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Something Corporate "North"

Dan Rugh

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The new Something Corporate CD came out last week and I got it a few days ago. This album is not as "fun" as [u]Leaving Through the Window[/u] was, but all the songs are very good. By this I mean that there are no [i]If You See Jordan[/i] or [i]Drunk Girl[/i] types of tracks this time around which I wasn't really fond of in the first place. My favorite songs on it are [i]As You Sleep, Me and the Moon, Ruthless, She Paints Me Blue[/i], and my most favorite, [i]21 and Invincible.[/i] This is definitely a solid release from Something Corporate.

[size=1]1. As You Sleep
2. Space
3. Down
4. Only Ashes
5. Me and the Moon
6. The Runaway
7. Ruthless
8. She Paints Me Blue
9. Break Myself
10. I Won't Make You
11. 21 and Invincible
12. Miss America[/size]

If you aren't familiar with Something Corporate, they are a piano-driven pop punk/rock band, I suppose. The songs are beautiful and Andrew Howell's voice goes great with the piano and guitar mixture.

SoCo is one of my favorite bands and this new album just confirms that for me. Anyone else hear it yet?
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[size=1][color=firebrick]It still is double-posting, actually. You can check the rules if you need to.

And though Dan knows very well I already have and love [i]North[/i] as well, I'm here to tell you people (as a sort of second opinion) that it is very, very good. Though I did like the song [i]Drunk Girl[/i], and [i]If You See Jordan[/i] is definitely fun to sing in the car with many friends, the new songs are amazing. So far, my favorites are probably [i]Space[/i], [i]Down[/i], [i]Only Ashes[/i], and [i]She Paints Me Blue[/i]. Beautiful lyrics; that, and I'm a real sucker for the piano.

I have to say it was so exciting to go buy this, though, cause I got it for $10. I almost feel like I robbed CD Warehouse or something; like maybe I should just give them a couple more dollars to make up for it. But then I remember that I'm cheap and it's all good. But if you're a fan, it's definitely worth your money. If you're not a fan.. well, check out their website. They have some clips from [i]North[/i] that you can listen to. Who knows, maybe then you'll want to go buy it. ^_^[/color][/size]
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I got the C.D. the first day it came out, and I love it. The songs are all a different style from Leaving Through the Window. I can't really explain it, but I'm sure anyone who has heard the C.D. knows what I'm talking about. However, I think it was a good change.

The piano in most of the songs is really good, as are the other instruments. The piano just seems to stand out to me.

My favorites would have to be She Paints Me Blue, 21 And Invincible, Miss America, and Down.

P.S. I would have posted earlier on this thread, but i haven't been here in a while.
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