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Hey you guys! Feeling a little creative today? Drew any pictures of cool characters you created today? Show'em!

Here's an example:

[b][color=deeppink]Cottontail Candy[/b][/color]

Wheeee! Isn't she cute? Talk about a sweet tooth! I think I once entered her in Fighting Foodons contest where you can create your own Foodon, but I think I entered too late... (picture link below)

OK! Now it's your turn!
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The bunny is sooooooo adorable!!!! and the monkey is sooo funny!!!! and the other girl is sooo pretty!!!!!!

I made this character, it's my original one, he's a little bear I like to call Hipno Bear!!!!I called him Hipno Bear becuase he's always asleep and has a little hipno thingy on his forehead and tummmy, It's not very good but here it is!!!:D
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