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Gaming Ack! Ps2 Help Needed!!!


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I just got my first gaming system, a ps2. I have NO CLUE WHAT THE HELL IM DOING!!!!!! I have a ps2 with a network adapter, a dualshock 2 controller, 3 games and a memory card. (this is the special pack from Costco) I intend on getting a dvd remote and DDRMAX2 (with dance mat). Is there anything else i need? Anything i MUST KNOW TO WORK THIS THING?
Thanks for your help.
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Ok here's how you maintain that thing.

-Never turn the system off by hitting the main switch on the back while playing a game

-Make sure your disks have no dust, fingerprints and any of the sort on it.

-Place the PS2 in a well ventilated area. This thing is dust magnet and dust is the leading cause of the famous "Disk read error". Use canned air and/or vaccum the vents around it to keep dust from quickly building up in your machine. (No matter how hard you try, dust will always get in it, this just keeps it from building quickly.)

-Never use non-sony licensed products or mod your PS2. Sony are such nice guys that if you take care of you machine, they can repair your system for free even after the warranty is expired should anything happen to it.

-Register your PS2 and network adapter with sony by using the network adapter utiltiy disk, calling sony or logging on to their website at playstation.com. You'll get cool stuff from them like newsletters, demos and the sort.

-Last is basically don't do anything stupid like putting stuff on top of it, drop it, shake it, stuff like that.

You basically have all you need for a PS2. Get another controller if only have 1 and get more games. You can't go wrong with the greatest hits titles. (The games with the red tags on it)
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[color=silver]Make sure whatever you do, you do not charge to the bathroom or anything like that without standing up first, UNATTACHED to the controller. I did this before and the PS2 fell, but my baby's a hard one and she took it like a rock on, erm, another rock.

Also, I recommend getting another memory card, they always come in handy.[/color]
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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (if not had)

No matter what you think of it, the sheer brilliance and complexity of this title is pure magic. Do not be fooled by the "hater bandwagon" - this is a must have game, especially for the price (look around and it will be ~$20).

Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack (if not had)

$40 for GTA3 AND Vice City? Sweet Jesus, that is a deal. I do not really have to explain this game, do I? lol

Devil May Cry 1

A little short, but still one of my personal favorites. Nice visuals, an interesting main character, and some of the fiercest moves from a fighter/adventure title.

Final Fantasy X

One of the PS2's biggest titles on the Greatest Hits list - wow. Plain wicked. Linear, yes, but well worth it. It is the title that hooked me onto RPG's.


Those are just a small snippet of the enormous PS2 library. RPG's, sports, action, driving, etc. It is all there.

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I don't know if it still is, but a week or so back the GTA Double Pack was only $28. Amazing deal, I think. I'm sure it's back up to $40 now though lol.

These are all the current Greatest Hits:
1. Twisted Metal: Black
2. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec
3. ATV Offroad Fury
4. Dark Cloud
5. Midnight Club Street Racing
6. Smuggler?s Run
7. Onimusha: Warlords
8. Resident Evil Code: Veronica X
9. Red Faction
10. Star Wars: Starfighter
11. Tekken Tag Tournament
12. Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater 3
13. NBA Street
14. SSX
15. Devil May Cry
16. Crazy Taxi
17. Dave Mirra FreeStyle BMX 2
18. Spy Hunter
19. Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
20. Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
21. The Simpsons: Road Rage
22. NFL 2K2
23. NBA 2K2
24. Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies
25. WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It!
26. Virtua Fighter 4
27. Silent Hill 2
28. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
29. 007: Agent Under Fire
30. Max Payne
31. Baldur?s Gate: Dark Alliance
32. SSX: Tricky
33. State of Emergency
34. Maximo: Ghosts To Glory
35. Hot Shots Golf 3
36. Pac-Man World 2
37. Test Drive
38. Stuntman
39. Scooby Doo: Night of 100 Frights
40. Grand Theft Auto III
41. Spider-Man
42. Namco Museum
43. Freekstyle
44. Final Fantasy X
45. Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
46. Ratchet & Clank
47. Sly Cooper
48. SOCOM(without headset)

Most anything in there is worth the time, really. My personal favorite PS2 games are Amplitude and Frequency. They're both music games. Dark Cloud 2 is also great, but I think a bit overambitious at times.
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I'll break it down by genre:

Platform-Ratchet and clank 1+2. Play the first one first because if you play 2 first it is hard to adjust to 1.$60

RPG-FFX(Is there an echo in here?) or FF7$20

Action adventure-Gauntlet:DL $20

Retro-Midway arcade treasures $20

Fighting-Tekken tag or virtua fighter 4 evo$20

racing-GT3:a-spec or burnout 2$20

shooter-SOCOM or max payne$20

$180 for the best of the genres!!!
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1:Jak and daxter the precursor legacy 20$

2:JAK2 40$

3:Ninja Asssult 30$

4:Turok evolution 10$

5:half life 13$

6:grand theft auto vice city25$

7:armored core 2 20$

8:armored core 2 another age 20$

9:armored core 3 20$

10:silent line armored core 30$

11:mobile suit gudam federation vs. zeon 20$

12:unreal tournament 20$

13:time spliters 2 30$

14:dragonball z budokai 1 20$

15:dragonball z budokai 2 50$

16:tony hawk underground 37$

17:max payne 2
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Guest Teammayhem
My favorite games for PS2:
+Metal Gear Solid: Substance. Great game.
+Timesplitters 2. Remember Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64? This was made by the same people. Real fun if you have the multitap (allows 4 controllers to be plugged into the PS2) and four controllers
+Grand Turismo 3. Picked this game up as a greatest hits, and never regretted it.

Here's a tip: for single player games (games for only one player) make up games for the game if you're with friends. Maybe make a game up with Metal Gear Solid: Substance for whoever collects the most dog tags. Or maybe see who can beat a level in the fastest time. Let your imagination go loose.
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My favorites for PS1 and PS2

1. Final Fantasy X and X-2- play X first to get the story line and for the heck of it, then X-2.

2. Final Fantasy 7-8 (doesn't really matter which game you play first)

3. Dynasty Warriors 3/Xtreme Legends and Dynasty Warriors 4/Xtreme Legends- these game got me addicted to the whole series. Must have.

4. Soul Calibur 2- better then Tekken 4 in my opinion.

5. Suikidon 3- I don't really have to explain this, play it yourself :)

6. Grand Theft Auto vice City- good game, but beware of the glitches, many of them are damn funny lol.

7. Shadow Hearts- this game is not known by many but it's a good game, it old really, but it's a classic

8. Kingdom Hearts- Har har, whether you hate Disney Characters or not, this will swallow your soul and own your life, so addicting, it took a loong time for me to recover.

there's more games out there, go and find them. ANd play them.
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