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RPG Good .VS. Evil


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[B][SIZE=1]Before The Realm of Earth was even noticed:[/B]

In a realm of God?s and Goddess?, lived 3 types of God?s.

10 God?s of the Elements: 2 God?s for each Element.

10 God?s of Life and Death involved things.

10 God?s of Normal things: A certain creature, and certain thing.

They all lived in peace. Each Rank of God had two for everything. Like 2 Fire God, two water Goddess?. 3 Ranks of God?s, 30 God?s. All living in peace in their immortal realm. Nothing went wrong. They liked each other, and where friends. They never noticed the realm known as ?Earth?; they just controlled and made sure the important Realms where safe. These God?s and Goddess? where good at the job. Very. Until one day, they where betrayed?

2 God?s for everything, now there is only one. One God of Fire, one God of war .ect. Now, there where 15 good God?s, and 15 evil ones. How the others turned, no one knew. They battled for their lives, a battle of God?s and God?s, good and evil. How do things turn out this way for a peaceful life?

No matter how hard Evil battled the good God?s, they never died. Why? Because their Immortal soul never died in this realm. Evil would battle, but never win. So, their master plan! The Evil God?s sent everyone down to Earth?s realm, to a planet where they could die. They where sent to a lonely planet, where small reptiles ruled. Their battled continued, but this time there would be deaths.

After many years, still not one God perished. No evil gone, no good gone. It was a battle that would never end. The 15 good God?s where tried, very. They wanted this to end, so they made a deal. In years to come, 15 Good people will arise, not knowing they are God?s and Goddess?, and 15 evil people will arise. When this happened, they would feel the need to go to the exact same spot the battle was taking place. On an island, where no one could leave. Here, the Good and Evil battle would begin again.

When this deal was made, each God had to give up their body, and live as lost souls until one day, they found someone to take their place in a battle of immortals. To battle evil as they did, and for evil to battle them. 15 people of Good would be true God and Goddess?, and 15 people of evil, would be God?s and Goddess? too. They would travel to the island one day, and then know what they would have to do. When it becomes clear, the island will be a huge battleground, and the battle between good and evil, can begin once again. This time, winner takes all.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=1]15 strange people, with amazing power arose. Their attitude twisted, their body Immortal, their age Immortal, their purpose?[/SIZE]

[B][I][SIZE=3]To Win the Battle of Good and Evil, and winner takes all.

Good .VS. Evil, is a new battle, of the God?s and Goddess?.[/SIZE][/B][/I]

[SIZE=1][B][I]Ok, the RolePlay is as follows: (Person, RPG character, Side, callsign)

Vicky (Me) : Rad - Good - Chaos
Annie: Anuk-suna-mun - Evil - Reaper
K.K.C: Camma - Good - Shock
Dmitri_Dragoon: Leon - Evil - Raiden
Myth: Desiree - Evil - Shadow
eino89: Ein - Good - Daiso

There's the Role Play. If you would like to play this and have NOT signed up, then please Sign-up in recruitment, you're very welcome too!

Ok, the story is up above guys, no let's go!

NOTE: We will not be going to the battlefield (The island) yet. I will give the signal. It won't be long.

NOTE #2: The other God's and Goddess no one has sighed up for will be played, and if someone signs up for that God, we will change the name to fit. If later, NO ONE has that God, they will die off. So, let's say we don't have a Fire God, we just bring one in, and when someone signs up we just change the name. When later, no has that God, we kill them in the battle on the island.

NOTE #3: HAVE FUN!!! [/I]


Rad, also known as Chaos The God of War, stood motionless in the forest. Though it was clouded with trees and seemed to be miles away from a town, he was really in a park which was huge, and had a forest in the middle of it. Sometimes when Rad was thinking, a golf ball would land at his feet, because nearby was a golf range. This place didn't bother Rad, it was just a place where normal people very not allowed to come by law. Why? Because of the wild animals hidding away, and because of the 'Un-Explainable' things. Like bone swords man, blooded up warriors, shocks and static from the air and ground, other things that where amazing, the powers of God's.

The sky seemed to be just tiny dots over the trees. Rad sighed, smiling to himself.
"I hope this 'Battle' is worth it! And I hope my 'Foe' can handle the heat!" To Rad, Leon was the true evil. Only because he was the Evil War God. But there where others Rad hated too. The Fire God, Evil... very... he hated her, the evil Fire Goddess was horrible! And so where most of the Evil ones.

Rad felt a strong gust blow back his blue cape, and a 'zip!' like sound. Rad turned around, to find a slim figure there, with white eyes. Aaron, the Speed God.
"Hello Chaos, Shock's coming in a second, funny I ran into you!" Aaron laughed.
"Shut up wise guy!" Growled Rad. He looked down and growled louder. He felt so tense now, maybe because he was eager to annihilate the Evil God's and Goddess.

Rad felt some kind of static shock, and he knew who had joined him. His friend (well, most of the Good God's where friends), Camma, also known as Shock. Rad turned around to face his Lighting God friend.
"So, you looking forward to this?" Rad asked turning his back. He shock his blue hair out of his eyes.
"What?" Camma asked.
"The battle, looking forward to it?" Rad replied.[/SIZE][/B]
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Desiree turned her head sharply as she heard the door to her
office slam shut. Liam, her 'Best Friend' had entered seeming
to be angry. Desiree Raised her brow in question as Liam
slammed down the newspaper on her desk.
"Lass, what is the meaning of this?" Liam asked her. Desiree's
Eyes scanned over the paper, a slow smile crawled onto her face.
"It seems," She drawled "That I've [u]Finally[/u] cut you out of
my business." Desiree had known for a while now that her
supposed best friend, had been a spy. For who, she didnt know
but she planned to find out. "Please remove yourself from my
office." She demanded. Liams ears reddend as he reached over
Desirees desk to grab her arm. Her eyes flashed red as she
grabbed his reaching arm and gripped it tightly. "You don't want
to do that," She suggested. Liam put on a blank face and
walked out of her office without a word.

Desiree Sighed and drummed her fingers on her desk. She
checked her watch and waited for Five Seconds to pass.
She closed her eyes and instantly dissapeared. Desiree
walked out of her office and down the stairs. She saw Liam
try to get into his car. Quickly she threw a thought to Him
and quietly climbed through the passenger window.

An hour or two later Liam pulled into a parking lot that was in
front of a shabby looking inn. It seemed that they were no
longer in Dublin, but in Drogheda. Desiree frowned when she
saw a man she recognized. Her frown increased when she
found out that was who Liam was meeting with. Liam
clambered out of the car and shook hands with that horrible man.
Desiree climbed out of her seat when she was sure they were
inside. Oh yes, She was annoyed. Flecks of red started to show.
She almost wanted to take off the fade and kill them both then
and there when she saw them sitting at the pub, laughing
at something the bartender said.

No, she would wait until Liam was alone to kill him. The other
man would have to wait until another time. Desiree sent a
thought to Liam.
[i]You want to tuck in.[/i]
She saw liam bid that man goodnight and watched him climb
the stairs to his bed. She followed him upstairs and through
the door. [i]Maybe I should leave this to another..[/i] She thought
to herself, but then quickly changed her mind. He was hers.

Desiree pulled her favorite dagger out of her bra. It was a
black snake, encrusted with emerald eyes. The actual blade
was wavy. The colors around her bled as the fade came off.
Liams eyes widened in surprise, he opened his mouth to call out.
[i]No[/i] She thought to him.
Liam stayed silent and attempted to run out of the room.
She could almost smell his fear.
[i]No[/i] She sent again.
This time, he just stood still and awaited for what she had to

She had nothing to say, she told herself after the deed was done.
She didnt bother to put the fade on. If anyone bothered to put
two and two together she'd kill them too.
Desiree stuck the keys in the ignition and gripped the steering
wheel tightly.
[i]Shadow[/i] A voice boomed into her head. She felt a blinding
pain before she passed out.
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[b][size=1][color=orange]"Oh..." Shock tapped his foot on the forest floor, small sparks crackled the leaves under the static of his feet. "Im looking forward to beating the crap out of Tsuni if thats what you mean." Shock made his usual cocky smile. Tsuni was the other lightning god that had gone evil, Shock found it to be fun to defeat him. Chaos nodded his head silently.
"But... my little voice in my head is worried.. but, you know how he is..." Shock was refering to the person who used to be the only one inside his body, he was complaining about the upcoming battle.

Chaos kept his gaze firm, "When will Daiso and the others arive?" Chaos asked.
A figure jumped from the tree above them and landed infront of the three gods. A tail appearing from the figures backside suddenly disappeared as if it had never been there. It was Jarri/Beast, the animal goddess.
"The others will arrive shorty, have patience Chaos..." She jumped completly over Chaos who was slightly annoyed with her lecture of patience.
Shock felt his face turn red as his eyes rested on Beast, who was now standing next to Flash (Aaron). Shock silently shuffled over on her other side and leaned in. "So... what are you doing after the battle in over with?" He asked raising is eyebrows as he gazed at her.

She just rolled her eyes at the god and tripped him with her tail as she walked over to the other side of Flash.
Shock grumbled as his other half started to laugh at him. [/color][/size][/b]

OOC: Flash.... hehehehe
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[B][SIZE=1]Rad growled.
"Can't you stand still? You two! We're talking about the fate of this universe! Can you stand still?" Rad said in his half angry tone. Beast and Flash seemed to be frozen, but Shock just smiled. They hardly did anything wrong, but Rad just liked to do things like that. Rad crossed his arms. If only he could get the rest of the God's to act right, yeah, they can have a laugh like Shock does. Rad was never angry at Shock, maybe because they where friends.

"I think this whole things a load of rubish! I mean, why didn't they just come back instead of taking peoples lives?" Beast asked when they where all settled down.
"Because it would be impossible for them to come back in their body form, they would be fighting as ghost. Surely you know that." Replied Rad.
"Well, some of us don't know everything about the past!" Beast mumbled. Shock sat down near Rad, setting off a bit of static to Rad.
"I wonder if the real ones will make a return..." Shock mumbled. Rad looked up.
"Hm?" He seemed to ask Shock what he was talking about.
"I mean the real God's... the ones that where here first, the guys that made all this happen." Shock added.
"Their soul is in us." Rad replied. He looked around checking for anyone coming, but no one seemed to be here yet. Beast was messing around again.
"But... this isn't what they acted like, where like, and looked like." Shock smiled and looked at Rad.
"I know, but when this is all over, I guess they might return as they where, or they might not, who knows." Rad sighed.[/B][/SIZE]
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Myth.. I hope you don't mind if I'm the voice..

[COLOR=crimson][i]Shadow,[/i] The voice boomed again. [i]Did you find it necessary to kill my employee?[/i]

Leon sighed, he was a god just like shadow. He looked inside of her car at her. Then proceeded to tap her on the shoulder.

"Wake up," he said with a thick German accent. "I won't go talking in your head again." Shadow didn't stir. "Damnit.. Guess I'll just have to wait for you to wake then.

He walked around to the passenger side door and entered. He sat in the car next to her and waited. He conjured up a beer to help pass the time.

He drank it in waiting for her. [i]Won't be long I'd say..[/i]
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"Bloody Hell," Desiree mumbled under her breath as she woke
up from her somewhat comatose state. She took in her
surroundings and started to remember. Liam, dead. She sensed
a prescence, the same one that was responsible for her
two ton migrane, and the same one who had turned her friend
to a spy.
"You truly are the bane of my existance," She told him coldly.
Desiree didnt even bother to look at the abnormally tall man
sitting in the passangers seat.
"When I told you to leave me alone, Did you not get it?" Desi
asked heatedly "I want NOTHING of this war of yours, yes, the
powers are nice.. and usefull.." She trailed off, a smile played with
her lips. "But it doesnt mean I want to die to some goody too

Her head rested on the steering wheel as her emotions flicked
through her eyes. Blue, Yellow, Silver, Red, and then Finally
setting on black. Anger.
"Who're you to barge into my head. You'll ruddy hell kill me."
She said softly. Desiree wasnt stupid. Leon could kill her
without a second of remorse. She'd have to keep herself in
check. Most of the time anyways.
"Whatever your drinking, You better pass it If I have to listen
to you."
Leon handed her a beer, he looked a bit peeved. Desiree
sighed and said "Well, out with it."
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[COLOR=crimson]"Now now, it's not a War.. if it were, I wouldn't be talking to you, after all, I am the God of War," Leon said with a small chuckle.

"Get on with it!" The Irish woman snarled.

"Fine fine. First off, I can't kill you, well, I could but it would be stupid, so by all means be rude to me, I'd expect it. Anyways, the Gods of Goody-ness are quickly gathering. When they all gather they will be rather strong. That's the advantage they have over us. They trust one another. We, Evil Gods, do not trust one another.

"But that is no matter. You see, we will learn to trust one another with time, even though it will be a... untrusting trust.. oxymoron there I know but that is the way it will be. We will trust each other until we are either dead, or have accomplished what we set out to do." Leon explained. He really loved the sound of his own voice.

"So? I still don't want to do it," Desiree said stubbornly.

"You do not have a choice Frau. You will either do it or die, and not by my hands either, you'll just die. You must go to the island when it is time," Leon said, then looked over at her.

"You know for an Irish woman you are pretty good looking," he said with a smile.


Leon laughed at the minor insult. "That's what Aphrodite said to Aries!" Leon was now in good humor. He could already smell the blood in the air.. he couldn't wait to kill some Good Gods, and his nemesis, Rad.
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She could kick him, The bloody idiot was hitting on her.
Her eyes narrowed. Good looking, he may be, but her was too
full of himself for her to care for.
[i]Does mind control work on gods?[/i] She asked herself. We could
find out. Desiree ran her hand through her hair. It fell right back
into place. "Annoying, thats what you are," She told him "Go
away, I'll not do it."
[i]Get out of the car.[/i] She sent to him. Leons Eyes flicked to
the door. And flicked back to her.
"Nice try." He drawled.
Desiree looked into the rearview mirror. "Do you have a place to
stay?" She asked Leon. He shook his head no.
"Good you flippen bastard, I hope you rot on the street corner."
Desiree opend the passanger door and kicked him out.
She quickly pulled out of the parking lot and high tailed herself
back to dublin.

Later when she arrived to her castle. There was already
someone there. She could vaguely make the shape out to be
female. Desiree slammed the car door shut and walked up
to the gates. Her eyes widened in amusement when she
realized who it was.
"Nice to see you again Reaper."
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]"Nice to see you again, Reaper," Desiree smiled.

"Likewise. I sense that you had a 'nice' conversation with Leon? Never did care for that man," Anuk-suna-mun (aka Reaper), Goddess of Death leaned against the heavy oak door, arms across her chest.

"Don't even get me started," Desiree rolled her eyes and pushed a door open.

Reaper giggled and followed behind Desiree. The castle was cold and dark, heavy tapestries, thick Persian rugs, dark mahogany furniture, typical castle.

"Leon can't kill you anyhow, that's my job," Reaper sat down in a high chair.

"Ha, you always had a way to make me laugh. Do you want a drink?" Desiree chuckled and held up a crystal bottle of Scotch.

"You know it," Reaper stood up and took her glass.

The liquor burned down her throat. It was cold in the castle, but the Scotch quickly remidied that.

"Are you planning on participating in this...shit?" Desiree sat down in her chair.

"Haven't decided," Anuk-suna-mun sat down across from Desiree and sipped her liquor.

The two exchanged glances. Anuk-suna-mun knew that Desi wasn't goning to participate. She knew that it was her job to persuade Desi into helping. She knew that if Desi wouldn't participate, Reaper was going to show her why she was called 'Reaper'.

"Des, you know why I am here. And you know how irritated I am at the thought of having to do what I must do if you were to persist. Why don't you make this easier on yourself and help?" Reaper crossed her legs.

"I will not subject myself into being his slave!" Des nearly threw her glass.

"You will not be a 'slave'. You will be a fighter. I will not ask you to fight for him, fight for me, but most importantly, fight for yourself," Anuk-suna-mun's deep, Egyptian voice echoed through the empty castle. (she kinda sounds like Storm in the older Xmen cartoons)[/color][/b][/size]
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[COLOR=crimson]"Yes, fight for yourself. After all, it was not either one of the God's of War idea to have us fight." Leon said.

Desiree and Reaper both spun around and glared at the lounging Leon. He was sitting back in a chair with his feet propped up on a table drinking beer.

"First off, how in the hell did you get in here?" Desiree asked.

"Obviously it's because I'm a god, I can just poof my place here and there," Leon said with a slight slur.

"Well then poof your way out of here!" Reaper said.

"Nah, that's alright, besides, I'm here to quietly make sure that you get her to participate in this. If she doesn't, we'll be at a serious disadvantage," Leon said. Reaper gave him a very nasty look. "You can't kill me, if you do you'll lose a big asset to the fight."

Leon just got comfortable in the chair and waited and listened.[/COLOR]

Sorry if he seems sort of rude... but I'm trying to image him like Aries. Who was always rude, inconsiderate, not well liked by anybody.. the all around bad guy.
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[color=indigo][b][size=1]"You do not scare me, you never have. If you do kill me, you will lose a very large portion of this 'fight'," Reaper leaned back in her chair.

Her black leather, thigh high boots squeaked as she shifted legs. She tilted her head and tossed her thick turquoise hair. Leon stretched his body and folded his arms behind his head, propped his feet back up, and waited for a reaction. Desiree sneered and looked away.

"I know that, Anuk-suna-mun. I am just wanting to watch," Leon coughed and smacked his lips.

"Disgusting," Desiree sipped her drink.

"You didn't offer me a drink," Leon whined.

"You weren't an invited guest, Leon," Reaper snapped her head in his direction.

He just shrugged and watched. Reaper sighed and turned her attention back on Desiree who rolled her eyes.

"So, why do you persist on staying neutral?" Reaper sat her glass on the nightstand beside her.

"Why do you persist on trying to sway me?" Desiree sat back.

"Because, this battle will effect us forever. This will determine our whole exsitence. Our very lives. And this does not concern you at all? Do you wish to be sent into oblivion? To be non-exsistant? You will not be sent to the Heavens or the Hells, you..will..be......nothing," Reaper leaned forward and spoke softly.

Desiree took in a deep breath and looked away.

"Quit being so childish! This determines your demise, and you are sticking your nose up at it all, at your brethren, me.."Reaper stood up, her eyes flared with anger.

Leon's eyebrow cocked with curiousity and the enjoyment of the intenisfying conversation. He smiled a little deviously.

"Oh, get off," Reaper kicked his feet off of the table as she passed him.

"Where are you going?" he leaned up.

"Don't leave me here with [i]HIM[/i]!" Desiree jumped up and ran after her.

"Des, you are a strong fighter. Fight with me, if not for him,"Reaper pointed her staff at the reclining God.

Reaper brushed a lock of hair from Desiree's eye. Reaper glared over at Leon, he was smiling. Desiree shook her head.

"Disgusting," both Goddesses muttered.[/color][/b][/size]
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OOC: >_< I hate coming up with names

[b][size=1][color=orange]Over about the text 10 min. most of the other gods/goddess' showed up. This included:

God of Fire: Burin/Magma
Goddess of Earth: Rahie/Wild Flower
Goddess of Life: Uni/Creator
God of Sins: Evean/Sin
Goddess of Peace: Miya/Peace Keeper
God of Future: Irvine/Future
God of Power: Van/Blast

The gods and goddess' chatted as if the gathering was a social party, but Shock couldn't blame them, mainly sense he was doing just what they were. He was mainly hanging with all the goddess' who would laugh at his antic personality. Chaos seemed to be the only one who didn't talk and when he did he usually barked at the group to keep it down and to stop fooling about.
Shock decided to try to cheer him for what would probably be the 500th time in a week. Chaos was positioned on a rock that was away from the group. Shock hopped over sitting next to him.
"Hey, hows it goin'?" Shock asked in his normal cheery mood. Chaos sighed and then replied.

"So, who all is here?" He grumbled, looking to the ground. Shock looked around to make sure he was right on his ''calculations''.

"Lets see..." He started. "Everyone is here except for Daiso, Goddess of past, God of Death, and Goddes-" Shock stopped in the middle of the name when she appeared from behind a tree. The goddess of water, Nitsuke/Flow. Shock felt his insides melt.
"Oh... Never mind... she is here...." He slid off of the rock and onto his side in a daydream with only her in it.

Chaos just scowled and grumbled something about Goddess' and how the corupt a God. Shock clambered back onto the rock and regained his postion next to Chaos.

"I hate to say it... but you are a complete fool Camma...." Chaos said straight out. Shock just smiled and laughed slightly.

"Please, call me Shock... I like that better... And sorry, but thats just my character." Shock then stood and decided to go see Flow, he really would like to talk to her. "I'll tell you when everyone has arrived." Shock then ran off to flirt with the goddess. [/color][/size][/b]
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[color=blue]{Sorry I took so long}
Daiso finnally arrived. He looked around to see who had gotten there before him. Just as he started toward the group of gods and goddess, he saw Chaos away from the group and went toward him. He greeted Chaos and sat by him.

"Sorry I took so long. I ment to be here a lot earlier." Daiso

"We were wondering when you'd get here." Chaos stated

"Yea. Well I kinda got held up a little." Daiso

"What'd you get lost?" Chaos said

"No.....I just Kinda overslept a little and forgot where to meet for a while after I woke up." Daiso replied quietly

"How did you forget? We discussed this several times. Haven't we?" Chaos

"I don't know... But I only forgot for a little while. I remembered where and came right away.' Daiso

"Well at least your here now...." Chaos said angrily

Daiso decided to go around and talk to the others, and figure out who all was there.[/color]
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[B][SIZE=1]Chaos sighed. He was going to wait a while longer so they could talk before he told them the news, and asked them to make a plan with him. The very bad news was that Evil might try to kill off the Good God's before this 'Battle'. If they did, they would be out numbered. Chaos rubbed his head. It would be better if some of them would grow up. He stood up, glared around at them all.

"Listen!" He yelled. A few stopped talking, a few didn't. "QUITE!" Chaos bellowed. Everyone stopped. A few glared around too.
"Bad news first. You all know about this 'Battle', well, the news about it is that Evil could try and kill us. With MOST of the Good God's being fools, we're open for an attack! If one of us dies now, we lose this battle!" Chaos began. Shock tapped his foot, and Daiso seemed to be listening well.
"Also, rivals! We all have an Evil God to us, and some of us, even me, have had a few 'Battles' between them. The problems is when we arrive on the island, we cannot fight until the clock strikes 12! This is a big problem, because WE and the EVIL might taunt each other. If one God attacks evil, let's say, Evil wins. If they attack us before 12, we win. I hope this isn't a problem. Now, good news. We have gathered, and we trust in each other. Now, we must use this trust and make our own plan of action. Come over here." Chaos finshed. Shcok and Daiso where the first to gather around, along with the others.

"First, who shall we take out first?" Chaos asked.[/B][/SIZE]
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[b][size=1][color=orange]"What do you mean by 'Who do we take out first?'" Shock asked slightly confussed. Flow suddenly walked up next to him to listen to Chaos. Shock felt his face turn red.
Chaos hated to explain things to the other gods/goddess', shouldn't they already know whats going on?
"I mean, which god or goddess on the evil side should we kill first?" He said explaining a bit more. Shock still had the puzzled look on his face.

"Why don't we just fight our counter parts? You against Leon, me against Tsuni, ect, ect." Shock explained, this seemed to make Chaos slightly angry, but he seemed to calm down a bit and thought of the idea.

"Yes, Shock, that would be a good plan, but, what if someone lost against their enemy? Then we would have more to fight with a disadvantage amount of gods/goddess." Flow stated as the group turned their attention to her. Shock once again seemed to melt down inside.
"Your the smart one..." He said dreamily.

Uni (aka Creator), goddess of life spoke up as well. "But, if we decided to group up and take out only 1 or 2 at a time, the one who arnt being attacked will help out their buddies and out number the group!" She yelled out. A loud buzz stated to occur as the group discussed the situation. Chaos' eyes looked like they were becoming very red.

"Uh oh..." Shock mumbled under his breath when he saw the angered God.[/color][/size][/b]
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[B][SIZE=1][COLOR=red]Chaos growled and slapped his forehead...
[I]Calm down...[/I] Chaos panted in his head.
"Shut up!" Chaos finally shouted. He stared at the God's and Goddess' stop. Shock was still, and knew that was going to happen, Daiso seemed... not too shocked too.
"The only reason the EVIL God's WON'T help each other out is because they DON'T trust ech other enough! If we take a few down at once, the chances of them forming together and helping each other isn't as likely as you would think! If we take ONE out at a time, it may take ages but atleast there's one down! After a while the last Evil God's might join but they'll be out number!!! If we take the strong ones out first the odds of us annihilating them is high! Got it?" Chaos said rather fast. Shock nodded, and Daiso did too. A few others nodded.
"Umm, but what if they DO join together? What do we do then?" Asked a Goddess at the back.
"They won't ALL join, and we'll STILL out number them! Now, who shall we take out first?" Chaos felt like he was just repeating himself.

"I'd say the Life and Death God's." Daiso suggested. Chaos smiled.
"I would say the God of War. Without him he couldn't summon warriors like me, then we should go after the Death God, then maybe the stronger ones." Chaos grunted. Shock stopped, his mouth dropped open.
"Hang on, if you can summon things too, then who's to say they won't kill you off at the very beggining??" Shock asked.
"Because I'm too focused on Leon and as I have a feeling Leon would want to kill me himself, but no one is going to get me, or you, or us because we will be together in a team! If they come to take out... you, let's say, they would be out numbered. Most of the Evil God's want to finish us in a one on one battle." Chaos explained.
"But what if they form something like ours?" Asked Creator. Chaos growled.
"I just explained that!! Open your ears!" Chaos bellowed. He crossed his arms and grinned.
"Hey, here's a good one. What if a FEW attack us, but they are different God's. Like, like if some of us went to take care of the rest, and let's say we had... the five element God's in this group, and they had the Life and Death God's, what if the Life and Death God's where stronger? The element God's would be screwed! Now offence Shock." Daiso asked.
"Well, this is what I think we should do. If they DO become stronger, I say we train. If we do it right now, we double the odds of winning." Chaos explained.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[b][size=1][color=orange]Most of the Gods/goddess agreed on some training, the ones who wern't so sure about it complained that they would tire themselves out before the battle and they would be sure to lose. Chaos then barked a few combacks to their complaints at them and they then agreed to on the training idea.

"This has got to be one of the best ideas you'v had..." Shock told Chaos as he smiled at the gods/goddess who had been givin' a small break from the meeting. The goddess of past, Naomi (aka Past) and the God of Death, Makoura (aka Destroyer) had finally arived and were filled in on everything.
"Well... I still liked my idea, but yours has better stratigie..." Shock added in.

Chaos didn't answer, he seemed to coming up with more ideas for how they would train in the short time they had too before the battle. [/color][/size][/b]

OOC: Sorry for shortness, writers block...
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=red][B] Chaos nodded.
"Fine then, Shock, Daiso, Beast, you come with me. I guess it would be fun, won't it? You three train with me. The rest of you lot, get into teams of four and do whatever you want as long as it involes getting fit." Chaos said. Shock and Daiso ran after him while Beast was looking rather sad.

"Ok, first off, any ideas of what to train on first?" Chaos asked.
"Shock, what shall we do first?" He added. Shock hummed.
"I dunno. Something that'll be fun!" Shock replied.
"How about tag?" Beast suggested.
"No!" Chaos bellowed. Daiso laughed lightly. "Do you really want me to pick something? Find! We'll do blocking, you lot have to block every move I make! Get it? Got it? Good!" Chaos growled. He stood up. the air damp today.[/B][/SIZE]
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[b][size=1][color=orange]Shock, Beast, and Daiso barely even had a chance to prepare when Chaos started a full assult of kicks and punches on all three of them.
"Shit!" Shock yelled as Chaos' fist blew past his jaw bone. Chaos was strong, one of the strongest gods in the group of 15. Beast was dodging more then blocking. Here animal like abilities gave her the advantage to easily leap over attacks and dodge them.
Chaos kicked out at Daiso's waist who blocked it with his arms, but was flown wackwards from the impact.
"Ow..." He shook his arms trying to loosin the pain.

Shock looked pretty small compared to Chaos' gigantic musle size.
Chaos sent another kick out at Shock and a punch for the top of his head. Shock jumped over his leg and blocked the punch with both arms crossed. When he landed he was once again attacked by a punch heading for his sholder. Shock grabbed Chaos' fist with both hands and stopped the blow. Chaos was shaking as he tryed to push the punch past, Shock was also shaking as he tryed to keep the punch as far away as it could get from him.
For once that day Shock saw Chaos smile, but it wasn't really the way Shock wanted it to be. While Shock's arms were already in use, Chaos sent a large kick into Shock's stomach sending him flying backwards onto his back.

"Erg..." Shock mumbled as the two figures of Beast and Daiso appeared above him, they were a bit... fuzzy looking. Daiso held out a hand to help Shock up, but he refussed it and lifted himself off the ground and regained his balance. "Well.... that was fun..." He chuckled with a smile. [/color][/size][/b]
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[B][SIZE=1][COLOR=red]Chaos grinned, but he wasn't in a mood now. They did better then he would have thought. but still he's the God of War, and when it comes to training no matter how good you do it's always bad.
"That was just a taste of what to come! If you ever fall down, I suggest you get up quickly, before your head is rolling across the floor!" Chaos said. He looked at Shock and turned his back.
"I will be training my mind, do me a favour and learn to do fight back, block, and dodge, you where good, but in a real battle you would have been awful!" Chaos added walking to a nearby tree.

Chaos opened his eyes. He had his arms folded over his chest and his legs crossed. He saw Shock looking over his way. For once, maybe in his whole short life, Chaos smiled. It wasn't a normal smile, it was a happy smile. Cheerful and happy. For once, maybe the last time anyone would see that. Shock's mouth dropped open. Chaos smiled again, raised his eyebrow, then just grinned. He looked down. Daiso voice came to his ear.
"Shock? Shock? What's up?" Daiso asked. Shock shuck his head.
"Nothing..." He sent a smile back at Chaos.

[I]Remeber that well kid... I'm not going to be around long enough to smile again, this Battle's going to kill me once and for all... I can feel it... I hope you survive, and teach them to fight, because I couldn't... not really... [/I][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[b][size=1][color=orange]Shock was in a very good mood now that he had seen Chaos smile. While he went to train his mind, the others trained with each other and some of the other gods. They also trained with their powers to help on aim and indurance. Shock was sweating pretty hard now, he was training with Magma, the Fire God. He sent a ball of fire for Shock who easily dodged it, the fire balls wern't very fast. Shock leaped into the air and started to come down at him with an electrifying kick.

Magma rolled out of the way and Shock sent his leg digging into the earth's surface. They continued the training and gave each other tips that would come in handy when fighting against the evil ones.
Shock staggered over to a stream that was located not to far from where they had all gathered, he dropped to his knees and splashed cold water of his face that trickled down his cheek along with the sweat he had earned. He took in a few deep breaths to cool his body tempature and then decided to take a small break. He leaned against a tree near the stream and closed his eyes. He knew he wouldn't sleep, just relax.

"Shouldn't you be training?" Came a familiar voice from behind him. Shock turned to see non other then Flow.
[i]Damn...[/i] Shock said to himself as she came over and also splashed her face with water. She looked over to him and gave a funny grin, she laughed at this which caused Shock's face to turn even more red then it had already been. She smiled at him and then left without another word.

Shock sighed and stood up to head back and get in a bit more training on blocking. He turned around and Chaos was standing a short distance away, who was talking with Destroyer, God of Death. Chaos then looked over and saw Shock, he could tell that he had been taking a break. Shock put on his usual smile and walked over to the two Gods who were most likely dicussing the up coming battle.[/color][/size][/b]
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[color=blue] Daiso had been training with Flash. Daiso was flying around and trying to hit Flash with small rocks using the wind to move them trying to get better aim. Flash was running around doging them as fast as he could and when he got a chance he was trying to attack Daiso. Daiso had the advantage since he could fly and Flash couldn't... But some of Flash's attacks were to fast to dodge....and Flash was very hard to hit. Both of them got some good hits in and tried to help each other out, by telling eachother tips during their battle training. They finally decided to take a break so they could regain thier energy.

Daiso saw Shock and Chaos training not to far away. They were attacking each other and trying to block attacks at the same time. Daiso walked toward them to see how they were doing. As he got close he saw that Shock had caught hold of Chaos but sure enough Chaos through him to the ground.

"Try to think of the ways your attack could be used against you instead of just your opponent." Daiso
"So are you going to train with us, or just relax and watch us." Shock said sarcastically.
"Sure, why not. Could be fun." Daiso said smiling.

The three Started training together. Each showing progress, even if it was only a little.[/color]
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Desiree steamed as she recalled the previous hours. Not too
long after reaper left, Leon followed. Maybe he was going to
follow her and attempt to get laid. She didnt know, and didnt
really care.
Reaper, Desi decided, would be worth following. After all, she
was a good friend.
[i]If I go along with this war, I die.
If I dont, I die.[/i]
It really wasn't a win/win situation. She'd have to think this over
with her best friend, her bottle of scotch. Swig after swig, her
vision continued to blurr and her thinking clouded. Desi fell
out of her chair after her attempt to get up. She giggled and
crawled up with support from the polished oak table.
Instantly a thought came to mind. [i]What did Leon say about
Poofing?[/i] Desiree's brows furrowed in confusion. [i]Think,
Think, THINK![/i] She rubbed her temples softly at first, and
then harder when she still couldnt think of it.
"GRR!" She yelled out as she threw her bottle of scotch across
the room. The fancy glass bottle shatterd into peices. Desi
stared at the mess on the floor. [i]I wish it would just go
somewheres else..[/i] Her thoughts trailed off as her eyes widend
in realization. With a smug look on her face she concentrated,
It wasnt too easy when she was as drunk as an irishman on
St. Pats day.
As her thoughts locked onto a certain place, the surroundings
around her changed. Desiree looked around after she dropped
from mid air onto the grassy floor. She sure as hell wasnt where
she thought of.
All action stopped around her. She seemed to land in some type
of park. [i]Great, Lets give this another go.[/i]
Desi suddenly landed right back into her comfy chair.
"Maybe I wont do that again.." She told herself.
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[color=indigo][b][size=1][i]'Poofing', eh? I wonder how one can achieve this?[/i] Anuk-suna-mun thought to herself.

She walked down the twisting path away from Desiree's castle. The chilly night air bit at her wet cheeks. The rain slowed to a drizzle. Reaper folded her arms under her breasts and trailed into deep thought.

[i]I want to be in a warm place. I want to be in a dry, warm place. Perhaps a bar. I could really use another drink...[/i] Reaper's thoughts prevailed.

She closed her eyes and opened them lazily. The popped open in sheer amazement. She was standing in the doorway of a pub. Smoke filled the warm, dry atmosphere. The sound of clattering glasses, drunken men bellowing drinking songs, a local jazz band played in sync with the horrid men. Reaper smiled and walked towards the bar.

"What can I get you?" the stout, balding bar tender smiled and tossed Reaper a towel.

"Thank you, uh, I would like Ameretto, with cream, on ice," Reaper patted herself dry and sat on the leather stool.

The tender handed her the glass and gave her a coaster. She gave him the money. Anuk-suna-mun sipped her liquor slowly, allowing the silky liquid to slide down her throat.

"So, do you think she'll fight?" Leon's voice startled Reaper.

"I do not know," Reaper sighed and swirled her drink.

Leon leaned against the bar and propped his arm by his elbow. He asked the bar tender to bring him a beer and smiled back at Reaper. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

"Want one?" Leon held out the pack and fumbled a cigarette between his lips.

Reaper stared bluntly at Leon and let out a prolonged breath. She decided yes and drew out a cigarette. She had never smoked before, but due to recent events, she thought to give it a try.

"Thanks," Reaper mimicked Leon's motions and leaned over to the flame produced from Leon's lighter.

She puffed a little and inhaled. Gagging and chocking, she nearly fell off of her barstool. Leon laughed and held her up. He rubbed her back, giggling.

"Easy killer," he chuckled a bit and took a sip from his beer.

"Ugh, disgusting," Reaper stared at the smoking stick in her finger, but she continued to drag on the repulsive thing.

"What are you going to do?" Leon broke their silence.

"You know that answer," Reaper blew out a stream of smoke and crushed the cigarette butt on the bottom of her boot.

"Anuk-suna-mun, you are something else," Leon smiled and shook his head.

Reaper smirked and continued to sip on her drink. Trying to ignore Leon's makeshift conversation.

OOC: Is it me, or does he seem like Sora from .hack? That's how I see his personality..[/color][/size][/b]
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[SIZE=1][B][COLOR=red]Chaos blocked one of Daiso's kicks, and with his foot one of Shock's. He flipped over until he was stood away from them both. Chaos looked over at them. He wasn't using his powers, well there was no point because summoning creatures from the dead wasn't something he could work on.
"Maybe we should use our powers..." Chaos mumbled. Shock and Daiso walked to him, Daiso nodded, almost like saying 'yes' in Chaos' eyes.
"Why? Some of our powers can't be improved... I mean like me making my attacks stronger is easy, but how do you make your summoning stronger? It wouldn't be fair if we used powers and you didn't!" Shock said. Chaos grinned.
"And who says I was fighting?" Chaos replied.
"What do you mean?" Daiso asked. Chaos looked over at the God's.
"I mean... I'm not fighting or training with you... I'm chasing you... all!" Chaos replied.
"WHAT?!?!" Shock shouted.
"That's right... remeber my 'dead' horse? Guess he could use a bit of running. I'll give you 20 seconds to run, warn them lot over there. You have to do everything you can to stop me, don't worry about hurting Makura... now 20 seconds... run!" Chaos turned his back.
"Oh man!" He heard Shock. Chaos heard Shock yelling out, and Daiso just talking. Shock wasn't scared, he was just being stupid.

Chaos finished counting, heard a few God's moving. Chaos pointed at the floor. The dead leaves on the ground began to shake, as did the ground. Leaves shot up in the air, and the ground spilt. Chaos smiled. The ground crashed open sending mud and earth all over. It left a massive hole in the ground, the trees almost falling. Chaos closed his eyes, and when he looked again, in front of him stood a massive black horse, with blood red eyes, a grey mane, slashes over it's neck and hooves wrecked, like stones. Chaos turned back, and saw Shock and Daiso stood there, and the other God's and Goddess' near the side.
"Well, this is Makura! Let's see how good you lot are on a live foe! Later, you can chase me!" Chaos grinned. Makura, the dead horse stomped it's long legs on the ground like it was mad. It was a tamed horse, only mad![/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
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