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Art Writing Superheroes: Estonian Style


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A graphic organizer (information display) for a presentation on classroom techniques in incorporating popular culture to instruct students about society.

Eventually, I'll provide a link to the X-men comic cover that I drew inspiration from.

EDIT: Here it is.

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[size=1]lol...It reminds me of corny educational blipblappers. Okay, so blipblappers is not a word; so sue me. But when there is a cherished [font=arial]MITCH DICTIONARY OF MITCH WORDS[/font], that word shall go in there.

So yes, overall, you did a nice job, heh.

I like the pixelation, and I like how it's just...so educationally corny. Or something.

No, don't mind the word corny now. It's just corn with a y. And corn is one of the best things ever, I mean it's yellow, and makes the most yummy stuff to eat at a movie.

And that's what I say about your poster--only I say it's the most yummy stuff to eat at an educationally inclined report of sorts.[/size]
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Ahah. What an extremely odd and.. amusing idea.

I don't really think it is particularly good myself, but I... seem to get the impression that it relates to fun movie foods...

i.e. [pop]corn[y]

How does this relate to your topic of teaching kids about Society? I'm a bit lost. An Ok poster however, maybe if you told me what it is about in more basic terms I'd get it... so far, it is to show students about society in a 'cool' context? Eh?

Amusing idea, but sir, could you please tell me why all comic book heroines have bodies like Mythical Sex Goddesses?

The whole shebang they have in looks, but why? Do only incredibly sexy babes get gifted with extraordinary powers? Is it to deterr guys from slapping their butts?
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I suppose I should explain, lol.

"Writing Superheroes" is the title of a book I recently read. It was about how students use popular culture to better understand the world around them and mature in a social environment.

The students wrote skits about X-Men and performed them, then had discussions afterward about gender roles and social context.
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