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RPG Escaflowne [13+ for mild cursing, blood, and sexual inuendos.]


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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]"There, that outta do it." [i]Van said as he stepped off a large pile of branches etc., as he looked up he could see the blue parts of Escaflowne's eyes. At that time Allen came out from another part of the woods, he too had hidden his guymelef Scherazade in another part of the woods, his long blond hair trailing behind him Allen looked over at Van and Hitomi.[/i]

"Well all I can ask now is. Where do we go from here?" [i]He looked a little puzzled about what he should do, Hitomi giggled a little and walked over to Allen and dragged Van by the arm.[/i]

"Well first off, you two should get haircuts, and then get you some new clothes so you don't stand out too much." [i]She winked as she hauled the two by the arms. "Oi ve, maybe I should have said I'd stay here with Escaflowne." Van thought to himself, but he decided not to, because it appeared that the Zaibach soldiers or whatever they were had left, or maybe they'd disappeared, either or they were out of his hair for now.

After walking for awhile Hitomi stopped them at a platform that had a steep step-off, and running parallel to the platform was a track of some sort. Allen spoke just exactly what Van was thinking.[/i]

"Hitomi, what are we waiting for exactly?" [i]Hitomi looked at him a little dumbfounded and then rolled her eyes.[/i]

"I forgot. You've never seen the technology here on Earth, we are waiting for a train. Oh and here it comes!" [i]Just as she finished her sentence a large metallic thing stopped in front of them and a door opened automaticcaly, Van jumped back a little surprised but Hitomi reassured him, Allen had already walked through and was sitting down comfortably on a bench, Van too sat down but with Hitomi next to him.

After what seemed like little time the train came to a stop and the three of them got off and Van soon found himself overwhelmed.[/i]

"Welcome to the main part of the city boys. Comen on now! This is where we can get your hair cut and some new clothes!" [i]Van reluctantly followed Hitomi, as did Allen. This was either going to be fun or Hitomi was going to go bonkers and make the decisions. Even though Van was being a little testy about the whole thing he found himself grinning, he was just glad to be with Hitomi.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I took the liberty to change Allen slightly, sorry if you don't like it just PM me and I'll change it.

[COLOR=indigo][i]Allen stood there for a moment gawking at the weird structures that they now faced. Allen followed closely behind Hitomi when suddenly an odd mettalic object went whisking by them. Allen gasped and let his muscles tense up. Hitomi saw this reaction and let out a giggle.[/i]

"Its only a car, don't worry."

[i]Hitomi shook her hair and laughed quietly to herself. Allen stood there for a second thinking about this new contraption.[/i]


[i]He let the word roll off his tongue slowly; carefully imitating every sound Hitomi had made saying this word. He smiled after he pronounced it to his satisfaction and continued walking. There was a cool brisk that flipped his hair into his face. He pushed it aside and smiled then stopped suddenly. Van and Hitomi noticed this then looked back.[/i]

"What now Allen?" [i]Hitomi looked at him quizically[/i]


[i]Allen stammered across the sentence as though it was a sentence to death. For some reason it had just hit him, that Hitomi wanted to cut off his preciouse hair. He gawked at her.[/i]

"But...but...not the hair...pleeasseee...."[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]Van found himself bracing against a nearby tree while he was laughing his sides off, this was too hilarious. Allen was acting like he was about to killed![/i]

"Yes Allen, you have to get your hair cut. I'll tell the barber not to cut off too much, enough that it is still long, but you've let it grow [b]too long[/b] sorry Allen but you have get it cut some what." [i]Allen looked down like a kicked dog. Van then found himself getting dragged by Hitomi, along with Allen.

After walking a little further Hitomi stopped in front of a large building, she went to open the door but Allen rushed up and held the door open for her.[/i]

"Uhhh..Thanks Allen." [i]Hitomi said a little goofily, Allen just simply looked at her and nodded.[/i]

"Hey, she's my girlfriend!" [i]Van yelled at Allen, who shot Van a acidly look.[/i]

"Well maybe you should hold the door open for her like I just did."

"Oh shaddup!" [i]Hitomi bolted in between them, grabbed them both by the wrists and hauled them into the store.[/i]

"Here is the barber shop." [i]She quickly released their wrists and just then a young man, about Allen's age walked up and shook hands with Hitomi.[/i]

"Are these the guys you called me about earlier?" [i]Hitomi nodded and the man motioned for Allen and Van to follow him. They came to a stop at two chairs, the man gestured for them to sit down, as Allen did though, the man grabbed the length of his hair and flipped it over the back of the chair.[/i]

"Now how would he liked it cut?" [i]The man asked as he pointed at Allen's hair.[/i]

"Short, but not too short. Maybe cut to about here." [i]Hitomi motioned at about the midpoint in her back, the man nodded and began to work on Allen, who looked like he was about to murder the man. But before they started cutting Allen's hair they had to wash it, dry it, and then they began to cut it. After about maybe ten or so minutes Allen stood up with shorter hair, he looked even more liked a kicked dog at this point. Van looked over at Hitomi.[/i]

"I'll tell him what I want." [i]Van stood up, walked over to the chair and plopped down.[/i]

"I'd just like my hair trimmed, that's all please." [i]The barber was a little shocked but he draped a black cover over Van's front and started to cut.

After about another ten or so minutes Van stood up and looked in the mirror, his hair was totally different, he nodded and he and Allen walked out of the store as Hitomi handed the man some money. Once she joined the two outside she winked.[/i]

"Now we have to get you guy's some new clothes."

"And just where do you suggest we get these clothes?" [i]Allen said with a pout. Hitomi chuckled and pointed over at a large building.[/i]

"Right there, that's a shopping mall, it has a lot of clothing stores etc. Come on let's go!" [i]And with that they were heading for the mall to get some clothes.[/i][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=indigo][i]Allen petted his hair...well what was left of it as they walked towards the department store. He let his eyes wonder around making sure to let them touch every inch with their curiouse alure. Everything seemed so strange to him. So violent, so hostile, so different. Different from what he was used to, different from what he knew, and different from what his mind considered possible.

He accepted this differences with neutrality however. He had to be here, there was a reason he was sent here, and he would fulfill it. Even if it met cutting more of his hair off and getting rid of his clothes.

Hitomi led the two into the department store. To the left of the door there was a girl manican dressed up in a mini-skirt and halter top. Allen blushed slightly.[/i]

"Shouldn't she be more covered?"

[i]Hitmoi giggled slightly.[/i]

"Nope now a'days thats just normal to see around here, don't worry you'll get used it."

[i]Allen looked at the manican again and shuddered. Whether or not he got used to it or not wasn't the quesiton. It was the matter that he DIDN'T want to get used to such an embaressing and un-honorable thing.[/i][/COLOR]
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Hitomi giggled again and dragged the men around the store like a mother with toddlers, pointing out specific clothes that were in style. Passing more barely-dressed maniquins (sp?) Van blushed, but Hitomi barely spared them a glance. Despite this being a shopping trip for the guys, she soon picked up a cute tee and held it up in front of her. She put it down and went back to examining the guy's section of clothing.

"What size of pants do you wear?" She asked the guys. They stared at her blankely and she sighed. "Try these on." She shoved an armload of jeans into their hands.

Again they stared blankly, until she directed them to the dressing rooms, small cubicles with mirrors and coat hangers.
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]Van walked into the small cubicle and started to try on a pair of these jeans, they felt a lot different than most of the pants he'd ever worn. As he slipped on the first pair he realized that the waist didn't fit, he dropped those down on the floor and tried on another pair, this time they were too big, he sighed and threw the pair of jeans onto the ground, this time the pair of jeans fit perfectly, he stepped in front of the mirror and looked at himself and checked out the pants, they fit perfectly. Van quickly took the pants off and threw them over the door and they landed on top of Hitomi, she grumbled a little.[/i]

"Here, those fit." [i]Van finally said as he walked out with his regular pants on. Allen was still grumbling as he walked out of the door, he handed Hitomi the pants that obviously fit and he left the others in the dressing room, next came the shirts.[/i]

"Hmmm...Well its getting close to fall, so I guess you guys need some long-sleeve shirts." [i]Van and Allen followed Hitomi over to a stand with a bunch of long-sleeve shirts, she started to pick some up but Allen stopped her and picked up one he liked, Hitomi picked it up and looked at the size.[/i]

"I don't think you want an Extra Small shirt, maybe an Extra Large will work, now pick out some shirts of that size okay?" [i]Allen nodded in agreement and went about that task, Van found a shirt he liked and looked at the size, it was a Large, that should be big enough, he started to look around for a few more shirts when he thought he heard an explosion, he snapped his head around and looked out the doorway, he could have sworn he heard a guymelef attacking, but it was nothing. Allen looked like he was about ready to bolt out the door and head for his guymelef. Van felt the same but he didn't go running out the door, he continued to go through shirts.

Once he'd gotten enough shirts, as did Allen the three of them checked out, but Allen and Van didn't have any money.[/i]

"Don't worry guys, my parents gave me a credit card, I can buy this for ya." [i]Hitomi winked and handed the clerk a plastic card, the young clerk swiped it in a machine and the machine whistled and rang and then clerk smilied.[/i]

"Thanks for shopping with us, we hope to see you again." [i]Hitomi thanked the clerk and the three of them walked out of the store.[/i]

"I'm hungry, you guys hungry too?" [i]Hitomi asked, Van felt hungry enough he could eat a horse, he nodded as did Allen. Hitomi chuckled and started off down the sidewalk.

As the trio was walking down the sidewalk they walked through a small group of young men about Van's age, he glanced again at them, they looked like an average group of boys but something was amiss about them, one of them looked back at Van and Allen, his face seemed to contort and then it hit him, he whispered back to one of the others. Van then realized something, they were in danger, he walked up to Hitomi and motioned for Allen to follow.[/i]

"Hitomi, Allen. I think we found our Zaibach soldiers, no don't look just let's make a quick detour for the train station, I know we might not make it in time but if not we can hide and then make a break for it." [i]Hitomi and Allen nodded, just at that moment Hitomi motioned for them to follow her, they made a turn and went for another train station that would head back for Hitomi's home area, as they did the group of boys began to follow them but then made a detour for some where else, as they arrived at their destination one of the boys reached out with a hand and touched an invisible door which then opened and they stepped in quickly and the door shut. They were definetly Zaibach.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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(sorry, but we're going to go back a little so you guys can get info on my character...i hope that's ok)
Reno stood on the bridge of the Floating Fortress as it was headed for the kingdom of Fanelia. Reno saw the people running from the kingdom and started heading for his Guymelef. Just then a huge pillar of light surrounded the Fortress. "What's going on?" he yelled at the navigator.
"I....I don't know sir! Controls are not functioning!"
Reno stared as everything he once knew was swallowed up by the pillar of light, and he was knocked to the ground. He looked up and saw that instead of flying over trees, and a castle in the foreground, he was now flying over a bunch of buildings, streatched as far as the eye could see.
"Where are we?" he asked himself as he ordered the navigator to set them down. Thankfully the invisibility shield was still on.
Reno jumped out of the Fortress, which a few other following him.
"What's going on, sir?" one asked.
"It seems....." he said as he looked up in the sky as around him. "It seems.....we're on the Mystic Moon." "This is impossible." he thought to himself.
"What's going on here, Lt?" a voice came from inside the ship.
"Nothing sir." Reno replied as he saluted the Major.
"Stop standing around idolizing. Go find Escaflowne!"
"Yes, sir!" Reno said as he took his men, and headed into the city.
"This won't do, we stand out too much. Come on...we've got to find some normal looking clothes."
Reno and his men went around the city, and finally got the clothes they were looking for.

back on the timeline.....
Reno and his men had just meeten up after getting some normal looking clothes.
"Alright..i've calculated that the Guymelef had landed around her somewhere. Let's spit up and...."
Just then Hitomi and the boys walked out of the store.
"I think we found our man....i remember that face from anywhere."
Reno started to follow them, and just as they were waiting for the train, he turned and opened a hidden door that lead to the fortress.
"well, we've found them." Reno reported.
"Well....what are you waiting for!" the major resounded. "Go and capture It!"
"yes sir," Reno said as he led the boys to the Guymelefs. It was time for battle.

(I hope that was ok)
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]Van, Allen, and Hitomi breathed a little easier as they sat on the train, those guys were definetly Zaibach, but why didn't they chase them onto the train? Van was really wondering this when suddenly he looked out and saw a Zaibach guymelef zooming right alongside the train, his eyes widened in terror. "Not here, for God's sake not here." Van pleaded mentally, he couldn't believe it, thankfully the train was moving faster. Thankfully, the train pulled to a halt at the station and everyone bailed out and left, the three ran as fast as they could back to the park where Van managed to get to Escaflowne without a problem. As the control chamber cover closed Van could feel himself once again merging with Escaflowne, this would be a great fight. He wetted his lips with his tounge and grinned, he unsheathed the guymelef's sword and brought it to a fighting position and it extended to its full length.

The Zaibach guymelef landed and made one of its liquid metal swords and charged at Escaflowne at full speed, but its attack was blocked and sparks flew as the two weapons clashed and Van looked down and saw Allen getting Hitomi out of the scene. That would make things a lot more easy for Van, just then the guymelef brought its hand down onto what would be Escaflowne's stomach, and this sent both Van and Escaflowne hurtling backwards out of the park and into the street where cars were zooming about, but now they were stopping and trying to get out of the way, and people were watching in awe.

The enemy melef took flight and got onto the top of one of the buildings, but Van could still see the melef as it shot out at least five liquid shots at Escaflowne with its free hand, but the shots missed and hit above Escaflowne.[/i]

"Dammit! I'm too confined here with these huge buildings in my way!" [i]At that Van transformed the Escaflowne into its Dragon form and for some reason the jets kicked in and Van found himself shooting up into the sky faster than ever, as he came to a peak with the boosters he deactivated them, unsheathed the sword and preformed a nosedive with Escaflowne, but as he did so he transformed it back into its guymelef form and the two guymelef's weapons clashed again. This would be a long battle.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Hitomi ran, panting rhythmtically. Allan helped her and she began to think. Just a minute ago, she had been shopping with two of her best friends she hadn't seen in forever, now everything was war again. She had been looking forward to having fun with the guys, not on Earth running from Zaibach soldiers.

"Quickly!" Allan said, leading her. She just nodded, still deep in thought. What's going to happen this time around?

(OCC: Sorry for the short post, I've got to go study)
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Reno struggled hard against the force that Escaflowne was exerting, but he kept his sword straight and still. He pushed it's sword away, and swung with his might. Van dodged just in time, as Escaflone started to fall back to the ground.
"I've got to catch him off guard," Reno thought to himself, as another voice sounded in his ear.
"Sir, we have the girl in sight sir. But it appears she is with another person."
"Kill the man, but make sure the girl stays safe. We can't have anything happen to her."
"Yes, sir!" the voice shouted as Escaflowne came around for another attack.
"Come and get me!" Reno shouted as he once again raised his sword ready to strike.
Escaflowne charged hard, and the dust began to swell from the fierceness of their attacks. The swords clanged again, and Reno broke hard to the right. "Try to get me now" he said as he engaged the cloaking device.
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]Van grinned, this guy actually thought his cloak would save him? As he concentrated again, he thought he could see the full image of the guymelef, but suddenly, instead of seeing the entire melef, he found out that he could only see the outline of it. This was scary, if he couldn't fully see the guymelef, then he was screwed![/i]

"Crap, crap, crap!! I can't see him!" [i]Van started to move Escaflowne around a little paranoid. He still couldn't believe he couldn't fully see it!

At that moment Reno had managed to sneak behind Escaflowne, he grinned silently, the famous Ispano guymelef, Escaflowne was now blind on the Mystic Moon, he readied his left arm, locked onto the control chamber and fired.

Just at that moment Van mentally saw Hitomi's pendant again and it pointed behind him, he whirled around and ducked just as the liquid claws shot at where Escaflowne's control chamber was. Van sighed, stood back up and charged at the guymelef, he brought the sword down upon the melef, but he missed and only hit the cloak, it quickly backed away, its torn deep purple cloak falling to the ground. Reno cursed aloud as he found himself falling over a semi truck that had come to a halting screech because of the battle that had broken out. Thankfully though, the driver had gotten out and was safe.

As this was going on Van wondered if Allen had gotten Hitomi somewhere safe and if he was heading back for Scherazade, and if he did come help Van, would it be in time?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/i]
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[COLOR=indigo][i]Allen ran in front of Hitomi making sure everything was clear. Every few seconds he would check back and make sure Hitomi was right behind him, where she was safe. He turned a corner and continued running. Suddenly he heard the voices of two men shout. He didn't hear what they said but he understood their inent he stopped and whirled back. They were already closing in behind Hitomi.[/i]

"Hitomi!! KEEP RUNNING!"

[i]Hitomi looked at Allen as she passed him but nodded. Allen clenched his fists and ran at the two men. As the first one closed in on him he swung his fist into the man's gut cuasing him to stumble backwards. As the other one stumbled Allen greeted the other man with a kick to the chest. Allen growled at the two men.[/i]

"Dogs....you will not touch her!"

[i]As he said this the ground beneath his feet rumbled slightly. Allen gave a curiouse look to the ground the suddenly realized what this meant. He looked up and cursed his luck as a guymelef entered the street. He clenched his fist and stared at it. He could not leave, he would not leave. If he must die here he would do so honorably protecting Hitomi!!![/i] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1][i]The battle was getting more intense, the Alsidies guymelef had picked up the very same semi-truck it had fallen over and hurled it at Van, but as the large truck hurtled towards Escaflowne it brought its sword up in front of its face and the the truck split as it hit the larg sword.[/i]

"You think throwing stuff at me is going to stop me? You're greatly mistaken." [i]Van brought Escaflowne's sword up in to eye level horizontally and charged straight for the Alsidies guymelef, but just as he was within the distance it took to destroy one of the energists located on the Alsidies' shoulder it ducked and shot forward into Escaflowne's stomach and sent it flying back at least a good one hundred feet, which sent Van reeling into the park where Allen and Hitomi had run off to.

As Van managed to get Escaflwone back up he saw Allen on the ground fighting off some more of Zaibach's soldiers, he stepped into the clearing and kneeled down.[/i]

"Allen, get on now!" [i]Allen nodded and jumped onto Escaflowne's hand, as he was brought up to Escaflowne's shoulder Van looked at him.[/i]

"Where's Hitomi?" [i]Allen pointed off ahead of where he was, the fastest way to find Hitomi was on foot, but he couldn't risk Escaflowne getting found, he needed to lure them away.[/i]

"Allen, you go catch up with Hitomi, I'll keep these guys busy." [i]The two men nodded and Allen jumped straight off of Escaflowne's shoulder, landed on one knee and then took of in a mad run, just as he did so the Alsidies appeared, as did two more.[/i]

"I see you brough some friend's for me to play with, well this time I'm not gonna play nice, time for you to..." [i]Just at that moment the pendant appeared again in Van's mind and he jumped backwards, just in time too, a tank squadron had appeared and was starting to bombard the guymelefs. Van getting a little paranoid about what these things were and what they were capable of transformed Escaflowne into the dragon from and took to the air, only that would be a worse mistake, as he would soon find out.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Planes flew by at lightening fast speed, causing Escaflowne to falter in the sky.
"What the hell are these?!" Reno yelled as he followed Escaflowne with his eyes, and making sure he dodged the parade of missiles that were hurled toward him.
[I]Hum....so they're not on his side either. What could they be?[/I] Reno then saw two people running away from the the commotion.[I]Trying to avoid our nice little party I see. Hum...it's the girl.[/I]
Reno yelled into the communicator, "You two, stay here and fight it. I'm going after the girl."
"Yes, sir!" came the reply, as a new barradge came. Reno dodged it again. "Put you're cloaks on, and fire at them, and Escaflowne!" he ordered. [I]Damn, those things can still see me since Escaflowne ripped my cloak.[/I]
Reno saw as his men disappeared and headed straight for Hitomi.
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