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Hello there again! This is going to be my second Trigun RPG. I figured I would try something that puts a twist on the show. You?ll see what I?m talking about???????

Vash is EVIL and Knives is trying to stop him. As Knives tries to stop Vash, he becomes an outlaw. Now he?s under 24 hour surveillance by three insurance ladies. He?s falling for one, but he thinks the others' are too loud. As he continue his journey to stop his human hating brother, he meets people who know about Vash. Some of these people think Vash must be stopped and others are working for him. Can Knives stop Vash before he decides to do something he?ll regret?

See what I mean about twist. All of the characters from the show, except for Wolfwood, are up for grabs and so is my own character Julie. Julie?s up for grabs because I?ve decide to be Nicholas D. Wolfwood in this story. If you want to be Julie PM me, so I can give you her bio. You can create your own character as well. ^_^

Here?s the character info I need:

Side: Vash?s or Knives? (remember Knives is the good guy on here)

Here?s my info:

Name: Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Age: around 18 ? 22

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): A cross-shaped machine gun/rocket launcher and some sort of hand gun

Description: [url=http://theotaku.com/trigun/pictures/trigun10/image_19.jpg][/url]

Bio: Nicholas D. Wolfwood is a traveling priest with a great love for orphans and other misfortuned children. He hides a very mysterious past. He's an excellent marksman and a good fighter. He?s only working with the Gun-Ho-Guns because he needs money for his orphanage.

Side: He?s works for Vash, but he?s more on Knives? side

This starts out at the episode ?Murder Machine? because that?s where Wolfwood shows up. It begins with Knives, Millie, Meryl, and Julie on the bus. There?s going to be a lot of differences ok.

PS: Ok, i'll start this, but I'm still going to need some more people. If any of you have friends who like Trigun. Tell them this would be a good story to join. ^_^
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Name: Yuki
Age: 18
Gender: female
Weapon(s): stun gun and a small dagger.
Description: just like millie. exept a tad shorted and hair is dyed black with red streaks. normaly wears a knee lengh black dress, and a silver chain necklace with a red charm, that glows.
Bio: She's Millies twin who went after her because millie forgot her toothbrush, and ended up staying with them. but not every where she tends to wander off and get into huge trouble. she always was good friends with her sister, but one day she left without her tooth brush, and Yuki went after her, and got stuck in the whole mess. after that she has hated her sister.
Side: neither, she doesn't know what is going on, it's not her fault she was dragged into this!

and if you want you can use this banner i made. i was board and i found the image, so i turned it into a banner.
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This sounds like fun!
Name: Sarah "Lightning Strike" Mc Fade (back for yet another mission!)
Age: 22
Appearce: A female of slim figure, around 5'7" tall. She wears blue jeans, and a red tank top. She has brown hair and blue eyes.
Weapon: of choice- her sword, otherwise she carries a gun like Vash's
Bio: Sarah was formaly a bounty hunter, and moves so fast that no one can see her move. Sarah was born and raised a killer, and learned how to fight at the early age of two. Altough she doesn't like to kill anyone, she will do so if the situation perscribes it.

After earning tons of money through he last adventure, she was able to support her husband and son. And they lived a peaceful life, until one day a member of the insurance bureow (sp?) came and told her that unless they did the job they had for her, they would take her family, and everything else she had worked so hard for away. Sarah relutently agreed, fearing for her family. Now Sarah travels with Knives, hoping to once again catch the murder known as Vash the Stampede.
Side: Going around with Knives but is ready and willing to protect herself at any means.
(I was hoping that Sarah could take the place of Meryl, seeing as how she was forced into working for the agency, that would make two insurrance girls....if that's ok)
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This sounds cool.
Name: Kayla
Gender: Female
Weapons: .22 collapsable rifle(so she can hide it under her trench coat easier)and a knife about 6 inches long
Description: 5' 4'' tall, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, silver chain necklace with initials on it, black and red trench coat(to hide the rifle), and skinny.
Bio: She ran away from home after her parents divorced and wandered from town to town, bringing in criminals for cash. After a run in with Vash she decided that her strengths could be used for greater purposes. She joined up with him, thinking that it was her destiny to have met him.
Side: Vash's

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hmmmm...no offense JoyKaiba, but don't you think you should finish up your other Trigun rpg? Oh well here I come:

Name: Mai (just like last time)
Age: 16
Gender: female
Wepons: two handguns strapped to her legs
Discription: Dark black hair, black eyes, wears a dark tealish t-shirt and skirt (which hides her two guns) and a silver chain bracelet
Bio: hates the rest of the world because of an unknown expierience. Ran away at 14 ran into Vash at 15. She's a ruthless fighter with a bad attitude which made he Vash's 'right hand minion'
Side: Vash
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[color=red] I would like you to tell me if someone doesn't take Knives because I would love to switch to him. (I'm not holding anyone back from taking Knives. Go ahead and take him) For now I'll use this character:

Name: Michael (Mike) G. Wolfwood

Age: around 18-22

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): A cross gun that's like Chapel?s (it splits into two machine guns) and two hidden daggers.

Description: He looks almost like Nick, but he has brown hair and his left eye is light green. He wears a black long sleeved button up shirt with has gold cross cufflinks on them, a black vest which he leaves on done, a black pair of slacks, and black dress shoes. He also wears black sunglasses on his head.

Bio: Mike's Nick's twin brother. Nick and him were separated at the age of five. Mike has always blamed Nick for getting them separated. He holds a grudge on Nick to this day. He's also a priest. His teacher was also Chapel, but he still never saw his brother until they met at Vash's hideout. As Nick converted to the good side, Mike stayed on the evil side. He wants to prove he's better then his brother and if possible, kill him.

Side: He's on Vash's side because he always wants to be as far away from his brother as he can.

Duo my sister said you can't take Meryl's place, but she'll change her post to fit for you, ok[/color]
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Name: Castillo "The Longshot"
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Weapon: A long sniper rifle that is a meter in length, the bullets can pierce tank armor and an old fashioned pistol.
Description: 174 lbs. and 6"4 tall, he has a patch on his right eye so he can concentrate better on a target. He has a cape to travel in the desert with and rags on his body.
Bio: One of the gun-ho-guns, Castillo is a very quiet, reserved man. All he thinks about is his loyalty to his master and the target he is to exterminate. He rarely ever speaks, not even to the other gun-ho-guns. His past is a mystery and he seems someone to be "expendable" in nature. Niether Bloodthirsty nor merciful, Castillo is an Iron-Willed follower to Vash.
Side: Vash
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weapon: two desert eagles
descripation: looks like vash but with black hair
bio:he was one of the kid Nicolas raised when he was young and the rest was a blurr.
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