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Art Gavynn's Jukebox

Dragon Warrior

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Well, I decided since I'm going to be making many MIDIs, it's best to just post them all in one thread, aye? So here it is! Gavynn's Jukebox! Please do stop by and have a listen because I wouldn't mind any comments at all. I need to improve my music-making abilities with the computer.

Some of you may have already heard my first MIDI, but I'll post it again along with my second EVER MIDI. :)

First MIDI: [URL=http://myimages.fourvalve.com/dragonwarrior/dasong2.mid]Peaceful Clockwork[/URL] [i]1:13[/i]

Second MIDI: [URL=http://myimages.fourvalve.com/dragonwarrior/shadowhour.mid]Shadow Hour[/URL] [i]0:51[/i]

In [b]Shadow Hour[/b], it'll start out sounding a bit evil, then slowly progress into an enchanting happy song. I personally like the drum play in the very last few seconds ;)

Enjoy and C&C, please!
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Hey I liked that alot. Brings back good old memories of my making midis in my Music Tech Class. I really liked the drums in the beginning and the end of Shadow Hour. Think You did a good Job, Can't wait to hear more.
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Heh. Actually, it's not repeating because the string notes are different, they're just not too loud ;) But yeah, it does seem endless. Merffles :<

I'm still workin' on my third. I finally got my computer back in my room, but MIDIs sound terrible on my computer so I've stuck with makin' 'em on my dad's comp.
Anywho, here's the third MIDI I've made. This one's not my fave, but can be passed off as a boss battle in a game, it seems. Meh.

[URL=http://myimages.fourvalve.com/dragonwarrior/NightFight.mid]Night Fight[/URL] [i]1:24[/i]
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