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Just Got Back From the Best Show of My Short Life


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I'm know most people don't know, let alone care for, the bands I went to see tonight. In fact, I only know of maybe three people here who do, all of which found out about them because of me (well Apocalypse Hoboken anyway), but what the hell. I had a great f-ing time and I want to talk about it.

Probably should mention they're punk.

Here's the bands:
Friday, November 28
WLUW Benefit Show...

Bollweevils headlined. My reason for going at all was Apocalypse Hoboken, personally. It was a big show in general for one reason... The Bollweevils, AH and The Traitors were all seperated. They all reformed to play this show.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw AH on the Metro's site. They broke up in 2000 and I figured I'd never actually get to see them. I managed to get the CD collection they sold at their original last show back then, thanks to eBay at least.

Anyway, we didn't make it in time to see the first two acts. We got their when the Traitors were getting ready. The Traitors members are originally formed from members of Apocalypse Hoboken, the Alkaline Trio, No Empathy and the Atari Star... if you're into any of those -- obviously Alkaline Trio has been mentioned here before.

They put on a decent show, overall. They've been called "the most hated band in Chicago" and you probably find out why when you see them. They're really obnoxious and love insulting people. However, it was still a lot of fun. I got to see the lead singer rub the mic on his bare ***, so that must be worth something.

The crowd didn't seem to care though. The place had big empty spots in it, although some people tried getting a mosh pit going. There were times when people got into it, but it was a rather small group. The lead singer was in a boy scout uniform all night... and at the end of their run jumped off the stage. It's mostly worth mentioning because [b]no one caught him[/b]. It was good for a laugh.

Todd from AH also joined them for their last two songs, and in my opinion it's when they were at their best. Much better than the rest of their set.

I met some of the Traitors after AH's set to buy some merchandise, and they were all pretty cool people. If anyone cares about these guys, there is some news -- they're putting out a new 7" in January. Contains a song called "Bring Me the Head of Matt Skiba" which they played at the show.

Anyway, on to the real stuff. Apocalypse Hoboken has had a MASSIVE impact on my life. Possibly more directly than any other band in existance. They are without a doubt my favorite punk band and one of my favorite bands in general. I really think anyone into that sort of music should give them a chance... a REAL chance and see how damn good they are.

I went to this show with my girlfriend, who isn't into this stuff, but can enjoy it. We were stuck behind this guy that was seriousl at least 7 feet tall. Thankfully by their second song I wound up getting seperated from her and wound up almost directly in front center.

I don't think I've ever had this much fun in such a short time. The crowd for AH had to have been triple what it was for the Traitors. Everyone was mashed against everyone and we were all jumping and pushing eachother. The nice part about all this is that people were cool about it. It was all for fun, no one tried to actually hurt anyone. No dickheads for once. All you could smell was people... but at least the smoke had gone away.

The band was amazing. They played the songs flawlessly and Todd sounded great. It's hard to believe they've not put a show on in years. Everyone was singing along, which was really a great feeling. I know a handful of people into this band, none of which live in this state lol... it was great being with people who loved them as much as I did. Todd wound up spitting beer on the crowd, some of which landed in my eyes, but yeah.

I can't even remember what order, or even all of, the songs they played. I knew all of them and was having a great time... For the couple that care though here's a rough guess. These are not in the right order:

Idiot Revolution
Hello Hello
Pocketful of Lips
Little Fingers
Birds in the Aquarium
When's Steve Coming Home
Card Playing War Cripples
Microstars Save the Day
Pop Sensibilities
Summer Assault
My God (I think, can't remember.)
One Last Tasty Morsel

Wound up with a cool poster for $2 (# 17/102) and a Traitors shirt for $10. No AH stuff was being sold sadly... but at least they're mentioned on the poster.


We didn't stay for the Bollweevils. I'm not really familiar with their work and I really didn't want to stand there and try to pay attention while trying to enjoy myself. I wanted to leave on a high note after AH.

F-ing great show from AH all around. One of the most memorable things in my life so far. Just wanted to share it, despite the fact that they are relatively unknown here. I left totally happy and words can not describe what a great feeling it was to see these guys. A band I thought I'd never get to see play again.

(I hate that I have to edit my own curses now... blah). I like many things, but I very rarely get truly excited. Tonight I was really excited to see these guys and it still hasn't worn off. It's probably why this seems so all over the place lol.
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Glad to hear you had such an awesome time, Tony ^_^

I must admit that all this has gone over my head (except for the couple Apocolypse Hoboken songs that I've heard) because I'm nowhere near as much into music as you (that sentence barely made sense).

But I'll be damned if this isn't how a concert should be enjoyed. Great music, good crowd, lots of energy, stuff to buy and great memories...again, glad you had such a kickass time, man.
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[size=1]You lucky picklebucket ... I would have loved to go, but of course you already knew that.

I am not really sure what to say, other than the fact I shake my angry fist at you. -.- You and your private message rubbing the fact you went to the show in my face, lol.

I am glad you were able to go and see them, though. I know it means a lot more to you than it would to me. So congratulations on that. It sounds like it was an really good show from what I have read hear and what you have told me, especially with Todd wearing a dress and all, lol.

It is an interesting set of songs they played as well ... I see what you meant with a lot of them being from [i]Microstars[/i]. It is still a good playlist though. ^_^[/size]
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