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Sign Up Love " A broken heart will never mend " [18+ May and will contain Graphic nature]


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It was raining when it happend. She Let him into my house, and they had sex on my bed. To bad for them..... I was home. I had my suspisions, She did it once before. Heh, when I said That if she cheated on me again, I'd kill her........I thought I was joking. Both of there blood ran from the bed to the living room. There screams of agony filled the air. The smell of iron and fear merged with there screams. I can remember the police staring at me as I began to pull the man's heart out, using his arteries. Haha... Breaking through his rib cage with a blunt object.....they say..... I did it with my bare hands. Him and My wife died by my bare hands. When people ask me, "Do you feel bad for what you did?" I just smile and Answer there question with this question. Do you thinks she She would have felt sorry for breaking my heart? hhmhmhmhm......hehehehehe........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This story takes place in the city of Nerohalem, in the year 2256. A man (Myer Val Delhan) pleaded guilty to the grusome murder of a man and woman.
Sara Delhan & paul Kellon. Instead of placing him in jail or death row. He was placed in Nero Asylem for examination. He is thought to have a strange mental disease. Due to the frequent changes in mood and strength.

To make things worse, there is another killer with this similar problem. The way this killer murders his victims is by breaking there rib cage, with his bare hands. they call him Id. Due to the animalistic nature of the killing, but Id is not doing this out of rage....its for fun.

The requrments for this RP.
other Inmates
(not really needed)Family of killer, and wife.
If you choose one of them:They can be played in anyway you want. but they need to be connected to Myer in some way.

Sign up




Role: (If choosen)

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You might consider making a signup form for people to fill out instead of just having them state what they want to be. It's a good way to see who's really interested and guage their writing ability if you want restricted entrance.
[b]Name:[/b] Simon Billiant

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Role:[/b] Asylum Patiant (Room next to Delhan.)

[b]Bio:[/b] When Simon was young, he made a pasttime of capturing and slaughtering neighbors cats. He was quite good at it toward the end. He'd open a can of tuna and wait for them to come over. Then he'd grab them and snap their necks. The cats would be taken to the garage of Simon's house and gutted. He'd feed the innards to his dog and throw the skin away. He didn't care for the skin, what made him happy was the feeling of inside the cat.


Later he graduated from cats to humans. He killed seventeen before the police caught up to him. One night as he was attempting to render a victim unconcious with ether, the police pulled up and stuffed him into the back of a cruiser. He was sent to the Asylum at the age of twenty and has spent seven years of his life there. They recently brought a new inmate in. Name of Myer. Maybe he could make a new friend.
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Name: Sara Bryant

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Role: Therapist

Bio: Sara was born to a normal enough family. But she seemed to be the black sheep of the family.

Not really left out of family functions she chose not to participate, and kinda used her family as an livable experiment.

She had a mom worried about being so perfect, and a dad that was too lasy to give a damn, and brothers and sister, that she just doens't even want to waste her breath on...

But thats what she did most of her life. She was always looking in on people examining them, why they acted a certain way or what made them function, or tick she was always getting into peoples thoughts.

Soon many people came to her for advice and she soo founf herself liking this. She became a pyshiatrist. therapist for those with mental problems of those who just needed someone to talk to.

Know working with a few patients at Nero. She hopes to continue in he quest.
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[color=seagreen][font=times new roman][b]Hmm...I think I want to be a sadistic killer, for once..Juaquime, if you want me to change my character, let me know..

Name: No one knows his real name, but he is known as "Id"

Age: 25

Gender: Female {NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT ID'S GENDER YET! Society refers to Id as a man}

Role: Sadistic murderer

Appearance: 5'5" tall, 125lbs, slender but fit build. Pale skin, light black-charcol grey hair that sits on her shoudlers and is usually pulled back in a braid. Strands of hair shape her lean face and shades her icy, blue eyes. She wears a crisp black suit with white pin stripes, a clean pressed white button up shirt underneath the suit jacket, the white sleeves poke out from the cuffs. Her white shirt is unbuttoned between her volumptuous breasts, which are pressed down by a black corsette. Her face is relaxed but expressionless, she smiles yet he is cold, her chuckle haunts even a grown man. Her icy, blue eyes pierce through your soul and her freakish smile is embedded in your mind. Id always wears a pair of thin, black leather gloves.

Bio: "Id"was born into an aristocratic family. She attended a private school, she was the only child, took various forms of martial arts and weaponary school, and her future was planned out for her. She was given everything that a little girl could ever want, except acceptance. Her father was a strict buisnessman. Her mother was a Catholic. But they weren't what the public perceived.

Id's mother was a cocaine addict. Her dependence on the powerful stimulant shut her out of the world. She got very sick and died when Id was 10.

It was at this age that Id was diagnosed with an unknown brain disease. Because of its unusual characteristics and unawarness to the world, there was no cure. The disease is triggered by hightened stress and overwhelming emotions. Id's hormones would be thrown off balance, her adrenaline would surge and she had no control over her actions. During the times of random patterns of the disease, Id would find herself responsible for slaughtering small animals.

This sent panic throughout the town and Id was shunned for being a psycho. Not like she cared, as long as people left her alone.

Her father was a drunk. He always abused Id. Not just verbally or physically, but sexually. Id would often bolt lock her door, but the house she was raised in had many trap doors. Id's father would enter her room and do as he pleased.

Age 14, Id had had enough of her father's sick actions and waited for her father to enter her room for the last time. It was a cold winter night, Id went to bed as normal. Id lie awake for hours. Her father finally appeared by the side of the bed and lifted the cover to be met with two lead paperweights to the temples. Id's brain disease kicked in and she punched with emmense pressure. The sickening sound of the sternum shattering thrilled Id. She then reached into her father's chest cavity and pulled out his heart.

Id was too young to be put on trial, so they sent her to a hospital for impared children and young adults. Id escaped from the hospital and lived on her own.

The age of 15, Id's brain disease fully took over her mind. Id was responsible for two murders at the age of 16. But police and detectives had no lead. Id never left prints, any of her blood or hairs. The only weapon she uses is her fist and her intelligence.

Over the next 9 years, Id was sought out by every force. She continued her ritual of random murders. With every kill, Id practiced perfection. Eventhough the killings were bloody and gory, Id made her murders clean and organized.


How's that?
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Name: Kelly Tompkins

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Apperance: Slender, about 5'6", olive skin... jet Black hair (always worn in a tight little bun), green eyes, and has a small tattoo on the back of her right shoulder blade...of the red cross symbol.

Role: Night shift/day shift medications nurse

Bio: She's quiet, a bit nieve about some things, really scared of all the patients, hates working there trying to find a different job, hates working the night shift. Is extrememly intelligent, but let anyone know how smart she really is. Her mother use to be an patient her at the aslyum, and she was born at the aslyum.

Left when she was a baby.... returned there when she was about 6 to see her dying mother. A patient attached her....and she was left with a scar on her arm.

Her mother was left in a coma like status....she now trys in her spare time to find a cure to help her mother. And she believes the doctors at the aslyum caused her mothers illnesses to worsen during her time there.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Unknown- widely known as Angel

[B]Callsign:[/B] Genesis de Revelation

[B]Callmark:[/B] a white A attached to a winged black Spade shuriken

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment- that is her regular wear without the boots, and the knives. She wears a black flared cargo pants that has the dagger she holds sheathed under her left leg. But when she leaves, she wears a homemade ninja suit

[B]Role:[/B] Unknown- but is known to help the Patients in the Asylum, as well as help with investigations.

[B]Bio:[/B] Angel grew up with a schizophrenic father and an alzheimer's mother. When the two were together, it was a terrible combination. It caused Angel to become distant, isolated, and alone.

At the age of 11, she was to take care of her mother, who was sick from food poisoning. It seemed that her father had some how put it in when his personality changed. Her mother died 2 years later. She was then left with her father.

As she grew up, she learned about many different diseases and visited asylums and learned. It was then that she was able to help her father, but one night it all stopped to a halt.

It was rainy night and Angel was writing her essay to get into Leadership for her school. It was then that she heard a thud upstairs. She looked up and ran to the stairs. She called for her father, but no answer. She ran to her father's room to see blood splattered on the bed and on the floor.

Looking down, she had seen her father's body motionless on the ground. She called the police and he was taken. From then on, she was determined to help all others. Even if it meant to sacrifice her life.

[B]Extra:[/B] Angel rarely shows her face or even herself, unless needed. She wears a home made ninja's outfit when she leaves her home. All you can see is her eyes, her dark brown eyes that change according to her mood. She also has a necklace that hold her small vial of her father's blood, as well as a clear orb, several rings with many different embeddings, an old age key, and a locket shaped like an egyptian heiroglyph.[/size][/color]
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Name: Robert Hunt

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Appearence: He is a average height caucasian male with a light build. He wears a suit to work which he doesn't care if it gets dirty, which always includes: a blue shirt, a gray jacket, black pants with grey pinstripes, a salmon colored next-tie, and a black fadora.

Role: Detective (You bet I'm going to do the whole 1930's self narrative)

Bio: Robert was born and raised in a suburb of Newhalem. His family had money troubles when he was just entering third grade, so they had to move into the city. It was in his new school where he met Myer and Sara, both in his class. Throughout his entire education, he was friends with Myer and Sara. Those two were highschool sweethearts. It was all a fantasy land for them, but they didn't care. Not until Sara started fooling around. At that time I was a cop, and I knew about Sara and that other man. I was the first man on the scene when Myer did that terrible thing. Time's gone by, I'm not a detective, and some other sicko is starting to do just what Myer, only he isin't doing it in rage....

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Name:David Thompson

Age: 22


Apperance:about 6'2 short black hair actually a very strong person but does not look like it he wears glasses and a suit
Role: Therapist

Bio:he's known to most places as the tough counselor because he has had to restrain some patients before He was raised in a small town but he acts like a big city man he has recently heard about myers and wants to work with him
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