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I know I just made a Simpsons RPG, but I really like this idea:

[SIZE=1][B]It's the year 3056, and there is only war. Humans, yes they are still here, but there are new things. Yes, the robot!

Warrior Bots, all they want is the world.
Neo Bots, smart, and just like humans. The only diference is their blue eyes.
Gaszz Bots, nothing but weapons.

Many more.

Yes, a war between humans and robots. They all come in every form, and all want the earth. The robots fight hard, but the humans hold. Never, have the humans been so loyal to their planet.

Every one fights. Even children. Every day, the air is filled with smoke, and the ground filled with blood, and nothing but war.

This battle goes on, will there ever be a winner? Not in war, no. but they don't understand. So, a new army was made. All kinds of humans in their own army. All kinds of robots, in a new army. This army of humans, powerful than any other, but these new robots, where more power than any otehr too. The final showdown, between man and bot.

[I]Here's the races of Robots you can have:

Gaszz Bots: All they want is weapons, and power.

Warrior bots: Fighter robots, that's all too them.

Neo Bots: Smart, just like humans. The only Robot race that has feelings and mostly everything.

SussBots: The only robots that are so easily given away. They look like metal humans, and are very powerful.

You can make your own bot up. But all robots (but Sussbots) look like humans kinda, but if you make your own up they can look like anything.

Human races(basicly, ranks) :

Warrior: Light, and deadly.
Leggi: Heavy weapon humans with a taste for power.
Shij: Mad men with a taste for speed.
Ganther: Almost immpossible to spot.
Yushather: Snipers, and barely miss.[/I]

Fill in this for a human sign up:




Abbility: Keep it a little to your race or rank.




Robot sign up:

Number: see mine to find out more.

Code name:

Date created:



Where you were built:




Here's mine:[I]

Number: 348903830BA

Code name: Shrike

Date created: June, 3047

Weapons: Huge shock gun and loaded with guns.

Race: Neo Bot

Where you were built: England.

Abbilties(sp?): Leadership

Description: [IMG]http://www.redfaction2.com/images/characters/shrike.gif[/IMG]

Bio: Shrike is a bot that has a taste for speed, but his leadership
is amazing. He hates humans and has dicided that they have to go. His robot race can feel, but all he feels is hate. His dream would be to live in a world of his kind. Robots, and Neo Bots only. If his dream every comes true, Shrike would rule. Why? Because he would give up his life to save a stranger on his side he never knew, he would lead people to the edge, he would say nothing when he wasn't needed, he would push his men and teach them the way. His leadership was what this war needed.

He was once a bot of speed, but he wanted more. And that was what got him to the top. He leads waves, armys and other things. He won't give in, until the humans die![/SIZE][/I]

Yes, I have Red Faction2 feaver....

Please sign up...I beg you!!!!!!
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I'm really sorry Vicky, but I deleted my char. basicly because I'm trying not to be in too many Adventures, and I'm desperate to get a new idea out.. also cause I'm depserate for some ACTION! if someone wants to take over my char. it was a robot made from nano-bots and his name was Auron (FFX name not intended). Anyway, I hope you don't hold it againts me :(
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Number: 504837492DD

Code name: Shinkurat

Date created:3055

Weapons: Dual Pistols and a shock rifle on his back.

Race: Neo-Bot

Where you were built: USA

Abilties: Very Accurate, and very fast. Not very powerful

Description: Tall, wears Jeans and a black shirt. Carries his pistols on either side of his belt.

Bio: Created late in the war, he has just finished testing and is now out for his final field test.He battles the humans, but is always looking to increase his own place in the robot heirarchy. By whatever means necessary......
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There are no humans but me!

Name: Takahashi

Age: 29

Rank/Race: Human Leggi

Abbilities: Ability to plan and stratigise to eliminate the enemy

Weapons: Minigun, assault shot gun and a glock 9m

Description: [IMG]http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/1735000/images/_1739065_twbtps-activis150.jpg[/IMG]

Bio: A reble gangster, helped win the war against the "commies" when they invaded (Fredom Fighters rip-off)
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[color=green][size=1][i]Count me in, Vicky!! sounds like fun![/i]

Name: Natina Gremm


Rank/Race: Human Ganther

Abbility: Epionage, Can hide anywhere. Is deadly with a variety of weapons.

Weapons:As stated before, is deadly with a great variety, but her favorites are her IM pulse gun (which will shut down anything mecha in a 100 foot radius) and a tool set and pair of knives. These were left to her by her father.

Description:Tall, 5'11'' Long Black hair and tight fitted body armor that will camoflage to it's background. Very attractive.

Bio:Natina, like everyone else is not a fighter by choice. She is a loner, more than usual on this war torn planet. The only person she ever trusted was her father. He was a warrior and was killed in front of her. She is a stellar machanic and ranks near the top for her field. She has the highest security clearance and is an intelligence operative. She makes no friends and only has alligiance to the cause of freeing the planet form war.[/size][/color]
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