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[Color=#707875][Size=1]Guys I have been really busy over the last few days with school and other such things which have kept me from having a chance to put some serious thought into the RPG. It is now up and running, have a read of the intro and then post away to your hearts content. The sign ups will be open until Sunday and then will be closed, they've been open long enough for interested players to make use of them OK enjoy the RPG.

[I]Professor Martin Beech sat looking our the window of his Laboratory, it was like any other day that week but today was very different and only happened once every year. Professor Beech would be giving out Pokémon partners to the new trainers that were waiting eagerly outside. They came from all over Hoenn, ranging from his own Littleroot Town to far away Mossdeep City and all points in between, some were even from Johto but now lived in Hoenn. Just from looking out the window he began to count them and there were a lot of them, forty maybe fifty and all of them would soon become trainers. Maybe they would go and challenge the Pokémon League, maybe beat the Elite Four and become the Pokémon Champion in their own rights, he would just have to wait and see.

Others though might choose to go on and become Pokémon Professors like he, Professor Oak and Professor Elm and help expand the knowledge of Pokémon to the next generations. While he was just thinking he glanced down at his watch, he'd just realised he said that he'd open the doors at 8 o'clock, it was now nearly 8:45. He rushed down the stairs with his coffee and nearly tripped on one of a few stray Pokéballs on the floor, reaching the door he extended his hand and opened it, welcoming the new trainers to the Lab. Many children burst through the doors of his Lab in excitement and knocked over the Professor, he had to pick himself up off the ground and make his way to the front of the queue of trainers who had arrived.

At the front was a group of particularly determined looking trainers and he hoped that they would fare well in the little competition he had set up for later. On opening the door to his Lab there was a great sense of awe among the young trainers. The room was almost completely bare except for a few pieces of equipment that the Professor and his aides would use in their research of Pokémon but apart from these there was a large white cabinet, with a glass front and in this there were Pokéballs. Each of the trainers who had come here today would receive them. They would receive their Pokéball from here and go on to do great things, or at least that was his hope anyway.[/I]

[b]Professor Beech:[/b] As I call your name, come forward and receive your Pokémon. Van Ambrose from Mossdeep City come forward please.

[I]Van walked forward quite nervous, it would be his first time with a Pokémon of his own and even though he was quite used to his grandfather's stories and his father's gym Pokémon he felt hardly ready for one of his own. Putting on a determined look for the crown Van walked forward, and stood by the Professor. The Professor opened the cabinet and asked Van to take his pick of whichever Pokéball he wanted, he also told him he wouldn't be able to tell what Pokémon was inside of it. Van reached forward and picked a Pokémon from the centre row. Walking back to the Professor he was asked to wait in the room to his left, with a new sense of pride and self-confidence.[/I][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]OOC: Glad to see the RPG has started, good work Outcast *Thumbs Up* I hope for all our sakes that this RPG takes off ^_^.


"Okay, next is....erm," The Professor said glancing down at his chart, "...Landon Terse from Fortree City, please come this way. Landon gulped a bit and began to walk toward the Professor and the line of Pokeballs next to him. [I]'Wow, there are so many, I don't know which one to choose'[/I]. When he reached the table the Prof. smiled warmly at him and he just looked at him with a worried grin. "Don't worry, just choose any, it's like a pot-luck" The Professor said, trying to reassure him.

[I]'Easy for him to say, what if I pick one that doesn't like me'[/I]. Landon walked up and down the line trying to see if he could tell the difference between all the Pokeballs on the line, but no such luck. He stopped about half-way to the left and looked at a group of balls that seemed the same as all the others. He just sighed, closed his eyes and thrust his hand in any direction until he felt his hand close around a Pokeball. After choosing he walked off to the side room he had seen the other boy walk into.

He just gave the boy a sideways glace before picking up the PokeDex that was on the seat he had picked. "Okay," He said to himself, "lets see what I've got then, Pokeball, go!". With a flash of silver light a beachball shaped Pokemon appeard on the floor saying "Spheal, Spheal" in an happy voice, Landon pointed the PokeDex toward it and waited for the read out.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=firebrick]Camdyn watched with barely concealed excitement as Professor Beech stood in front of them and began calling out names. It felt as though she'd waited almost [i]forever[/i] for this day to come, but here it was, and suddenly she just couldn't wait any longer. Which was quite insane, actually, as she tried to remind herself, but that didn't help at all. So when the Professor did call out,

"Hmm, next, we have Miss Camdyn Dashe from Oldale Town,"

Camdyn jumped up excitedly and hurried to where the large cabinet stood, more than ready to pick out her first pokemon. Those sitting around her seemed a bit startled at the burst of energy, but the Professor only seemed amused, and he nodded to her amiably before going back to his list of students.

Postive that the grin she wore must have been miles and miles long, the small girl stood in front of the cabinet and looked it up and down, before crouching to pick a pokeball from the bottom. She felt a little sorry for the ones at the bottom; they would probably be the last to be picked, just because they were at the bottom. Her fingers latched onto her desired choice, before she stepped back and just stared at the ball she chose. Still grinning, she gave it a quick kiss before moving to join those who'd gone before her in the side room.

Just as she entered, one boy - Landon, if she remembered correctly - was already opening his up to see what sort of pokemon he got. Camdyn thought that was a fabulous idea, but she thought she'd just wait for a moment and see what the Professor wanted them to do. Just having the pokeball in her hands seemed to calm her down, and that in itself told Camdyn that this... this was... [i]destiny![/i][/color]

[color=orange]OOC: Yeah, it's gonna be fun to see what sort of trouble Camdyn's imagination gets her into. ^__^[/color][/size]
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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

"Hello and welcome back to the finals. Here in this teeth clencher we have Harris and the champion duking it out and amazingly Harris has 3 pokémon left while the champion has only his Blaziken left. Harris has now his legendary Articuno out and sends it in for the final blow. Wow it flew into the sky's! Look out Blaziken. OH and Articuno hits Blaziken and Harris wins the championship! What do you expect from a pokémon master."

"Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz." A hand rose and struck the alarm. Harris very drowzy rose up and looked at them time. "Oh my goodness! I'm going to be late!" Harris said in a panic. He quickly got dressed and ran downstairs. [i] Thank goodness my uncle is close friends to Professor Martian. He let me sleep over at his placee now instead of biking all the way down to Littleroot I just have to walk down these stairs.[/i]

"And now our next young trainer all the way from Petalburg City, Harris!"

Harris then aprouched but was both nervious and also embaressed because his hair was untidy and not combed. He walked up to the professor.

"Choose your partner Harris and choose it well. Remember like both myself and you uncle taught you to treat all your pokémon equally!" The professor said with a smile.

"I will porfessor." Harris said returning a smile. He then looked at the rows of pokéballs. There were tons! WHich one is going to be his. He began to walk among them and reached his hand out and paced it over each pokéball. The others were puzzled why he was doing such a thing but only the professor and Harris himself knew why he was doing that. He was looking for the same a pokémon that needed his help the most. Then his hand fell on on of the pokémon and he lifted it up. "I choose this one!"

"A wise choice Harris!" The professor said. "A tough one to train though. Are you up to it?"

"Yes." Harris said and took the pokéball. "I release you!" He said and threw the pokéball and out popped a strange little creature that Harris knew would be good friends.

"Castform." Spoke the creature.

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