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RPG Pride of an Ninja ( swearing , content , bloodshead)


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The rising sun had just set it was a start of a new day. A lone ninja by the name of Kazuya stood inside the small forest with his arms crossed and standing tall, the leaf's that fell from a nerby trees floated pass him. His eye's were in a trance as if he was searching for an answer. Soon enough his eye's shifted too his right, he had made up his mind he would travle right towards an small village not yet unifed under Japan. Kazuya removed his mask his silver hair shot up in every direction. He quikly changed his komono and threw the other one along with the mask into a bag that he swung over his left shoulder. Now he would be able to blend with any other travlers on his way towards the village.

After two hours of travling he had arrived to the small village, looking around he noticed this village was full of life , it was a village that drew in travlers with their small market. Kazuya walked through the crowd , Kazuya could not stand this place it was far to crowded and he hated pepole trying to read his facial expressions. Then again he woulden't mind a young lady looking at him for his decent looks. After pushing his way through a swarm of pepole Kazuya found an small pier to fish off of . Kazuya sat at the end gazing at his reflection in the water.

" How can I live with out any pride or honor.... vengence will be swift when the day comes!" Kazuya thought to him self .
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][size=2][b]"Himura!! Himura!!!" a voice of panic rings through the small camp.

Anya stands up to greet a fellow samurai. He ran, panting and yelling. He waved a scroll in his hand and hopped over slumbering warriors.

"What is this commotion, Jakubo?"slightly irritated, Anya snatched the scroll from the whimpering man.

Anya gazed over the scroll and her eyes flushed with anger and excitment. She crumpled the paper and threw it into the small fire. She picked up her weapons and tied her mask and bandana.

"Jakubo, advise the vice commander of my absence. Tell him to resume command and fight only when neccessary until I return," Anya started to walk into the horizon.

"Yes ma'am," Jakubo took off in the opposite direction.

[i]Hmm, the northern armies are closing in..And he still lives! That is good, I have his honor and his pride in my palm..[/i] Anya clentched her fists and continued to venture into the sunrise.[/color][/font][/size][/b]
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A lone figure walks silently down the dusty road. The short, compact man wears the swords of a samurai on his belt, and he carries himself like a noble. He is obviously an older man, as his hair is greying slightly, and is face is tough and wrinkled. He is bowed slightly forward against the dry, warm wind that sweeps past, kicking up dust. His eyes, though half closed, have an intensity that causes lesser men to avoid eye contact.

He had recently come out of the mountains, and was now wandering the roads, looking for a disciple to teach his sword style.
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After a while of just pondering his own thoughts Kazuya get's up. He notices a small but very loud gathering of villagers, the farmers voice sounded worried.

" Those damn samurai are worthless they can't enter the estate. My daughter is beeing held in the estate."

" Thats your fault for gambling , now that loan shark is going to sell your daughter." remarked a man.

" I have little money some one has to help me out." cried the farmer.

Kazuya looked disgusted at this act but also by the act of a father. Kazuya turned away from the crowd but felt that maybe a noble deed might gain himself some pride and honor for the time beeing.

" Maybe I can gain some pride along with honor by helping this farmer out. I only know of one loan shark up at Mountain estate by the name of Ogawa." Kazuya spoke to himself.
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[color=blue][size=1]As Katzurugi jumped along rooftops, she looked down and saw several people with weapons. As she passed, she decided that tonight she'd get a decent fight when she tried to kill them.

She jumped down off the roof of a small inn and wandered towards the bar. There were always people willing to pay decent amounts of money for the head of someone in there. She made a few look at her as she stood out with her weapons openly in her hands. She glared at them, making them turn. She didn't appreciate looks from total strangers.

As she entered the bar, she caught a bottle thrown at her. She turned and threw it at the origin, and continued walking towards the counter. The bartender looked startled, but began smiling and waved to the others. The music and talking started up again and he turned to face her.

"Hello Katz-" he started to say. "I told you, don't call me that. I'm Kitty here..." She didn't know why she had told him her real name, but as long as he kept quiet, she wouldn't care.

"Hello 'Kitty'. What do you want today then?" Now she lightened up and smiled at him. "I don't want anything now. Tell me, have you seen any big bidders yet?"

"Yes as a matter of fact. He's over in the corner. He's been awaiting your arrival for a while now," he told her. She merely laughed gently and walked towards the bidder. She sat down across from him and he handed her a picture.

"Have you seen this man before? He's been stealing supplies from me and claims to be nothing but a mere farmer. I came here because this is where my last shipment of gunpowder went missing," the man said. Katzurugi's eyes widened as she heard 'gunpowder'.

"Wait, you're trading gunpowder? If that's what he's stealing, he could be planning a rebellion to the government, or an attack on someone imparticular. Do you have any clue if he is?" The man sighed and nodded he pulled out another picture. It's quality wasn't very good, so it was hard to make out what it was. It was a building. Not a fancy one, but a regular building.

She was about to ask more questions, but he held his hand up to silence her. He then told her how much he was willing to pay to see this man's head on a platter. She smiled and walked out, the picture in hand.

As she walked down the road, she said to herself, "Sorry pal, but tonight's your last night. Say good-bye..." She turned a corner and disappeared.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Hidama sighed as she walked stood in the branches of a large pine tree. Looking out, she could see a town nearby. She heard the rumblings of a carriage and she looked underneath her and saw a woman in the carriage. She jumped down onto the carriage and slipped into it across from the lady.[/i]

"Hidama." [i]The lady greeted softly nodding her head to her.[/i]

"Lady Jun." [i]Hidama had replied back.[/i]

"There is news of a man who is searching for the loan shark Ogawa. He is in town. You need a horse, do you not?" [i]Jun had asked.[/i]

"The black one will do fine." [i]Hidama replied.[/i]

[i]Jun nodded and tapped the wooden part of the inner carriage. It stopped and the man got off of the seat and unhooked the black horse from the back. It bucked away, but soon was under control. Hidama's eyes looked the horse over. The driver bowed respectfully to Hidama and got back on. Hidama walked to the window of the carriage. Jun stared at her.[/i]

"Have a nice time in the village, Hidama." [i]Jun said as the driver cracked the whip.[/i]

"Until we meet again, Lady Jun." [i]Hidama bowed respectfully and waited until the carriage left.[/i]

[i]Hidama walked to the horse and ran her hand along the side of the horse. She then leaped onto the horse and reached into her side bag and masked herself. It wasn't a loose mask, but one that was part of the natural, silhouette ninja suit.

Clicking her tongue, the jet black horse walked down the path before turning into a gallop. She soon entered the village and to see a crowd of people shouting and yelling about samurais. It disgusted her. As she turned her head, she saw the wave of silver hair. She looked to it again and saw it wave. She knew it must've been Kazuya.[/i][/size][/color]
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The night sky has already fallen for quite some time. Kazuya dressed in grey and black to fit his surroundings around the mountain estate. Taking a few seconds to take in his surroundings Kazuya using his Kusari-gama to hook onto a nerby tree branch and starts to climb. From the top he could see two gaurds in front of the path that lead into mountain estate, the two gaurds were having fun kicking around a wounded fox. Jumping down from the tree and running to the left , Kazuya took the shadows as cover as he sneaked behind the first gaurd.

Kazuya grabing the first gaurd in a choke hold snaped the gaurds neck. Before the second gaurd could take notice , Kazuya had unleashed the Kusari-gama . The sickle end of the Kusari pierced the gaurd through the chest , Kazuya pulling from the chain end yanked the sickle out. Blood splaterd as the Kusari-gama untached from the gaurd.

" All is left is for me to enter the estate, stealth is my only option once I enter." Kazuya said.
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[color=blue][size=1]Katzurugi had been waiting outside of the "farmer's" home for a while, when he finally walked out. It was obvious that he was drunk, as he couldn't stand straight and talked in a strange voice.

Of course, night had fell, or else she wouldn't be going in for the kill. She had her cloth over her face, and she jumped down of the roof above the man. She stealthily walked up behind him and then cut his head off in a single sweep of her katana. It fell of his body and landed in a sack she held open. The body fell to the ground and she picked it up and threw it behind some crates.

"You're bringing me a lot of zeros once I give your precious little head to the bidder," she said to herself and the head of the man. She was glad it went by fast. A struggle could have blown her cover. She hopped onto the roof and headed towards her home in the town.

Before she jumped to the ground, she took off the black cloth and hid it in her kimono. She held the sack over her back and hid her weapons as well. She jumped onto the ground and looked for anyone.

No one was on the rode nor were any lights on in the houses around hers. She smiled and walked in the door. She tied up the bag and layed(sp?) down on a bed and awaited the morning when she'd hand over the head at the bar.[/color][/size]
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][b][size=2]Anya walked through the empty meadows. The bright green was the pallet for the splashes of colors of the flowers. The sweet smell of the field's dew and fresh air flooded Anya's senses. She ran her hands along the tall blades of grass.

"Kazuya...."Anya thought outloud, "finally, we will finish what we started. I will enjoy taking your soul this time."

A rustle from the surrounding forrest snapped Anya from her solitude. She stops and looks around the area, the noise stopped. She continued to walk with caution. In this day and age, there were rewards out for her head. Anya had no fear, they were mere villagers who thought they could bring her to their justice. It amused Anya.

"Come out of there, cowards!" Anya unsheathed her ninjato and tanto.

The bushes ruffled and several villagers with their make shift weapons jumped out and rushed towards Anya.

"Demon samurai!!!" one of them yelled out as he swung with his staff which had a sharp blade attatched to the tip.

Anya stepped to the side and dodged several more attacks. One farmer had a pitchfork and stabbed at Anya. She laughed and lept into the air.

"Die," Anya brought her blades down and slashed the farmer in a swift motion.

Blood sprayed from the man's chest and he fell to the ground. Anya jumped up to her feet and spun around. She charged into the small group, swinging her blades in a graceful, fluid dance. She kneeled on one knee, back towards the men, blades in the air. The blades dripped with steaming blood. Every man crumpled to the ground.

"Fools, do you not know of whom you delt with? I am Anya Himura, Samurai of the Onigumo. Pity, you wasted your life on account of unknowledgable information that could have saved you," Anya wiped the blades and sheathed them.

She gazed upon the green canvas which was now splattered with blood and corpses. Anya sighed and walked into the forrest.[/color][/font][/size][/b]
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As Noriyuki walked down the road, he turned a corner on the path and came upon a grisly sight. Dead bodies, of peasents, obviusly, were scattered about. He knelt down to touch one of the bodies.

"Still warm...these men died recently.." he mused to himself, before standing. He looked around carefully, eye falling on the tracks that led into the woods. Turning, he followed after the footprints.
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[color=blue][size=1]Katzurugi walked out of the bar stuffing her pay into her kimono. She began walking off towards the market to buy some food, but smelled fresh blood all of a sudden.

Quietly, she jumped to the roof of a building nearby and ran across several to reach the edge of the town. She saw the bodies in the distance, and a man walking on the path to the forest.

"Hmm... Possibly a challenge. This should be fun..." She jumped from the roof and ran into the cover of nearby trees. She then ran up a path and headed into the forest. She put the cloth over her face.

She wasn't worried about killing now. Not many would be in the forest, and he is only a wanderer as he was never seen in town before. She listened for his footsteps, but they never came. [i]Maybe he heard me... Or maybe he's in a different part of the forest....[/i]

Katzurugi then ran through the trees silently and approached a clearing. She hid behind some bushes and then waited for a person to come out. She did hear footsteps, but they didn't belong to the man.

A woman walked into the clearing. Katzurugi immediatly recognized her. She had quite a bounty on her head. She could pull in a lot of money if she attacked. She pulled out her sword and waited for the woman to near her in the bushes.

They were both silent. The woman obviously knew someone was there, so she waited, as did Katzurugi. Finally, the woman turned towards the bushes. "Come out from your pitiful cover and fight me!"

Katzurugi jumped from the bushes and landed behind the woman. She headed her sword straight for the woman's throat, but was blocked by her sword. They stood at a standstill. The woman smiled, but Katzurugi made no face behind her cloth. She knew that this woman would be a challenge, so she backed away and attacked her from the ground up.

Her sword hit the ground, but instead of pulling it back, she pulled it upwards, cutting only a little of the woman's clothing. "Hmm.... I'd expect to see you dead by now," Katzurugi finally said as her sword reached her side.

OOC: Okay Annie. Your turn! ;)[/color][/size]
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][b]Anya walked carefully throught the forrest. These woods were known for bandits and thieves. Blood thursty savages they were, they would kill one another for money and recognition.

Anya had a large amount of money on her head, the bounty was so high that even her own men had dared to defeat her. They came upon their death sooner than Fate had planned. It disgusted Anya.

She stops in the middle of the path, a twig snaps, breaking the thick silence of the forrest. Anya deemed she was being followed. Not to her surprise, she had suspected she was being for atleast an hour. She rests a hand on the handle of the ninjato.

The breeze turned to a gush of wind, Anya spun around, unsheathing the blade and blocking an attack. She jumped back and held the blade in front of her. She looked upon the man that had attacked her. He was an elder man. He held an air of mastery.

"Name yourself,"Anya straightened up and spoke calmly.[/color][/font][/b][/size]
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Noriyuki bowed and tightened his grip on his sword.

"I am Motokazu Noriyuki. You are, no doubt, the one who killed those peasents. Your life is a stain upon the code of [i]bushido[/b], as such, I feel it is my duty to remove you. Prepare."

Noriyuki dropped into a fighting stance, sheathing his sword and resting his hand on the hilt, watching.
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][b][size=2]OOC: Hmm, Kitty, it looks like you and I posted around the same time^^...No matter, I will fit this all together..


Motokazu took his stance and watched Anya carefully. Anya stood up and sheathed her sword.

"You wish to fight me with bare hands?" Anya's voice took on a serious tone.

"Yes, I feel it's more honorable. But of course, you have no honor. You betray the name of [i]bushido[/i]," Motokazu frowned.

"I have my reasons, old man. Those in which are none of your concern. I will fight you hand-to-hand, for I am a warrior. I carry with me honor and pride for what that stands for," Anya took her stance and stared at Motokazu.

"You soil your blades with blood of the innocent, Onigumo warrior," Motokazu's voice deepened.

Anya smirked and started to take up another position. She stopped short and looked to the trees. Motokazu did the same.

"Come out from your pitiful hiding," Anya called into the canapy.

The figure jumped to the ground behind Anya and charged to attack. Anya grabbed the hilt of her tanto and unsheathed to block the attack. The light from the blade lit up Anya's face and the woman's.

The two stared at eachother, expressionless. Inside of her head, Anya was annoyed.

[/i]Damn, two real fighters at once. How fortunate for me..[/i][/color][/font][/size][/b]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc][i]Hidama turned the horse and went around towards the forest. As the horse galloped through, Hidama slowed it down and listened around her. She smelt the air and looked around her. The forest was dripping with the smell of blood. Hidama jumped off of the horse and kneeled to the ground. She felt the patterns that she had seen and noticed something strange about it. It wasn't a usual pattern.

Standing up, Hidama got back onto her horse and left the forest. She stopped the horse and unmasked herself, but put on a hat to cover her eyes.

She led the horse into the town just in time to see that there was a path to walk through. She steadily let the horse walk through the path. Eyes darted towards her way. She ignored it and waited until they got to some guards.[/i]

"Stop right there!" [i]One of the guards pointed his spead at Hidama.[/i]

[i]Hidama patiently sat atop the horse. Her hand stroking the horse's mane.[/i] "Yes?" [i]Came a calm reply.[/i]

"What are you doing here? This path leads to the loan sharks!" [i]The second guard had told her.[/i]

"Hmm. I am here to meet him. Let us just say that I am here for a "job"." [i]Hidama had lied through her teeth.[/i]

"Oh. Well, then. I'll let you through." [i]The first guard had said.[/i]

[i]Hidama tilted her head lightly and the horse threw its head and walked through the two. The two were now in front of a gate. Hidama jumped off of the horse and walked towards the gate. She stopped and knew it would be against the code to enter a house and kill the enemy. She took a deep breath before leaving.[/size][/color][/i]
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[color=blue][size=1]Katzurugi looked at the two in the clearing. She hadn't expected two fighters in the forest. Know if one escaped, they could spread the word of a killer nearby. This would be hard.

"What is your name?" the woman asked. Katzurugi was silent. She decided to respond after a few minutes of silence. "What a strange question to ask a ninja you foolish warrior. But it is not strange or foolish to ask [i]you[/i] for your name. Well, what is it?"

The man, however, decided to answer first. "I am Noriyuki. A--"

"I did not ask for your name, you old man. I wanted hers." Katzurugi waited for the woman to answer.[/size][/color]
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][b][size=2]Anya narrowed her eyes in disgust of this ninja's attitude. She took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Looking at this distasteful ninja, Anya tilted her head.

"I do not wish to be named. If you haven't heard of me by now, you do not need to know," Anya spoke bluntly.

"Warrior, I demand your name!" the woman glared.

Motokazu leaned against a tree and crossed his arms. Anya sheathed her blade and rested a hand on the hilt.

"You deserve nothing, disgusting ninja," Anya spat.

"Excuse me?" the woman blinked in bewilderment.

"You heard me. Unlike samurai or warriors who face their enemy, ninja's make their kill by sneaking upon their enemy, stabbing them from behind their backs. Disgraceful," Anya's voice deepened and she began to walk away.

"You!" the woman ninja slashed her blade at Anya.

Anya spun around and burried an elbow into the ninja's diaphragm. The ninja fell to one knee, Anya unsheathed her tanto and pressed it to the ninja's neck. Anya's eyes glew with fury.

"That's exactly what I meant," Anya kicked the ninja and continued to walk.[/color][/font][/b][/size]
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Kazuya now with in the estate used stealth from room to room and wall. Taking the stair that lead to an upper room , Kazuya slowly opened the door.

" Well women how much money are you worth. Let me see about the same your father needs to pay me." Ogawa said.

" You can't put a price on me you bastard ! " yelled the women.

" Big mistake little woman , don't cry once I keep you up all night hehe."

Ogawa the loan shark roughly grabed the women by her neck, she kicked but failed to get away. Before Ogawa could go any further the katana of Kazuya came slicing through Ogawa's right hand. Ogawa gave an yell of pain as his blood poured from what was once a right hand.

" That hand has no right to be harming that women , I should end your life." Kazuya said.

The young women wasted no time in leaving , Kazuya stood watching Ogawa with his katana pointed at his neck.

" Don't kill me i'll change my habits." Ogawa cried.

" Killing you has no honor since you have no honor your self Ogawa. There for my mission has failed im sure some one would love to kill your fat hide Ogawa!" Kazuya said in disgust has he walked away from Ogawa.
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[color=blue][size=1]OOC: Oh, sassy are we, Annie?

"Pitiful am I? If I'm so pitiful, why do you waste your time with me? Why not just leave me be? If you hadn't summoned me out of the bushes, I wouldn't have bothered you at all. I was after the man, not you. You may have a bounty, but I don't know a bidder after your head at the moment."

The woman did not move. [i]She's a stubborn one, this one. I might as well rid of her.[/i] Katzurugi slowly pulled her sword out of it's sheath. The woman tensed, but did not strike. Katzurugi slid out of range of the woman's sword and held up her own.

"As a samurai, you should be ashamed. You don't fight at all like one. You yourself fight like a ruthless killer. Why do you so dispise them?"

This, obviously a silly question, made the woman only angrier at how annoying Katzurugi was being. The man, still against the tree, seemed to be watching intently. [i]I'll leave them with a final thought before I go.[/i]

"If you ever want to find me again, ask for 'Kitty'. You'll find me," she taunted. She winked behind her cloth and jumped into the trees, and slowly walked towards the town. If this samurai really had anything against her, she'd follow. But Katzurugi didn't worry about that. She decided to stop by the bar, to check in on bidders.[/color][/size]
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It was still night, Kazuya had saved the young women but he had seemed. To belive that the victory did not bring him any honor or pride. Kazuya continued to wonder down the back road of mountain path looking for a new village or town to bring him closer to his goal.
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