint absorbed and it has to actually touch my skin because I can't drain it though their skin.
:demon: Demon blood makes me temporarily more powerful, my eyes fill with flames and I I can incinerate any mortal being I touch with demonic fire and can use some what telepathic powers to control mortal and non-living objects within 12 feet of me. My additude doesn't change if I drain this kind of blood.
:angel: Angelic blood makes me unable to use my corruption power but makes my dagger's blade become a 4 foot beam of light with angelic wings for a hilt and I also sprout Feathery wings. My additude becomes benevolent and merciful after draining this kind of blood.
:devil: Devil blood makes me turn into a red addition of my natural form with flames instead of smoke, horns sprouting from my skull, extra long claws, and no fangs. Draining this kind of blood makes me go on an insane psycho rampage in which I burn, tear, and gore everything in my path.
:evil3: Undead blood or animal blood makes me turn a pale gray, recoil from sunlight, and walk as if I were drunk. I become tired and uncaring about everything and do things without thinking (I only try to absorb undead or animal blood if no other blood is available).

[b]Personality:[/b]I am a fan of combat events (wars, the battle arena, etc.), I also like games (chess, poker, blackjack, checkers, clue, etc.), I like to see mortals in pain, and I am too a fan of Poe's work. Also I'm a historian, I have great repsect for my superiors, and love to give long unnecessary speeches but they are not repeating the same thing over and over.

I hope this is satisfactory for a character.

Sorry for making some changes I just had to correct and change some things.
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Isus join to!!!!!
age-28(last tyime checked)
bio-demon born on a lost island out in the south pacific. tortureed when a child and now feels the need to take out revenge on the world.
appearance-long silver hair, silver eyes. always wears black,5'7" 100 ponds.
weapons-telekinetic powers and a klng saber, also sometime a lightning whip.
transportation-i can transport to anywhere/anyone i have seen
shape shift-i can shape shift into any no-inanimate object
elemental abilities-i can control the elements of fire, wind and water, (only fire can i do without being around the element.)
personality-quick to temper and all out rage. dont like to be annoyed, hate stupid,slow, and little people

not very detailed, but it works!
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