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Hello all in otaku land today!We have lots of fun stuff to report!With our brand new reporting staff and we have a co-creator now too!Intrducing Forte!Daily Otaku's first co-creator!He is also the ff reporter!


Where exactly did this idea come from?Well,I got tired of searching through boring topics,and I thought you might too,so I picked a few worth the time to read!I also hated coming to the board sometimes,seeing it "spammed" or attacked,so this is also to get the goods on what's goin on in the world of otaku.How is it made you ask?Here is a step-by-step guide to the making of each issue of the Daily Otaku.

1.Each day I make a new general disscussion topic then type THE DAILY OTAKU and a greeting at the top.

2.I go to my pm box and check for reports from my reporting team,then I copy and paste them in to the text box

3.while at my pm box,I check for ad request or articles from daily otaku readers like you and copy and paste them as well.

4.I end with a closing,and the submit the new topic for you to read!That's all!It takes around 10-20 min. to publish it,it takes long between all the typing and so on.


IN THE BEGINNING...........otaku was a wonderful place!People were called cool newbies,and the mods wouldn't tolerate foul language or being mean.People were nice then.

BUT SINCE THEN otaku has certainly improved!Even though members come and go,it's a great place to hang out on the net.Nothing more than a registration and a love for anime or video games is required.

Spammers-YEP,SOME OF US HAVE SEEN IT ALL!Between spamgetta and some others,it has caused lots of destruction.Ever since shinji and some others not to be mentioned destroyed the board,there has been little or none.Of course,technically they failed,see it as we got a new pretty board,that was the result of Adams hard work and determination to make the board the best it can be!

Screennames-Lots of us had over gone name changes over the years.I used to be pokeprincess and sailor~stardust,but those days are over.Everybody called me stardust anyway,so it works!Others of us,had stood strong with our original names,no matter what happened.

Hope you enjoyed our look back at otaku history!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nintendo Report

Gamecube Countdown

According to Defcon5 there is 37 days left as of today 10/7/01. If you want to go there you self go herehere

Megaman X Theory
A thread started by yours turly, this is for Megaman fan's if you happen to be one check it out by clicking here. Also if you want to have a Megaman forum go to the suggestions or just clickhere

That is all for the Nintendo Report today.

[COLOR=orangered]DBZ REPORT-By DeathKnight[/COLOR]
DBZ Report:

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3383]Topic One:[/URL] the arguement's abouts other and the Females in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, And GT.... it started as a question about Goku's Mom and why it never showed her, the question was answered that she died after giving birth to goku... then it started about the Saiyen Women in dbz and how its kinda weird that there is nothing about them..... if there are no pure blooded saiyen women, where did the pure blooded saiyens come from? (goku vegeta)

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3373]Topic Two:[/URL] Dubbed? the differences in it and why the hell are FunI making trunks seem so rude? (the fight between trunks and goten in the junior divison at the tournament)
Shadow Gohan has come up with a great theory on why super saiyens hair stay up on some levels of ssj and stays down on others

That's it for today!Laterz!


Common otaku games
Other forums-worth looking at??

copyright Otaku Publishing Company
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[color=orangered][size=1]Great report, Stardust.

Might encourage people to visit other forums...

You know what? I think you should interview some of the moderators and stuff, or something like that. Maybe interview Adam :)

That might make your report even more interesting.[/color][/size]
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Yeah, I already told her that about it being sticky, but It dosn't really work if she posts this everyday, It seem's my report didn't work, I had link's and stuff, I even said if it didn't work pm me back. Oh well them's the break's I guess.
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