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Sign Up Battlequest: A Tale From Redwall


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[color=darkblue][i]Among the Dibbuns of Redwall Abbey, there is a tale they always enjoy to hear. It is a story of a famous group of Redwallers, some young and not so young, sent on a quest by Martin the Warrior, the spirit of Redwall Abbey. Thiers was a journey to help the great Badger Lord, Blayne Widesheath, defeat a great verminhorde, led by Bladefang the Merciless, a horrible stoat from the Northern Shores. There's a great amount of adventure, fighting, treachery and danger, but how else would a story become such a favorite among Dibbuns? You're always welcome at Redwall to listen to a tale or two here in Cavern Hole. Who knows? It may become a favorite of yours as well.[/i]

If you've read any book from the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, you'll know what to expect here. Even if you haven't (though I do recommend it. It's a very good series), it's pretty easy to grasp the basic concept.

To help people out, I'll include some location and character descriptions.


[b]Redwall Abbey-[/b] This greatr red sandstone Abbey was founded by the mice of Loamhedge. Also responsible for its foundation was Martin the Warrior, a fearless Warriormouse, whose blade and spirit still reside in Redwall Abbey.

Known all around Mossflower Wood for its great feast and friendly atmosphere, Redwall is a safe haven for anybeast who may need it.

[b]Mossflower Wood-[/b] This thick woodland where Redwall is located. Bountifu in many ways, Mossflower is home to many a creature, including vermin. Alos located in Mossflower Wood is the Great River, which is frequented by the Guorafs (Guerilla Union of Roving and Fighting Shrews. Formerly the Guosim.) who are glad to help any goodbeast that so happens to need a ferry or a steady paw in battle. They are also great friends of Redwall.

[b]Salamadastron-[/b] Salamandastron is the home of the great Badger Lords, located on the Western Shore. All Badgers are destined to one day come to rule this mountain and live out the rest of their days. It is also the home of the Long Patrol, the band of perilous hares led by the Badger Lord.

[b][u]Good Beasts[/u][/b]

[b]Mice-[/b] Mice are the adventurous bunch of the Redwall world. The are extremely wise in their actions in their later seasons, but ar quite headstrong growing up. Martin the Warrior and Mariel are two fine examples of redwall Warriormice.

[b]Squirrels-[/b] Squirrels are the livewires of the Redwall lot. They have a tendency to do everything quickly, from running, to talking, to tree-climbing, and losing their tempers. They obviously can't sit in one place for too long. They're always eager to make frineds with anybeast (provided they can keep up with them) and are invaluable in battle for their scout capabilities.

[b]Moles-[/b] If there was never a wiser creature in the Redwall world, moles would top the pile. Always willing to lend a claw to dig, or offer a piece of their famous mole logic in their quaint "mole-speak"*, they are truly great beasts to have as a friend/ally. They do have a deep fear of running water, however.

*Ex. of "mole-speak"- "Hurr, zurr h'Abbot! I'um be gurtly happy you'm bain't hurted!"

Translation- "Ho, Sir Abbot! I'm greatly happy you're not hurt!"

[b]Otters-[/b] Otters are the most fearsome fighters to ever dip paw in a river (though shrews may disagree). True water beast, otters are never ones to back down from a challenge and can navigate any body of water as good as any fish or Guoraf. There is often a group of otters, led by a Skipper, that lives in Redwall until summer, then they go off to the Eastern Shores until harvest-time.

[b]Hedgehogs-[/b] Hedgehogs are the best Cellarkeepers that anybeast can ever hope to meet. They are quite famous for brewing the best of any drink, and are the most well-known at Redwall for their October Ale. They're often more than willing to help out anybeast in need, and always enjoy a good spike-tussling match.

[b]Hares-[/b] A hare's first thought is always his stomach. More prone to worry about where his next meal is coming from than any bit of danger, hares are still very valuable creatures in their ability to run at high speeds and amazing natural fighting talent. They are often the comedians of any group and also love to produce ballads, though there hasn't been one yet that can sing on-key.

[b]Badgers-[/b] Badgers are gruff beasts (though they do have a soft spot for babes) who basically live to fight. The sworn enemy of all sea vermin and Corsairs, badgers live at Salamandastron on the Western Shore and command the Long Patrol. Many in the past have been gifted with some form of the Sight, and all of them have been cursed with the Bloodwrath, which, in the midst of battle, sends them into a murderous rage where the lines of friend and foe become blurred and everything and everybeast in his path is destroyed...

[u][b]Bad Beasts/Vermin[/b][/u]

All vermin are pretty much the same; stupid, evil and greedy. The only thing they mainly think about is getting hold of as much loot as they can. Occasionally, there is one who can work it's way to the top and become a hordeleader. They're usually the most heartless, cruel beast you can imagine, willing to kill even babes to get what they want.

Foxes, rats, stoats, weasels and ferrets round out their lot.


Sign-up goes like this:


*[/b]Age in the Redwall world is measured in seasons, rather than years. From 0 to 6 seasons is a Dibbun (or babe/child), 7 to 13 seasons is a teenager, and from 14 seasons on is full-grown.

Generally, Martin the Warrior picks who will go on quests from Redwall in the poem he recites during somebeast's dream, so I'm not going to mess with tradition. Though more than likely everyone will be accepted (I'm not setting that in stone), only select ones will go on the journey. There are still things to be done at the Abbey, so don't get discouraged if you're not picked. I have something in mind for those who are left behind.

I want everyone to keep in mind that we'll be needing travellers, vermin horde members (yes, there are some Captain spots open), and Long Patrol members. I'll explain more as people sign up. If you have any questions, PM me. Have fun. ^^[/color]
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I love Redwall!

Name: Skipper (Can there be a female skipper?)

Age: 13 seasons

Species: Otter

Description: She wears a dark green tunic with a black shirt under it. She has blue eyes and a white tip on her tail. Unlike normal otters, she has black fur. She has a belt that holds her sling and stones and on her back she holds her Double Edged Broadsword in a black scabbard (sp?) with silver marks. When she is around the Abbey she keeps it locked in a cubbord in her room. She keeps the key on a chain Necklace that she wears.

Bio: Skipper, formally known as Kia, doesn't truly know where she is from. When she was only a couple of weeks old she was kidnapped by a raven. When the Raven was preparing to land, She bit it's foot and it dropped her. Luckily, the Raven had been close to the ground and she landed un-harmed. A small tribe of Squirrels who lived in Mossflower Wood found her and took her to Redwall Abbey where she was taken care of. She grew up with Mika, a young mouse who was thought to be the next abbey warrior. They are very good friends being the same age and living growing up together. She loved to be with the older otters including the Skipper who sort of took her in as his own. The otters taught her how to fight and sling a stone with perfect aim. She was practically born to fight. She was givin her broadsword when she joined the group of otters. The Skipper who had raised her so well died when fighting off a small hord of vermine that were attacking some dibbuns who had run off to Mossflower Wood. He killed all the vermine and is remembered to this very day to Mossflower. His death occured 3 seasons after Kia was allowed to join. She became the next Skipper of otters and is the youngest Skipper so far. She has left her old name behind.

She loves to joke around with all the abbey dweallers and other creatures. She can make almost anyone smile with her antics. She acts very immature, but when is comes to duty she is serious and won't joke. She likes to teach the young beasts how to stick up for themselves and fight, even though the abbot doesn't always like it. She is very accurate with her aim in battle.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Can I be a Female Legendary Warrior Mouse?

[b]Name:[/b]Mika the Warrior
[b]Age:[/b]13 Seasons
[b]Description:[/b]Mika is a rich chocolate brown colour and she has vibrant emerald eyes.When walking around the abbey she wears a blue habit.She always the Sword of Martin but usually doesn't wear her armour unless she knows she'll be in a battle.
[b]Bio:[/b]Mika was born and bred in Mossflower Woods.When she was 6 Seasons she arrived at the doorstep of Redwall Abbey.She was taken in and grew up with the knowledge of Martin the Warrior who defended Mossflower and beat Tsarmina the evil wildcat who had created a kingdom named Kotir.Mika was always fascinated by different stories and legends.Then about 2 Seasons ago she snuck into the area where the sword was kept and she held it.It glowed and she went into a dream sequence.She saw Martin,wielding the sword.He told her that she was next to take the role as Defender of Redwall Abbey.She woke up and the sword was still in her hand.She went to the elders.Everyone who saw her with the sword gasped.The elders were surprised but let it be because Martin had said so.She was given a home in the Gatehouse and before that she was already close friends with Kia,the new Skipper.She learned how to be agile and wield the sword properly.She soon became fast and customed.She went through moves like flowing water.She even did Martin's Sword Dance and got it right.She decided she was ready and continued to carry the legendary blade as a reminder of her duty and dedication.Then she asked Skipper for sling lessons.She learned how to belt stones from the slings and how to give them enough power and the right angle.She was a fast learner and was soon hitting things almost as well as Skipper.

In Mika's free time,when she's not training or doing something else,she would usually go and play with the dibbuns.Some of them even had small wooden imitation Martin Swords.She would tell stories,Play games and other things.She liked it because she felt like a little dibbun again.When she first turned up on the doorstep of the large building made of red stone.

Besides playing with the dibbuns,she would help around the rest of the abbey.She'd help in the kitchens,cellars,infirmary,nursery and anyone else that needed assistance of any kind.

That was her duty as Warrior so that's what she would do.She would do absolutely anything to protect all of the members of Redwall Abbey.[/COLOR]
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Name: Swifteye

Age*: 7 seasons
Species: Squirrel

Description: A black tunic and a brownrope is all he will wear. His dark brown almost black hair makes him very different. He also has a small pouch at his waist which contains the item that his mother left. A small carved out nutshell with his dad's and mom's name carved into it. This is actually something that the abbot created inorder to help him cope.

Bio: Swifteye was abandoned at the Abbey 3 seasons ago. His mother left a note on his sack explaining about his name and her reason for leaving him. He has no memory of anything and believes that he was born here and his mother just passed away.

He loves frolicking with the other dibbuns, but as he becomes older he becomes more of a role model than a friend. So most of the time he can be found on the wall surrounding the Abbey watching the road. He doesn't make many friends only playing when asked and never staying for more than he can stand. He also writes and studies by himself in the dormitories. Although no one knows he secretly keeps the scrolls of past wars and times of celebration hoping that one day he may be celebrated.
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Guest Skyechild91
::squeals:: Redwall!!!!

I saw that there was already a squirrel, so I thought, edit, sah!
Capitalidea, sah! Editing away, sah, wotwot!

Name: Loran Fleetscut
Age: 14 seasons
Species: Hare
Description: totally black, of course, sah! Oh, except for her cute white paws and the tips of her ears. Oh, and her green eyes, wotwot!
Bio: She lived in Salamandron for her whole life, and simply adored the Long Patrol. She was a fabulos cook, and loved food as much as the next beats(more so, by some standards). She is a livley chap, and very loyal, loving music, and being better at singing than one would suspect. She is an expert, if she says so herself, at acting, and is one of the champion runners of the long patrol.
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[COLOR=indigo]Name: Jedidiah
Age: 17
Species: Mouse
Description: Didi is a dark gray colored mouse, with quint slate gray eyes. He has a notch in his right ear from a climbing accident when he was a Dibbun.
Bio: Jedidiah, or Didi as he will have his friends call him, is a quiet mouse. One of the quietest actually. He cannot speak, due to the fact that he was born with a deformed tongue. Because of this, he needs to specially mince his food in order for him to eat it, although he tries all the time not to. Even though he cannot speak, he has created a type of language that he has been trying to teach others. He is very skilled with his hands, and he prefers a rapier-like sword while fighing. His Grandfather had a Badger Lord make a sword for him when he was little. Didis
Grandfather presented it to him when he was 9 seasons old, saying" You have a warriors spirit in you boy...Be sure you stay on the right track."

And stay on the right track he did. His sword is the length of a long-sword, but with the weight and thinness of a rapier. It also has a slightly outward curve, making it look like a wicked weapon. After Didi received his sword, he trained his body and his mind everyday. After 4 years of this, he vowed to the Abbot of Redwall that he would uphold the justice of all good beasts. Although he hasn't been in many fights, Jedidiah stayed true to his word. He prefers peace over violence, but will take up his sword if he believes the cause is right.

The attachment I found off of Google Image search, looking under Warrior Mouse. Copyright to whomever drew it. I am using the picture, although the color of the mouse is not right, because it shows a Warrior Mouse, in full armor, holding his sword with the tip down and a tear in his eye. This is what Jedidiah is like. I'm using the picture to signify a past fight that he had with a vermin and had to kill in battle. Yes, he IS crying over a vermin. He does not like to kill, but he will if necessary.[/COLOR]
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[b]Name:[/b] Acorn

[b]Age:[/b] 13 seasons

[b]Species:[/b] Squirrel

[b]Description:[/b] Green shorts and tunic. Crimson fur, deep blue eyes, 2 green hairs that stick out of his head like Manic from Sonic Underground but only 2 of them. Carries a bow and quiver on his back.

[b]Bio:[/b] Do the rest later...

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Heehee, I wanna play, yay woodland creatures! Though I've never actually read [i]Redwall[/i] ... perhaps I'll go pick up a copy, I do have a week off from school :D.

[b]Name:[/b] Emma (if it needs to be some hyper-cutesy animal name, I can change it)
[b]Age:[/b] 6 seasons
[b]Species:[/b] hare
[b]Description:[/b] Emma is a light yellow-colored hare, with a white stomach and long ears (surprise). She usually wears a red cloak that covers her little puff of a white tail, which she is somewhat ashamed of because it isn't as big and poofy as the rest of her family's.

[b]Bio:[/b] The youngest of seven children all brought up in Mossflower Wood, Emma was rather shy growing up. While the others were loud and competed for attention, Emma would often get lost in the background, not being one to do silly things like compete in the carrot-eating competition and get sick all over the burrow.

Still a Dibbun, Emma is still shy, though a little bit less so now that most of her brothers and sisters have grown up and moved out to start families of their own. Her sense of humor is rather different from the rest of her families, more of a sharp witty kind instead of loud and obnoxious, and she does not often voice it among her family, as they'd just look at her funny.

(I'm not sure if this next part is at all probable, so please let me know if it's not.)
When Emma was three seasons old, and had gone wandering alone from her home, she once went a bit further than her mother and father had always told her, and encountered the most gigantic rat she'd seen in her entire life. Actually, she'd never seen a rat in her life, but she assumed this one was abnormally large, as it was almost as big as her. (Though she was also quite small at the time. Which she didn't keep in perspective.)
The rat, seeing Emma was quite alone and very young, made moves as if to advance threateningly, more for his own ego boost than anything else, as he expected her to simply run away. Emma was terrified at first, but after a moment attacked the rat, though she had no idea why. Some punching, biting, and kicking later, Emma realized with even [i]more[/i] terror that she'd pummelled the rat dead. (In reality, he was only unconscious, but she had no idea.) At that she came back to herself and scampered back home as quickly as possible, but never told her family what had happened.
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[b]Name:[/b]Vincent Aldridge Pescule



[b]Description:[/b]A pure white hare, he is a typical member of his species, tall and lanky with long ears. He wears the uniform of the Long Patrol, with a sabre strapped at his side. He looks stern, but is quick to break out into a jovial laugh at funny jokes. His distingushing mark is a scar on one cheek from a fox's cutlass.(see bio)

[b]Bio:[/b]From the time he was a levert, Vincent knew he wanted to be a member of the Long Patrol. He joined at age 12 as a runner and never looked back. He worked his way up to the the rank of Seargent Major, and was promoted to captain for Valor after holding off half a ship ship full of corsairs until reinforcements arrived, which was where he recieved his scar from it's fox captain, who escaped. They have borne a grudge against each other ever since, and have vowed to fight one final duel should they ever come upon each other again. He is currently the Salamandastron liason to Redwall.
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[b]Name:[/b]Verdan St. Claire



[b]Description[/b]He looks like a regular member of his species, with red fur, and a white belly. He does, however have part of one ear missing. He wears a dark blue tunic, with a long, black hooded cloak. Several earrings dangle from his left ear, while his right is missing a chunk. At his side, usually hidden under the cloak, is a longsword.

[b]Bio:[/b]Verdan was born on a ship, during a storm. His parents were both dead within a few seasons of his birth. He grew up on the ship, learning how to sail and fight. He managed to raise through the ranks to become captain. Then his ship ran aground near Salamandastron and all Hell broke loose. After a prolonged fight with a particuarly, tenacious hare, he was forced to flee inland. In that fight, he lost part of his ear. Despite being a vermin, he believes very strongly in honor.
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[color=darkblue]Everyone's sign-ups so far have been well done (though I'm waiting on Lrb to finish.) Since we seem to have an overrun of Abbeybeasts, I'll be playing Bladefang (unless someone signs up as him/her in the next few days) and some people (myself included) may have to make up some NPCs to round out the story.

Long Patrol members may have to semi-play Blayne as well, if no one signs up as him/her. (You notice I keep saying "him/her", since they can really be either. I remember seeing a female rat named Slipgut or something to that extent in one of the books. Taggerung or Loamhedge, methinks.)

Anyways, aside from that, I'll give sign ups another day, so this may start tomorrow, provided I can get the opener done tonight. The latest this will start is Wendsday, since we get out for Thanksgiving break tomorrow. It's okay if you don't post until after Thursday, but if you don't post by Saturday, be expecting a PM from me. Fair warning. ^_~[/color]
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Guest Skyechild91
I think it was from taggerung. I hate albino ferrets..... Heh,you can tell ill b a good hare, wotwot! Sorry, I just love the way they talk! So, who's the current Badger Lord at Salamadastron? Is [I]that[/I] who Blayne is? If so, yay! I can do NPC's, if you want me to. I had an idea, can I be a Long patrol hare, and a vermin? If so, Pm me, and Ill put up the sign up.
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[color=darkblue]It's perfectly fine for anyone who has signed up to play two or more characters, providing you can keep up with them. In fact, I really encourage it, simply due to the fact we really only have one vermin as of now. ^^;

To answer the other question, yes, Blayne is the current Badger Lord of Salamandastron. All Long Partol members are under his command right now.

Also, another point that someone so happened to bring up, Abbeybeasts aren't armed or armored all the time, not even the Skipper when in the Abbey. They usually keep their weapons down in Cavern Hole stored somewhere so Dibbuns won't find them and hurt themselves. I kindly ask that everyone who signed up as such to dress in normal (whatever you may consider that to be) attire while in the Abbey. You may change if and when you leave, or something else comes up. (Hint) Blayne and hares may be armed, save when in the Abbey.

I'll post these sign-ups for myself now, so you won't be left in the dark about our protagonist and antagonist, lol.

[b]Name:[/b] Blayne Widesheath
[b]Age:[/b] 23 seasons
[b]Species:[/b] Badger
[b]Description:[/b] Moderate size for a Badger; brown eyes and slightly grayed fur. Wears a chain-mail tunic and sliver gauntlets; has a large broadsword strapped across his back.
[b]Bio:[/b] Blayne was born deep inside Mossflower Wood and raised there by a guardian female hare named Litefoot, due to the fact that both his parents died when he was very young from old age. He led a very good childhood under Litefoot, however, learning everything a babe should from her, and never having to worry about going hungry.

Upon turning 14 seasons old, Blayne began having his dreams of going to Salamandastron and becoming Badger Lord. Litefoot knew that this would happen, and agreed to escort him there, where she would serve him as part of the Long Patrol.

Along the way, however, they came under attack by a vermin horde on the way back to their ship, and a great battle ensued. Both Blayne and Litefoot put up a valiant fight, but the vermin's numbers overcame them. Blayne was knocked unconsious, and Litefoot was killed. Upon Blayne's awakening and seeing that his best friend and guardian was gone forever, he swore he would one day get even with the vermin that did this and send them to Hellgates by his own paw.

He buried Litefoot, and after some grieving time, continued on his quest to Salamandastron and eventually got to the Western Shore. He was warmly recepted by the Long Patrol and immediately accepted as Lord. Once settled, he began crafting his sword at the Salamandastron Forge, a large broadsword, to be ready in case the vermin horde that took Litefoot away from him would so happen to return, and he coule exact his revenge...

[b]Name:[/b] Bladefang
[b]Age:[/b] 24 seasons
[b]Species:[/b] Stoat
[b]Description:[/b] Honey-toned fur and brown eyes; wears a black tunic and a scimitar stuck in his belt; has slightly oversized fangs that stick out of his mouth and a bit of his left ear is missing and a long scar across his face from a battle he was engaged in a while back; has three earrings in right ear.
[b]Bio:[/b] Bladefang is a stoat never to be trifiled with. When he was still a young one, he plotted and succeeded in taking over his vermin horde from his father and brother, hence the latter part of his name, the Merciless. He travels the seas in his ship, [i]Bloodrunner[/i], in order to find new places to pilage and bring death and misery to. He is always in love of a fight and will not back down from any beast who challenges him, no matter who they are, though there was a fight he slightly regrets getting into.

About nine seasons back, he and his horde came across a badger and hare traveling together. Knowing that taking out a badger woiuld be sure to boost his reputation, he attacked them both and soon got the whole horde involved, as the badger caught the Bloodwrath. Many of his troops were killed in the midst of battle, not only by the badger, but the hare as well. Bladefang finally managed to knock the badger out after it took out a piece of his ear and gave him a long scar across his face, and then killed the hare for her part in the battle. Knowing the badger wasn't dead and fearing it would wake up any minute, he returned to his ship and set sail for his home on the Northern Shores. He knew then that he had made an eternal nemesis and began preparing for the day when they would inevitably meet again...

Hopefully I can get this off the ground today, but my time is running short, as I have to do some things involving the holiday. If I can't, you can be most assured this will start Friday. I'll send PM reminders to everyone, just in case. Thanks for your patience. ^^[/color]
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I fixed the weapon thing for Skipper. I'll probably RP a few other otters in Skippers group and this Vermin:

Name: Rag-Ear Black Tip

Age: 17 seasons

Species: Ferret

Description: He has dirty, matted brown fur and black eyes. His feet are black and he has a black tip on his tail. His right ear is ripped and torn up, it seems like it is barely attatched to his head. Wears a Blood Red Tunic that is shreaded at the bottom. He has 3 daggers strapped across his tunic and a one handed sword on his black belt.

Bio: Rag-Ear has been a vermin as far back as he can remember. He never knew his parents. He grew up with the vermin hord where he was trained for fighting and beaten for what he did wrong. When he was about 7 seasons he ran away from the hord when he was threatened to be killed. He was caught and brought back where he was punished by BladeFang, who cut and tore his ear in various places giving him his name.
He became a decent fighter, but is no captain. He is very stupid and horrible at leading troops, but he is loyal to BladeFang for only taring up his ear and not the rest of him. He will kill to get what he wants or what BladeFang wants.
He was only 8 seasons when the hord came across the Badger and Hare that were traveling to Salamandastron. He Hid from the hare and badger while BladeFang and the others took care of them. After the intence battle was over, he was beaten for not fighting.
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[color=darkblue]Upon entering the Abbey, all beasts check them in with the Gatekeeper (a kindly mole by the name of Tipkun) where she takes and stores them in Cavern Hole.

The RPG is up now, so everyone can go start posting. ^^ (Thanks for being so patient!)[/color]
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