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Zaku II

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Well I think everyone has gotten over their back to school [B]shock[/B] . So nows the time to ask.....Well, How does everyone like it?

I am actually kinda likeing it. I've got some easy classess and some hard class spread out so I dont have all the hard ones at once. The lunches still suck....but what did you expect? I have even scored a g/f in only the first two days! nothing is going wrong! Of course now that Ive said that tommorrow will suck, but oh well. Hope everyone else is having as good an experience as I am.
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[color=deeppink]Bleh, you guys have no idea how easy you probably have it. Ok, my schedule starts out very easy for the first nine weeks of school (keep in mind, we have block scheduling, so we only have 4 hours in the day, each 1 and 1/2 hours long):
*Graphic Design
*Independent Study

Oh, but yes, the [i]last[/i] nine weeks of my high school career are hell:
*Advanced Placement English
*French 4
*Pract. Law

What's wrong with this picture?![/color]
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Mine Schedule is pretty easy. I was going to take some advanced technical classes at the vocational school but it would make me miss the first 20 mintues of Formal Geometry and we have a teacher who does not tech so I decided it would be best to forget the techs and just be their to make sure I get A in math like always.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Zaku II [/i]
[B]I get A in math like always. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=deeppink]I hate people like you...but that's just because I am really bad at math and science...I think I'm jealous :D Then again...I have my strong language art skills to fall back on...:rolleyes:[/color]
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this year looks very promising. the teacher are awesome and know what they're teaching (for once :rolleyes: ), and most of the ppl in my class seem pretty neat-o
last year, the teachers were stupider than the students, but I had a lot of friends in my class:D
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