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Sign Up Rise of Hel (blood, violence, coarse language, possible gore, religeon) 11 people

Kyo no Ryu

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This was made by me and Anime_Ninja

[center][size=1][color=red] "All of your friends will begin to dissapear"

[i]The skies became dark red[/i]

"All who hail a kami or god or buddah or any type of deity will rise into their heaven"

[i]The ground began to shake[/i]

"And those few hundreds or thousands that are religeonless will be cast into hel"

[i]The devil lets out a snicker[/i]

"Eight those demons or vampires will lead their armies to take down the holy one"

"You mean God?"

"By the way you say it is antichristional."

"Maybe Ill lead an army... continue."

[i]God summons 3 angels[/i]

"Satin and the holy one will wage a war for the earth"

"Well thanks for the story old lady, but I gotta go. Heres a few bucks, see ya."[/center]

Kyoshiro walked away heading toward his school building. He walked into the classroom to see the class president going crazy.
"Where the hell is yakanima?" she saw Kyoshiro, "You know him, can you tell me why hes dissapeared?" Kyoshiro suddenly remembered the story but shook it off. Crazy girl. At the end of the day he went to his hangout and none of his friends were there. He was shocked. The read sky began to show lightning. Suddenly hundreds of blue balls began to float. They looked like...souls. He saw a man walking, when the guy suddenly collapsed and the blue ball came out. Kyoshiro had a sudden shock. The area went black. Kyo's body inverted colors then turned blue and red. He grabbed his head and began struggling as heaven and Hell fought for his soul. He collapsed, eyes rolling into his head, as a red ball from his body transferred into hell.

[center]The war for earth has begun![/center]

Age before death:
Alliance: 8 devils 3 angels
Race: Angel, demon, or vampire

YOU CANNOT BE KYO!!![/size][/color]
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Asuka Mitsurugi


Alliance-None her soul is trapped until someone finds her.

Race- She was a preistess before she fell in love with Deshwitat a vampire. She is now a vampire with unaturel magic strength.

Apperence-Well built with black hair that is spiked around a long pony-tail. two braids are white that hang against her face.

Bio-Asuka harnessed special powers when she was young so she was sent to a school for priestesses. At the age of 15 she fell in love with a vampire named Deshwitat. He made her immortal at the cost of his death. Shortly after, her soul was sealed at the pits of hell forever because she was made of both light and dark powers. She has a naginta that is made from Deshwitats body(japenese halbred) that is sealed along with her soul. Whoever finds her can ask one wish that does not invovle death,life or supreme power. Until then she awaits her hero.
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Ryo Flames

Name: Ryo Flames

Age before death: 17

Alliance: angels

Race: Angel

Appearance: Short Blond Hair. White Skin. Baggy Pants Tight Shirt. Wings exteding from his back. He wears no shoues as he had none when he died. Spiked Braclets and a Sword (because hes an Arch)

Biography: He was killed by a Seriol Killer. He was a happy kid befor his death on the way home from a movie. Death made him cold and withdrawen. Making him the perfict Killng machine. He only Fights for the angels because he has no choice... though he probally could be perswaded to go to the devils team... Ryo was the Killers last victom...
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[color=#707875]Just a note: If you cannot spell "hell" or "serial", then it may not be appropriate for you to make an adult RPG.

I hope that the Moderators and Category Moderator here will watch this RPG very closely. If the quality does not rise significantly, it should be closed.[/color]
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Sorry if I'm being annoying by signing up for your RPGs! They just sound so good!
_Name: Sae (zay)
_Age Before Death: 15
_Alliance: None (she takes different sides at different times, depending on who's losing.)
_Race: Vampire/Dark angel (She was a vampire who died, what can I say?)
_Bio: At a young age, Sae was blamed for the various murders in her town since, no one could catch the real culprit. Her dad died of cancer, and when her mom was the murderer's next victim, everyone thought Sae had gone crazy (they thought she killed her mom and poisoned her dad) so they drove her out of town, into the woods next to it. During the winter, she didn't have much warmth, and she had to work for the firewood she had (she could've stolen it, but she didn't want people to blame her for crimes any more than they already did.) She eventually died of exhaustion and frost bite (she froze to death.) So, she became a dark angel. She fights for no one unless she feels like it, and takes no one's side. Being dead has made her shadowy and she never speaks anymore. She's like a shadow, only seen when she fights.
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In fact, forget about me being an Archangel... I have a better idea...

[b]Name:[/b] Valensia Von Lilaithainlayshamska Cernunnos

[b]Age before death:[/b] 19

[b]Alliance:[/b] Devils

[b]Race:[/b] Demon

[b]Appearance:[/b] My attire consists of a skin tight black shirt, Black cargo pants, combat boots, and a leather pouch on my right side. My medium sized Crimson wings are concealed by the shirt when they are retracted. My eyes are an ice blue colour with a slight golden tint to them. My hair flows to about my lower back tied into a ponytail. I am 5'9" and weild my trusty Isis Katana, of which many a Angel has fallen victim to.

[b]Biography:[/b] After my mortal death at age 19, I became Satan's right hand man until this 'Holy War' broke out, and since then I have been stuck in the bowles of Hell protecting the gates from the intruding Angels, most of whom I have slain single handedly. I proudly await my next challenge.

[b]Theme Song:[/b] Promised Land, by my band, In Vain.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kyo no Ryu [/i]
[B]Actually I named it Hel on purpose because they spell it like that in the manga Ragnarok. I never gave it a rating, I just noted the increadible violence. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=#707875]Regardless, you still spelt "religion" and "incredible" incorrectly.

I point these things out because if you want to make an adult RPG, it will be held to adult standards -- it needs to have a truly mature story and truly "adult" post quality. If it fails to meet that standard, it'll be closed.[/color]
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Guest MetalSonic700
Name: Manta

Age: 17

Alliance: Devils

Race: Vampire

Appearance: Dark brown long hair, yellow shirt w/ black undershirt and red vest. Black pants. Green bandana. red eyes, fangs. Think the kid from Dark Cloud.

Biography: Manta was your average cool kid except he was a master of twin blades. He could cut someoneto pieces in a second, not that he ever did. He had red eyes and wore an upide down cross neclace so everyone thought he was a vampire. They had never seen his fangs. Not that he was an evil vampire, he was just born like that. He never new his parents but did just fine living alone. He was just walking alog one day when suddenly it all went wight and he saw something red pass from his body and he hit the ground dead.
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Aha! Kyo did you really think I'd let you start up another PRG without me? Well think agian.
Name: Cynthia

Age: 16

Alliance: Angels

Race: Angel

Apperence: see pic [img]http://www.x1999.com/X33.JPG[/img] Just ignore Kamui(the guy in black....)

Bio: Cynthia has always been fasinated with the moon and the goddess of it, her namesake. This fasination led to her dream of becoming an astronaut. This dream was cut short by her sudden death. She had been walking home from the hostpital where she had been multitasking by checking up on her weak-hearted mother and getting a check up herself. You see, her mother had a severly weak heart since she was a girl and at the time of Cynthia's birth it became even weaker so that she could never again leave the hospital. Cynthia therfore spent most of her childhood either by her mothers side or getting checkups herself as her she had inherited her mothers weak heart. The othr half she spent practicing spells trying to figure out how to make both of them better. Thusly she kept to herself and becae rather shy dreading the school full of people she didn't know. So as she was walking home from the hostpital she was at ease being by herself. She smiled to herself as she watched a bired fly back and forth finding building materials for her nest. She became so transfixed on the bird she didn't notice the two balls of light hurtling towards her. No one knows what killed her : the lights or the heart attack she had at the exact same moment they struck her...
K hope that's good!

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Guest sesshisgrl01
are you still atking in signups? if so i want in but give me awhile to get my profile up k
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Name: Ryu Mizutako
Age before death: 21
Alliance: devil
Race: Fallen Angel ( an angel with black wings) i hope that's ok
Appearance:Ryu Mizutako
Biography: He was once an angel who was framed for burning a holy sacrament. He then vows revenge on the angels who have forsaken him. Although at first he didn't show any anger, he first attempted revenge during the Holy War. He conived with the devils and let them enter Heaven, However the plan failed and he was found guilty and was send to Hell. Since he has great strength his wings never fell however they were tainted into the color Black.
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Name: Tsuki Moto
Age: 15
Alliance: Devils
Race: Neko hanyou (half demon and angel)

Apperance: 5'6", lavender hair and violet eyes ( think of ayane off of doa) IN a black and blue kimono that stops above her knees with midnight blue ears. And also appears in black and white school clothes. Always carrying two katanas with cresent moons

BIO: As a child Suki was shunned by all of the angels, even her mother's family. So she study alot of dark magic as a result. During one of the Holy Wars her mom was accused for aiding the devils, and sentenced to death. That was the day she also lost her father. So growing up she trusts nobody only herself. Suki allies herself with the devils to get revenge.
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