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Magic The Gathering: Rate my deck (Maturity needed here. No cruelty is welcome)


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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

Okay I asked many mods where I was allowed to put this so I am told this is where it should go and here it shall be. I am a good fan of Magic. I've played the game for many years and I have made tons of decks.

This Deck is my most favorite. I would like suggestions/Thoughts from other people. I ask for no cruelty If you don't like the card game then don't pay heed to this thread. Just walk away and do what you wish. If you wish to post your own decks I welcome it. I'd love to see your decks.

This is my

[b][u]Elf Deck[/b][/u]:

Forests: X20

Wirewood Channeler: X4
Wellwisher: X3
Heedless One: X4
Llanowar Elves: X4
Gempalm Strider: X4
Elvish Champion
Timberwatch Elf: X3
Quirion Elves
Fyndhorn Elder
Elven Rider: X2
Elvish Soultiller: X2
Thorn Elemental: X3 ( Iknow this isn't an elf but it loves to cause damage : p)

Wirewood Pride: X4
Tranquility: X2
Fertile Ground
Credit Voucher (Artifact)

Total Cards: 60

So what do you think?[/font][/color]
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[COLOR=indigo]I like that deck...made one similar to that a while ago....worked really well together.

I have one now that no one can stand because they really don't understand how it can be as good as it is. *shrugs* Un-defeated still for 4 months.

Although right now its kinda jumbled because my mom through it in with all my other cards so I've had to re-build it again. Well here it is as of now.


[b]Basic Lands:[/b]

x2 Plains
x3 Swamps

[b]Non-basic lands[/b]

[i]White Producers:[/i]
x3 Elfhame Palace
x1 Abandoned Outpost[

[i]Black Producers[/i]
x1 Polluted Mire
x1 Peat bog
x1 Salt Marsh

[i]White or Black[/i]
x1 Salt Flats
x1 Caves of Koilos

x1 Ice Floe
x2 Urza's Power Plant
x2 Urza's Tower
x2 Urza's Mine

x1 Soul Link

[i] Creatures/Walls[/i]
x2 Avatar of Woe
x1 Cemetary Gate
x1 Sengir Vampire

x1 caustic tar
x1 Tainted AEther
x2 Cursed land

x2 Dark Ritual
x2 Terror
x1 Plague Wind

x2 Angel of Mercy
x2 Teroh's Faithful
x1 Wall of Glare
x1 Staunch Defenders
x1 Radiant dragoons
x1 Silent Attendant

x1 Enligtened Tutor
x1 Healing salve
x1 Gerrard's Wisdom
x1 Soothing Balm

x2 Adarkar Sentinel
x1 Mobile Fort
x1 Wall of Spears

[i]Mana Producers/Creatures[/i]
x4 Manakin
x2 Thran Dynamo
x1 Marble Diamond
x1 Bloodstone Cameo

x2 Urza's Blueprint
x2 Rod of Ruin
x1 Telim'Tor's Darrts
x1 Glasses of Urza
x1 Ensnaring Bridge
x1 Feldon's Cane
x1 The Rack
x1 Dark Sphere

Pretty much easy to get a hold of cards....what do you think? Honesty is the key here...can't get better other wise
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[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=darkblue]

Nice deck ^_^ For a second there I thought you only played with three swamps and 2 plains lol. I have to pay more attention sometimes -_-.

Well since I showed my Elf Deck I will now show my second best/most annoying deck I have ever made.

[u][b]No you can't play that! deck[/u][/b]:

Islands: X16

[u]Non basic lands[/u]:
Riptide Labratory
Lonely Sandbar: X3

Disturptive Pitmage: X3
Prodigal Socerer: X4
Aphetto Alchemist: X3
Information Dealer: X3
Nameless One: X2
Arcanis the Omnipotent
Rootwater Thief
Supreme Inquisitor
Colossus of Sardia: X2 (Artifact Creature)

Ixodor's will: X4
Shimmering Wings
Exclude: X4
High Tide
Psychic Trance
Rethink: X2
Mana Leak
Gaseous Form
Living Armor (Artifact)

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I played magic when I was 6. Im 12 now. I have only played 5 times since, but I love the cards. Man were those the days.... I stopped b/c mom wouldnt play w/ me aft5er my br was born. I have around a hundredfifty cards, but no current deck. Whenever I play, I use forest and volcano. I ALWAYS use my favorite card, the Primeval Force. Its not to good. I use lots of Panther Warriors and those spiked worm thingies. That game is why I was so easily introduced to Pokemon and last year YuGiOh.
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[COLOR=indigo]I don't play, come to think of it, I've never played. I did an RPG once and found it fun to be a vampire but-that's another story. (oh I killed my hubby once in that)
My husband played and so did his friends, but now they're all in their late teens to early 30's and have given it up for role olaying. *sigh* I hope they don't get salsa on my rug![/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by AutoKill [/i]
[B]The best decks are combo decks. If you cant kill in 6-8 rounds then your not going to win a tournament. I have a soilder white deck based on speed and damage with about 2 tricky combos. And i still cant get 1st in tournaments. :( [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=indigo]Actually thats not entirely true. My deck never beats anyone in the first 6-8 turns yet its still un-defeated. Its a procrastinating deck with combos galore. Thats all I use, is combos off cards. All my cards run togethers its quite fun! But for most part I'll agree with you![/COLOR]
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You both have good deck. The most annoying deck was a bird deck that I created. by the fourth turn i would have 30 bird tokens out by the six or seventh turn. But the whole deck was centered around the artitfact the bubble matrix prevent all combat damage. have four of them in thier and several types of destroy artifacts. Then once i have enough creatures and tokens out i would destory the bubble matrix and attack killing them in that turn.
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