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[i][COLOR=blue]It is the future, and technology is far more advanced than before. The pinnacle of technology, is the famed DiabloBoards. Spawned from the fequally-famous OtakuBoards, it changed names after the new owener, known as Diablo, took it over. It is now fully virtual, much like 'The World' in .hack//sign.
Moderating under Diablo are his five 'Minions'. Each minon moderates an area. they are Tartaros, who moderates the Adventure and Battle Arenas, Spasco the Great who moderates TV, Willow, who moderates Video Games, ZimGirl who moderates Anime, and Pinky who moderates Art.
However, the peace of DiabloBoards is about to come to an end. A warrior known as Jeice claims that he is the rightful owner of DiabloBoards. He and his army of elite hackers have entered the Boards with the hope of destroying it until Diablo and the Mods surrender their power.
But Diablo won't go down without a fight.[/color][/i]
For this RPG, I need the five Minion/Mods and 6 of the bad guys. Jeice needs to be filled, and he has 5 Dark Manions. There ae only a few restirctions. One, I am Diablo. Two, Tartaros and Spasco are male, while the others are female. And three, Jeice is male. Oh, and try not to make things too outragous. True, this does take place in a realm with limitless possibilities, but keep it within reason, okay?
Here's the sign-up sheet.

Target Realm (for Bad guys):

Here ae the spots that need to be filled
Diablo-Unborn Lord Xion
Spasco the Great
Pinky-Roxanne Leifen
DM1-Arika aka Ecstacy (X)
DM2-Double_B_Daigo aka ?
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[i][color=lightpink][b]Name:[/b] Nicole Blackmore

[b]Screenname:[/b] Pinky

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Description:[/b] [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-10/454379/2352287503fbab837263a5.gif [/img]

[b]Weapons:[/b] Paint, and sharp old time pens.

[b]Bio:[/b]She moderates the Art section of DiabloBoards, making sure evreything goes smoothly. She always loved to draw, or doodle, or paint. Very artistic.

[b]Personaliy:[/b] She is kind and sweet. She likes things to go smoothly, and gets frusterated when people dont listen to her. But she does have a way with setting up traps for those hackers.

I hope this is good. And my font matches my character.[/color][/i]
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[size=1][color=999999][B]Jeice's Right Hand Woman[/B][/U]

[B]Name:[/B] Kiandra Amelayna

[B]Screenname:[/B] Ecstacy, aka X to the DMs and Jeice

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Description:[/B] Read below weapons.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Black gloves with retractible 1 foot neko-tes, silver fighting fans that fold into daggers, and shadow whip

[B]Bio:[/B] Kiandra always loved to draw, yet she also loved games. She would always beat her friends at it...especially Jeice. She was taken into Diabloboards, by Jeice. Before she became addicted to Diabloboards, she was an active girl. She loved to play all kinds of sports. She loved to run, excercise and such. She also did many kinds of martial arts, as well as kendo and learning to fence. She also learned archery and things like that. Although, she liked tranquil things, such as art, music, etc; she wasn't that kind of a girl. She wasn't competitive either. She was addicted to 3 things now: Diabloboards, Sports, and Video Games.

[B]Personality:[/B] Reality or not, everything is the same to her and she is the same to everything. She shows no mercy to those who have done wrong. She will fight for good and let the wrong fall to their knees. Like her sn says, she is dangerous and yet addictive. So far, no one has yet to equal her power or overthrow it.

[B]Target Realm:[/B] Video Games! Watch out Erinzyger

[B]Extra:[/B] She and Jeice has had a long life friendship. She also likes him more than a friend and hopes that he does too.[/size][/color]
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[color=chocolate][b]^^; Found it!

Name: Tatiana Blackmore ((if it's okay with you Roxanne))

Screenname: Willow

Age: 13

Description: [img]http://minimoni.hellominna.com/profile/pics/mari.jpg[/img]

Weapons: Electrified whip

Bio: Tatiana, unlike her sister Nicole, never got into art. She was more of a gamer, not just when it came to video games, but also in athletics. She was especially good at volleyball. She was never really good in school because she couldn't concentrate on the work and teachers. But for some reasong, she could always concentrate on video games. When Nicole joined DiabloBoards, she brought Tatiana with her. She became very easily addicted.

Personality: Like I said, Tatiana is very athletic, but also very smart in tactics ((such as in video games)). She is very cheerful and outgoing and makes friends easily. She isn't the type to fall in love easily. Also, as a side note, Tatiana has always had a small crush on Tataros, the Adventure/Battle mod.[/color][/b]
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Name: Yuki Campbell

Screen name: Tartaros

Age: 19

Description:[URL=http://www.angelfire.com/anime4/ryvius/images/scans/posterbook1.jpg]Click here[/URL] It's the guy the back of the picture, behind the girl in purple.

Weapons: Tech gloves (Hoping you remember them U.L.X)

Bio: Watching over the Adventure and Battle Arena, Tartaros is very strict. And will do all in his power to enforce the rules. He's some what of an old member, making him more experienced. When he had been younger, he had always been in RPG's. A majority of them were blood, futuristic, or medieval. And so he takes more responsibility in these then others. He's also an expert fighter and only participates in battles if he sees them fit. It's actually not the hard to please him those with good quilt ideas.

Personality: Cold, and rude. Tartaros is very intelligent, he knows this very well. Although, he has the smarts to use the intelligence and be kind and such. Tartaros just chooses not to, just to make sure that the rules are enforced he's very blunt. And can be quite hurtful.

Target Realm: Adventure and Battle Arenas (Heh, I'm already a mod for these arenas at other boards, ironic)
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Thank you all for joining! As you can see, you are currently all in. However, this isn't quite first come-first serve. If I happen to get someone better than you, they get in instead. However, I do intend to start this as soon as I get all positions filled, so don't be too afraid. Oh, and Arika? Please finish it soon. And include your target realm, for that will decide your personal quest (to gain control of that realm), and you will also be rivals with the current owner. Oh, and don't forget to tell your friends to enter this awesome RPG (self-depricating laugh).
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Oooh, lots of ladies! :D

Name: Hattori Hanzo



Weapons: Vast Knowledge of martial arts, which in turn is his life in full. He does not like the use of weapons, only his body, which has been dubbed one itself. Another talent of his is the great ability of the Rap Battle. :P

Personality: Warm, faithful, caring, optomistic, and a good freind. Hanzo will always be their to help a freind may it be a physical or mental issue they need coping with. He has a good since of humor that always liven's thingsup. He doesn't let things bother him, but his philosphy is "I only have two cheeks to turn."

Bio: In characeteristic ways, he isn't strict, he lets some things slide, but inforces the rules when needed. Many mistake his kindness as weakness, and are banned, though. He'll try to correct and help a person before closing their thread or banning them.

Target Realm: Battle Arena/Music and Movies

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Thanks again for joining. Mainly, this is a post to get this up high in the list of Recruitment forums, but it also has a puprose. I'd just like to ask DBD if he's a bad guy, as I am assuming he is. Which mean he needs a Username. If he's not, there is a problem, as Ruby is the Battle Arena mod. Just want to get this cleared up. But great characters so far! Once again, I beg you to pull your friends (kicking and screaming, if you must) into the RPG, as I really want to start it. I still need 3 Dark Minions, Jeice, and ZimGirl.
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