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[I]The story thus far...[/I]
A long time ago, Kyle of Tuul was sent to Earth to live with the Earthlings and to protect the Light Stone, he was only a child of 10 then, he grew up strong; a drifter wandering from place to place. Then when he was hitchhiking his way through the deserts of Arizona a light opened up above him and sucked him back to Tuul. He landed in a Mining Cave armed only with a Shotgun, where Tuulians were forced to Mine for Oriculam or be beaten to death by the Orcs. Kyle knew it was Sarlac, the evil Demon who was greedy for the Light Stone after 30 long years of Kyle's mysterious disappearance. Kyle made his way through the Mining Cave, liberating it in the process. He emerged from the Cave in the Jungle of Lopahn, where rampant Tuulians took up arms with the Orcs to stop the freed Mining Tuulians. Kyle crossed the Jungle and thwarted the rampant Tuulians and Orcs, and at the end of the Jungle he fought Hammond, an evil Wizard. Kyle emerged from the Jungle victorious over Hammond and into the desert of Keelian. Kyle crossed paths with Orc troops and Rock Minotaurs, and Demonic Mud Men. He endured the sands and killed Piceces, a Large Rock Clan Overlord who was paid by Sarlac to kill Kyle and get the Light Stone. He failed and Kyle made it to Sarlacs Keep, Kyle made the grueling journey to the top of Sarlacs Keep, taking down Orc troops, Rockmen, Mud men, Robots, everything. He confronted Sarlac and a raging battle ensued. After what seemed like forever Kyle delivered the final blow to Sarlac, with a Shotgun slug to the head. Sarlac lay dead, the Light Stone safe....As I said that was a long time ago...
I am Conrad, Kyle's Grandson. I have been entrusted with the Light Stone, and Sarlac isn't dead. He wants the Light Stone and he has brought his war to Earth. He has brought it to America.
I have my friends, I have told them of Kyle and Sarlac and the brutality Sarlac puts on people. Tuulians, Human, Orc, Minotaur, Demon, Bug...If you cross Sarlac you are in for a heap of trouble...I have Kyle's Shotgun, and it will deliver the final blow to Sarlac once more, but this time Sarlac will die...forever.

[I]I am Conrad as you may see, Conrad has 4 friends. It dont matter if they are all guys, all girls, 3 guys a girl. It dont matter. You can be armed with whatever you want...Well..Within Reason. The further the RPG goes on, the more powerful and upgraded your weapons get.[/I]


Race: {Demon, Human, Tuulian (They are just humans, basically), or whatever you can come up with.
Weapon: {Swords, Staves, Polearms, ect. are all okay, but the Orcs from Tuul use Rifles.}

That should be it. Hope you guys like it!
I'll put my sign-up out when I get at least 2 friends...Okay!
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Name: Sue Damon

Age: 46

Race: Tuulian

Gender: Male(Don't worry, see Bio)

Appearence: Dark Blue full body robe. Shoulder length brown hair. Black Steel toe boots. Under the robe is a no-color, thin sweater and faded jeans.
Bio: (Pretty much from the Johnny Cash song, The Boy Named Sue, for those wondering) His father named him Sue for a reason. To be tough. Getting teased at school, picked on everywhere. He learned to deal with it. He got stronger. Quicker and with more power, he overcame his bullies, and got mean. He built up hatred for his father. One day, he and his good buddy, Michael, who is Conrad's father, sought out the man who named him Sue, and killed him. Michael wasn't as fortunate as Sue was, and was gunned down before Sue's bullet hit his dad's chest.

Weapon: Two Six-Shooters
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I hope this is okay, it's kinda weird....

Name: Buichi (meaning warrior, one)
Age: 17
Race: Unknown
Gender: male
Appearance: Pale light blue skin and completely black eyes. White spikey hair and black bandanna. black open sweatshirt and white t-shirt. Blue jeans and dark blue boots.
Bio: He is the result of sheer need for survival. His clan was once banished to the sea, where it was hoped to dround. Nobody knows exactly how it happened, but bany of them survived and built a home for themselves. Evolution was sped up thousands of years out of need and closeness of death, thus creating Buichi. He was an amazing swimmer, and with expanded lungs could stay underwater for hours at a time. He was banished from his home for being prophesized as the devil reincarnate. Became friends with Conrad after dueling him on the shore.
Weapon: Silver curved schimitar.

Sorry if thats a little too weird, I can change it if you have any objections.
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][b]Name: she's known as Shia
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon

Appearance: 5'2, 110lbs, pale skin, chin length dark purple hair(it looks black but in the light it looks purple), amethist eyes, wears black leather body suit, a black leather corsett armor(shapes her breasts) with Celtic designs embrossed on it, a black trech coat, the inside is lined with purple satin, and black knee high combat boots. She doesn't wear jewelry other than a elaborate beaded choker, with a dark purple crystal embedded in the middle. Hidden under her trench coat is a pair of black dragon-like wings.

Weapons: A heavy blade, she has telekenesis, and she can cast spells/attacks.


[u]Demon's Flame[/u]: Can be used with the heavyblade or with her hands. It's a powerful attack that obliterates the opponent. When used on her blade, it can slice through anything. When she uses it on her fists, anything she touches will burst into black flames.

[u]Eyes of Eternal Suffering[/u]: When Shya gets pissed, her eyes glow bright purple and when she looks at her opponent, they will be hypnotized and sent into a deminsia in which there is no coming back.

[u]Grim's Love[/u]: A shield barrier that Shya surrounds herself and it will block any attack.

[u]Rain of Blood[/u]: A rainstorm of, you guessed it, blood. But do not be deceived, it's not just any ordinary blood. In fact, it's of demon blood and is very acidic and will burn the flesh of the opponent.

Bio: [i]I was born into the powerful Ichigaru Clan. My father, Tsuruu, was strong, powerful, and strict. My mother, Nazuna, was strong, beautiful, and caring. I lived a normal childhood, for a demon anyway. One day I met a human, he was a beautiful human. I had always been fascinated with humans, it was forbidden in my clan, to show interest other than kill humans.

But I couldn't help it, he captivated me. I watched him, studied him, fell in love with him. My father found out about this and excluded me from the clan. I was alone. I finally got the nerve to talk to this man, his name is Conrad...[/color][/font][/i][/b]
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[B]Name:[/B] Conrad

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] Long black hair that falls below his shoulder blades, his blue eyes are piercing, he stands about 6'0'' and he is slightly built. He wears a white tanktop that is tucked into his blue jeans, he has black boots with steel plates over the toes, they reach his knees with silver buckles lining the boots.

[B]Bio:[/B] Was born to his father Michael and his mother Marie. His father was Tuulian, and his mother was Human. Conrad inheireted his mothers genes and showed more Human charitaristics, then Tuulian. He grew up on Earth away from Tuul and the grasp of Sarlac just as his Grandfather Kyle once did.
He grew up in the deserts of Arizona. He met a few people that came to Earth from Tuul. He befriended them quickly as they wanted to protect the Lgith Stone as much as he did. Then when he got an urgent messege from his mother in Tull about Sarlac he quickly assembled and got ready to go back to Tuul. Then Sarlac's troops began invading Earth in search for the Light Stone again.

[B]Weapon:[/B] A pump action sawed off Shotgun, the barrel has also been cut down to make it smaller. The same Shotgun that Kyle used against Sarlac on his quest to stop Sarlac.
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[i][color=lightpink][c][b]Name:[/b]Shinya Hidaka




[b]Apperance:[/b]She is 5'8". Her body is very slender but very strong, she has platinum blond hair, that flows down to her thighs, in a heap of long curls. Her eyes are a honey color, that turns to silver. Her favorite outfit is a red silky dress that slits up the right side showing some of her tannish skin. She wears black high heals that tie up to her knees.

[b]Bio:[/b]She was adopted by several differnet families, never finding a good one that she liked so she just decided to live on her own. Growing up pretty well but she has once problm with her personalty and lifestyle. She sells her body for money.


You think that was a crappy Bio? I can change it if you want.[/color][/i]
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