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Speeding Tickets!!!


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I was driving home from Thanks Giving at my Aunt's house in Utah. It already a long drive and took me all day but the last thing I needed was a greedy cop. This guy caught me going and coming. I admit the first time I was going 93 but the second I was only going 70 but it was in a construction zone where the speed limit is something like 65 so they got me again. I think the cop put a track on my car or something. It was countless other people driving near me and some where going even faster but for some odd reason he picked me out of the rest,I was the slowest and easiest to catch. I should've ran for it, my car could have smoked his with no problem, too bad my little sister was in the car. Even worse he took all day making the ticket, I mean whats the hold up anyway? He made me late to the Georgia Tech vs. Georgia University and ultimately made Tech lose because I wasn't there.

Have you ever got a speeding ticket? What did you do to get out of it(flirt, bribe,etc)?
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You do realize you shouldn't be driving over 90mph, right? You were practically begging to get pulled over. Besides, it's like I always say: "You're not pulled over for speeding. You're pulling over for getting caught." Still, 93mph was really pushing it. You say you had your little sister in the car? Don't endanger her. Stick to the speed limit.

What kind of car do you drive? If you're driving a really fast car, the police might still pull you over, even if you're going roughly the speed limit. I was driving 70 in a 65 zone earlier today [i]in the rain[/i], but the police passed me up for a newer, facier car. I drive a champagne-colored car made in the 1980s, so the last thing anybody would expect is for me to speed. I've gotten away with driving 5mph over the speed limit around cops a few times. Luck, mostly.

I haven't gotten a ticket yet. I say "yet," because I know it's only a matter of time. I stick to the flow of traffic, but that usually involves me speeding. I try to avoid tickets by dropping to the exact speed limit whenever one comes by, but I can only be so lucky for so long. I know what some of you are thinking, but you'd be really naive to think a lot of people don't take 5 or 10 mile-per-hour liberties every now and then.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Manic [/i]
[B]I try to avoid tickets by dropping to the exact speed limit whenever one comes by, but I can only be so lucky for so long. I know what some of you are thinking, but you'd be really naive to think a lot of people don't take 5 or 10 mile-per-hour liberties every now and then. [/B][/QUOTE]

I do the exact same thing if I'm over the speed limit for some miles. Whenever I see a police car, I drop to the exact speed limit and it has worked for me too.

I've gotten many tickets before, mostly because of speeding. I now take things more seriously and drive according to the traffic laws most of the time. I guess it's just something natural that when you get your licence for the first few years you tend to drive fast whenever the opportunity arises.

I've been driving for like 9 years now and I have a pretty fast car(although I have modified it to go even faster) but now it's just a matter of security and awareness of the dangers of speeding.
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I just use cruise control all the time along with a big portion of discretion.

The discretion comes in with the area I live in... louisiana.

Down here, it's nothing like my home land of virginia. In VA. 55 was the normal speed limit on the highways (65 tops in some areas). Down here in LA. it's 70 everywhere besides construction zones. Even worse about the speeding down here are the cops themselves. They speed just as bad or worse than the people from the area... Im talking, I will be cruising in the left hand lane at 79mph and people will be passing on the right.

Of course, this has its benefits, which is the reason I use discretion... with so much speeding, my going 79 in a 70 isn't too bad, hence, I have managed to avoid trouble for the most part.

However, I want to stress something [b]never run from the police[/b] they will always win with helicopters and radios. Dont be a fool, play it cool. :D
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I've lived in Upsate NY for the majority of my life, drove over the speed limit for quite some time and have never received a speeding ticket. And we're talking 65 in a 30 zone at times and the State limit is usually 55 on the express ways except in certain areas where it's 65.
Hell, even when I lived in Texas I dodn't get one.
Of course, the Speed limit in TX varies from 70 daytime and 65 at night to 60 all the time and cars 65 all other vehicles 55.
Tho I could probably talk my way out of one if I ever got a ticket. Drama club comes in handy at times
Now my husband, he's only had his liscense for a year and he's gotten 3 tickets in Texas. One because he was going 30 in a 15 before he got off post. One for going 85 in a 60 zone (probably because everyone else was going so fast the guy could only catch him) and one more for some other speed.
And then there's my dad. My dad got so many traffic violations and speeding tickets that he got his liscense suspended pretty much after he got it :rotflmao: Yet he talks about how fast [i]I[/i] drive :rolleyes: Please, the guy almost got a ticket in Arizona for going 90 in a 70MPH zone. The trooper let him off with a warning because of his NEw York Driver's liscense. The whole time my mom kept saying 'if he give you a ticket, don't say thank you.'
Of course Manic [i]does[/i] have a point, you really shouldn't have been driving so fast. Maybe fate just felt that you needed to learn a lesson.
I heart cruise control![/COLOR]
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Guest Bloodsin
Most police give you 5 to 10 MPH bumper zone.
However, If they're near their monthly quota, they'll bust you if you're only 1MPH over the limit.

The type of car you drive also effects if you get pulled over.
Police feel more inclined to pass out ticks to those who they think are "better off".

Sadly, your race might have something to do with it to, however, you were over the limit, so I don't think that's the case.
Breaking the speed limit won't get you to your destination much quicker. You'll only save 10-20 minutes.
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Guest rttocs77
I seriously think a lot of cops will pull you over even if everyone else is going as fast (if not faster) if you have a nice car.

My mom got pulled over once and it was he first ticket and she started crying. It didn't help.
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NEVER DRIVE A RED CAR. My dad has a white truck he paints out of..went 6 months on 60 day tags....cops would wave..went through car checks..everythign...ntohing got him. Mom has a red taurus..over one day BAM. you can guess what happened.

I'm..only 12..but..OH CAN I CANNOT WAIT TILL I CAN DRIVE..i already know what my first car will be....heh...
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[COLOR=darkred][SIZE=1]I have had MANY speeding tickets. . and the secret ways of being able to avoid, or trick the cops. . don't work as well as people think they do. . I have friends that swear if you do this, or if you do that . . that you will never get a ticket *sigh* Every cop is different, and while one 'trick' may work on one cop, another would never be fooled by it. Some police in certain cities may not worry too much about speeders. . if so, you should hug them =)

I have tried the braking when you see a cop to drop down to the speed limit (wether in traffic or not). . all it does is make the cop go, "Oh, look, someone thinks they are smart" BAM, pulled over. . when they see your car rock as you brake, that right there tells them you are doing something wrong.

The best way I have found to lower your chances? Drop to a different gear to help your car 'naturally' slow down. It won't work every time, but it will work the occasional time, and one less ticket is always a good thing! ^_^ This obviously won't work if you are the only one down a watched road. .

My brother has talked his way out of a ticket here and there. . and I am very impressed with that ability. I have tried, but the people in my car usually ruin that (I will get to that later). He also gave me a bit of advice that could help, but I don't feel like getting a bigger fine from them.

He said something along the lines of, "Next time they pull you over, ask them to see the radar. Chances are, they either didn't get a clear tag on you, or didn't get one at all. Then, when you go to court, you tell the judge that you really didn't think you were speeding, and that the officer refused to let you see the radar gun." If you have a history of speeding, the judge might just look at you and laugh, but if you are a first time speeder, you might get off. Now, if the officer does show you the radar, and he is right, well. . you missed out, no real loss, you were gonna get a ticket anyways. I can never remember to do that, since I am too upset that I got caught to think of asking him. . oh well. . my loss =P

This isn't really a story about speeding. . but, the last time I got a ticket I pulled out infront of a cop (didn't know it). I pulled up to a stop sign, but instead of waiting for the line of cars to get infront of me, and make me wait even longer, I pulled out real fast. I then noticed the car catching up to me pretty fast. I said to my friends, "Bet I upset this guy" . . two seconds later, lights. . "Wow. . he really is upset"

So I pull over, the officer comes up, clicks his light in the car, "You know why I pulled you over?"

Me - "No, sir."

Cop - "Really? You have no idea?"

Me - "Cause I pulled out in front of you?"

Cop - "No, you ran that stop sign"

Me - "No I didn't"

Cop - "Really? Well, let's ask your friends." Turning to my friend in the front seat, Erick, "Do you think he ran that stop sign?"

Erick - "I wasn't really paying attention sir"

Me - *sigh*

Cop - "And you sir? Do you think he ran that stop sign?" Asking my not so bright friend Steve.

Steve - *looking up, as if he just realized he was in the car, going to some magical land* "Huh?"

Me - "Just write me the ticket." . . . *sigh*

Good laughs. . looking back now. . I should tell you the story about the ignorant rookie cop. . lol[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Oh..and another tip.......if your on a highway with alot of tractor trailers..get in the middle lane with one on either side...unless you pass them..ro they pass you..any radar will pick them up..giving you time to slow down nnoticably. But onther than that..i cant' help, as i have no experience...
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