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[i]Many thousands of years ago, creatures such as dragons, phenoixes, etc. existed. Some were feared, some were ignored, and some were revered. But they all existed. Unfortunately, they soon ceased to exist. As time passed, memories of them became stories, and stories became legends. None today believe in them, except for a select few who know the truth.
These few, though human, are different from other humans. Each one has the essence of one of the creatures inside of him or her. The essences are a part of them. One with an essence is able to become the creature of that essence. These people must join forces and uncover the source of a recent disturbance that threatens all life on Earth[/i]

Here's the sign-up form, with my character as an example(Yes, the lack of a bio is intentional):

Name: Seuneu

Age(Nothing over 20): 17

Appearance: About 6ft. tall, with brown hair and eyes. He is of average build. Almost always wears shorts and a t-shirt that has "My god can beat up your god" written on it.

Personallity: Very determined. He never backs down from any challenge. If there's something risky that needs to be done, he's the one who'll do it. He's helpful, but if you piss him off, he gets very angry. He enjoys fighting, but doesn't go looking for fights.

Creature(Only two people per creature, please. A creature can be something along the lines of a dragon, a phenoix, a chimera, etc.): Phenoix

Description of Creature(You don't have to go into too much detail for a creature like a dragon, as just about everyone knows what a dragon looks like. I will still need at least a brief description, though. For creatures that are a little less well known(like chimeras), be a little more detailed. Also include any sbilities/powers your creature has, but make sure they fit with your creature.): Basically a very large bird that appears to be made out of fire. Is able to fly. Has some control over fire and light. Is also able to heal(but not revive) self and others.

There. That's it(I think). I'll start this when I have enough people. And if you have any questions, just PM me.
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Name: Zemiah (Zeem-yah) Mihyotto


Appearance: About 51/2'' tall, with white hair and eyes. She is of abnormal build. She tore many shirts and pants powering up. Almost always wears a black tank, with a dragon vest, and black pants.
Personallity: Very strongly determined. Fights are always eaier to win because she can talk her way out of anything and she has some of the best Martial Arts skills ever for her age. If she needs to get herself killed to save a dear friend or someone more important to this worl than she will. Please, don't put your hands in the wolf cage. She enjoys fighting, but only for fun.
Creature: Dragon, can breath fire and Ice. he also has black inate witch allows him to speak to any living thing and call upon any dead thing. Talks to animals other dragons people and trees. brings dead dragons and wolves back to life or in ghost form.
Description of Creature:

[URL= Seriah]http://www.flux.utah.edu/~aclement/templair/collection/Ciruelo%20Cabral%20-%20Cormyr%20-%20No%20description.jpg[/URL][URL=http://www.blacksword.currantbun.com/Camelot/dragonblack.jpg]Seriah[/URL]

Um click on Seriah to click to draggie.....
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Name: Tsuni

Age(Nothing over 20): 15

Appearance: **Attatchment, Just ignore the names writin on it** Gold hair, blew eyes, dark green tunic, dark green pants, black shirt under tunic, black head band, black belt, black boots, and a crimson cloak.

Personallity: Very carefree and layed back. Tsuni is a big bundle of energy. She can be sneaky at times, but loves to have fun and is very determined to always finish what he has started. she can be very competitive at times and is almost never angry or serious.

Creature: Griffin

Description of Creature: **attatchment, keep ignoring the names** Can fly (because it has wings, duh) Has sharp beak, claws, and talons and is very agile and has good balance (tail). Usuing the wings can cause small tornados and large blasts of wind. It's wings are also sharp and can be used as a sword at times.
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ok here goes:

Name: Tyros


Appearance: short spiked blond hair, green eyes, mediume built with muscles, wears black pants, blue shirt and a black jacket with a picture of a griffin flying on the back
Personality: not much of a talker,he cares alot about his friends but doesnt always show it, he too likes to fight and will never refuse one. he practices his own style of martial arts which he created by combining shaolin kung-fu and tae kwan do which he studied since he was a kid. not much the competetive type. hes layed back and doesnt let ppl get to him


Description: well you already know from Tsuni(tho im not realy sure about the sharp wings thing....)
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[color=sienna][font=comic sans ms][b]
Name: [i]Rokas
[/i]Age: [i]16
[/i]Appearance: [i]Six foot one, blonde messy hair in need of a haircut, greyishly blue eyes. Wears a blue t-shirt, black jacket, military camo-pants and blue/white sneakers.
[/i]Personality: [i]Likes clowning/joking around, prefers to talk his way out of trycky situations, over going into a brawl. Although he talks a lot it's the stuff that he doesn't say that means the most.
[/i]Creature:[i][URL=http://discovery.ot.lt/cfair98/vilnius/vil_lege.htm]Iron Wolf[/URL] He only appears in a single legend so I'm kinda making up his powers- The iron wolf is a portant, tutelary beast. It can bite through steel, cover many miles in a jump, walk through dreams, prophesize future, create sonic blasts. His iron skin is impregnable and his senses are more sensitive than the one's of any living animal.
[/i]Describtion: [i]A huge [about the size of a hoarse] wolf in grey iron coating.[/color][/font][/i][/b]
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[size=1][color=999999][B]Name:[/B] Latrina

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment- i'm not satisfied with it.

[B]Personality:[/B] Trina is a girl who doesn't mess around. She's determined, serious at times, cool, calm, and collected. She cares for others and is protective of them....especially of Tsuni. She will not back down from a fight, but she will not start one unless she has reason to. Trina is not emotional. She is not easily angered, depressed, happy, etc. And she is not easilly brought into a fight, unless there is reason.

[B]Creature:[/B] Tenkei- Heaven's Blessing

[B]Name:[/B] Haraippai aka Pai (pie)

[B]Description of Creature:[/B] Think of Pucchiemon

[B]Abilities:[/B] Extremely fast, can fly, transform into other forms- explanation later, shapeshift, more on creature later.

[B]Random Fact:[/B] Pai likes to eat, especially pies. He can fill himself up a lot. He is also very protective of Trina and Tsuni.


[B]Name:[/B] Mikko aka Koko

[B]Species:[/B] White Wolf/Siberian Husky

[B]Description:[/B] I'll add a picture later.[/size][/color]
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Hm? I can have a pet?? In that case I will add my horse Chrimson Lightning and her mate Serge to the mix...i didn't know I could have a pet...yay...:D :D


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