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Sign Up Seto's Pride

Anyu WhiteWolf

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Once again, it's all Seto's fault. (it's always Seto's fault everyone gets into such trouble...) His evil half once again has come out to claim his revenge on Yugi.
:therock: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

He's captured Seto AND Mokuba!! Poor Mokuba!! wait a munite....Poor Seto....I have to get my priorities straight. So we basicly have to find out where he took Seto and how to get him back.
We have the original main charachters in the game up for grabs except Yugi, Joey, Seto or Mokuba (my reasons). Anyone else can jump in, I'll start this thing in no time flat, probobly till I come back from my Thanksgiving Vacation witch givs people a few days. If a main charachter isn't chosen i'll role them myself.
Oh we can have bad guys like charachters of the big five got loose or we could have body guards like Croque or Kimo...:cool:
I've got my own personal self from the Az.
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Name: Marik Ishtar

Age: I dont know, but i think thousands of y.o.

Miilenium Item: rod

Appearence: I think he has grey hair, but he usually wears a big
blue/black cape. Looks very young.

Bio: Marik is very greedy, and a great dueler. His millenium rod
has the power to control minds, so he controls what he calls" rare hunters". Marik wants al the mileniums items, along with the Egyption God Cards.
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Oh cool! Let's see... should I be Tea or Mai? Hmmm... maybe...
maybe I'll paly two or three characters, if that's OK with you. I'll start with one...
[u]Name:[/u] Ishizu Ishtar
[u]Age:[/u] A little older than Marik
[u]Millennium Item:[/u] necklace (let's say she got it back from Yugi somehow)
*You probably should know what she looks like by now.
[u]Bio:[/u] She's Marik's brother, as you know, and she forsees the day when the pharaoh returns... Well, as you know, she can see into the past AND the future... that especially helps in a duel! She's also the one that gave Kaiba one of the Egyptian God Cards, Obelisk the Tormenter.
[u]Best Duel Monster:[/u] (I just put this in for fun; Marik's is probably Ra) ummm... let's say Soul of Purity and Light and/or another fairy monster like Injection Fairy Lily
I might also be Mai and/or Pegasus if no one claims them.
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[size=1][color=ff66cc]Save me a spot.

[B]Name:[/B] Kiara Kinotaka

[B]Age:[/B] 15

[B]Description:[/B] I'll put up a pic.

[B]Millennium Item:[/B] Millenium Locket- i got an OK.

[B]Bio:[/B] Kiara learned to duel from Yugi long ago. She had exceeded fast in dueling. She had become one of the best duelers at her school. She then moved to a new school where Duel Monsters was played all around. It was time to show what she could do.

[B]Best Duel Monster:[/B] Unknown[/size][/color]
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[color=red]Oh, Oh, I want to be Pegasus

Name: Maximillion Pegasus

Age: About 20 something (not quiet sure)

Millenium Item: Millenium Eye

Appearence: He has long platium blonde hair, brown eyes, the Millenium Eye covers one of his eyes, he's tall, wears a red suit, a white shirt, and black dress shoes

Bio: Pegasus is the creator of Duel Monsters. He had a tournament called Duelist Kingdom not to long ago. He was beaten by Yugi Muto, but he's back. His deck is mostly a toon deck. His favorite is the Dark Rabbit.

I love Pegasus!! Don't think I'm weird or anything ok. ^_^;[/color]
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[color=blue-green]I wanna be Bakura please!

Name: Bakura Ryou (I think)

Age: around the age of 14-15

Millenium Item: Millenium Ring

Appearence: he has rough looking long white hair, brown eyes, he has a blue and white stripped t-shirt on, a light blue button up shirt on over the t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers

Bio: Bakura is one of Yugi's friends, but the spirit in his ring is evil. He seems to be a little on the timid side, his spirit is outgoing though. He has a mostly zombie type deck. He usually lets his spirit duel.

You took my fav character, Joey, but I can live with the second cutest. ^0^[/color]
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Bakura's last name is Ryou. You're almost right. Now here's my second character:

[u]Name:[/u] Mai Valentine
[u]Age:[/u] about 18
[u]Millennium Item:[/u] none
[u]Appearence:[/u] Long curly blond hair, purple eyes that look like Yugi's, wearing a white laced shirt, a purple skirt and high-heeled bots (i think)
[u]Bio:[/u] Mai is a loner, basically. Her goal was to become a great duelist--without the help of any friends. (Though she did have a secret liking for Joey.) She was also trapped in the Shadow Realm by Marik once, but someone got her back from it...

Gotta go post!
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WAHAHA, all Seto's fault, hehe. XD

Well mesa feels like joining so mesa will ^^ Original characters are completly alloud right?

Name: Rinshii Kazemori (thought up on the spot --; too brain dead today to look up my japanese name list...)

Age: 16

Millennium Item: well none... T-T

Appearance: ah crap, how hard this will be to explain... Um.... anyone ever seen Paine from the game Final Fantasy X-2? let it be know, i am obsessed with her :P (and i haven't even played the game yet!) yeah well, she looks like her, with maybe a few different clothes (tho paine's outfit ROCKS)

Bio: A loner and a bit of a tough girl, Rinshii moved to domino a month ago and started attending Domino High. Yet she still has no friends and it almost seems her sole goal is to keep it that way.

Um i thought of this character right off the bat. T-T She'll probably like 'evolve' (like so many of the characters in my fanfics do over time) into a better character as the RPG progresses.
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*takes Kaiby and clones him* :) There, now we can all have Kaiby! ^^

And please call me FR, Fushigi sounds odd whenever i hear it. O.o
ctually my friend Ryo showed me this RPG and said that when he read the first post, he had a hard time believing you weren't me! X) yay for obsessive people! XD
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