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RPG Saving Sennen's Sould (mild language)


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[b][i][color=deeppink]We all know and love OtakuSennen! He is a member at OB with 805 posts! He was born in a log cabin and his father split silicon chips for a living! He is perky and cheerful and we all love him!

But.... Now... something has happened to our perky happy-go-lucky Sennen... A powerful mod of OB, called DeathKnight has stolen Sennen's soul! Now, Sennen is alot less perky-ish and always seems to be gloomy... and his friend Syk 3 hasn't been helping that much lately...
DeathKnight has locked Sennen's soul in a chamber that his hiddin in his fortress called "P.M.F." Now it is up to Sennen's friends and his gloomy self to get his soul back so he can be himself again![/color][/i][/b]

Ok, here are the people who are in the RPG.

OtakuSennen: RPed by OtakuSennen
K.K.C.: RPed by K.K.C.
Shinmaru: RPed by Shinmaru
DeathKnight: RPed by Deathknight
Syk 3: RPed by Shinmaru
Dragon Warrior (Da Hero): RPed by Dragon Warrior
Japan_86: RPed by Japan_86
Maladjusted: RPed by Maladjusted
Kazuko: RPed by Kazuko
Xra: RPed by Xra [/b]

Sense Dragon Warrior is the "Hero"... He will start off the RPG. (Plus, I can't think of a good way to start....And DW is usually good at starting things off (Oo))

Damn it! Look at that typo in the title! ****ing ****!
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She made me start it ;_;
It was a peaceful day in Hyrule. People were frolicking. Bunnies were snuggling. People were making love in their bedrooms, but were caught by their parents who came home unexpectedly early. Link was under a tree eating an apple when he saw Ganon sit down next to him.

"Wassup, dawg?" Ganon said, swinging his Bling Bling.

"Nuttin', word," Link replied, fascinated by his apple.

"I captured the biatch Princess Zelda again. Gonna stop me?"


"Dat's coo'." With that, Ganon stood up and walked off. Then came along a monster who killed them all.

Then, in another distant land called Otaku, there lived some other cool dudes and dudettes. Their names were Dragon Warrior, KKC, Shinmaru, Syk, Xra... phew! There's so many. Ahem... Japan_86, maladjusted, Kazu... Kazu... what is that name? I can't read this cue card... OH! Kazuko! And of course, there was OtakuSennen.

Now, lately OtakuSennen (or Sennen for short) has been acting mighty odd. Not odd as in he eats pills with taffy and drinks gasoline. That's his normal life. We're talkin' normal, baby. He's acting what KKC has defined "ex-perkish".

[b]BUM BUM BUMMMM...[/b]

This made the villagers of the nearby town of Poopypot very disturbed, not just by their own town name, but by how Sennen's been acting. It's been a week and no one has said anything. Now, something has happened that will change their lives forever...

"OH MY GOD," KKC screamed. The others ran into the room.

"What is it?" Japan_86 leaped onto the couch next to KKC.

"F... f-f-f..."

"What?" Kazuko persisted.

"Friends is on it's last season!"

"AHHHH!!!!" The group screamed.

Once they all woke up from fainting, they noticed something in Dragon Warrior's mouth. "Hey, DW... what's that?" KKC pointed at him.

"Wha? Oh that? Yeah... I had the doctor look at that. It's nothing bad. I just use this ointment on it every few hours and--"

"Not that. THAT!" She points to the paper in DW's mouth. He spews it out.

"Looks like paper."

"Duh!" Shinmaru says sarcastically. Everyone looks at him. "What?"

He was beaten up.

"What does it say, DW?" Maladjusted asked intently.

"I dunno!"

"It's some foreign writing?" KKC looked puzzled.

"No. I'm too stupid to read."

"Oh, give me that!" KKC took the letter. She read it in a second and went wide-eyed.

"What is it?" Japan_86 asked.

"Yes... is it bad news?" Shinmaru put in, rubbing his soar cheek.

"Yes. It is bad. Not only does it say what has happened to Sennen, but the guy who wrote it used cursive!"

[b]BUM BUM BUMMM...[/b]

"What's it say about Sennen?" DW leaped through the air and out a window. He reentered through the door and sat in one of the chairs to listen.

"It says," KKC began, "That a man that goes by the name of DeathKnight has stolen Sennen's soul and that's why he's so boring."

"Holy God No!" Everyone turned around to see Syk.

"Where have you been?" KKC asked.

"I'm not sure."

"Well, listen up," she continued, "We've gotta get his soul back."

"Don't worry, KKC," Dragon Warrior said as he unsheathed a spatula from his belt which was holding his belt up and his pants now fell down revealing his puppy and kitten boxers. "I will save Sennen's soul. Not only did DeathKnight kill my poor sock puppet, but Sennen tried to save it. I owe her."

"Sennen's a guy." Shinmaru put in.

Shinmaru was beaten up again.

"Well, what are we waiting for," KKC said, standing up. "Let's go get DeathKnight!" They all cheered and ran out the door.

"Wait," Xra said, causing the group to stop. "We don't know where he is."

"Oh yeah... good point," the group admitted. They were stuck again and Shinmaru wasn't lookin' too pretty.

"I feel pain..."

"Oh, stop your whining," KKC scolded Shin.
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[color=crimson]In a not so far away land that knew the name of DeathKnight all too well, a large, gloomy fortress stood. Thunder rolled overhead as rain began to pour.

"So uh. I heard the boss stole some kid's soul."

The guard glanced over to his partner, both dressed in the same uniform of armor. He yawned and shrugged, "Not his best work. I guess he is running out of evil to commit. Like last week he stole a little girls lollipop."

One guard gave an odd look, "... What?"

"I dunno. He said he was going out and returned with a lollipop. Started gloating about it. Sorta odd."

"... That's retarded."

"Eh. Can't blame the dude. He is all evilled out. He'll get more creative and good with his evil again so-"

A large, evil sort of spell overtook the two guards and they promptly disappeared from veiw, not to be seen again.


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[size=1] Shinmaru hobbled to the corner to sob and shrivel up with pain as Syk3 tried to console with a giant band-aid. Shinmaru shrieked at the thought of more human touch.

"Uh...anyways..." Xra started, looking around pointlessly.

"Let's play Truth or Dare!" Exclaimed KKC, momentarily forgetting of Sennen's doomed soul. Everyone sat down in a disfigured circle in the room. Maladjusted ran upstairs to her room to get her stuffed animal.

"What the hell is [i]that[/i]?" Shinmaru mumbled out through the giant bandaid wrapped around his head. The doll leaped out of Maladjusted's arms and buried his sharp teeth into his arms. A bloodcurdling scream echoed throughout the room and everyone twitched a bit.

"PIKASCHMEEP!!!" The yellow ball of fluff jumped out into the middle of the circle. Japan_86 gave out a small scream. Maladjusted lunged at the Pikaschmeep and held it in her arms.

"It's a genetically-crossed experiment between a Pikachu and lint!" Maladjusted exclaimed proudly, "Stop insulting it." Shinmaru inched back a little. The Pikaschmeep stumbled out of the girl's arms and singed out shrill, high-pictched versions of N'Sync songs.

KKC knocked the Pikaschmeep out of the way.

"N'Sync's voices are already shrill and high-pitched you simpleton!" He said furiously, angering at the thought of listening to "This I Promise You" [i]again[/i].

"Exactly!" Maladjusted said with a smile. All of a sudden, the windows crushed and the whole party screamed, running out the house. Shinmaru and Syk could not rip their eyes off of the Double Dash game they were playing against each other. The Pikaschmeep glared at Syk and Shinmaru.

"You're supposed to be screaming with the pain of high N'Sync voices echoing in your feeble human ears!" The odd creature said harshly. Shinmaru's red eyes darted about the TV screen through his huge band-aid. Syk's clicking of buttons assured the poor man of another thumb surgery in the near future.

"Although our ears burn with the pain of 1000 suns, we cannot scream and moan in agony until this game is over!" Syk screamed.

After five minutes of bickering, the whole group decided to wait ouside until Syk and Shinmaru finished their grueling game. KKC twidled his thumbs and Maladjusted fed her rabid ferrets parts of Shinmaru's flesh that accidently fell off when he was getting beat up. Japan_86 and Dragon Warrior were arguing whether Kittylyn or Queen Asuka would win Female Otaku at the end of the year.

"Neither of them could beat each other!" DW finally said.

"Exactly why Sennen will win it." Maladjusted interjected, after finishing her daily feeding of the ferrets.

"Yeah, he sure would make a pretty girl." Xra said.

Maladjusted wandered off and started to watch Evangelion on the Anime Network.

"How'd you get a TV, Mally?" Xra asked with a confused voice.

"...." Maladjusted looked around suspiciously and decided to punch Xra in the face instead of answering his question.

After thirty minutes, Shinmru and Syk finally stumbled out of the house, joining the rest of the group. Maladjusted quickly played the theme of Lord of the Rings.

"That music SO does not match this scene." DW stated pointedly. Maladjusted shrugged and slapped in the Hamtaro theme song. [/size]
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[size=1] I am incredibly bored, so I'm writing more of my crap. :toothy:

The group gallantly strode over the rolling, green hills with misty mountains in the distance. The winds whipped the grass the company's hair, some covering their heads with the robes tied across their necks.

"Hark! I see enemies in the distance!" Kazuko shouted. He whipped out his Magical Stick of Doom and Pain. Dragon Warrior ran to the front.

"Sod off, I'm the hero here!" He said loudly as he shoved Kazuko away. He bravely stood tall, protecting the rest of the group....who were happily playing duck-duck goose. His face reddened.

"Hey, I need a close-up right now...!" DW exclaimed. Maladjusted yawned waved the camera man off.

"What the...GET BACK HERE YOU LAZY DOG!" The Warrior shook his fist threateningly. All of a sudden, the camera zoomed in at an accelerating pace.

"More, I say!" DW exclaimed. The camera man leaned foward from the helicoptor.

"WAHHHHHHH!" A terrified scream echoed throughout the great lands of [strike]Rohan[/strike] Earth! The camera man fell with sickeningly loud thud.

"My sweet camera man!" The narrator, overtaken by grief, jumped off the helicoptor himself.

"Wait, I'm not quite dead-- OOF!" Two dead men lay in front of the party.

"Great, you killed our camera man AND our narrator!" Maladjusted said angrily, breaking off the wonderful game of duck-duck goose. Admist the loud arguing ["What?! It wasn't my fault!"], Shinmaru stood up.

"A new quest! To find the GREATEST CAMERA MAN AND NARRATOR IN THE UNIVERSE!" He exclaimed excitedly.

"Hey...what about Sennen's soul?" KKC muttered angrily. Japan_86 and Syk3 joined in. Maladjusted took out the portable TV and momentarily stole Shinmaru's N64 and popped in Zelda and Mario. Somehow. At the same time. Do not question the rules of a RPG!

Soon after, leaving the two dead men and evil Santa Clause monsters behind, the group walked on, and tagging along behind them was the freakish-looking camera man from Mario Kart, holding a broken down "WRONG WAY" and smoking a large, illegal cuban cigar. The Great Deku trailed along beside them.

"This evil smoke is killing our air! 'Tis the work of a dark force, it is, killing our trees with cigars!" The Deku Tree barked at the new camera man.

"Ah, shove it your old log." Xra turned around and threw a rock at the tree, signaling the tree to shut up.

The group continued on.[/size]
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A cold, dark, black, haunting, chilling, screaching, howling breeze blew threw the Dark, black, haunting, dead, night. It blew the clothes of the travelers in search of their sad, ex-perkyish, Non-perkyish, not hyper, gloomy friend, OtakuSennen. KKC shivered and then glomped Syk for warmth.

The group stopped and watched as Syk screemed his deadly, blood curdling, slightly evil, horrified screem as he tried to crawl from KKC's clamping grip.

".... I like doing that to you too Huey...." Xra whispered to the cute little rock in his hand. A shudder went threw the whole group.

Maladjusted pointed at KKC and the still screeming figure of Syk. "What is KKC doing... guys shouldn't do that to other guys... unless it's SHINMARU and Syk...." She then pulled a small wooden cocain pipe from her pocket and began to blow bubbles out of it.

Syk finally pulled himself out from KKC's grip and staggered to his feet, gasping for air. The group started to move on, Maladjusted still smoking her bubbles.
Japan wandered over to where Sennen was, and then the United States bombed them for sexual harassment on a boy with no soul.

Maladjusted was on the far right of the group looking like a rich british man with the pipe and bubbles. She glanced at a tree and saw in blood the words carved. "She's a girl!" They continued and then she spotted a rock that read. "She glomps guys, but isn't a guy!"
The messages were starting to bother Maladjusted, she was having trouble smoking her bubbles while strange and disturbing noises were coming from where the camera man and Deku Tree were and while messages writin in blood were poping up everywhere.

Maladjusted looked to the ground in hope of some piece. In front of her was a another message reading: "KKC is not a guy! She's a girl! Get it threw yo' head! These messages have coast me 3 pints of blood all ready! God Damn it!"

Maladjusted eyes turned blood red. "Who the hell keeps writing this pointless, babling, freeky deeky messages!" She yelled.
KKC fell over and Japan had to donate blood. Japan was bombed by USA once again for donating blood to an American Citizen who was now part Japanese and American because of the mixed blood.

OOC: <----------- Female Sex
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OOC: I never really tried to role play before, so if I suck, don't hit me.


Japan stood up slowly. She was still a bit woozy from the bombs hitting her. She put on her Vash sunglasses and walked over to KKC, whom had mixed blood. Japan tripped on one of the crazy signs, started to fall. Syk ran over to her aid and caught her just in time. "Thanks.." said Japan.

"Your welcome."

The message, that was written in blood turned green. It looked like it was transformed by some greater being. Japan read the sign. It said "This way to sennen's soul!!!! Muhahaha."

The sign pointed inside this creepy rundown house.

Malajusted stopped making bubbles in her pipe and stared at the creaking door that opened and closed in the chilly wind.

"I guess we have no choice. We have to enter that house, no matter how creepy," said Japan. Syk and Shinmaru slowly nodded. KKC grabbed Sennen by the collar and dragged him into the dark, scary house with the rest of the group.

OOC: I hope that my post was good...
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OOC: I just barely noticed the RPG had already started. lol

The members of the Fellowship of the Soul [copyright Shinmaru 2003] slowly ventured towards the ominous house that lay ahead of them. Ominous because it was big. And scary. Can't forget scary, now. If you forget scary, then you are a foolish fool.

"I tire of my regular font," Shinmaru said. "I demand smaller, maladjusted style font!"

"Thief," maladjusted insulted Shinmaru before smacking him with a wet trout.

[size=1]"Yay! Small font! In your face, mal!" Unfortunately, Shinmaru had neglected to notice that he looked like a dork when he said this. So he was beaten up. Viciously.


"Wait," DW said. "Who is saying all of this, if our narrator was killed?"

"Dude," Shinmaru said. "I had no idea DW from Darkwing Duck was in this!" Dragon Warrior glared at Shin with a mighty glare. Mighty, indeed.

">:o" DW...er...said. "Gavynn are not a duck with red hair!"

":/" Shinmaru made a face. "Well, that sucks." He was beat up yet again.

"Enough, already!" KKC shouted while simultaneously glomping every single guy that was here. "We need to go into that house!"

"Why?" Xra asked while petting his rock and fulfilling the Gollum position of the group. "Precioussss..."

"To further this sad, sad plot, of course!" KKC shouted while pointing a finger in the air. Who knew whether or not she pointed fingers in the air in real life, but she did so here.

"Double Dash!!" Syk3 suddenly shouted.

"Your mom!" Shinmaru shot back. He and Syk3 proceeded to do a parody of the Smash Bros. commercial.

"Imagine me and you...I do...I think about you day and night...it's only right...to think about the one you love...day and night...so happy together..."


There is no way to put in the words the horror and shock that everyone felt when seeing that. Let's just say they were shocked and horrified.

"Die, Yoshi!" Syk3 shoulted, not shouted as is the correct spelling, while bludgeoning Yoshi with his lipstick.

"Who's Mario now, biatch?!" Shinmaru yelled as he threw his giant green Kuribo's Shoe at Mario.

"Let's just leave them alone..." maladjusted suggested. After all, Syk3 and Shin were weird, sad people and they should be left alone. It's for the best.

"No!" Shinmaru yelled. "I am writing this post, so I must be in the story!"

"What about Syk3?" Kazuko asked.

"Eh, he can come, too, I suppose."


When you first come into a haunted house thingy, your first impression is that it's dusty. Dusty and old. Kind of like Shinmaru's Nintendo 64 except that you can't play games on it. The Nintendo 64, I mean.

Your second impression is one of Mr. T, because it is easy to do an impression of him.

Anyway, our intrepid adventurers walked into the house.

"Man, it's dusty in here!" maladjusted exclaimed as she frantically tried to avoid getting dust on her beloved picture of Shinji and Kaworu holding hands.

"And old..." Kazuko said as he looked around. "Older than Shinmaru."

"I pity da foo who thinks I'm old!" Shinmaru said, using a horrible, stereotypical Mr. T impression. Nobody thought it was funny, so they stabbed him with various objects. You know how it is. And if you don't, then you are also stabbed.

"Perhaps we should go into that door," Japan said, pointing at, of all things, a door.

"Yes! We should go into the door!" Syk3 said as he immediately copyrighted the idea so that he could sue Japan for millions. The person, not the country, for if he sued the country, then he would be sad.

"Yes, we shall go into that entrance portal!" DW said, careful not to committ copyright infringement. That Syk3 was a tricky one, indeed. As soon as these freaky people opened the door, they came upon a room. But not an ordinary room. They had entered upon...

[b]A Parody of a Commercial.[/b]

DeathKnight stood atop a podium laughing at all the reporters asking him questions. Because they were stupid and he was not. And he stole Sennen's soul. Whee.

"There he is!" Shinmaru shouted.

"Quiet!" Everyone yelled at Shinmaru while throwing wet books at him.

DeathKnight pointed at Shinmaru.

"Next question!" He demanded, while shaking the jar that held Sennen's soul in it.

"Do you hold any sort of platform at all?!" Shinmaru shouted.

"Uh...er...no parodies!" DeathKnight retorted, before throwing a Koopa Shell at Shin, which struck him in the nadular area. For those not in the know, the shell hit him in the balls. Which hurts, trust me.

"Holy Mother of Mario!" Shinmaru shouted in dismay. Because his lower region hurt, you see.

DeathKnight slowly walked off stage to somewhere. Somewhere where he could rest. Because throwing Koopa Shells is tough work but somebody has to do it.

"He's slowly but surely getting away!" Sky3 shouted before correcting the grievous error that the person writing this post made; his name was Syk3, not Sky3. Oh horror of horrors!

"Er...why don't we go after him?" Kazuko asked.

"Because then this RPG would never be more than one page long." KKC replied.

"Oh yeah."

So, instead of going through the door DeathKnight went into, our Fellowship went into the one next to it. Because they're idiots.

The room in which they entered was big. Okay, it was not big, because of budget restraints, but it was green. Green and green. An old woman walked by them carrying some sort of jar.

"Can we see what's in the jar, ma'am?" Shinmaru asked.

"I don't want to haggle!" the old woman yelled. "So, piss off!" She slapped [strike]mirai[/strike] Shin across the face and walked away muttering about birds and crucifying monkeys.

"That was odd," Xra told his rock. "Not often you see something as weird as that."

Our odd (not Oddish) heroes continuing walking across this short, green room until they came to a hill.

"Whee, enough room in the budget to buy a hill!" KKC shouted.

"How did you manage that?" Shinmaru asked.


"Oh yeah." Shinmaru looked at his wallet forlornly.

A hop, skip and a jump, that was not needed, later, everyone was on top of the hill. Which was just a pile of paper mache, mind you.

"What is that over there?" Syk3 said while peering through binoculars. Binoculars, I might add, which were made of lipstick. Shows you exactly what he does with his life, that one.

"It appears to be a Pikachu..." Shin said.

"SHUT UP, SHIN!" DW said, while smacking him. "It's obviously a Pikachu."

"Go get it, Shin." maladjusted said.

"Why me?"

"Because you are the one designated to recieve all physical pain in this story."

"I'd better get paid extra for this..."

Shinmaru approached the Pikachu cautiously, ready to beat it to death with Kuribo's Shoe. All of a sudden, and with cheap puppetry, the Pikachu jumped up and started biting Shinmaru's arm.

"Sweet Jesus, it's biting my arm!" Shinmaru flailed to and fro while trying to throw the Pikachu off of his arm.

"Should we help?" Syk3 asked, whilst applying lipstick to a picture of Mei.

"No, I'm enjoying this," maladjusted replied with a grin. A grin, I might add, that she probably would not be grinning had she realized that OtakuSennen had made not one appearance so far, except for the fact that DeathKnight was carrying his soul in a jar.

"I already realized that," maladjusted said, while chastising the narrator.

Then why are you still grinning?

"Because Shinmaru is being attacked by a Pikachu," maladjusted replied.


OOC: This is where I decide to end it because I'm a little short on time. I hope it's long enough for you. lol
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Me post next! =D
DW walked over to Shin, who was being molested by the Pikachu and kicked him.

"Dragon Warrior! Why are you kicking him?" KKC asked.

"His post is too long!" DW complained. The others nodded and agreed and walked over to have a good kick at him as well. Soon, everyone, even DeathKnight, was kicking Shin.

"Ow! Damnit! Stop it! OOOWW! Ohhh, my Dear Lord No! Not there! OW! I said not there! Mercy! Uncle! UnCLE! I-Ooo... that kind of feels good... WAIT! That didn't! OW! Eee! Pain! Save me Link! SAVE ME, DAMNIT!

(But we all must recall Link was killed along with the rest of the Zelda world by a giant monster at the start of this RPG)

"Crap..." Shin said.

Xra looked up only to see DeathKnight kicking Shinmaru in the ribs. "Hey! It's that guy!" Everyone looked up to see a fat italian.

"Want a meatball?"

"ACK! FAT ITALIAN!" They all start kicking the italian as DeathKnight eases away. Now even Shin is kicking, though he's bleeding heavily.

"Stupid Mario-wannabe," Shinmaru shouted with every kick. But suddenly, Dragon Warrior disappeared. No one noticed because he wasn't that important.

[b]Meanwhile, in the same room the heroes are in at the moment...[/b]

"Where did DW go?" KKC looked around in wonder. "My Master is gone!"

"I are on da ceilingness." They all look up to see DW walking on the ceiling.

"Oh, DW," Syk3 waves at him. "You're so silly." Suddenly, gravity takes a change and DW falls on Syk3, breaking his neck. Dragon Warrior jumps up as Syk3 moans.

"Phew! I are lucky I had this Syk3 guy to break my fall."

"Gavynn..." Japan_86 glared at him. "Your post isn't getting us anywhere. The most that has happened is you've walked on the ceiling and we've beaten a fat italian guy."

"But it sure is fun!" Kosuko said, giving the italian another kick.

Suddenly, the group could hear a dark, evil laugh...

[b][SIZE=3]Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! That tickles![/SIZE] [/b]

"Where the hell did that come from?!" KKC squeeled. Suddenly, Elmo showed up in the doorway.

"HOLY HELL IT'S ELMO!" Shinmaru said. He was beaten down for stating the obvious.

"Elmo thinks you heroes are bad. ELMO THINKS YOU SHOULD DIE!"

"Elmo's gonna get beaten like a bad Shinmaru if he keeps talking in third person like that," Xra said, giving Elmo the finger. Ya know, the index finger. Not sure if it was an insult or he was showing Elmo his finger, but whatever.

Elmo glared at the group. Then, DW held up a hand. "Since I'm writing this postedness, let I talk to it." He walked slowly over to the red growth on the floor and knelt down. "Elmo... we come in pe--" Suddenly, Gavynn leaps into the air and slays Elmo by chopping off his head with the spatula.

"Yay," Said the unamused audience.

"That's that," DW said, walking back to the group.

"Elmo doesn't think you should do that kind of stuff... wait... did Elmo say that right? Uhh... doesn't think... that kind of... YEAH! Elmo said it right."

"Oh my God! He's not dead!" Shinmaru then hid because he stated the obvious.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," KKC rolled her eyes.

"You're welcome," said Captain Obvious. "AWAY!" He flew through the roof.

"I wanna flyness," DW whimpered.

"AHEM! Has someone forgotten about Elmo? ELMO GONNA KILL YOU ALL AND DO ELMO'S HAPPY DANCE!"

"Not if we have something to do with it," Japan_86 said, whooping out her Vash sunglasses.

"Elmo gonna murder now!" The red furball shouted as he shot a gun at Japan.

"I feel better," Syk3 said, getting up after magically healing from his broken neck. He was shot by the bullet aimed for Japan and he collapsed, bleeding.

"Ha ha! I'm not getting hurt anymore," Shinmaru mused. He was shot in the leg. "SON OF A GOOMBA!!"

Elmo laughed again. "Hahahaha! Hahahaha! This frickin' tickles Elmo. Elmo cannot be defeated!!!"

[b]An intense battle rages between Elmo and the remaining heroes. Shinmaru has been beaten and shot and Syk3 has been shot and DW looks sexy as usual. What shall happen next? FIND OUT WHEN THE NEXT POSTER POSTS![/b]
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.....i guess that would be me......heh

[SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic]Xra looks up at the last post to see what happened.

"Uhhhh what are you doing?" Kazuko glanced at Xra for a moment, only to continue looking at the headless Elmo.

"Ok, got it!" Xra yelled. He pulled a rock out of his pocket and aimed it at elmo. He threw it and hit DW in the back of the head, rendering him unconscious on the floor.

"That was nice, but you hit the wrong puppet!" Mal told him.

During the commotion, Elmo picked up the fat italian and used him for a bodyshield.

"Elmo shall kill you all!!!"

Out of his neck, 10 E.T....like....creatures, started running around the room screaming. Japan looked at the creatures with a ghastly look on her face. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"GET IT AWAY GET IT AWAY!!!" She jumped up and down franticly.

"...shit" DeathKnight grabbed one of the creatures and bit its head off. "Tastes like antelope..."

During that chaotic and short post, pandemoniuminum....thing spread loose throughout the room. Eventually, the headless Elmo started chasing everyone around with the italian guy. Mmmm, just like at home....[/size][/font]
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OOC: Wow, I have so much to work with. :/

[size=1]With small font in hand...er...post, our heroes continued to run like little pussies away from the Elmo creature. Because it is frightening and they are not. Whee.

"There is only one thing to do to stop these creatures!" Shinmaru yelled while pointing a finger in the air to signify that he had an idea. Yes, that sentence needed to be overly long.

"Shut up!" DW yelled while kicking Shinmaru in the arse. "I'm the hero, so I come up with the ideas!" DW turned to face all of the E.T. creatures. "I will use my ultra-sexy powers to put you to your doom!" The E.T. creatures approached Dragon Warrior with a steely gaze; steely because a bronzey gaze would make no sense. None at all.

"I want me some Dragon Warrior!" one of the E.T. creatures yelled just before signing to Dragon Warrior's club. Yes, he wanted DW and he wanted him bad. But it was not to be because DW killed them all with a spatula in an action scene that can not be shown in this post because of lack of funding.

"Am I too late to appear in this story?" OtakuSennen said before stepping out of the shadows and appearing in this RP for the very first time.

"I thought we were gonna leave him at home," Shinmaru said. Then he was beaten with the dead carcasses of the E.T. creatures. Sennen stared at the body of Shinmaru.

"Isn't that running gag gonna get a tad old?" Sennen asked.

"Of course not," maladjusted replied. "He stole my font, so he has to pay."

"But didn't you guys started beating him up before that happened?"


"Okay then."

So, The Fellowship of the Soul [copyright Shinmaru 2003] completely forgot about the Elmo creature and trudged along through the house. And the Elmo creature was sad; so sad that he hung himself. Oh well.

"Isn't there an outlet in here?" Syk3 asked. "I need to talk to Mei."

"No," Sennen replied. "We need to find my soul."

"Screw you and your soul!" Syk3 yelled. "Mei has first precedence over your soul, any day!"

"..." Everyone stared at Syk3.

"It's true..." Syk3 stated with a frown. He was then beaten for insolence.

"We need a new plot device to add some intrigue to the story," maladjutsed mused. "Just walking around in random situations is getting a bit boring."

"I have just the thing..." Sennen said, while searching through his pocket. He searched for two hours, before finally recovering what was the only item in his pocket. "Tada!" It was a small piece of paper.

"What is that?" Shinmaru asked.

"Why, it's a list of potential partners for a romance for maladjusted to partake in during the course of this story," Sennen replied. Maladjusted turned angrily towards Sennen.


"Well, as the only girl in this story, you need to fill the stereotypical romance."

"You idiot, KKC and Japan are girls, too!"

"Yes, but they don't have lists dedicated to them, do they?"


Sennen took out the list, which was made entirely by Sennen as was this particular section of the story (~_^), and showed it to everyone. The list looked like this:

[b]Potential people that mal likes:[/b]
[*]Taylor Hewitt

There were more people, of course, but the author of this section has a god-awful memory.

"How did D_B_D and Taylor Hewitt make that list?" Kazuko asked.

"Because, as AzureWolf, who is not in this story, I might add, put it, Sennen is a lousy guesser," Shinmaru replied.

And it was true; for this list was compiled by OtakuSennen when it was revealed in a very old chat (which Shinmaru was not a part of, so he only has the rumors of AzureWolf and OtakuSennen to go by) that maladjusted liked someone on OB because of their "intelligence and humor." So, you could count D_B_D and Taylor Hewitt out of the equation immediately.

"That was not meant to be taken so seriously!" maladjusted yelled while choking Shinmaru with her bare hands (as she would be likely to do in a chat later on today when she sees this).

"But I have proof of the seriousness of this list!" Sennen stated.


"THIS little tidbit was found in the Recruitment thread for this very RPG..."

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by maladjusted [/i]
[B][size=1][b]Why do you want to Sennen's soul[/b]: I'm madly in love with him, you see. [/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

"THAT WAS TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT!!!!!" maladjusted yelled while beating up Sennen and using his glasses, along with the sun, which had somehow managed to be in the house, to burn out Sennen's eyes.

"This is not good," Shinmaru mused. Then he was kicked, very accurately I might add, below the belt by Syk3. Our dear Syk3 should play in the NFL as a placekicker because he's good at kicking balls.

[b]What will happen now? Why do Shinmaru's posts do nothing to advance the story? Will maladjusted kill both Shinmaru and OtakuSennen? What about the fate of AzureWolf? Why are there so many questions? Who is saying all of this? Am I really the voice of Dagget from Angry Beavers? Why is Gavynn so damned sexy?! All this and more on the next episode of...[/b]

"WAIT!!!!" A herd of teenagers shouted.

[b]What is it?[/b]

"Before we end this ridiculous post, we have a song to sing!"

[b]Be quick with it.[/b]


Captain Planet
He's our hero
He'll bring pollution
Down to zero

He's our powers
And he's fighting
On the planet's side

We're the Planateers
You can be one, too
'Cause saving our planet
Is the thing to do

Looting and polluting
Is not the way
Hear what Captain Planet
Has to say

"I'm getting too old for this..." Captain Planet sighed, as he trudged away from this awful, awful post.

[b]I'm so getting a new job.[/b][/size]

OOC: Yes, I know my posts are too long. But there's too much stuff I like including in these :p

OOC EDIT: Yes, that list is real. And, no, I did not create it. It was all OtakuSennen and AzureWolf. I just used it to further the plot because 1) I'm a jerk and 2) I'm a jerk who uses the torment of others to further the plot of a story :p
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[size=1] OOC: *is choking Shinmaru with bare hands instead of waiting for a chatroom to come up later* ^_~

"What the crap?!" Maladjusted moaned as she uh...watched her fate. Or whatever. She grabbed the piece of paper Sennen held and fed it to her Pikashcmeep.

"MY BLACKMAIL!" Azurewolf's voice entered from somewhere even though he's not in this RPG. ['Hey, I'm the narrator here!' The Great Deku Tree shouted angrily']

"Ah, not to worry..." Sennen said suavely as he took out five thousand copies of the list.

"Ah...Mally, you can't use suavely to describe Sennen's voice because his soul is stolen." Shinmaru stated as he carefully placed some spectacles on his nose. According to the camera man from Mario Kart, Shinmaru was brutally beaten up and crying in a corner holding various-sized bandages. Syk3 was crying because he was on the list and could not bear the fact of leaving Mei for this RPG. Ha. Ha. =_=

"I ALREADY HAVE A BOYFRIEND!" Maladjusted exclaimed proudly.

"You do?" Syk3 asked happily.

"She does?!" Sennen said in a monotones voice because his soul has been stolen.

"I do?" Maladjusted asked, confused, "Wait! I mean...yes, I like coconuts....yeah." She turned hastily to hug her Pikachu-slash-fluff ball and walk away embarrased. She sat in a corner, pushing Shinmaru out of way and took out the list and pen.

"Hm..." Maladjusted crossed out D_B_D and Taylor Hewitt. Wait, I think I should rewrite that. REWIND! Dun dun dun... Maladjusted crossed out Taylor Hewitt and D_B_D. 'The OtakuBot sure is sexy, though.' She thought was she nibbled the nub of her pen.

The Deku Tree coughed importantly.

The Fellowship of the Soul [copyright Shinmaru 2003] ventured out, after Sennen finally realizing his soul was gone again and ordered the Deku Tree to advance the plot. Maladjusted straggled behing, giving glares to Shinmaru, Sennen, and a non-existant AzureWolf. [Boy, I hope he's reading this. *punches Azure* :p] The Pikaschmeep growled threateningly.


I like to eat frosted cupcakes.



EDIT: ^_^ For your enjoyment [I hope.] I drew a picture of the cast doing stupid things.


But I'm not posting it because my scanner is broken. So what is the point of this edit, you ask? WELL SHUT UP AND LISTEN! *takes ADHD pills* I drew two pictures on the compy while talking to Sennen last night. Here they are:



YAY!...yeah..er..*mumbles* Ok, fine, I'll leave now.

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....and then...the monkeys attacked....
"O no!" Xra welped, if you didnt already see the disfigured picture. For those people who didnt see it, then he never welped it.

"So now we have monkeys to deal with?" Shin yellew at Xra.

"Its ok Huey, he didn't mean to hurt your feelings," Xra petted the rock.

The monkeys with their red and dark red eyes surrounded the party.

"So this is like those random encounter thingys ive heard so much about..." Kazuko scratched his chin. It was indeed a random encounter, as corny music was playing out of nowhere. "Sooo, now what do we do?"

"Fight the monkeys!!!" Xra yelled, another battle has begun, this one, was to keep the thread alive...
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OOC: Am I the one begging Syk3 for help? lol

[size=1]Shinmaru was being viciously attacked by the monkeys and by Dragon Warrior, but he was too concerned by the immensely entertaining picture that maladjusted drew. And our dear Shin was sad, for he knew that he would never be able to approach such artistic ability as maladjusted possessed.

"This sucks," Shin growled as a monkey bit him and transmitted the Ebola virus into his body. "How come I don't get to make good drawings like that?"

"The picture's not exactly flattering," Syk3 mused. Of course, he was smooching a picture of Mei in this drawing and was close to rounding third base with the picture, so it was not likely that he would find the drawing flattering. But oh well. He's not posting in this RPG, so his opinion does not matter.

"That's what you think," Syk3 stated as he repeatedly poked Shin in the eyeballs.

"Ow!" Shinmaru yelled as an elongated finger was jabbed into his pupil.

"That's it!" Kazuko yelled, whilst unsheathing his Magical Stick of Doom and Pain.

"Ewwwww!!!!!" Syk3 yelled, rather girlishly. "Your Magical Stick?!"

"This isn't one of your stupid chats," Kazuko replied with a frown on his face. And it wasn't; though, Kazuko had to admit, that since this is an RP post written by Shinmaru, it's basically the same thing as one of their chats.

"Besides," Shinmaru said to Kazuko. "Turning things that people say into perverted comments is one of my powers, after all."

"But Syk3 said it!"

"But who's writing this post?"


"Ah, ah, ah..."


By then, the monkeys were staring in confusion at the mass chaos that had developed around them. Party member had been set against party member in a vicious fight, though all that developed into was everyone making fun of Syk3 and kicking Shinmaru in the arse.

"Screw this," the leader of the monkeys said. "Let's go watch some George of the Jungle."

"The TV show or the movie with Brendan Fraser?" one of the other monkeys asked.

"...get him," the leader of the monkeys commanded. The other monkey whom had made the suggestion was immediately killed and his chestnuts were roasted upon an open fire. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

"This post made absolutely no sense at all," maladjusted said, while drawing an incriminating picture of a Syk3/Shinmaru shonen-ai pairing (Note: Never, ever draw this, please).

"Just because I'm KKC's dad and Syk3 is her mother doesn't mean that we're a couple!" Shinmaru yelled.

"I don't care. I'm getting you back for publishing that list."

"But I didn't write it!"

"You posted about it."

"Well, yeah! What was I supposed to do with it?"

"Pretend it never existed."

"Oh, now you tell me!"


Yes, he really was that stupid. And, yes, he does deserve to have that picture drawn. But, hopefully, there is enough sense in the world for that to never come into fruition. If there is not, then may God help us all. And, if you're an atheist, may some guy named Frank help you.

And I also enjoy frosted cupcakes. Delicious.

EDIT: In accordance to KKC's post, it should be assumed that the monkeys are still here. lol

EDIT #2: Apparently, KKC's post is deleted. o.o[/size]
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[size=1] OOC: Naw, that's Sennen, silly. :p *re-reads Shinmaru's post* *starts drawing Syk3/Shinmaru picture* REVENGE!

Shinmaru was back in his regular spot in the corner of the room, moaning and groaning was the Ebola virus ate at his body. He started reading the book The Hot Zone to make things worse.

The Fellowship of the Soul [copyright Shinmaru 2003] continued to fight the giant, one-red-eyed monkeys...of CUPCAKES. Half of the Fellowship was twitching on the ground, their bodies completely smothered under huge cupcakes.

"Mmm....chocolate icing." Xra choked before falling to the ground.

"IMA ALLERGIC TO CHOCOLATE I TELL YA.....!!!" KKC shrieked. Along with Xra and KKC lay Sennen, Japan_86, and Syk3.

"Wait a second....what's the mortal enemy of the cupcake?" Kazuka muttered under his breathe. Dragon Warrior 'overhearing' this statement somehow summoned a giant platform complete with the trumpets and dancing, half-naked girls.

"OF COURSE, THE MORTAL ENEMY OF THE CUPCAKE IS THE ASPARAGUS!" DW said...uh..sexy-like. Maladjusted sat in the corner next to Shinmaru, dramatically reading outloud The Hot Zone. Especially the part where the people with the Ebola virus threw up a black substance which were the dead virus cells and the part where people broke out and died...extremely....PAINFULLY. Shinmaru cried and said sommething about regretting the sentence he wrote of him getting the awful virus in the first place. By that time, the plot had advanced no further and the Sexy DW had defeated the giant monkey of cupcakes.

He spent rest of the time fixing his hair and choosing another sexy outfit to wear.

Maladjusted was drawing again. Her pencil moved furiously. Shinmaru was viciously getting attacked by fat Santa elves with knives and a CD of Destiny's Child. His mangled hand [think Asuka when the [spoiler]Eva series were eating her Eva[/spoiler]] reached out to Syk3, who was TOO BUSY talking to Mei on the phone while hearting a picture of her. Sennen was sort lying there on the floor. Soul-less. A problem that this plot has yet to approach. The Pikaschmeep was violently attacking Kazuko.

"You're...pretty *cough hack cough* violent..." Shinmaru managed to whisper out while looking at the very bloody picture.

"Of course I'm not the good person that's secretly EVIL trying to FOIL EVERYONE'S PLANS that is in practically EVERY MOVIE." Maladjusted said, still drawing. Xra had finally eaten through the cupcake trapping him to the floor. He decided to read of the 27th Harry Potter book instead of helping the almost dead Japan_86 twitching under the cupcake.

"Hm...Harry Potter and the Completely Unnecessary Other Book Describing his Middle-Age CRISIS." Xra read outloud. Reading outloud helped him understand the book more. He read on.

"Harry Potter and his wife the ORIGINAL CHARACTER that EVERYONE HATES who HAPPENS TO BE A MARY-SUE were leading James Potter to 3/4 Platform-thingy-whatever. James, the first son of Harry, had sparkling green hair that often blinded many people and black eyes that maked him look depressed at time. He had a scar of an elephant standing on a circus ball on his right cheek.

The Hogwarts Express, now called the Boom-Chaka-Laka Train of Grooviness pulled up.

"TOOT TOOT! Harry, look at me and get nostalgic!" The train magically said. As the students entered, a magic arms handed each one a package of weed. Harry cringed. It was Cho Chang. The girl who went to bed with everything living in Hogwarts and some things that were NOT LIVING. Draco Malfoy walked in, looking incredibly hot. [See pgs. 34-98 to read further praising and worhip of Draco Malfoy written by Maladjusted] Harry felt the urge to go up to him and ask him why the sky was blue. Harry then saw Ron and Hermione walk in with twenty children." Xra slammed the book shut. He was quite disturbed. This is so off-topic, it's not funny.

Syk3, who had managed to lift the cupcake after some Disney animators came in and forced him to have one of those love flashbacks that magically gave him power to lift incredibly heavy things and crap. Did you know that my favorite word is 'rhapsody'? Syk had lifted the giant cupcakes off of the remaining people as Maladjusted used a photo-copier to copy a picture of Syk3/Shinmaru ten thousand times and stick them everywhere on this godforsaken earth. Dragon Warrior had finally picked out a sexy-enough outfit for his to wear and flaunt at Kazuko.


I mean, be more sexy for the rest of this RPG. Yeah.

The Fellowship of the Soul [copyright Shinmaru 2003] left the area, with Shinmaru carried by the Pikaschmeep since he was currently dying. The Great Deku took pity on him and gave him Link's green hat to make him happier. Shinmaru shrieked in joy and skipped to the front of the group. Apparently, he was OK now.

"Shouldn't we advance the plot now?" Xra complained. He was still trying to get his thoughts off of the demented Harry Potter book.

"Hm..." Shinmaru rubbed his chin, proudly wearing Link's hat jauntily.

"We need something corny and over-used so we won't have to think." Dragon Warrior said.

"Look IT'S A HIGH SCHOOL WE HAVE TO GO FOR A MONTH AND LET STUPID [strike]PERVERTED[/strike] RANDOMNESS OCCUR!" Japan_86 pointed, horrified, at a large building: Peterson High School.

"Hey, the initials of the school are PMS!" Syk3 exclaimed. [/size]
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[size=1]And so the people in this story went to high school, even though several of them were already in other high schools and several others would be in high school eventually. Yeah. Right.

"The initials are not PMS, you idiot," maladjusted told Syk3. "Whoever heard of a Migh School, anyway?"

"The people who go to Migh Schools?" Syk3 replied.

"Quiet you."

Now our [strike]joyous[/strike] annoyed adventurers trekked off towards English class because none of them know how to read and/or write. Which is obvious if, you know, you've read this story up to this point.

"I don't need an English class," Shinmaru said with a hint of annoyance. "I already know how to read and write."

"But you're wearing an elf cap," maladjusted told him.

"My bad."

"Step off!"

"Whoa, whoa, chill, girl..."

"...never do that again."


And so the Fellowship of the Soul [copyright Shinmaru 2003] stepped into English class. But surprise, surprise; they were being taught by everyone's favorite butcherer of English, Fleur Dealcour!

"Ello, claus," Fleur said with a heavy French accent, deepened by years of smoking and drinking.

"Oh my god!" Kazuko yelled. "We're being taught English by a French girl!"

"Quiat!" Fleur yelled. "Now, ve vill be redding ze tweenty-zecond boooook en ze Harrrrry Pooter saga, [i]Harrrrry Pooter und ze Tax Return.[/i]"

"Why?" Kazuko asked.

"Becoose Madame Maladjoosted und Mistair Shenmahrew are big dorks and Harrrrry Pooter fahns."


And now, we bring you an excerpt from that book...

"Harry looked down at the tax return sitting in front of him; he knew he would be in for the battle of his life. Did he have 1,000 galleons or 1,200 galleons? He could feel the blood pulsating through his brain as he struggled to answer the question that all wizards ask themselves at least once in their lives. No, not "Am I gay?" The other question. The one that was in the first part of this paragraph.

Harry threw his quill down with angsty teen frustration, even though he was currently thirty-three years old. If there was anything [i]Order of the Phoenix[/i] taught him, it was that you had to act like a total and complete jerk so that other people would solve your problems for you and die. Just like [spoiler]Sirius Black.[/spoiler]

Oh, how Harry missed the man that was mentioned in the spoiler tags that were conveniently put around his name! Almost as much as he missed Draco Malfoy...but we won't elaborate on that because Shinmaru is writing this post and not maladjusted. So boo on you.

Suddenly, Harry realized the true origin of his torment. It was not Ron and Hermione, whom had raised a ranch full of Blast-Ended Skrewts. It was not Fred and George, whom had died in a tragic broomstick accident in the Bermuda Triangle. And it was certainly not Malfoy...oh, how Harry had lusted after Malfoy...

Hey! I'm writing this post! Not maladjusted!


No, you're not.

You're right.

ANYWAY, Harry realized the true creator of his torment was none other than J.K. Rowling. Yes, J.K. Rowling whom cashed off of his image to make billions. And Harry did not see one cent of these earnings! Not one at all! Well, he'd show that b---- (not sure if it should be censored :/ ) what was what..."

"Und zat is vere ve vill be ending ze book," Fleur said, disappointing the hopes of dreams of millions of Potter-holics around the world. Fools.

"Somehow that doesn't quite live up to the magic of book number 12, [i]Harry Potter and the STDs[/i]," Shinmaru said.

"Or book number 14, [i]Harry Potter and the Bootleg Anime[/i]," maladjusted agreed.

"You two really are nerds," OtakuSennen said with a flat, monotone voice completely devoid of any emotion whatsoever. Yes, a dull sounding voice that bored the life out of whomever had to listen to it...

"Hey!" OtakuSennen yelled, forgetting for a moment that his voice was supposed to be dull since, you know, his sould was missing. "I am not dull!"

"Yeah, right," Shinmaru said. "You're duller than Severus Snape after a night of binge potion drinking."

"Enough of the Harry Potter jokes!" Syk3 yelled, the antics momentarily distracting him from the task at hand. He was so close to making out with his picture of Mei...he just had to make a few subtle moves...

"Aren't we supposed to be saving Sennen's soul?" Japan asked.

"No," Shinmaru replied. "We have to be as off-topic as possible." And to prove his point, he jumped on top of a desk and did The Mario. The dance, not the plumber, for that would be weird. Not that this already wasn't.

"I am finished!" maladjusted yelled, holding a stalk of celery in the air. Then, she threw that away and held up the Syk3/Shinmaru shonen-ai picture she had drawn. Everyone was disgusted by the mere thought of it...yet, they were strangely attracted. And, of course, maladjusted had made OtakuBoards history; this was the first time a fangirl had drawn a shonen-ai pairing of two mods (unless I'm unaware of something o_O).

Then, in a blaze of golden light, Link ran into the room. His long blonde hair danced around as several women (and one weird guy) swooned in his prescence. He walked towards Shinmaru, whom bowed in respect.

"What is your request, O Master of Swords?" Shinmaru asked.

"Give me my hat, jackass," Link replied, snatching his hat off of Shinmaru's head. Now, Shinmaru was, again, a broken man. He went off to compose a 12-track album full of teen angst songs about suicide, heartbreak and stealing hats. The album drops January 5th. Word.

"Again, these posts make no sense!" Xra yelled.

"That's the point," KKC pointed out (pun intended :p). "That's the exact reason why I chose all of these people, because I knew that they would make freaky posts about teen angst, monkeys, frosted cupcakes and the ebola virus!"

And how right she was. How right she was. Yes, I'm aware that was redundant. I don't need you telling me! I have feelings, too! *runs off*[/size]
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KKC, who had fallen asleep during english class when Mal showed everyone the Syk3/Shinmaru shonen-ai picture that she had drawn. KKC skipped over to her desk while shouting out random thoughts that came to mind.
"So thats why mommy and daddy force me to sleep in the basement where you can't hear anything coming from their bedroom!" KKC yelled pointing at the picture. Shinmaru glanced around in hope that everyone would beat her up for pointing out the obvious, but no one did... Instead everyone ran over and gave Shin a good kick in the shin for repeating the same sentance twice in his last post. He fell over and began twitching uncontrolably.

Sennen was standing next to the window staring into complete nothing ness (Nothing ness is white). Drool dribbled down from his mouth as he started to sway forward and backward.
"I believe Sennen is having a moment!" DW anounced over the intercom to the school. He was sitting in the principal's chair and had his feet propped up on the desk. The principal, who was non other then Michale Jackson was tied up and had a sock in his mouth (Most likely this won't hold him for too long).

And so this now ends KKC's extremly short post because she is a slacker and would rather read than type the Fellowship of the Soul [Copyright Shinmaru 2003 [Stolen by KKC 2004]]
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[size=1]"Yay!" The children of the classroom shouted as they realized that Shinmaru felt like updating the RPG. "We're not going to die without resolving the plot!"

"For now," Shinmaru said. "But you never know." He winked at the children. They were scared because he resembled a young Michael Jackson before he decided to change races.

"Well," Sennen said in a monotone voice void of any emotion whatsoever. "Muffins are tasty and well-bred."

"Tasty and well-bred?"

"Yes, because they are made of bread."

"...you're an idiot."

"Thank you."

It was at this point in the post that Shinmaru declared that he would not use dialogue for the remainder of the post. Because he was above the use of such atrocities. Yeah, right.

Shinmaru paced across the room because he was nervous. Would he be able to last the remainder of the post without writing a bit of dialogue. Maladjusted chomped on a fudge muffin while juggling a chainsaw and talking to the Chinese Calculus team. Kazuko was busy spriting in the corner...at least, that's what he thought he was doing but he really wasn't doing anything because he was painting the walls white and he got some fumes in his nose.

Syk3 had a problem. A problem that would take some thinking to get through. He was so very close to a hot make-out session with his beloved picture of Mei...but she wasn't letting him get close. He could taste Mei's delicious lips but he wasn't getting any! Poor Syk3! So, how did he solve it? By telling Mei to look in one direction and sneaking a kiss. What a rascal!

And yet...Shinmaru was drained of ideas. How could he continue to make a post in this RPG when he had no original ideas in his head? What could he do? Could he really go through with a crappy post?!

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