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The digital world has been at peace for over a millenia but now a new evil has emerged and it plans to take over both the human and digital world. His name is [URL=http://ca.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/Millenniumon.html]Milleniumon[/URL], and he has control of the catalyst. Milleniumon now has control over the top cities in the digital world and is creating a massive army to take over the real world. Seven new tamers have been chosen to take back the catalyst and destroy this new evil.

You Can Choose Any Kind Of Digivolution You Want Which Means You Don't Have A Partner If You Choose The Digivolution Type From Season Four

You Know The Basics
Digivolution: Normal, Egg, Card, Spirit
Digimon: (And The Digivolutions)

One thing I want to ask is that you don't digivolve to a higher level if you dont need to. THANXS

My sign-up is in my sig
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Yaaaaay! A good-sounding Digimon RPG! I'll join, for sure!!
*Can I be a hybrid [i]and[/i] have a Digimon partner?
[color=royal blue][u]Name:[/u] Zuri Takina
[u]Age:[/u] 15
[u]Digivolution:[/u] Normal and Spirit (is that OK?)
[u]Digimon:[/u] (+ attacks and Digivolutions)
[b]Fresh:[/b] Tauntemon - Bubble Blow
[b]In-Training:[/b] Spiromon - Shadow Attack
[b]Rookie:[/b] Oramon - Crystal Beam
[b]Champion:[/b] Cometramon - Shadow Comet, Night Ray
[b]Ultimate:[/b] Sirenmon - Dark Melody, Psycho Illusions
[b]Mega:[/b] Mudoramon - Oracle of Light, Shadow Runes, Ancient Scroll
[b]Hybrid:[/b] Libramon - Book of Spellcraft, Thousand Dark Spells, Oracle of Darkness
[b]Biomerged Form (Magna):[/b] Necromon - Materialization, Draining Hex, Engulfing Silence, Spirits' Command[/color]
For more details, refer to the "Fic Digimon Discussion" thread in the Digimon section. It should be the second-to-last post, right before Gatomon*s Power's long fic post.

I hope Zuri's included... I'll describe Tauntemon's Digivolutions further in the RPG. Yes, the whole line are practically Ghost Digimon...
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Name: Ryo (no the original)
Age: 15
Digivolution: Card
Rookie: Monodramon
Champion: Hopeangemon (sorry i dont like strikedramon much)
Ultamit: Cyberdramon
Mega: Justimon
Thats all (for now!!! hopefully the creater of this rpg will make a new one)
Mono: Striking Fist
Hope: Hopfull Fist
Champion: Cyber Strike
Justi: Justic Kick!
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